Variety (December 1912)

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VARIETY OARRICK (Asher Levy, mgr.; Shuberts).— Last week of Una Abarbanell in "Miss Prin- ces*." Business has been picking up. Next week the Gilbert and Sullivan Company in revival with De Wolf Hopper and big cast. GLOBE (J. A. Browne, mgr.; Ind.).—Yid- dish players for week-end performances. Wrestling matches and rentals at other In- tcrvft Is. ILLINOIS (Will J. Davla, mgr.; K. A E.).— Blanche Ring In "The Wall Street Girl." Sec- ond time here. Interest mild. LA SALLE (Harry Askln, mgr.; Ind.).— "The Girl at the Gate" still doing nice, steady business. McVICKERS (George Warren, mgr.; K. A E. —"Little Women" opened Sunday night to big house. Indications for a good run. Piece doea not play Sunday nights. OLYMPIC (Sam Lederer, gr.; K. A B.).— "The Million, roaring farce doing well enough. POWERS' (Harry J. Powers, mgr.: Harry Chappell, bus. mgr.; K. & E.).—"Years of Discretion," a play by the Hattons of Chi- cago produced by David Belasco. Brilliantly written and as brilliantly played. Attendance large. PRINCESS (Will Singer, mgr.; Shuberts and Brady).—"Bought and Paid For," with moderate to fair returns. STUDEBAKER (E. J. Sullivan, mgr.; Ind.). —"The Blindness of Virtue." with an Eng- lish compan* Interesting play well present- ed. Excellent prospects through favorable newspaper attention. WHITNEY (Prank O. Peers, mgr.; Ind.).— Series of special matinees for Monday af- ternoons Inaugurated by Kitty Cheatham. Successful from a social standpoint. COLLEGE (T. C. Gleason, mgr.; Ind.).— Well-balanced stock company offering good royalty plays. Rodney Ranous and Marie Nelson become the leading people next week. CROWN (Arthur Spink, mgr.; S. A H.).— Traveling companies offering good popular price attractions. NATIONAL (John Barrett, mgr.; S. A H.). —Playing the popular price traveling shows with good results. VICTORIA (Albert Spink, mgr.; S. A H). —Meeting with good results with the S. A H. traveling companies. ZIEGFELD (W. K. Zlegfeld, mgr.; Ind.).— Dark. Tom Mahoney, who in offering bin hod car- rier philosophy to the vaudeville world, will go t< England June U.'l, where he will appear at King's theatre, Southsea. with five weeks to follow. He Is booked by Chris. O. Brown. Josle Intro pod I, formerly in the cast of "The Merry Widow Remarried," has replaced Henrietta Lee in "Miss Princess" at the Gar- rick. Margaret Farrell takes the place of Clara Schroeder. A new second act has been devised, and has been produced by George Marlon. Harry Corbett, treasurer at the Whitney Opera House for several years and since con- ducting a saloon with Ed Welsh, has sold out his Interests. He will return to the theatrical business. C. P. McDonald, formerly secretary to James Keely on the Tribune, has beon put on the Runriav staff. William J. Olson, manager of the Gaiety, Galesburg, was In the city last week looking over the theatrical situation and making plans for big bills at his house. Felix Greenberg, of Peoria, was also a visitor to the Windy City, and they stirred things up along the Rlalto. Joseph Howard has announced that he ex- pects to produce his new musical piece, "Frivolous Gpraldtne." at the Olympic late in December. If he does Mabel McCane will bo one «»f the leading members of the ca«t. "The Arnvle Case." which was to have been offered at the Colonial, will be played at the Lilarkstone with Robert Milliard In the leading role. The Gilbert Ai Sullivan Festival Revival rouopuny. which will come to the Garrlck next week, has been doing good business on the road. For the four weeks In San Fran- cisco, the average was S17,4(V) per week. In Los Angeles the receipts were $15,000 for one week; at San Diego, $11,000 In five days; at Portland, $17,000 on the week; at Seattle, $15,000 on the week and at Winnipeg, for $23,000, for two weeks. At Duluth and St. Paul, with a split week, the box office statements showed $12,000 and the Minneapolis week reached the sum of $14,200. The following plays and entertainments are playing their last week here: Lina Abar- banell in "Miss Princess" at the Garrlck; "Ben Hur" at the Colonial; David Warfleld In "The Return of Peter Grimm," at the Blackstone. Jack Hasiard has Joined "Miss Princess" now playing at the Garrlck, taking the role formerly played by Ben Hendricks. William Montgomery Bennett, well known amoD- theatrical people of Detroit was in the city last week, taking in the eights along the Chicago Rlalto. Mr. Bennett la a famous golf player and is an Inveterate first-nighter in Detroit A new box office Is erected in the lobby of tho Majestic theatre to accommodate the patrons the Mme. Bernhardt week. Kathryn Andrews, formerly with "Hanky Panky" and well known as a cabaret enter- tainer, has joined the cabaret at Slegel A Coopers. At the request of the moving picture Board of Censors of this city a new ordinance has lately been prepared for adoption by the city fathers that provides for a license fee of $1 for each film displayed or proposed for pub- lic exhibition. The purpose of this tax Is understood to he for the creation of a fund to cover the expense of actual exhibitions of all films so that their merits and demerits may be observed and studied by the Censor- ship Board. Melbourne McDowell and his company will appear at the Wilson Avenue Theatre Dec. 0. The International Live Stock Exposition opened last Saturday at the Union Stock Yards. It Is the largest and best that has been given here. Joe Splegelberg, formerly of Atlanta, has arrived here anu will Join O. M. Young In the production of vaudeville acts. Eddie Parkes, formerly of Coogan and Parkes, and Grace Carnella will shortly be seen In a new musical act. They have both been In musical comedy. Egbert Van Alstyn and company will open next week at the Ashland and Plata, plug- ging his own songs. Van Alstyn Is the writer of many popular songs. Dec. 13 there will be a monster benefit at the Grand Opera House, under the auspices of the Chicago Examiner. Charles Mast has been appointed stage manager. Frank Beale, stage director; Jaquln Lalt, stage chairman, and the following are on the managers' com- mittee : Harry J. Ridings. George A. Kings- bury, Frederick Donaghey and Harry Askln. Among those who will appear In the big bill are: Blanche Ring. William Hodge, Charles King and Li la Rhodes, Cathryn Rowe Palmer, Lucy Weston and several others from "The Girl at the Gate." "By-Products," a sketch by Joseph Medlll Patterson, will be a fea- ture of the program, and "Lead Kindly Light," a one-act play by Jacquln Lalt, will be produced. The sale for the affair has been very large and the outlook for large returns Is good. The recelnts will be devoted to purchasing Christmas cheer for poor children. The stage is Chicago was this week graced by some of the famous men and women in the world. Sarah Bernhardt at the Majestic, Ethel Barrymore at the Palace, David War- field at the Blackstone, and at the Auditorium. Tltta Ruffo. SAN FRANCISCO By HARRY BOIflfBLL ORPHEUM (Martin Beck. gen. mgr.; agent, direct).—Florentine Singers, score cleanly with a bright musical act; Adrlenne Augarde. well liked; Ed Morton, pleased; Flying Mar- tins, strong number for closing position; Ethel Green, continues success, second week; George Felix, same substantial hit; Harry Gllfoil, scored in usual fashion; Rayno's Buil Dogs, big In the opening position. EMPRESS (Sullivan-Consldlne; agents, di- rect).—Paul Spadoni, gives class to end of bill; Three Spa Bros., clever; George Garden, possesses class; Van and Carrie Avery, score; Harmony Beaux and Belles, liked. Capacity business prevails. Others are Lillian Mason and Lottie James, singers; Richard Durton, singer and monologlst, both fair turns. PANTAGES (Alex. Pantages, gen. mgr.; agent direct).—Menlo Moore's Stage Door Johnnies, scenically pretentious; Arlington Four, effective rough comedy, did fairly; How- ard's Animals, well trained; Al Carlton, gen- uinely funny ; Maybelle Fonda Troupe, enter- taining ; Garden of Allah motion pictures; Leo Filller, pleasing In violin selections. Joe Rivers, Mexican lightweight pugilist, was the added attraction. Business is good. PORTOLA.—McFalls' Dogs and Monkeys, amusing; Hope Vernon, comedienne, character changes, entertaining; Hallstrom and Myre, Swedish singers and dancers, liked ; Fall City Quartet, comedy singers, good; Delaltle Ives, singer, ordinary songstress; The Landreys, acrobats, succeeded In amusing the house; "Dutch Mike" and Stella Johnson, who claim to be the original Texas Tommy dancers, were added to Leary's dancers. COLUMBIA (Gottlob, Marx A Co., mgrs.; K. A E.).—Victor Morley in "The Quaker Girl"; first week. CORT (Homer F. Curran, mgr.; Shuberts). -Valeska Suratt In "The KlsS Walts"; first week. SAVOY (Chas. Muehlman, mgr.; Ind.).— Kolb A Dill In "In Dutch" ; fourth week. ALCAZAR (Belasco A Mayer, mgrs.)—Orrln Johnson A Marguerite Leslie in dramatic stock; second week. NATIONAL (Chas. Goldberg, mgr.).—Melo- dramatic stock. AMERICAN (Ed. Armstrong, mgr.V -Bur- lesque stock. A successor to Aaron Hoffman's new play, "In Dutch," Is In process of preparation by the Kolb A Dill entertainers at the Savoy. The name of the new piece and date of the premiere Is unannounced. Dec. 23 the coastwise famous "Mission Play" will ropen at the Mission Theatre, San Gabriel. Ben Horning Is to again play his original part of Fra Junlpero Serra and al- most air-of the old cast will be back. Mr. Homing will also direct the production. Fred Zobedle Is directing the production of a big act that will very shortly be seen here abouts In vaudeville, with Hurlburt and Schil- ler as principals. The early marriage is announced of M. Blrnbaum, manager of the Valencia, this city, to Miriam E. Ellaser, well known in musical circles of Oakland. Grauman's Imperial Theatre Is pretty cer- tain not to be In readiness for opening Dec. 15. Judging from present Indications the builders will be doing well to complete the structure by Jan. 1. After a separation that Is said to have covered a period of eight years, Harry Dill, nephew of Max Dill, was Joined last week by his wife, who had arrived from Australia. Ted McLean Is engaged In the work of pro- ducing a series of dramatic tabloids at the Majestic "pop" vaudeville theatre in this city. This week he Is presenting a condensed ver- sion or "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," and will follow next week with "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Van and Pearcs have Just passed through a tough run of bad luck. While negotiating the Pantages time a few weeks ago, at Sacramen- to, Arthur Pearce was taken ill with pneu- monia and which very shortly afterward de- veloped a complication with scarlet fever. With Pearce out of the act, Gladys Van fin- ished the circuit singly at San Diego and managed to bring her partner back hers, where he is slowly convalescing while she la playing an occasional small time engagement alone. new Empress, Sacramento, can lay Just claim to being one of the finest houses on the Sul- livan-Considins circuit If not the largest. Ths seating capacity is 1,925. Vaudeville artists stranded on the Coast have no real need to worry about the dis- tance hack east if they wish to avail them- selves of the hospitality of the Santa Fe Railroad, the passenger department of which offers transportation and meals in exchange for an hour or two'a entertainment at the principal lay over points along the line. Of course, the proposition is not very dignified, hut It means a good class ticket back to the old town and feed en route. Nothing of Importance was done at the last meeting of the Allied Theatre Managers' As- sociation. The Savoy management announces that the next Kolb and Dill play will be a former New York Casino attraction, "The Motor Girl," which Is expected to be whipped Into shape for presentation during Christmas week. George Allen, assistant treasurer of the Orpheum. Oakland. Is mourning tho loss of his mother, who died last week at her home in that city. A notable event of the engagement of Karsey'a Myriophone here last week at Pan- tages' theatre was tho meeting of Mrs. Kar- sey and her two sisters, after a separation of twenty-four years. The last time that they saw each other was in Europe at Alsace- Lorraine. Both of the sisters are now mar- ried and residing in this city. Eva Lewis, Ingenue at the National, will be succeeded next week by May Ludford, a novitiate, who halls from San Jose. LOS ANGELES By "BUNNY." ORPHBUM (Clarence Drown, local mgr.; Martin Beck. gen. mgr.; agent, direct.).— Week 25: Les Marco Belli, comedy magic, laughable; Ferguson and Northlane, attract- ive girls; Howard, liked; "Meln Ltebschsn," good; Claudius and Scarlet, hit; holdovers, Frank Morrell, Royal Hawaiian Serenaders and Amelia Bingham. EMPRESS (Dean Worley, local mgr.; S. A C.; agent, direct).—Week 26: Mme. Bessee'a Cockatoos, interesting; Ths Dancing Mad- dens, good; Arthur Whltelaw, pleasing; "La Dance Au Violins," successful; Three Ital- ian Troubadours, encored; Collins and Hart, big hit. PANTAGES (Carl Walker, local mgr.).— Alex Pantages, gen. mgr.; agent, direct.).— Week 23. Another hill of excellence is of- fered Pantages patrons, and as a result Man- ager Walker's smile Is becoming more ex- pansive trying to keep pace with the natural Increase In the Pantages bank balance. The program includes, "The Minstrel Misses"; B. O'Neal and Wamaley; Readlck-Freeman Players, In "Marked Money"; William Howard Landford; Cerve Duo; Zara Varmen Trio. AUDITORIUM (L. B. Behymer. mgr.).— Dark. MASON (W. T. Wyatt, mgr.; K. A E.).— Julian Eltlnge In "The Fascinating Widow," second week. MAJESTIC (Oliver Moroaco).— "The Choco- late Soldier." BURBANK (Oliver Morosco).—"The Es- cape," sixth wsek. BELASCO (Oliver Morosco).—"Wedding Bells." LYCEUM (Oliver Morosco, lessee; Dick Fer- ris, mgr.).—Lyceum stock in "Man's Enemy." ADOLPHU8 (Joseph Sturm, lessee; Robert L. Fargo, mgr.).—Muaical comedy stock. CENTURY (A. and M. Loewen. leasees and mgrs.).—Jules Mendel and Century stock burlesque. REGAL (Smith and Allen, lessees and managers).—Walter Reed company in musical stock; vsudevllle. PRINCBS8 (F. A. Pollock, lessee; J. H. Clement, mgr.).—Vaudeville, pictures and fea- tured chorus. When completed a few weeks hence, the "Billy" Scott, treasurer at the Lyceum when of E. A *. licher u«* been busy s haking hands Wftsn awiae fW avswrHssfHsvUa kindly mention VABIBTY.