Variety (August 1913)

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VARIETY ROYAL COMMAND PROGRAM FOR BERNHARDT'S BIRTHDAY Sarah's 69th Will Be Celebrated at the Coliseum, London, Oct. 11. Greatest Entertainment Ever Put Together. Estimated Receipts, $40,000, Will Be Turned Over to French Charities. Boxes $500 Each. (Special Cable to Varibtv.) London, July 30. Mme. Sarah Bernhardt's 69th birth- day will be celebrated Oct. 11 by a Royal Command performance at the Coliseum for the King and Queen. It will probably be the greatest enter- tainment ever put together—greatest in point of importance through the list of artists that will appear. Besides Bernhardt there will be Ade- lina Patti, Melba and Caruso represent- ing the operatic portion of the pro- gram; a ragtime revel by England's foremost musical comedy artists, to in- clude Joe Coyne, George Grossmith, Teddy Payne, George Graves, Phyllis Dare, Gertie Millar, Lily Elsie, Edna May and others. Twelve of the great- est English composers will occupy the conductor's chair for 15 minutes each. Twenty-nine boxes will be placed on sate at $500 each. The receipts are ex- pected to total over $40,000, which is to be turned over to the associated French charities of London. The President of France has purchased a box for the occasion. The Coliseum, London, is a vaudeville theatre on the Oswold Stoll Circuit. NOT ENOUGH FOR MONEY. (Special Cable to Vakmtt.) At the Chiswick Empire "Cheyenne Days" went well, but is not considered big enough for the money received. AUSTRALIAN COMBINATION. (Special Cable to Variety.) London, July 30. Sir Rupert Clarke and Clyde May- nell have formed a big legitimate com- bination in Australia, also including South Africa, taking over the theatrical holdings of the late J. C. Williamson and others. The firm will be known as J. C. Will- iamson, Ltd. SKETCH WITH WRIGHT. (Special Cable to Variety".) London, July 30. Robert Hunter will produce Howard Talbot's musical comedy sketch at the Empire, Liverpool. Aug. 11. with Hunt- ley Wright in, the principal role. STARS AT PALLADIUM. (Special Cable to Variety-.) London, July 30. The features of the Palladium's bill next week (Aug. 4) are Harry Lauder, Little Ticli. Fred Emney, Wish Wynne. OLD ONE STILL GOOD. (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, July 30. The drama "La Marechal" by Al- phonse Lemonnicr and Peficaud was revived by Hertz and Coquelin at the Ambigu, July 26, and went fairly for an old one. Of this class of work the revivals meet with more success than new dramas. Jean Kemm plays nicely the princi- pal part. PARIS WEATHER REFORMS. (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, July 30. The weather at present is beautiful. As a consequence the out-door amuse- ment places are once more coming into their own. "MY HELLO GIRL" LEONCAVALLO'S (Special Cable to Variety) London, July 30. The Leoncavallo operette to be pro- duced by Albert de Courville at the Prince of Wales' theatre will likely be called "My Hello Girl." E. Ray Goetz of New York is over here to supply the book. The operette may be done in New York by Lew Fields. Irving Berlin se- cured the music publishing rights in America, for his firm, when ihe song writer was over here. ALICE LLOYD ROAD SHOW. (Special Cable to Variety.) London, July 30. There is talk around over here that Tom McNaughton is proposing to place Alice Lloyd out next season in a vau- deville road show on the other side. The Orpheum Circuit is reported to have offered Miss Lloyd a return en- gagement over its time next season, at a salary of $1,500 weekly. Miss Lloyd declined the offer. ARONSON'S ITALIAN HOUSE. (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, July 30. Rudolph Aronson, who is in this city, has secured the lease of the The- atre Cavour at Port Maurice (Italy), where next December he proposes to present a company in works by Italian composers. While in Milan Aronson engaged Alice Cucini, contralto, for a season. 8,000 MARKS TOO MUCH. (Special Cable to Variety*.) London, July 30. A. 15raff has been endeavoring to book Dorothy Jardon at the Berlin Wintergarten, quoting a price of 8,000 marks per month ($£,000) for her ser- vices. The management has expressed a willingness to play the American woman, but not at that salary. LONDON OPENINGS. (Special Cable to Variety.) London, July 30. Van and Schenck are going big at the Holborn Empire. Manny and Roberts opened success- fully at the Alhambra Monday night and will become a part of the revue next week. Du Calion has scored a hit at the Palace. 92,000 LONDON PRICE. (Special Cable to Vabiety.) London, July 30. Eva Tanguay is willing to play in the London halls next December or January, at $2,000 a week. Negotia- tions are said to be on for her appear- ance here then. $1,500 FOR NELL (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, July 30. An offer from New York for a pro- duction there has been made to Sahary Djeli, who is asking $1,500 weekly to go to America. The price is preventing contracts passing. MINTY AND HER "SPIDER." (Special Cable to Variety.) Paris, July 30. Mado Minty opens at the London Opera House Aug. 11, but will prob- ably not do her "Spider dance," as the Alhambra has a somewhat simi- lar turn. * (Special Cable to Variety.) London, July 30. "The Spider's Web," a pretty, spec- tacular dance, is a success at the Al- hambra. Although on late, Malaguinita, its star, is doing nicely. LITTLE MARIE And one of her seven Teddy bears. This week (July 28). New York theatre. HAS BELASCO CAMPBELL? (Special Cable to Variety.) ( London, July 30. There is a persistent rumor that dur- ing his recent visit here David Relasco entered into a contract with Mrs. Pat- rick Campbell, by the terms of which the actress was to come to \n»orica once more, under Belasco's mansj;*.- ment. David Belasco returned Sun'lay on the Carmania and gave out in inter- view to the newspapers, in which he refused to disclose his plans for the coming season. SAILINGS. Reported through Paul Tautig & Son, 104 East 14th street, New York: Aug. 12, Adonis (Kr. Wlhm. II.); Aug. 9, H. F. Ziegler, Four Vanis (Imperator); Aug. 9, Palace Girls (Majestic); Aug. 7, Morton-Jewell Troupe (Bal- tic); Aug. 5, Vamore and Collins (Cam- pania); Aug. 2, Mrs. Daniel Frey, Hazel Frey, Irene Miller, Willie Gardner, Ed. and Jack Smith (Olympic); Aug. 2, Billy Van, Crawford and Montrose (Olympic). (Special Cable to V\riety.) London, July 30. Aug. 2 (for Johannesburg), Madge Lester, Jack Heath, Ronald George, Blake and Granby, Maggie Benton (Kildonon Castle). Reported through Pall Mall Ex- change : July 26 (for New York), Burke Brothers (Philadelphia); July 29, Ed Hayes, George Reiff (Cymric); July 29, Geo. Reno Co. (Majestic); July 31, Kaufman Troupe (Impera- tor) ; July 31, Ethel Rosebud (Adriatic). Reported through Daw's Exchange: July 27, Fred Ward, Belle Story (Geo. Wash.); July 31, Sam Weston (Adriatic); Aug. 5, Bowers, Walters and Crook- er (Laconia). Aug. 9, Tom McNaughton (Maure- tania). (Special Cable to Variety'.) Paris, July 30. Aug. 15 (for Rio Janeiro—Pasquier- Cateysson Tour), Russian Ballet, 67 people, including Karsavina. Oblakova, Fedoroiva, Nijinski, Adolf Bolm, Fe- deroff, Froman, Krenineo. Semenoff, Tschernicheva. Pflanz, Maicherska, Rene Baton (conductor), Serge Grigor- greff (stage manager), Trubeeski (gen- eral manager) (Royal Mail steamer. Avon, from Southampton). Aug. 14, Christian Flory, Neats Trio; Aug. 9, Roiss Duo; July 31. Les Stoe- wahs; July 26, Pillney; July 15, Ella Nanos, 4 Deltons, Parivol, Belle Sinaia (all for Buenos Aires—Seguin Tour). Aug. 17 (for New York), Ussems Troupe (Aug. Vic). July 20 (for Buenos Aires—Segun Tour), Saschoff Troupe, Les Frascoja. STOPPING O. H. SHOW. (Special Cable to Variety) London, July 33. Tucker, violinist and double-voiced vocalist, on between scenes at the Lon- don Opera House, is stopping the show. Anna Held is out of the bill this week through illness. HURGON FOR NEXT REVUE. (Special Cable to Variety*.) London, July 30. Austen Hurgon has been engaged t <\o the next revue at the Empire. < * LESTER AT SHAFTESBURY. (Special Cable to Variety*.) London, July 30. Alfred Lester has been engaged lor the new show to be produced at the Shaftesbury.