Variety (August 1913)

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^VARIETY:* v •- -V'-y'v'- :v'-ri'\"*r '?■?! t-s ; OIM JU TV, n, ■' if" (WIImb Theatre, Chtcaro, Week July tl.) Every section of Chicago has found him entertaining. You can't get away from figures and Bob Hall has shown results. HEADLINING for the next five weeks for JONES, LINICK & SCHAEFFER, then New York. Playing continuously for the past six months in and around Chicago. A COMEDIAN WITH A DIFFERENT STYLE OF ATTACK DIRECTION, "KING" K: -. .»•. WANTING CONSECUTIVE TIME NEXT SEASON SHOULD BE REPRESENTED BY FREEMAN BERNSTEIN Putnam Building (Fifth Floor), Timos Square, New York / ••» ; SAM MIRBACH, Manager *. it Keeping acts working" is what made Bernstein popular