Variety (January 1914)

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24 V\RIITY "Fanny's First IMay" open, d at the Black- utono Momluv niKlit Ixfor.- a laiK<- audlcntre. "A Modern CJirl." which recently played the Curt, la to return after Jan. i at the Olympic. George Vaux Hat-on. pastern representative of the Green Hook, is In the city for the holidays. The Showman's League e>f America will give a hall and review at the Hotel Sherman, March 4. Minnie Palmer has In preparation a new tabloid to be calh-d "I'olicn ut the Police Station." Fred Johnson, form<■-■!>• in the. t>ox office at the Majestic, is assist ml manager of the new Logan Square. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leo have closed their sea- son with the "Red Bird" and are in town for the holidays. Menlo Moore's "Aladdin's Lamp" Is being rewritten, and with practically a new cast will be sent out Jan. 19. Wallace McCutcheon and Vera Maxwell, ap- pearing at the Palace Music Hall this week, are also dancing at Rector's. Billy Mann, who does a black face act. closed Monday at the Colonial. Percy and Emma Pollock were substituted. Gaby Deslys Is to make her first Chicago appearance at the Auditorium after the close of the opera season In February. The Logan Square theatre, booked by the W. M. V. A. is now open. The house Is a handsome one and In a good location. Harry Singer Is to be the manager of the # Palace Music Hall when Mort H. Singer takes his new position with the W. V. M. A. Ralph Errolle. a Chicago opera singer, was granted a divorce from Marie Clarke Smith, his wife, also a singer. The charge was de- sertion. Joseph Bransky, at McVlcker's as assist- ant manager, has been appointed manager of the La Salle opera house under the Jones, Llnlck A Schaelor regime. U. J. Hermann announces he will not have matinee performances of "Racketty-Packetty House" at the Cort. It was feared that bill- ing two shows at the house might cause con- fusion. "The Golden Girl" will be revived at the Gaiety, San Francisco, according to Will M. Hough, one of the authors, who has returned from the Coast after having made changes In "The Girl at the Gate." Mrs. Arthur Aldls' private stock company Is home from Boston, where It played re- cently. The company has a tiny theatre on the Aldls estate, and offers plays that are not seen In the regular playhouses. Mme. Schumann-Helnk, opera singer, has applied to the superior court here for a di- vorce from William Rapp. She alleges deser- tion two years ago In New York. They were married eight years ago In this city. Aaron J. Jones, head of the firm of Jones, l.lnlck A Schaefer, raised the salaries of all the Chicago employees of his firm as a Christmas present. The Increase will amount to something like $20,000 on the year. Aaron J. Jones, president of Jones, Llnlck * Schaefer, Is an officer of White City, the big Month wide rcsorfc and he sends out an an- nouncement that the policy of the place will he entirely changed next season. Instead of hands and K-ninri opera and such features, hip- podrome acts will be put on and features will he played up. All the acts will be booked from the J.. L. & S. offices. X SAH FRANCISCO By HARRY BONNELL VARIETY'S SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE PANTAGBV THKATBB BLDO. Phone. Douglas* 2111 EMPRESS.—Business shows an Increase. "A Night at the Bath." another of Joe Max- well's productions, was enjoyed. The act Is well produced. Katie Sandwlna & Co., closing, appreciated. Lew Wells caught on with his musical monolog. Darcy & Williams, fairly successful. Mom! & Salle disclosed nn artistic act that went over cleverly. Willlsch made a rorklng opener. An added "feature" was a local act called Kelly's School Kids, seven people, who worked 21 minutes In "two" (In- terior scene) and Just managed to squeeze past. ORPHKUM.— Catherine Countiss & Co.. In "The Birthday Present." scored, the act being enthusiastically applauded. Lillian Iferleln was encored. Five Sullys well liked. Lew HARRY DARCY Of Darcy and Williams, Announces Dissolution of Partnership With Andy Williams, At Conclusion of Present S-C. Tour. WATCH FOR Special Announcement Later of Darcy In a New Act With MARY GRAY SINGING COMEDIENNE Special Songs Special Scenery Hawkins got two encores. The Brads closed and held the audience seate. Three Dolce Sisters neat and entertaining. Lennett A Wilson did well In the opening position. Billy Van A the Beaumont Sisters (holdovers), were the biggest applause winners. Mr. A Mrs. Douglas Crane, specially retained another week, were moderately successful. PANTAGES.—Opened the week with capac- ity matinee. Powers' Elephants showed big time class in closing position. From North Beach came the Seven Accordeonlsts (local), mixed some bad comedy with their music. They played rather amateurishly, but the numbers were generously applauded. They work In "one" with the leader the chief offen- der at the comedy thing. Link A Robinson scored. The Demistrescu Troupe had a classy routine and executed their bar trick cleverly. Benson A Bell opened, but failed to get over, owing to the bad spot. Dorothy Lyons A Co. played an excessively talky act which held considerable Interest. Otto Bros, amused. CORT (Homer F. Curran, mgr.; Shuberts).— "Little Women" (first week). GAIETY (J. J. Rosenthal, mgr.).—"The Girl at the Golden Gate," with Irene Franklin (third week). COLUMBIA (Gottlob, Marx A Co.. mgrs.; K. A E.).—"Widow hy Proxy," with May Irwin (second and last week). SAVOY (W. A. MacKensle. mgr.).—"Mutt and Jeff In Panama" (second and last week). ALCAZAR (Belasco A Mayer, mgrs.).— Vaughan-Lytcll stock (tenth week). It is announced that Dillon and King are to return to the Columbia, Oakland. Jan. 10 In pop musical comedy. Robert Athon. manager of the Grand, Van- couver, has been succeeded by Al Cliff, a for- mer Astoria (Ore.) manager. Clara Johnson, listed as a vaudeville singer, was legally freed Dec. 17 from her husband. Samuel Johnson. Desertion charged. Commencing this week, Dick Wilbur, Coast stock impresario, is playing a four weeks' en- gagement at the Marguerlta theatre In Eureka, Cal. From all accounts, "The Chocolate Soldier" is going hack eastward with the principal parts pretty much In the hands of under- studies. The Western States Vaudeville Association has lately Inaugurated a publicity and theatre program department with Art Hickman in charge. Jack Brown sailed Dec. 20 for the Orient in quest of curios. Noah's Ark la the first of the buildings to be completed in Frederic Thompson's "Toy- land" amusement concession at the Panama- PacLflc Exposition grounds. It Is pretty definitely decided Charles Judel will be casted for a leading comedy part in the next Gaiety theatre show In which Marie Dressier is to be starred. Walter F. Catlett became the father of a nine-and-a-half-pound son Dec. 17. James Dillon has left for Seattle where he Is engaged to play leads In stock for Bailey and Mitchell. A recruit here to the Anderson Gaiety the- atre company Is Irma Savage, formerly of Kolb and Dill's company. News has been received here lately from Sierra Mad re. Cal.. of the death of Richard Whltestone Tully. father of Richard Walton Tully, the Coast playwright. The next attraction here at the Savoy will be the showing of the new film production of "Antony and Cleopatra" at fifty cents top. The opening date is Jan. 4. On his recent retirement as president of the local T. M. A., Edward Connelly, stage car- PEKINESE TROUPE Jugglers Acrobats Magicians Hair Gymnastics This Act is Original and Without an Equal Proprietor LONG TACK SAM. care George Mooser, Longacre Bldg., New York RICHARD BARTLETT AND CECILE BORTON With ANNA HELD COMPANY Wish All Their Friends at Home and Abroad A HAPPY NEW YEAR penter her* at the Orpheum theatre, was pre- sented with a diamond studded badge. For the first time In the history of the Folsom prison In this State, a vaudeville en- tertainment was staged there Christmas morn- ing for the delectation of the Inmates by outside talent. James Crawford has lately been succeeded here In the press department of the Alcaxar by Martin V. Merle, the author of "The Light Eternal" and Richard Jose's former vehicle. •Silver Threads." Robert Barton, until lately the executive head of the opera house bearing his name In Fresno, Cal., Is reported to be promoting a new theatre in that city and which he Is to manage if erected. Al G. Barnes, the wild animal showman, spent several days of last week In this city nn his way to Los Angeles, where he has an animal quarters. He will shortly return to his winter quarters hi Portland. H. Iwata, reputed to be wealthy, and pro- prletor of a local theatre, was arrested at Fresno, by the Federal authorities on a charge of "white slavery." The accused Is now understood to be fighting against deporta- tion. George Clancy, a Coast actor, has brought an engagement of several weeks with the Fresno, Cal., stock company to a 'close. Another late closing In that city Is Lei and Murphy, who has left the Savoy stock com- pany. Charles Tagllfero, said to be an actor, was taken to the Harbor Emergency Hopsltal Dec 19 for treatment after having been assaulted, as alleged, by Thomas Havey. a "Barbary Coast" saloon keeper. The latter was ar- rested. Fred Glesea. Coast "legit" time booking agent and associated In a way with the John Cort circuit, has lately shifted his headquar- ters from the Cort theatre In this city to the Macdonough theatre In Oakland, of which he Is manager. The recent collapse of a section of the big stairway In the last act of "The Girl at the Gate" here at the Gaiety theatre, resulted In two or three of the chorus girls being sent to a local hospital for a few days. They are again back at work. James H. Pilling, well known here as a for- mer Empress theatre manager, and now manager of the Sulllvan-Consldlne playhouse In Vancouver, remembered his friends here and elsewhere by mailing them an elaborate and novel Christmas card. Eugene de Grossl, an Italian composer, ac- companied by his wife, Louise Ballossier. a French singer, arrived here Dec. 22 on a honeymoon tour of the world. They came di- rect from South America and are on their way to the Antipodes and the Orient. Ground has been broken In Martinez. Cal.. for the erection of a theatre and hall building to cost approximately $10,000. The dimensions of the structure are SO by 100 feet, and the location Is In the heart of the business section of the town. J. A. Kelly Is the builder. Walter Catlett, principal comedian here at the Gaiety with "The Girl at the Gate." Is, literally cleaning up with an eccentric "souse" dance that he Introduces In the staircase finale of the last act. Just now, Catlett is travel- ing very close to the borderland of stardom. The vaudeville team of Darcy and Williams are planning to dissolve partnership at the conclusion of their present Sulllvan-Consldlne tour In Kansas City a few weeks hence, and the former announces that he will be seen later on in a new act with his wife. Mary Gray. A sailing apparently unreported from here In VARIETY Is Stanley Twist, who made his departure Dec. 16 on the Ventura, for Sydney, whither he goes In the capacity of general manager and director of the purchasing and manufacturing departments of the new Aus- tralian Film Co. The Alcazar theatre management Is plan- ning a local presentation next week of "The Girl and the Pennant." of which Christy Mat- thewson and Rlda Johnson Toung are the col- laborating authors. Matthewson, who Is win- tering In Los Angeles, Is being negotiated with to play a part In the piece. W. P. Reese, local booking representative of the Sulllvan-Consldlne Circuit, accompanied by his wife, has been spending a holiday vacation with his father and other near rela- tives at his old home In Houston, Tex. The elder Reese has been seriously 111. but the latest report says he Is convalescing. Charles Purcell has signed an Anderson Gaiety Company contract and will very likely be assigned to a part In the new Marie Dress- ier show unless needed sooner In "The Girl at the Gate." Edward Beck, lately In char*, of the back stage affairs of "The Chorolate Sol- dier," Is now stage manager at the Gaiety. IF YOU DONT ADVERTISE IN DONT ADVERTISE AT ALL