Variety (December 1912)

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26 VARIETY Jack KENNEY*" HOLLIS THE ORIGINAL RAH RAH BOYS Frank Happy New Year to Everybody OPENING JANUARY 5 ON S-C CIRCUIT PERSONAL DIRECTION, JOS. IW. SCHENCK company 1b said to be playing a financially healthy engagement at the Orand. Louis B. Jacobs, who gave up the man- agement of the Olympic, Los Angeles, last summer when It was taken oYer by the Loe- wt-n.s and renamed Century, was recently mar- ried litre to Hazel Belmont, one of the three Belmont Sisters and at one time a member of the Olympic chorus. Jack Matthews has clinched his claim to the tltlo of "coast defender" by Joining the Kolb and Dill company at the 8aToy. He has the part played by Harry Burgess, when the latter nailed for the Orient with the Hughes Musical Comedy Company. The Allied Theatre Managers' Association Is pretty generally known to be at the back of a movement to compel a rigid enforcement by the city authorities of the building laws and regulations as regards efficient provision for the safety of the public. In a communication recently sent to the Orand Jury by the As- sociation, several of the smaller theatres throughout the city are understood to have been designated and complained of as not hav- ing been properly constructed. It is claimed by the Association that the playhouses of every one of their members complied faith- fully with the requirements of the building Woman Intervenes" headlined a snappy bill for the Christmas holidays and although there was a slim house Monday night the show picked up speed early and held right up to the finish. Miss Roberts has a bully sketch and It Is played to perfection. Vaudeville cannot boast of many good sketches, but the playlet that J. Hartley Manners has fur- nished this clever artiste and her very ca- pable company deserves a place In the very front rank because It Is a natural story, with- out any attempt at a hurrah finish and played by a company which gives full value to every detail. Miss Roberts is perfectly charming In It. Would that vaudeville could have more of this class. Another skit In an early spot did not do so well. Llda McMillan and Co. presented "The Late Mr. Allen" for the first time. Miss McMillan does a lot for the piece, but there Is a lot of time wasted and there is never any big moment reached. Juliet was a big hit and gave the bill a boost after the McMillan sketch had slowed things up. Her matter was all new here end wont over with a sure retura In her favor. Her Scotch bits were clever, away from any- thing seen and handled to a nicety. She was one of the real big applause winners of the bill. The act of Conlln, Steele and Carr was placed Just right and they carried things through at a high rate of speed. The laughs got going early and held up steadily. As a offered this week with the Six Irish Colleens featured. The sextet offers something differ- ent In the way of a girl act which was very well liked. The finish Is well worked up by the leader who talks with a brogue that would make Maggie Cllne turn a pale green with envy, and sorr.e of the kind of salve that made Al Reeves fa-nous. It has the desired effect, however, ann helps the girls put over the "rag" number. A little more of the singing an J not so much dancing would help. De Aim* and Mae pleased with their banjo playing. Careful dressing and their way of offering their act makes It a very nice num- ber. Less Ik, Anita and Co. won favor with their juggling and gun spinning, but the bit of music with the "ragging" monk put In the big lang . The monk bit Is worth building up. Hunter and Chapelle are a couple of colored men who have made an effort to get away from the beaten path and missed hitting the mark through poor arrangement of ma- terial. The picture of the race track, where only a group of colored bays form the crowd, robs the act of its best value. The men have the idea, but it needs to be worked out better. Oretta Mack Is of the usual "single" class of singers with popular songs, a cou- ple of nice dresses and a lot of white fur. When Oretta cut loose from the fur she looked well and her songs were liked. The Warren Brothers have a very nice ring act a self-appointed censor objects to the use of "will do for the 'pop' tkne." Stage man- agers are so hard to please. Clarence Bisters and Brother did nicely with their singing and dancing turn. The frequent oh■ aging of cos- tumes and setting adds a lot of picture to the act. The songs might be Improved upon. The Russells offered a piano act which differs slightly from the usual order, but not suffi- cient to take It out of the regular run of acts which are very familiar In vaudeville at present. The man might help the act by working up some comedy through the handling of the German character. The Imitation stuff on the piano Is pretty well worked out. The girl dresses well, sings nicely and Is a lively little worker. They got over very well. The act has been here a short time only and by watching other piano acts should be able to work out something that will give them Indi- vidual ranking. The Chalis Duo, man and little girl, were liked. Opening with a banjo number they tell a few gags, one of which should be dropped as reference to the shooting of Roosevelt is not food for laughter. The little girl is a clever miss, but seems to be adopting the mannerisms of the man, which la not Improving her work. Joe Weston sang and talked himself into warm favor, the par- odies, nearly all, If not all of which are being sung by George Armstrong, getting him big reward at the finish. Edna Brown sang sev- LESTER the ventriloquist CLAIMS that all ventriloquists not mentioned in his list in Variety of December 20th, 1912, are using his material. HE'S A TRUTH TRIFLER. \A/IIM has never used any but her own material. She works along entirely new lines. For instance, the dummy makes changes and does imitations- Dash, of Variety, reviewed the act in October. There are other acts which Lester overlooks (?). Such as Hilda Hawthorne, Marshal Montgomery; etc. Can it be jealousy? And then, again, Lester's stuff is so old that it must indeed be a small brained act that need pilfer it. Grant that the copyists did it. Are his mental reservoirs exhausted? P. S -GRACE DE WINTRES will soon be seen with MORRIS GOLDEN, "The Yiddle with the Fiddle" originator, in a new and decided novelty ventriloquial surprise. Direction, PAUL DURAND laws and that they expect the same strict ob- servance by every one else planning the con- struction of a building wherein the safety of tbe public is at stake. They argue that Just one little fatality In the smallest picture house in tho city would work an Incalculable in- Jury to the general amusement Interests of the entire community, In that It would have the effect of csusing a puMIc scare so serious as to keep theatiegoers for weeks and nrohably for months away from the absolutely fireproof theatres. The duties of Frank H. Donellan, press rep- resentative and stage director of the Empress, have become so multiplied and ondrous as to add the responsibilities of assistant press agent to William D. Casey, whose title hith- erto has been chief of the comfort staff (whatever that is). The advent of Casey Into the publicity department Is already notice- able to the newspaper ccrlbes who now get their notices with unerring punctuality and regularity. PHILADELPIA. ■7 OBOROS M. YOUNG. KEITH'S (H. T. Jordan, mpr. ; agent n. O.).—Florence Roberts and Co. V. In "The "foolish act" this one Is there, and Monday night's audience accepted the "nut" stuff like a Christmas present from home. Ed. F. Reynard motored Into "Hlcksvllle" and had the town officials clowning for big laughs. Reynard has worked bis act Into a regular little ventriloquial playlet with comedy chasing through It at top speed and It had everybody laughing. Lamont's Cockatoos per- formed their stunts while most of the audi- ence was being seated and did as well as could be expected. Ben Linn breezed along on his vehicle of song and was warmly re- ceived. Linn gets by on his style of work- ing and It is a pleasing style. Lee White and Oeorge Perry gathered In a liberal share of the well-distributed honors. Miss White made quite a showy picture in a Frenchy looking gown and used It for working up some good comedy, while she made the most of a couple of dandy song numbers.- They Ring well together and won warm favor for their efforts. Kitty Traney took excellent care of the closing position with her nicely staged and picturesque "circus" act. A rou- tine of novel tricks by some well trained dogs caught the fancy of the house and there wan generous response. VICTORIA (Jay Mastbaum, mgr.; booked direct). —A well-balanced show with a goodly supply of holiday flavor about Its make-up Is which will fit In nicely on the small time hills. The boys make a neat appearance and per- form their tricks without too much display of staginess. Zlda and Hoot, "The Dragon and the Owl," pleased with their novelty con- tortion and dancing act, and Oraham, Copes and Kane offered their familiar singing act. Peak s Punch and Judy show was the other number on the bill and It pleased the chil- dren. PALACE (E. L. Perry, mgr.; booked direct) —Passeri's Band Is still being featured here and won Its usual favor for the regular turn, adding more music by playing through one of the pictures which followed. The rest of the bill hit a fair average, with a couple of the acts standing out for special honors. The best of these was the wire act of the Eddy Trio, which will stand comparison with those playing the first grade time through the ex- cellent work of one of the girls who does several classy stunts on the wire. McOrath and Yoeman offered a comedy singing act which met with warm approval. The style of working suggests that the man and woman are recruits from comic opera, and their lit- tle skit can be shaped Into a good act for the second grade houses with a little Improve- ment In the comedy and a bit more speed at the opening. The "second grade" ranking is used to satisfy the stage-manager who, as eral songs to fair results. Anatol and Arom, a comedy act, was billed but not seen. BOSTON. by j. oootvrs. 80 Summer Street. KEITH'S (Harry E. Oustln, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Good attendance for the first part of Christmas week. "The Apple Of Paris" 'pleased. Kate Wataon, good as ever. Peal sen & Goldle, good. Oeorge Roland ft Co., scream with poor finish. Flynn ft McLaughlin, scored. Adonis, very neat. Ubert Carleton ft Kath- leen Day, good. Charles Ledegar, opened well- Olllett's Animals, pleased. Pictures. COLONIAL (Charles J. Rich, res. mgr.; K. & E.).—"The Olrl From Montmartre," with Richard Carle and Hattie Williams. For two weeks. HOLLIS (Charles J. Rich. res. mgr.; K. A E ).—"The Attack," with John Mason. For two weeks. PARK (Charles J. Rich, res. mgr.; K. A E.).—"Maggie Pepper," with Rose Stahl. The last of a 17-weeks' run. Business has been fine. Might stay a while longer. Made a record for this season. SHUBERT (E. D. Smith, mgr.; Shubert).— "The Whirl of Society," with Gaby Deelya «• ^A/l Nelson Georgia IVI INS i» After completing a tour of the Orpheum Circuit were immediately re-engaged. Opening again in April This Week (December 30) Fifth Avenue Theatre, New York Management, PAT CASEY When answering advertisements kindly mention VARIETY.