Variety (December 1912)

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VARIETY 25 thing, a couple of men from Southern Cali- fornia were In town looking over the field for a suitable site on which to erect a big ampl- tbeatre during the next year, that i» to cost approximately $250,000. The site 1b reported to have been practically selected and the only hitch in the negotiations for the lease of the property Is said to be a matter of buying off two or three sub-leaBes. The location Is re- ported to be downtown and very central. If the deal la consummated, the identity of the pro- moters and builders is promised early in January. Plans and specifications are under- stood to be in process of draughting, and, ac- cording to these, the structure, which is to Include a large hotel and stores, will cover an area of 25,000 square feet. The negotiations are for a lease to cover a period of thirty years at a rental of $7,500 a month. It is proposed to provide for a seating capacity of .VrfH) and the amphl theatre is to be equipped with a double stage and a combination of arena and huge water tank in the center for spectacular productions in which aquatics can be featured. The promoters are said to be impressed with the possibilities of a play- house of such immense proportions becoming one of the chief amusement features of the citv during the Panama-Pacific Exposition in 1015. A lull in the activities of the builders of the new California theatre and hotel that Is being erected at Mason and Eddy streets by the Downtown Realty Co. for the Western States Vaudeville Association, was noticeable last week. It subsequently developed the cause was an injunction suit that had been filed by th6 Realty concern as lessees against the Pryor Estate, owners of the land to re- strain the latter from effecting a cancella- tion of the lease on the property. The hitch appears to have resulted from a question of interpretation of a clause In the lease re- garding the payment of rent before or after the completion of the theatre part of the structure. Walter Belasco, for several years a player of character "bits" at the Alcazar, and brother of Manager Fred Relnaco, has gone to New York with the avowed Intention of breaking into vaudeville. Dorothy Dale, wife of Will H. Armstrong, character comedian and part owner with his brother, Ed, in the Armstrong stock bur- lesque enterprises here on the coast, has re- turned from a trip to Chicago and opened with the No. 1 show at Fresno. Dec. 15. The No. 2 company, which opened here at the American on that date, Is headed by Monte Carter, a Yiddish character burlesquer, recently co-star with Jules Mendel at the Century in Los An- Kcles. The other principals are George A. Byrne, Irish comedian ; Beatrice Flint, prima donna ; Clara Howard, soubret. and Rosa and Hurke, recruits from coast vaudeville. The Navada theatre In Nevada, Cal., Joseph Snyder, manager, has undergone a change of IM>ll<y f rom traveling combinations to pop vaudeville, playing the Bert Levey attractions. Change made Dec. 15. Nevada Is about mid- way between Sacramento and Reno, and Is a "split'' with those places. The Orpheum annex hotel In this city has been sold by Morris Meyerfeld, Jr., to B. Kat- chlnskl for $195,000. The property Is leased to the present occupant for a term of ten years. La Estrelllta, the exponent of Spanish dances, scored a successful opening at the Portola-I^ouvre Dec. 10. Her present engage- ment is expected to be extended beyond the four weeks of her booking. Fred Graham, comic-opera comedian, and the male member of the variety team of Graham« and Dent, both of whom arrived here a few weeks ago after an extended and successful tour of Australia, has been engaged by the management of the Princess "pop" vaude- ville theatre to produce a series of tabloid of- ferings for a period of eight weeks. Follow- ing this engagement. Mr. Graham will transfer the scene of his activities to Sacramento, where he will do several weeks of tabloidlng for Bert Levey at the Dlefenbrock. Recent sailings from this port Included Maud Powell, vlollnlRte. Dec. 17. on the "Sonoma.' for two special concerts at the Liberty In Honolulu, and Mrs. "Happy" Harrison and her mule. Dee. 18. for three weeks at the same theatre. The Espa Sisters, lately arrived from Chicago, sailed Dec. 20 for two weeks at the Liberty, after which they are scheduled to open In Phlna for Ramos A Ramos. Their contracts provide for eight weeks to be divided between Hong Kong and Shanghai. The exchequer of the Western States Vaude- ville Association Is short Just $554.00 as the result of a nocturnal visit by what are be- lieved to have been professional cracksmen to the Majestic "pop" vaudeville theatre, 24tV7 Mission street, on the night of Dec. 15. According to the present plans of Hyman U. fcdler. he will go direct to New York City at Be Olympic. Los Angeles, lately joined the Suivan and Consldlne circuit and is sched- ulofcto open in February at the Union Square theHre, New York. TBfk Baldwin, advertising agent last summer at |fce Olympic, Los Angeles, lately Joined the cxrMtlve forces at Pantages* theatre in this ■"liwMn a like capacity. 5 -I Tlie consensus of critical opinion srem* to he that "The Rose Maid." now on its second '•in! last week at the Columbia. Is lacking of a *t'0Bg and capable Interpreting company. w 'hfiai. It Is thought, may be In a large men- THE $250,000.00 100,000,000 COPY Guess that's about enough! We could have said morel The VARIETY has the type and would have printed it, but we bought It for a great deal less and think we have a great Bargain, as well as the quickest and biggest hit off the season. I'LL BE WELCOME IN MY HOMETOWN Lyric by WILLIAM TRACEY, Author of "THE BARBER SHOP CHORD," "GEE, BUT IT'S GREAT TO MEET A FRIEND FROM YOUR HOME TOWN," Etc. Music by HARRY JENTES. At present the biggest March Song Hit in New York and Boston. Iff you want to get all the "gravy" and the glory off introducing this great song in your territory, send for copy at once. Don't forget that we also publish the big hits of the season, including "THAT'S HOW I NEED YOU" "WHEN I GET YOU ALONE TONIGHT" <e AT THE YIDDISHER BALL ■• • « TAKE ME TO THE CABARET •■ ad BILLY BOUNCE YOUR BABY DOLL" LEO FEIST, Inc. st£» NEW YORK sure resj>onslbIc, for the apparent lack of snap and ginger in the entertainment. Briefly, the piece is generally regarded as being shy of the punch. "The Motor Girl." now on its second week at the Savoy, appears to have aroused a re- sponsible chord among the local critics and whatever may have been the opinion of the piece in the east, it is liked here. As a suc- cessor of Aaron Hoffman's "In Dutch." shelved week before last by Kolb and Dill. "The Mo tor Girl, new Id San Frainisi «iii>, I- mii ceded an unqualified success. At a recent cbction of officers of the local branch of the Theatrical Mechanics' Associa- tion, the following new officials were selected. Vice-president. W. S. Schofield. trustees, John Kelly and George Murry. All of the other Incumbents were re-elected. A movement is on foot here to bring about the selection of this city for the place in which to hold the an- nual convention of the Association In lillTi. Manager Sid Grauman of the impress has pretty well recovered from the effects of a dis- located shoulder, sustained a fortnight ago in an accident. Western Office 145 N. Clark Street CHICAGO Eastern Office 218 Tremont Street BOSTON Sina All Mtil it H T. Office six weeks of the Pantages coast time. To the representative of WiriVfy, the famous lec- turer stated ho was booked solid all next sum- mer in chautauqua Work, but that he held lec- ture contracts for "time" early next spring that he might take a notion to cancel in order to accept some more vaudeville booking to follow the Pantages Circuit engagements. Kxt'Misiv preparations arc being made to '•■ lebrate the advent of P.ll.'i lure on an elab- orate Male. Public street watch meetings are li.'ini' arranged and the reservations of scats at the various pla> houses ;ind tables at the numerous cafes is reported to be big. Tim engagement Is Informally announced of Winnie Haldwin. soubret of the Kolb and Dill company at the Savoy, to Joseph Levy, erst- while manager of the Mexican lightweight pugilist .loe Rivers. The date for the big even! 1~ unannounced known to the stage as "Doc" Williams, and who she appears to havo married, l.s under- stood to have been the direct cause of her difficulty. Alter pawning the Jewelry In Den- ver, the couple came to this city. Williams was arrested, too, hut afterwards released. In order to aid cure funds for a Golden Gate Park ami two associate Kve" company al In a general effort to se big Christmas festival in this city, Adele Rowland members of the "Modern the Cort, Maude Lillian Herri and two companion players In the Kolb ami Dill show at the .savoy, Peril Hani and two other entertainers in "The Rose Maid" company at the 'elnmhia. formed a begging party that made the rounds of the fashionable iles every night last week Their efforts are said to successful Itl securing c;ish rue Festival fund after theatre c after the show have hcell \t> i out ribu' ion> in While playing at the Republic recently in a vaudeville sketch entitled "A Mixed Affair." Maude O'Deile was en|olned by the local courts from using the playlet further until an understanding is reached with some one else who put In a claim of prior authorship rights Col Thomas II. Andrews, stage manager of the Portola theatre In Market street, was compelled to visit the Central Emergency Hospital ])rr. l.'{ In order that the attending surL'eons might extract a bullet from his left fori .inn. where It had been sent from the rill of a shooting act. The injury was ' omiiarat ively slight. The Pin Trio of opera'ie tin purr De If, on the Pa' ifh Korea" from ;i three week*-'' I loll'illl III UngiT-- fe.iched Mall sti-jiiuship engagement In The success of Dr. Frederi info vaudeville week before la- theatre in Oakland and again i.e-i «». n. Pantages" In this city, appears to have been .1 .... 1 „-,. . I r.. i .. .. • . » v, ., .>.„..„ k A. Cook's dip '-'t at Pantai""- last week a*'irie Kdwards. ;i Mage struck Denver. ''iil'i Pe»s was arretted here I lei- 1.", nnd tlie lollowiuc day was taken back to her borne i iMiiiiui> 111 llll.l i iij, ii|i|i'-iiiM 111 iiiivi- iirni 'M pronounced ami gratifying to the management that fho well-known explorer and clalniat:' for North Pole discovery honors left here last Saturday nleht for Spokane with contracts for t-.wri by the sheriff of •a.i charged with the . i:u< 'I at .<1.<mni and the imi« st of her mother ;iii infatuation for a Denver bounty. She larceny of Jewelry property of a woman A meeting with and vaudeville performer. lu.d when all arrangements, Including a marriage license, had been made for the tying of the nuptial knot between Olga Steck late principal of the Kolb and Dill company at the Savoy and Thomas Lester Matklus. dr.. a wealthv Chicago banker and broker, Dec 1^ In this city, the prospective bride was suddenly seized with an til 11 • - that had all the symptoms of appendicitis. Ml-s Steck wa> tiki ii to McNutt Ho-pltal. wV i> It was dei P!. i| that an operation would riot be neces- sary It Is believed that she will have r> 1 nvi red suthcleiiilv in a few d;:\ • i be aide 'o leave the ho- pjial and then tie- u.■ 'ding i • n pi i Md to take p|a< <• Theatrical eonditl n are i purled to tie bri'k ju^t now in S.e r iiio i.'.i Pro i > • ■ r i f \ i nnd' r-»'.od to h> h-iv. ran ; i-v ;• He M• ra Levey poji' valid-'. 'I'e \.nii|i' at 'he Dji-pcn broi k the Po t m,i I'.il i mil'dy show i-; ernl Ited with plnvini-' '-• 'rural iapa<ity at Pan tnge* arid the I-; 1 '' 'aiond driiur>t|c sto k