Variety (January 1914)

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26 VARIETY 1914 I Columbia, New York This Week (Dec. 29) I eludes Carter Do Haven. Laurence D'Oriay. Ralph Rlggs, Kate Ellaore, Kathryn Wltchle. Zoe Barnet and 8am WllllamB. It It one of the best shows the German comedian ever brought to this city and big business la the result. BROAD.—Alia Nazimova, In "Bella Donna." began the second week of her run. The play Is drawing well. WALNUT.—Chauncey Olcott continues his usual holiday engagement here In "Shameen Dhu." Chauncey has lost none of his appeal and admirers of his art are filling the house at each performance. ftOSfON By J. GOOLTZ. LOEWS ORPHEUM (V. J. Morris, mgr.; agent, Loew).—Vaudeville; pictures. Capacity. LOEWS ST. JAMES (B. Frank, res. mgr.; agent, Loew).—Vaudeville. NATIONAL (Oeorge Haley, res. mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—Business best In history of house. HOLLI8 (Charles J. Rich. res. mgr.).—Don- ald Brian In "The Marriage Market" Doing big business and apparently good for run. COLONIAL (Charles J. Rich, mgr.).—"The Lady of the Slipper." This Is the last week, business taking a big slump because of the opposition at the Hollls and Shubert. PARK (Charles J. Rich, mgr.).—May Rob- son In the new comedy, "The Clever Woman." TREMONT (John B, Schoffel, res. mgr.).— "The Red Canary." with Llna Abarbanell. Is proving a good show. PLYMOUTH (Fred Wright, res. mgr.).— "Under Cover," another crook play which opened Christmas matinee and scored a big hit. Melodramatic. SHUBERT (E D. 8 ml th. mgr.).—"The Passing Show of 191S." Playing three mati- nees and drawing big houses both upstairs and down. MAJE8TIC (E. D. Smith, res. mgr.).—"Lit- tle Women," which will do a heavy business here and was well received Monday night when it opened after a Christmas week lay-off. BOSTON (A. L. Levering, res. mgr.).—"The Whip." Will play through for another month. Still making money on the low price scale policy. CASTLE SQUARE (John Craig, res. mgr.). —Stock, "Miss Pocahontas." the annual mu- sical production playing to capacity and on Its last two weeks. HOWARD (Oeorge E. Lothrop. res. mgr.).— "The Dandy Girls." with the house bill headed by Florens Family. CASINO (Charles Waldron, res. mgr.).— Harry Hastings' Big Show. GAIETY (George T. Batcheller. res. mgr.).— The Trocadero Burlesquers. Local show and la playing capacity. GRAND OPERA (George E. Lothrop. mgr.). —"The Stars of Burlesque." "Pop" Anson, the baseball veteran, featured at the National this week, is proving to be one of the best drawing cards this season at this house. Children's days at the Boston Opera House have been such a drawing card that more are being planned for Saturdays during the re- mainder of the season. R. D. Marson, one of the leaders In the New England moving picture industry, In an Interview, says that the photoplay development in 1914 Is going to bring some surprises both to the public and to the managers of some of the staid old first-class houses in Boston who still refuse to take the movies really seriously as a competitor. "Joe" De Pisa, press agent of the Plymouth, pulled off a good stunt in booming the melo- drama "Under Cover," when he seated Collec- tor of the Port Edmund Billings and Surveyor of the Port E. G. Graves with 200 secret ser- vice men and attaches last Saturday night to watch and criticise the staging of the smug- gling investigation. Florenclo Constantino, the leading tenor at the Boston Opera Co., has been arrested for non-payment of rent for his exclusive apart- ments on Westland avenue. It Is claimed that a bill for $676 Is unpaid. Antonio Fores, the small-time comedy acro- bat of Jack and Fores, who was arrested charged with having attempted to pick pock- ets last week, was released on probation In the city police court through the fact that ho was able to show bookings ahead which would take him out of the state. He denied his guilt. Ernest Thurston Hall, the actor, and his wife, who was formerly Lucille Mary Perry, a professional dancer, have not been recon- ciled, according to a statement Issued Tues- duy afternoon, and her suit for divorce will not be withdrawn. Mrs. Hall In her libel names Amy Dale, who played a role In "The Merry Widow" here In 1911. Hall played the title role In "Ben Hur" and the role of Bob In "Mrs. WlgRs of the Cabbage Patch." Carl Wllmore. a Boston newspaperman and composer, Is responsible for the music for the morality playlet "Everybody." which will be offered next week at the Bl.lou. The produc- tion Itself Is the work of Mrs. Larz Anderson, the society leader and wife of the former am- bassador to Japan. After its try-out at the Bijou it may be sent out on the big Urns, the proceeds being devoted to charity. There will be two first clan openings Mon- day, Ethel Barrymore in "Tante" coming Into the Tremont for two weeks with a good ad- vance sale already, and "Oh! Oh I Delphlne" at the Colonial. "The Red Canary" and "The Lady of the Slipper," closing respectively In these houses. ATLANTIC CITY By I. B. PULASKI. SAVOY (Jake B. Isaac mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Marquard ft Seeley, favorites, and scored; James H. Cullen, hit; Armstrong ft Manley, very big; DeVole Trio, wonderful; De Marce's Animals, excellent novelty; Les Mas- cagnls, exceptional; Monsta Five, good; Hart- ley A Pecan, well liked. APOLLO (Fred E. Moore, mgr.).—William Collier in "A Little Water on the Bide," 19-11; "Queen of the Movies," premiere, 1-1. There Is the usual large and fashionable throng In town for the holidays, and It seems this year that the crowd of visitors Is bigger than ever. The Alamac, Rudolph, Royal Pal- ace and the Shelburne are near capacity. All of the big cafes have arranged "special affairs" for New Year's Eve. and of course all empha- size dancing. In the new Viennese operetta, "Sari," one of those enormous loaves of Hungarian rye bread is sliced up by Missl Hajos, at the short dinner scene, at which noodle soup Is served. Of course, no one eats the bread on the stage, but back of the scenes It was a dally occur- rence to see members of both cast and chorus chewing on it. Thursday night (New Year's) Thos. W. Ry- ley presented for the first time In America the musical production. "Queen of the Mo- vies." The American book of the play was done by Glen MacDonough. It was staged by Julian Mitchell and Herbert Gresham. Jean Gilbert wrote the music. The new play was founded on the German of "Die Kino Koenl- gln," by Julius Freund and George Okonkow- ski. In the cast are Vail I Valll. Frank Moulan, Alice Dovey, Dan Col Iyer. Felix Adler, Jean- ette Horton, Jno. Golds worthy, Diana Aste, Jas. Redmond, May Leslie and Elsie Hamil- ton. Monday night next at the Apollo, the Phlla. Orchestra, under the conductorshlp of Leopold Stokowskl, will give the first of four con- certs, others to be given at Intervals of about one month. Annie Russell will appear Tues- day night In "She Stoops to Conquer." and Wednesday will be seen In "The School for 8candal." The last three days of the week will see "Damaged Good*." The southwest storm that did considerable damage along the coast comparatively did minor harm here. The sea took a chunk of the old pier and smacked It op against the Boardwalk supports, bulkheads were flooded and the meadows resembled an ocean Itself, the waves carrying away trolley car bridges and putting the service out of commission for a day or two. The storm on Christmas day was especially severe on the show shops, holding down whatA would have been capacity business. Billy Fennan of Tllyoa's Steeplechase Pier, announced that a contract for extending the pier 400 feet seaward had been given out at a cost of $30,000. In enlarging his "Pavilion of Fun" and putting In new devices. Mr. Til you will Invest $100,000, so report has it A con tract was also awarded by the Sterling Real- ty Co. (the owners) for the remodeling of Young's Ocean Pier. It la welcome news, for the structure Is an eyesore. $16,000 Is the con- tract price. Frank Bowman, the big blonde manager of the Dunlop (who on good authority originally came from Hoboken. though he denies It), de- cided to have dancing and music in his cafe over the holidays. 8o he got himself a "Jun- gle Band," made up of five or six colored boys. Including a drummer who can hit traps like a flash and smoke a cigarette at the same time. "Bow" advertlaea hie bun > as the "6 Palm Beach Troubadours." but «( know that they came from "The Boathouse," well known to song boosters, etc. Saturday night last a rather brilliant enter- tainment was given at the Shelburne Grill. Jacob Welkel had for his guests. Louis Wesley and artists who had appeared at the Savoy during the week. NEW ORLE4NS By M. SAMUELS. ORPHEUM (Arthur White, mgr.).—Impres- sive program. Sid Baxter, pleasing opener; Du For Boys, dance, clever; Rube Dickinson, delightful; Olga Nethersole's "8apho," effec- tive headline; Ruth Roye. splendid; Zozelle Co., good closing number. TULANE (T. C. Campbell, mgr.).—"Ben Hur": good business. CRESCENT (T. C. Campbell, mgr.).—"The Common Law," drawing only fairly; closes Saturday. DAUPHINE (Chris Socola, mgr.).—Louis Dean Players In "Alias Jimmy Valentine." su- perior presentation, light houses; stock through here. LAFAYETTE (H. C. Fourton. mgr.).—Cal- loutte, Milton. Cornelia Sherman and Lewis, Florens Trio. Burnham and Yant. HIPPODROME (Lew Rose, mgr.).—Ameri- can Newsboys' Quartet, Lem Hudson, Jordan and Jordan. Ed Seymour, Marie Leclair, Harry Dowere. LaSearls. ST. LOUIS By O. B, CARSON aad W. J. DILL. OLYMPIC (Walter Sanford. mgr.).—"The Fascinating Widow," large crowds, SHUBERT (Melville Stolts, mgr.).—"The Firefly," with Emma Trentlnl. AMERICAN (H. R. Wallace, mgr.).— Thurston, aucceaa. PRINCESS (Arthur Flahell. mgr.).—"New Year*e Folllee." Business good. STANDARD (Leo Relchsnbach, mgr.).— "Big Jubilee." filled house. GAYETY (Chaa. Walters, mgr.).—"Mischief Makers." Large audience. COLUMBIA (H. D. Buckley, mgr.).—Frits! Scheff, successful headllner; Bell Family, clever; Hal ley ft Noble, pleaaed; Brlce ft Gonne, scored; Hartleys, went nicely; Kenney. Nobody ft Piatt, hit; Kartell, especially good. EMPRESS (C. B. Helb, mgr.).—Florence ft Lovett, headlined; Corcoran ft Dingle, pleased; Keith ft ^Hampton, scored; Three Bohemians, hit; Four Avaloe, encores. HIPPODROME (Frank Talbot, mgr.).—Cora Youngblood Corson ft Co., headlined; Barrows- Lancaster Co.. good; Three De Lyons, went well; Kurny, Boesch ft Robinson, entertained; Ralton-Wood-Ralton Trio, applause; The Wal- drons; Gilbert Loaeee, very good; Phelps, Cul- lenbine ft Cobb, funny. GRAND (Harry R. Wallace, mgr.).—Elsie Gilbert ft Girls and Collies, headlined; Victoria Four, entertaining; Delphono's Troupe, clever; Magley ft Bingham, well received; Tllford, clever ventriloquist; Beatrice 8weeny ft Co., pleased; Gypsy Counteaa ft Co., novel; Fitch Cooper, hit; Celeate, well applauded. CINCINNATI By HARRY V. MARTIN. LYRIC (M. T. Mlddleton. mgr.; Shubert).— "The Lure," enjoyed fine run. GRAND (J. H. Havlln, mgr.; Theo. Ayl- ward, mgr.; K. ft E.).—Robert Hilllard, In "The Argyle Case," did fairly. WALNUT (Willis F. Jackson, mgr.).—Paul .Armstrong's thriller, "The Escape." ORPHEUM (J. Herman Thuman, mgr.).— Stock. "Walllngford." EMPRESS (George F. Fish, mgr.; agent, S-C).—Ollvetto Troubadours; Sullivan, Pierce ft Roslyn; Moffat-Clare Trio; "Top O' the World Dancers"; Hong Fong. GERMAN (Otto E. Schmld. mgr.).—Stock, one performance of "Lumped Vagabundus," Sunday night only. STANDARD (A. L. Rleaenberger, mgr.).— Stock Burlesque, "The Lid Lifters." GAYETY (Arthur Nelma, mgr.: Columbia). —"Vanity Fair." OLYMPIC (McMahan ft Jackson, mgrs.; Progressive).—Jack Reld ft His "Progressive Girls." HEUCK'8 (James Day. mgr.; agent. R. J. Gomes).—First half. Italia; Daly ft 8her- brook; Medley ft Fletcher; Lester ft Grace; second half, Gilbert. Miller & Graham; Talcott ft Talcott; Major Williams; La Vine A Inman. Owing to the. wholesale robbing of Keith theatres, burglar alarms in tr.» form of gongs will be put In the local house. Elsie Janls and Montgomery and Stone, In "The Silver 6Ilpper," will soon be at the Grand. Two ten-round boxing bouts were put on at the Standar 1 Monday evening. Not so nany couples are doing the tango In this burg, since Prof. Charles O. Chrlsto- phel, who teaches it, fell and broke his right arm while doing It. A 16-year-old student at the University of Cincinnati, Vera M. Crtder. has written a spectacle. "The Prodigal Son." produced at the Emery Auditorium recently, under the auspices of German Methodist churches. Maud Edwards, who claims to be an actress, applied for a divorce from James Edwards, an actor, last Friday. 8he charged ha left her July $0, 1912. four montha after their marriage, and ahe has not since seen or heard of him. It is said that the "Little Theatre" at the Orpheum. where highbrow plays are enacted every once in a while, didn't pay. For that matter, it was not expected to. The price Is 91 and the theatre seats 160. MUSIC HALL.—Gertrude Hoffman and her road show, 81-1. Quite the biggest surprise of the year was the glorious run of "Peg O* My Heart" with Elsa Ryan In the lead. "Pej" came to the Lyric for two weeks. The flrst week was the doleful seven days before Christmas. "Peg" was expected to do only fairly. According to Manager Mlddleton, ef the Lyric, the ahow pulled down $22,000 for the entire period, a record breaker, everything considered. BALTIMORE By J. E. DOOLEY. MARYLAND (F. C. Schanberger, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—Blnna ft Bert, good; Hlnes ft Fox. win big honors; Valentine Vox, versa- tile; DeWItt, Burns ft Torrence, excellent; Henry Lewis, fair; Creasy ft Dayne, brilliant; Adela Ritchie, stirs up considerable enthusi- asm; Jack Wilson, hit of show; Howard's Animals, fine. VICTORIA (Pearce ft Scheck. mgrs.; agent*. N-N).—Melrose, nifty entertainment; The Slg Frans Wheelmen, rapid and thrilling; Mabel Fitzgerald, winsome; Bob Hall, good-natured entertainment; Carl Stetser ft Co., line humor; Washburn's Leopards, well received. NEW (George Schneider, mgr.; Ind.).—Ro- bertle's Animals, featuring "Teddy," the danc- ing bear, pleased; Hamilton Brothers, good comedy work; Marie Ward ft Co., nothing fun- nier; Bub ft Clare, good novelty; Essex Quar- tet, musical treat PALACE (Robert Furlong, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—White's Comedy Circus, going big; William Banco ft Co.. ripping comedy; John- son, Horton ft Johnson, clever; Von Hamp- ton ft Josselyn, brimful of fun; Dove Welling- ton, fair. WALTER CATLETT* PRINCIPAL COMEDIAN " GAIETY. SAN FRANCISCO A COMPARISON From the SAN FRANCISCO "CHRONICLE* Dec. 17 IRENE FRANKLIN IS NEWCOMEDYSTAR Walter Catlett, San Franciscan, Steps Into Triumph as "Low Comedian." By WALDEMAR lOlNU. THERE are so many goo.I things in "The Girl at the Gate," whl< h replaced "The Candy Shop" at the ( tlety last night. and so many things that riftd either the at- tention of a musical comedy plumber or the more prompt and efficacious services of s libretto surgeon that the whole affair blows hot and cold from minute to minute. A very great deal of the class (and this Is quite natural, since she Is the star and her services are secured at a breath-taking salary) is provided by Irene Franklin, who, with her artistry, contributes the last word In song-characterlzatlon. An altogether equal portion (and this is a surprise, for he ha* not yet done anything here before to Justify the sudden outburst) Is furnished by Walter Catlett. a 8an Francisco boy, who breaks forth, full bloom, Into as facile a low come- dian as the musical comedy stage of this town has seen since the earlier years. From Miss Franklin all that was done was expected. From Walter Catlett It came with the Joyous note of pure surprise. She did what everyone In the audience knew she could do and had paid money to see her do. He stepped, in three hours, from compara- tive obscurity to the fond spotlight of real triumph. The two of them came very close to being the whole show, barring a scenic effect of stairs rising almost to the fly gallery and another thing or two to help. A KNACK FOR COMEDY. Walter Catlett furnished something less easily adaptable to diagnosis—a skillful knack for low comedy, a sense of the point, an ex- pert knowledge of Just how to do this little thing or that to get the big laugh from the big house. I