Variety (December 1912)

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20 VARIETY BILLS NEXT WEEK (December 9) In Vaudeville Theatres, Playing Three or Lees Shows Dally (All bouMi open for the week with Monday matinee, whM not otherwise Indicated.) (Theatres Mated a* "Orpheum" without any further distinguishing deeciiptlon are en ♦.ha Orphwum Circuit. Theatree with "8-C" following name (usually "Empress") are on the Rulllvan-Consldlne Circuit) Agencies booking the houees are denoted by single name or Initials, such as "Orph/' Orpheum Circuit—"U. B. O." United Booking Offices—"W. V. A,." Western Vauderllle Man- agers' 'Association (Chicago)—"8-C," Sullivan-Consldlns Circuit—"P," Pantages Circuit— "Uew," Marcus Loew Circuit—"Inter," Interstate Circuit (booking through W. V. A.)— "Bern," Freeman Bernstein (New York)—"Clan," James Clancy (Now York)—"M," James C. Ifatthewe (Chicago)—"Hod," Chas. B. Hodklns (Chicago)—"Tay." M. W. Taylor (Phil- adelphia)—"Craw." O. T. Crawford (St. Louis)—"Doy," Frank Q. Doyle (Chicago)— "Con," Consolidated Booking Offices (Miles. Sheedy, Moss a Brill. Cunningham a Flngolman Circuits). New York IIAMMERSTE1NS (ubo) (Running Order) DotHon ft Gordon Nehen & Kappel "Tho Guy" Sayton Trio Cabaret Trio Nowbold A Grlbben The Derrens Chlng Ling Foo May West Travllla Bros ft Seal Johnny Ford Harry Breen M Remington & Picks Frederick ft Vanla ALHAMBRA (ubo) Charles Weber Phlna A Plx Max's Circus Linden Beckwlth Madden ft Fltzpatrlck White ft Perry "Drums of Oude" Raymond ft Caverly The Ballots BRONX (ubo) Blanche Sloan 3 Dolce 81s Thompson ft Copeland Gertrude Barnes Hasel Weston Co Those 4 Entertainers Florence Roberts Co Arthur Deagon Alpine Troupe UNION SQ (ubo) Maggie Cllne Ward ft Curran Lydia Yeamans Gus Williams Mr ft Mrs Murphy Sam Holdsworth Mr ft Mrs Thome Hlnes ft Remington Caron ft Herbert John Le Clair 6TH AVE (ubo) Franklin ft Green Stuart Barnes May Tully Co Wynn ft Russon Musical Lassies Smythe ft Hartman Hale Norcross Co Fitch Cooper Loa Durybelle COLONIAL (ubo) Grace La Rue Co Mrs Curtis Burnley Moore ft Llttlefleld Valerie Bergere Co Mack ft Walker 4 Rlanos (Two to fill) AMERICAN (loew) Harry Leander Co Kitty Flynn Webber ft Wilson Bernard ft Jones The Arabs Natt Carr Co Lucclana Luccl Anna Wagner (One to nil) 2d half Undlna Andrews The Arabs Ralph Connors Strolling Players Mill's Players 4 Juggling Johnsons (Three to fill) LINCOLN (loew) Undine Andrews Morton ft Adams 3 Yoscarrys KlRton A Boyne Klein Bros & Shall (One to fill) 2d half Scbreck ft Perclval Kelly Frank ft Gertrude (Three to fill) YORKV1LLE (loew) Tllford F Mills' Players Strolling Players HI* Jim (Two to fill) 2d half Kitty Flynn Bernard ft Jones .*< Yonrarrys John T Doyle Co Fatrmsn, Fur ft Fair (One to fill) PLAZA (loew) Coy De Trlckoy "Trap Santa Claus" Frank & Gertrude J Le Fleur ft Dog (One to fill) 2tl half Anna Wagner (Four to fill) SEVENTH (loew) Plnrk & White Win Flemen Co Moffett-Clare Co (Three to fill) 2d half Klein Bro A Shall ' Dig Jim" Harry English Co Mario Russell (Two to fill) NATIONAL (loew) Seymour & Robinson Anna Lehr Eldon ft Clifton Bell Boy 3 (Three to fill) I'd half Freedland & Clark Keno, Welch ft Mont Sager-Mldgely Co Gertrude Van Dyck (Three to nil) DELANCBY (loew) Ollivattl Troubadours (Seven to fill) 2d half Em Francis ft Arabs Guy Bros Harry. Lelghton Co (Five to fill) GRAND (loew) WUklns ft Wilkins "Son of Solomon" King Bros (Three to fill) 2d half Romalne ft Co "His Local Color" Niblo's Birds (Three to fill) GREELEY (loew) Chapman ft Barube Marie Le Varr Kelly Ralph Connors (Four to nil) 2d half 2 Singing Girls Webber ft Wilson Eldon ft Clifton Lucclana Luccl Harry Leander Co (Three to fill) Brooklyn ORPHEUM (ubo) Loughlln's Dogs Dorothy Kenton Norton A Nicholson Frank A Moulan Co "Kid Kabaret" Blxley A Lerner Cecilia Loftus Conroy A Le Mai re Bradna A Derrick BU8HWICK (ubo) Wartenburg Bros Farber Girls Brown, H A Brown Herman Tim berg Eva Taylor Co Juliet "Everywlfe" Fox A Mlllershlps Apollo 8 LIBERTY (loew) Marie Russell Romalne A Co (Three to All) 2d half Coy De Trlckey Herbert Brooks Co (Three to fill) JONES (loew) Kanthe Bros "Giant Rooster" Jas R Walte Co 2d half Woods Comedy 4 J Le Fleur A Dog (One to fill) SHUBERT (loew) Frledland A Clark Keno, Welch A Mont Sager-Mldgeley Co Gertrude Van Dyck (Three to fill) 2d half Seymour A Robinson Moffett-Clare Co Wm Flemen Co Bell Boy 3 (Three to fill) COLUMBIA (loew) Robin Bernard A Roberts "His Local Color" "The Hay WaKon" (Two to fill) 2d half Dolly A Mack "The Way Out" Kanthe Bros (Three to fill) FULTON (loew) Sehreck & Perclval I^iuis L Hall Co F.iirnian. Fur & Fair (Three to till) 2d half Louis L Hall <o Chapman * Unrubr ( Four to fill) BIJOU (loew) Em Francis A Arabs 2 Singing Girls Harry English Co (Four to fill) 2d half Ollivattl Troubadour3 Morton A Adams King Bros (Five to fill) Allestows, Pa. ORPHEUM (ubo) Carl Statser Co "Mlle-a-Mlnute" Gilroy A Corriel Lew Hoffman Altooaa, Pa. ORPHEUM (ubo) Zella A Dogs Georgia 3 Dalton Frees Co Newsboy 0 2d half Same as at Johnstown first half this Issue Aba Arher, Mich. MAJESTIC (wva) Nellie Andrews Co Ed Gray Moore A Browning Bush A Peyser (One to fill) 2d half "Cat and Fiddle" Atlantic City SAVOY (ubo) Laddie Cliff Mlddleton A Spellmyr Three Mori Bros The Lelands Dooley A Parker Kitty Morrlsssy Cycling Brunettes Baltimore MARYLAND (ubo) Grace Hazard Rosalind Coghlan Co Rawls A Von Kaufman Ge Jays Jungman Family Brenner A Radcliff La Rex A La Rex Battle Creak. Mich. BIJOU (wva) (Open Sun Mat) Kid Hamlet Co The Dohertys A Sterling Davis A Allen Hermany's Cats, Dogs 2d half "Honeymoon Trail" Bay City, Mich. BIJOU (wva) (Open Sun Mat) Zeb Zarrow Troupe Tempo Trio Bothwell Browne Co Florence Rayfleld W J Mills Billing*. Moat. ACME (sc) (Dec 11-12) Les Jardys Moore A Elliott Grant Gardner Nick's Skating Girls Pierce A Maizo Boston KEITHS (ubo) Lulu Glaser Co Lambert A Ball Joe Jackson Wilfred Clarke Co 3 Lyres Josetty Bros (Two to fill) ORPHEUM (loew) Lillian Sisters Dorothy Rogers Co Hazel Crosby Frank Stafford Co Brady A Mahoney Bennington Bros (Two to fill) 2d half Evans A Vldocq "Tho New Leader" Viola Duval Frank Stafford Co Brady A Mahoney Aerial Cromwells (Two to fill) Brockton, Mans. CITY (loew) Lander Bros Blllee James "Lunch Room Cabaret Girls" 2d half 3 MusketeerH McMnhon Sisters Clifford Hippie Co BaaTalo. FAMILY (loew) John F Clark Harry Le Clair Plsano A Bingham Raffln's Monkeys (Two to All) NEW ACADEMY (loew) Eddie Howard Caulfleld A Driver Conrad A Reed Dancing Kennedys Juggling Mathleus "Timber Trail" Fiddler A Shelton Mint A Wertz (Two to fill) Hwtte. Moat. EMPRESS (sc) Les Ader Pierce a Masle Leonard a Meredith Gilbert Losee Karoo Co Marls Stoddard Calgrarr, Can. ORPHEUM (Dec 12-14) Same bill as at Re- gina this Issue EMPIRE (p) (Open Thurs Mat) 6 Abdallahs 4 Burns Sis Sarah Brenner Co Josh Dale Dugan A Raymond Mel notte La Nole Tr Cedar Bmlss, la MAJESTIC Pekln Zouaves Clipper 4 Ward Klare Co Carl McCullough La Feydla Doollttle A Steele 2d half Barrows Lancast Co 4 Roeders Roach A McCurdy Pistol A Cushlng Martini A Fabrlnl Ds Rossi 2 Chasspalga, 111. WALKER (wva) Carletta Pete Baker Salsbury A Benny "Cheyenne Days" 2d half "Suffragettes" OsJeasje PALACE (orph) "Puss In Boots" Don, Talking Dog Mrs Gene Hughes Co Watson A Santos Grover A Richards Great Tornados Ryan Bros EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sunday Mat) The Cleirs Morrlssey A Hanlon Jas K Emmett Co DeVoy A Dayton Mamie Fleming Lawrence Crane Co LINDEN 'm) "Troublesome Kids" Rapoll Co Rostelle Singers Williams A Culver Mardo 3 2d half 4 Mllmars Greve A Green Harmon A Malcolm Francis Murphy Rose Bonheur Co OlaetBaatl KEITH'S Heury Woodruff Co "Colonial Septet" Robbie Gordone Lew Sully Elinore A Williams Flying Weavers Hill A Sylvlanny ORPHEUM (m) (Open Sun Mat) "Boys In Blue" Ned Burton Co Weber A Wilson Mons Herbert Fitzgerald A Conroy Seamon A Killian Donlta A Co (EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Loja Troupe Moore A Young Halllday A Carlln Wander A Stone Reta Redfleld MrConnell A Austin Cleveland HIPPODROME Ubo) "Trained Nurses" J C Nugent Co Charlie Case De Vina a Williams Stewart 81s a Eset Paul Sandor'e Dogs Coombs A Aid well Wlnslow A Stryker Dallas, Tex. MAJESTIC (Inter) House Dav Musicians Walt Perclval Co Connelly Sis 4 Dancing Bugs Reldy a Currier Hick McCoy Dyer a Dyer Daawtlle. IU. LYRIC (wva) Craig A Williams James Grady Co Reg 3 Bert, Johnson A Bert 2d half (To All) Daw*aaort, la. AMERICAN (m) Monkey Hippodrome Henry Brown Co Jewell A Jordan Rathskeller 3 Grace Ayers Co Deawer ORPHEUM Jos Jefferson Co Nellie Nichols Melville A Hlgglns Ward Bros The Astalrs Altklns Whitman 3 Slivers EMPRESS (sc) (Open 8un Mat) Neuas A Eldrld Klasa A Bernle Roht Hlldreth Co "Walts Dream" Bohemian 4 Verona Troupe Deo Melaee ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Ivue A McCarthy Delro 3 Collegians Annie Kent Armstrong A Clark Daring Darts Flying Russells Detroit TEMPLE (ubo) John F Conroy Bogannys Bert Fltsglbbons Hunting A Francis Fulgora Harry Brooks Co Ralph Smalley Mus Oor Highlanders Dnhaaae. la. MAJESTIC "In Old New York" 4 Roeders Roach A McCurdy Plstel A Cushlng De Rossi 2 Martini A Fabrlnl 2d half Ward Klare Co Clipper 4 Payne Children La Feydla Doollttle A Steele Bdsnoatoa, Can. ORPHEUM (Dec 15-18) Same bill as at Re- glna this Issue Braanwtlle, lad. NEW GRAND (wva) "IJtUe Miss Mlxup" 2d half Frevoll Clinton A Nolan Jas Grady Co Nadel A Kane Martin's Dogs Fall Hirer. Mass. ACADEMY (loew) Viola Duval Aerial Cromwells Evans A Vldocq "The New Leader" 2d half Hazel Crosby Bennington Bros Tenny A Hoi lis Dorothy Rogers Co Flint, Mich. BIJOJ (wva) (Open Sun Mat) Big City 4 Williams A Wolf us 4 Van Statts Hubert Duveau (One to fill) 2d half Davie Family Sherman A McNaught 8 Waynes George Crotty (One to fill) Ft. Wayne. IaA. TEMPLE Julius Tannen Hill. Cherry A Hill Alpha 6 Heron A Douglas Cummlngs A Thornton E J Moore Ft. Worth, Tex. MAJESTIC (inter) 8 Vassar Girls Dooley A Sales 4 Lewises Kelly A Lafferty The Stanleys Wallace's Birds (One to fill) Grand Rapids, Mlcb COLUMBIA (ubo) Edmund Hayes Co Murray Bennett Bedlnl A Arthur June Roberta Co Galglno A Manglno Great Mars 2 (One to fill) Harrlsbara;, Pa. ORPHEUM ubo Montambo A Wells Harvey De Vora 3 Joe Whitehead Nina Morris Co Conlln Steele Carr Techow's Cats La Toeca 3 Hartford, Cobb. P0LI8 (ubo) "Apple of Paris" Vanderbllt A Moore Wilson Bros Frey Twins Rich Walley Co Muriel A Francis Billy Swede Hall Hohokca, If. J. LYRIC (loew) "The Way Out" Welch. Mealy A Mont "Kerry Gow" (Three to All) 2d half Bernard A Roberts (Four to fill) Hot Sprlaara, Ark. PRINCESS (inter) "Sunny Side Broad- way" 2d half Emil Hoch A Co Kaufman Sisters Daniels A Conrad Paddock A Paddock Wolf A Wolf Houston, Tex. MAJESTIC (Inter) Vallecitas' Leopards Milt A Dol Nobles Wright A Lawrence Grey 3 Les Sllvas Holden A Harron Calts Bros JaekaoB, Mich. BIJOU (wva) (Open Sun Mat) "Cat and Fiddle" 2d half Nellie Andrews Co Ed Greay Moore A Browning Bush A Peyser (One to fill) JehnetowB, Pa. MAJESTIC (ubo) Tom Barry Co Englls A Reading Carrol GUlet 3 John Gelger 2d half Same as at A1 toon a 1st half this issue Kalaasaaoo, Mich. MAJESTIC (wva) "Honeymoon Trail" 2d half Kid Hamlet Co The Dohertys Lohse A Sterling Davis A Allen Hermany's Cats, Dogs wolf a woif 2d half "Sunny Side Broad- way" Kaaaaa City EMPRESS (Open Sun Mat) McRae A Levering Hylands A Fanner John Delmore Co Chas Wildisch Co Scott A Wilson Lafayette, lad. FAMILY 6 Hoboes Roland Carter Co Weston A Young Late 11 Bros Radcllffe A Hall 2d half Mr A Mrs Connelly ' Kirk A Fogarty Robert Do Mont 3 Rondas 3 Wilson A Washington Lansing, Mich. BIJOU (wva) (Open Sun Mat) Davie Family Sherman A McNaught 3 Waynes George Crotty (One to fill) 2d half Big City 4 Williams A Wolf us 4 Van Statts Hubert Duveau (One to fill) La Porte, Ind. PHOENIX (wva) Marconi Bros Barry Halvers Co. 2d half Diaz's Monkeyp Vernon Little Rock. MAJESTIC (Inter) Emil Hoch Co Kaufman Sis Dan I el f> A Conrad Paddock A Paddock ORPHEUM James J Morton "California" Nonette Mays A Addis David Kldd Sidney Ayres Co McConnell A Simpson Nat Nazarro Co EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Marseilles Fred Morton McClaln A Mack Cath Challoner Co McGlnnles Bros Prince Floro PANTAGES Hamada Japs Whitney's Dolls Marlmbaphone Bessie Leonard Greene A Parker John Zlmmer Rutherford A Monroe Louisville KEITH'S Jessie Busley Co Olga Petrova Al A Fannie Stedman Redford A Winchester Chas L Fletcher Billy K Wells Walhert A Paulan Watson Farmyard Lowell. KEITH'S (ubo) Avon Comedy 4 Gordon-Pickens Co Adonis Reveo A Werner Irene A Bobby Smith Gibson Craig (Two to fill) Milwaukee EMPRESS (sc) "Night In Park" Borden A Shannon Bessie Le Count Jack Ark Co Bud Snyder Thos Q Seabrooke Mlaaeaaolla EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Bob Pander A Bro "Suburban Winner" Hobson A Maybelle Floyd Mack Rouble 81ms *~ Montreal ORPHEUM (ubo) "Little Parislenne" Andrew Kelley Gordon Eldrld Co Ergottl A Co Laura Buckley Julia Gonzales FRANCAIS (loew) Hazel Moran Aubrey A Flower Wesley's Seals Leona Guernay Curry A Riley Effle BUrk Newark PROCTORS (ubo) Roehm'e Ath Girls Ethel McDonough Dave Ferguson Darrell A Conway Buckley's Animals La Toy Bros Belle Story Juggling De Lisle Valentine Vox Jas Leonard Co New Orleaae ORPHEUM Bertha Kallch Co Holmes A Buchanan Harry Webb O'Meer Sis Harry Atkinson Lorette A Budd Empire Comedy 4 Norfolk, Va COLONIAL (ubo) Wm Weston Co Big City 4 Julia Nash Co Du Callon (Two to fill) New Rochelle, N. T. LOEW (loew) CAM Cleveland Dolly A Mack Capt Geo Auger A Co 2d half "The Son of Solomon" (Two to fill) Oaklaad, Oal. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Ethel Green Ad*nnne Augarde Ff.:.x »- Rarry Girls H.i.-rt ')i fjil C > • r Fl oil v <u i'-' rugs l ' • i h > Manikins • -it ii A Iloppe \TAGES Sun Mat) Stage Johns -n 4 A: ;.:ton i i>» Fonda Tr '• w-i rd's Bears Oklahoana City FOLLY (Inter) Fred Ireland Glrla Burt 8hepard Co Ball A west Jura, R A St John Joe Cook ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Stone A Kallas "Wonder Kettle" La Mass .8 John A Win Hennlngs Bertlsch Ben Lewln Williams A Warner Philadelphia KEITH'S (ubo) Woodward's Dogs Carroll A Fields Bartholomew's Play'rs Halllgan A Sykes McDoavitt, Kelly 4 Lacy Wlnsor McKay Dlgby Bell Mathews A Alshayne Kltamura Jape BIJOU (ubo) Keith A Kernan Woodford's Animals Marie King Scott La More A La More (Two to fill) WILLIAM PENN (ubo) Texas Tommy Dancers Van Hoven Armstrong A Ford Warren A Connelly "Nerve' Romallo A Delano LIBERTY (bern) Harry Tsuda Rhode A Crampton Leon Rogee "High Llfs in Jail" Davis A Randall The Randalls KEYSTONE (hem) The Savoys Mueller A Mueller Joe Burns RobU, Hayes A Robts Society Girls (One to fill) Plttabarmk GRAND (ubo) John J McOraw Zelda Sears Co Willis Family Norrls Baboons Baby Helen Mullen A Coogan Ramsdell 8 Pertlaad. Ore. ORPHEUM Clark A Hamilton Trovato Keno A Green Carrie Reynolds Herbert A Goldsmith 3 Haasens Tuscano Bros EMPRESS '•<») Max A Cameron Llnd Mab A Wels Lottie Williams Co Will Oakland 8 Gerts PANTAGES (Open Mon Mat) Lake's Mus Comedy Gavin A Piatt Le Clair A Sampson Margaret Bird Co Fields Bros KEITH'S (ubo) Henry B Dlxey Jsck Kumidy Co Diamond A Brennen Conrad A Whldden Linton A Lawrence Seymour Brown Mosher, H A Moshor Lynch A Zeller READING, PA. ORPHEUM (ubo) Bayonne Whipple Co Johnson A Wentworth Sully A Larsen Alf Rlpon Arcadian Regiaa, Caa. ORPHEUM (Dec 9-10) Ralph Herz Minnie Dupree French Girls Seeley A West Henry Lewis Gordon A Kinley Lucille Rochester, TEMPLE (ubo) George Beban Co Morton A Glass 'Honor Among Thieves' Marshall Montgomery Chas A Fanny Van Gypsy Queen Stlener 3 2 Dooleys FAMILY (loew) Frankfords El Gordo May Melville Mabel McKlnley Queer A Quaint The De Marcos ■aerasneato CLUN1B (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Collier A Do Waldc Geo Garden