Variety (December 1912)

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VARIITY 21 3 spa Bros Beaut * Belles Van 4 Car Avery Paul Spadonl liflaaw Mick. JBFFERS (wva) (Open Sun Mat) Snyder ft Buckley Nifty Girls X^a Oracloea Tjaura Davis Valentine ft Bell Sale**. 1 SALBM (loew) 3 Musketeers McMabon Slstere Clifford Hippie Co 2d half Lander Bros BUlee James "Lunch Room Cabaret Girls" Salt Lake) ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mai) Amelia Bingham Co prank Morrell Claudius ft Scarlett (Three to fill) EMPRESS (so) (Open Sun Mat) Bessie's Cockatoos Collins A Hart Arthur Whltelaw Dancing Maddens Italian Troubadours -Dance au Violin" Saa Aatoalo, Tex. PLAZA (Inter) Cbartres-Halliuay Co Jane Courtbope Co Bay L Royce Grimm ft Elliott Great Richards Rose ft Ellis Allegro Baa Dtoga* OaL EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Falls ft Falls Howell ft Scott Prtixk ft Blanchard Leonard A Whitney Glen Ellison "Fun In Barber Shop" SAVOY (P) Ellis Nowlln Tr Twin City 4 Gert L Folsom Co Mabel Elaine Kelcey Sis Baa Praadaea ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Little Billy Royal Japs J ere Grady Co Mignonette Kokin Gallettl's Monks Ed Morton Florentine Singers Flying Martins EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) MarUnek ft Doll Grace Leonard Davey De ft Getsy Hyman Adler Co Dale a Boyle 3 Staleys PANTAGBS (Open Sun Mat) Linton's Jungle Girls Sol Berns L H Rose Co Paul Florus Thlessen's Dogs St. Loala. COLUMBIA Marquard A Seeley Toots Paka "Squaring Accounts" Ignatius Cardosb Nellson's Boys & Girls Brad shew Bros PRINCESS Princess Maids Frank Bafumo Co Westhus & Smith Merry Glgglers KINGS (craw) Casino Mus Co Bert Delno Co Theresa Miller SHENANDOAH (craw) Cleopatra Keough A Kohler Hell Canto 3 Marie Fltzgibbons Rathskeller 3 MONTGOMERY (craw) Albert Donley Vondell . Richmond A Shuman NOVELTY (craw) Criterion Dram Co ARCO (craw) Thompson & Carter Mlsg Burbank lohny Bell MIKADO (craw) La Vlgn A Jaffle Whyt Pelzer A Whylc Lee & Washburn Cuba Crutchfleld BREMAN (craw) Johnny Adams Baltus Bros. Kelly A Kelly Pt. Paal ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Wm H Thompson Co Great Asahl Mile Ameta Ashley A Lee Armstrong A Manley Ethel Barker The Rexos EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Four Lukens DeMlchels Bros Rawson A Clare Nelson A Floyd Lawrence A Edwards aaattla ORPHEUM Galloway Kaufman Co Mr ft Mrs Barry Chris Richards O'Brien Havel Co The Bcbmlttans Heath ft Raymond PAT Rice EMPRESS (sc) Bimbos Quaker Girls Mozarta John Neff "Circum Evidence" Ed A Mln Foster PANTAOES (Open Mon Mat) 0 Castrllllons 4 Musical Avollos Eckert A Francis Hllllar Nancy Lee Slou City ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Antique Girl" Apdale's Animals Ofedos Opera Co Hilda Hawthorne Dlzon A Fields * Azard Bros 2 Alfreds Swath Head ORP^xEUM (wva) MiBkel, H A Miller Stewart A Hall Harry Holman Co Harry Thomson Beldom'a Venus 2d half Joe Kennedy Co Marie Rossi Mother Goose Girls Pearl B A Burns Roberts Rats A CaU Saokaaa EMPRESS (sc) 3 Alex Harry Sauber "1 Died" Inez Lawson •Fun at Sea" PANTAOES (Open Sun Mat) Surf Bathers KllUan A Moore Llbonatl Ted Bailey's Dogs Sherborn A Montgom Sprlasaeld, III. MAJESTIC (wva) "Suffragettes" 2d half The Bigneys Mabel Harper Rag 3 Le Roy Harvey Co "Cheyenne Days" 8prtm**el4, Mass. POLTS (ubo) McMabon A Cbappelle "Cheyenne Days" 3 Keatons Art Bowen (Three to fill) ▼lataHa. B. C. EMPRESS (sc) Jacob's Dogs Virginia Grant Devere A Lewis Pauline Fletcher Co Don Carney Washington. CHASE'S (ubo) Ray Coz Geo Wilson Mrs Lou James Co The Schillings Rooney A Bent Bobbker's Arabs Ben Linn Waterloo* la. MAJESTIC (wva) "Mrs Greene's Recep- tion" 2d half Haney A Long Vinton A Dog Banjopbtends Bessie Browning PeKln Zouaves W. Hobokea, N. J. NEW AMSTERDAM (loew) Golden & Meade Woods Comedy 4 Herbert Brooks Co (Two to fill) Syraei GRAND (ubo) Bert Leslie Leonard A Russell 4 Londons Wright A Dietrich Lambert I Clara Ballerini Miller A Mack Tacosaa EMPRESS (sc) 3 Lorettas Milt Arnsman Gertrude Gebest Gaylord A Herron Plchlanni Troupe "Macy's Models" PANTAOES (Open Mon Mat) Palmers "After Mid- night" Moore A Davey Jane Madison Co Alma perns Holmen Bros Don & O'Neal Tcrre Haute, lad. VARIETIES Moore's Sum Girls Mr A Mrs Connelly Kirk A Fogarty Wilson A Washington Hondas .'! 2d half G Hoboes Harry Holman Co Weston A Young t'ralg & Williams Lattell Bros Vancouver, B. C. ORPHEUM (sc) 2 Iledders Jack Ranahan 5 Musical Lunds Fox & Ward Wallace A Mack "Fun In Cabaret" PANTAGES (Open Mon Mat) Tastnan Van Diemans 5 Dalys Nevlns A Gordon Tlebor's Seals Ponto A Christopher 2d half Marie Le Varr "Trap Santa Cla".s" CAM Cleveland Skater 8 BIJouve Wlaalaoa. Caa. ORPHEUM Mrs Langtry Lolo Barry A Wolford Pauline Moran Rozy La Roca Lewis Stone Work A Play EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Patty Bros Jimmle Biitt Lucille Savoy Manning Twins Chas Deland Co Parla ALHAMBRA (Dec 1-15) Hayes ft Merritt Charlene A Charlene 2 Butterflies 4 Quaint Q's Vltterio A Georgetil 8 Sazone8 Samaroff A Son la Baggesons Willy Ziminerniann Jean Flor "Haunted Window" IIAMMlfiRSTEIN'S. (Estimated Cost of Show, $4,025.) Louis Granat, "the whistling virtu- oso," went to the slaughter at 8.01 and got really a surprising amount of ap- plause from the few assembled. Adele Reeves (New Acts) "No. 2." Les Sal- vaggis were third. The women might readily dispense with the huge frame in which they pose before each dance, as it doesn't enhance the offering. Brown, Harris and Brown did nicely. "Hank" Brown's tomfoolery woke the audience up and they laughed at his silly antics. Charles Falke Semon has a lot of new material, both oral and instru- mental, just as funny as his former routine, "The Guy That Tut the 'Tone' in Baritone" (New Acts). Joe Welch did little more than half the amount of time he put in at the Union Square last week and went over in tip- top shape. Max's Circus opened with a good comedy parade, and then dis- solved the excellent first impression with some ponderous German comedy. Lydia Barry sang four songs—"Bar- ry," "Twenty Years Ago," "Miss Cu- pid," "The Best Man," doing very well. Travilla Brothers and Seal (New Acts) closed the first half. Considering the spot, opening after intermission, Conlin, Steele and Carr did remarkably well. The act contin- ued to improve as it progressed, until it developed into a scream. Miss Steele is one of those volatile creatures who never stands still an instant. Conlin got to the crowd with his piano med- ley of popular airs. Lillian Shaw's first song was "Row, Row, Row," but she got comparatively little out of it, as she "fought" it too violently. The same criticism applies to all but her closing number, which she took easily, with little or no effort, and fared better with it than the others. She appeared to be afflicted with over-anxic4y to m?ke good, a fatal tribulation. However, Lillian's friends seemed to be on hand and as a consequence she did not lack ap- plause. Just at the close of the Gertrude Yanderbilt-Georgc Moore act, Miss Vanderbilt wrenched her ankle and she had to hobble off. Fields and Lewis, with their talking act, reached the stage at 11.17. They saved themselves by Fields opening up with "Don't Go 'Way, I've Been Here Since Light O'clock." "Big Jim," the bear pre ceded the pictures. /«'«■ AMERICAN. The make up of the Roof bill first half of the week is a capital illustration of a curious condition that is becoming evi- dent in the popular priced circuits. This is the fact that instead of supplying ma- terial for the big time, the pop houses are calling upon the important vaudeville establishments for strengthened. The show starts off slow with two typical small timers, Kit Karson, novelty marks- man, and the McCarvers, colored singers and dancers, both very quietly received. Emma Francis and Her Whirlwind Arabs found her audience very listless after half an hour of waiting for some- thing to happen, but with the sprightly presence of the little dancer and the startling acrobatics of the young Arabs, they awoke in a hurry. The number was a whooping hit. Apollo, who has played a few of the big houses is none the less a small timer. For some strange reason he uses an introduc- tion that suggests a circus act and makes his entrance the accompaniment of an impressive chord that should be the cue for a sensational animal act. The young violinist opens with a poor selection. Rag- time is the style the small time audiences like. That portion of the offering that put rag to the fore was well received. The rest was not. Harry English and Co. (New Acts). This was the one pop number that got over satisfactorily. Morton and Kissen opened the second half with Matthews and Ashley's old talk- ing novelty "Held Up." They did only fairly. They finish with a series of paro- dies built on modern popular songs, and for once the audience displayed a lack of enthusiasm over this "sure-fire" material. Continuing to put pop traditions at nought, the Roof audience expressed the highest approval for "The Romany Opera Co., singing number depending entirely upon musical excellence and offering little in the way of comedy. Pretty settings and an easy method of delivering stand- ard operatic numbers get them through with flying colors. Harry Tighe and Edith Clifford scored. Tighe's very quickest patter got over surely and Miss Clifford's most agreeable singing caught the favor of the crowd. A "coon" song delivered nicely as a duet stopped the show. The Olympian Trio, three well set up gymnasts on the parallel bars, closed. That these acrobats have been permitted to escape from the important vaudeville bills is a curious bit of carelessness on some- body's part. The act has real novelty. The Olympians belong in the Hippodrome. With the exception of the two or three light numbers in the early portion, the American show is close to "big time" en- tertainment. Rush. SHOWS NEXT WEEK. "A SCRAPE O' THE PEN"—Grand 0. H. "BELI*A DONNA" (Nailmova)— Empire (5th week). •BROADWAY JONES" (Oeo. M. Cohan)—Co- ban's (12th week). RB'OADWAY TO PARIS" (Gertrude Hoff- mann)—Winter Garden (4th week). FANNYS FIRST PLAY"—Comedy (13th HAWTHORNE. U. S. A." (Douglaa Fair- banks)—Aa tor (0th week). "HINDLB WAKES"—Elliott (Dec. 0). "LITTLE WOMEN"—Playhouse (0th week). "MILESTONES"—Liberty (13th week). Lyceum (14th week). "MIND THE PAINT GIRL" (Blllie Burke) — "MUTT AND JEFF"—West End. "NEVER SAY DIE" (Wm. Collier) 48th St. (5th week). "OH, OH! DELPH1NE"—Knickerbocker (11th week). REPERTOIRE (Annie Russell)— 39th Street (5th week). "SALOMY JANE"- Harlem O. H. Stock. SP03NER STOCK - Metropolis (68th week). "THE AFFAIRS OF ANATOL"—Little (0th "THE ATTACK" (John Mason)—Garrlck (13th week). "THE CASE OF BECKY" (Frances Starr) — Belasco (11th week). "THE COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG" - New Amsterdam (11th week). "THE DAUGHTER OF HEAVEN"—Century (0th week). "THE FIREFLY" (Emma TrentlnD—Lyric (2d week). "THE GOVERNORS LADY"—Republic (14th week). "THE HIGH ROAD" (Mrs. Flake)—Hudson (4th week). "THE INDISCRETION OF TRUTH"—Harris (2d week). "THE LADY OF THE SLIPPER"—Globe (7th week) "THE MERRY COUNTESS"—Caalno (17th week). "THE PAPER CHASE" (Slmone)—Wallack'e (3d week;. "THE RED PETTICOAT"—Daly's (0th week). "i*iB SUN DODOBR8"—Broadway (5th week). "THE WHIP"—Manhattan (3d week). "THE YELLOW JACKET" — Fulton (6th week) "UNDER TWO FLAGS"—Hippodrome (10th week). WEBER AND FIELDS- -Muelo Hall (4th week. "WITHIN THE LAW"—Bltlnge (14th week). ZIEOFTLD'S "FOLLIES"—Moulin Rouse (8th week). PHILADBLPHIA. "THE GOOD LITTLE DEVIL"—Broad. "GARDEN OF ALLAH"—Forrest. "THE PRETTY LITTLE WIDOW"—Chestnut St. O. H. "EVA"—Garrlck. "HANKY PANKY"—Lyric •A BUTTERFLY ON THE WHEEL"—Adelphf. "RANSOMED"—Walnut. P "MISS NOBODY FROM STARLAND"—Grand "THE STRAIGHT ROAD"—Chestnut St. (Stock). "MISTRESS NELL"—American Stock. "THE OAMBLER AND POLICE"—National (Stock). The daily papers have been devoting considerable space this week to the trial of the suit brought by F.dith St. (.lair, ati actress, against Abraham I.. Krlangcr, to recover on a contract to l>ay her $2,500 a year for ten years. The ca>e is replete with sensational features. On the stand Erlanger has taken every opportunity to call Max T) Steuer, the lawyer who succeeded in securing the contract, names. On Wednesday it looked as if the case would go to the jury on Thursday. 86TH STRERT. v P^**** 11 on » MoM * Br,11 » or you'll drop behind the procession pretty soon. Your bills are falling off In quality and there appears to be a consequent diminution of patronage. Last Friday night you had Just about one full house. The public Is fickle, Messrs. M. • B. They will quit you just as quickly—perhaps more so—than they took to patronising your beautiful theatre, unless you can supply them wltb a better grade of show than you have been presenting lately. And, dear Mr. Managers, is It possible that, conducting a theatre catering to the patronage of women and children, you permitted the flinging of the parody on "The Mysterious Rag"? Much as your audiences crave comedy they like some contrast in the form of a dramatic or melodramatic- sketch. The only sketch on the program the last half of last week was Christine Co., two men and a woman, a conglomeration of farce, a little dancing and a travesty finish. It was well enough In Its way, but there should also be some- thing more "substantial" to top off tbe pro- gram. Four other turns (New Arts) were Cullum Bros., conventional steppers; Wilson and Rich, a two-man talking and singing act of no especial merit; Klein and Erlunger, who would have made a good opening act for a big small time bill ; Mr Of and Roese, man and woman act In "one," that would have contributed toward the framing of an other- wise excellent bill. Joe Flynn was the head- line. IVeautlful theatres are very fine in their way, but you mu«t provide good entertain- ment. Jolo. H. Wacke, lessee and manager of the Olympia, Brooklyn, playint> "split week" pop vaudeville, is negotiating for the lease of l'ayt<m's avenue house. If secured, the new house will be used a* a runninu' mate 1o the Olympia