Variety (January 1914)

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VARIETY 27 Charles Horwitz Dub says: " *Ae It May Be* caught laughs from beginning to end, and as It stands wlth- o«t change, la ready for any sort of vaude- ville, where It will bo a big comedy number." HORWITZ wrote It sad hundred* of fKETCU HITS. CHARLES HORWITZ, l«Ot Broadway (Boom SIS), New York. pfcone to4S Greeley. Telcpbono 28»5 Bryant. W. H. BUMPUS TRANSFER Sausage Called for and Cheeked to All Boil road ■ and Steamboats. Stand. 8. K. Cor. 43d St. and 8th Ave. Storage—764 11th Ave., bet. S9d * 54th St. Qfflce—t7S W. 48d St. NEW YORK. L MILLER 1554 Broadway, "55? TeL 6606-7 Chelsea ^- Manufacturer o f Theatrical Boots and Shoe*. CLOG. Ballet and Acrobatic Shoes a spec- ialty. All work made at short notice. Write for C atalog 4. LEST YOU FORGET WB SAY IT YET LETER HEADS Contracts, Tickets, Envelopes. Free Samples, STAGE MONEY, 16c. Book of Herald Cute, 26c. ritfi6C pRINT1N <> company rninro IiHUJiJ ,oi g. DEARBORN ST. tllllLlAuU W. 23rd St. N.V. HORT VAMP HOES Our popular stylo 171% in SJ tan and black illustrated and Deoortbod hi Oar FREE STYLE BOOM Many other exclusive models. (A Cf) high and low cute, button or lace, M ' tfB say heel, all slsos W UF Pull line of Tango Slippers. Fair prices. Hundreds of ether Stylos la all leathers sad colora Dalaty Satla Slippers I $rjaj hi any shade. French Heel I *■ Ballet SUppers, one Strap, all \ 1 | st SwSS^B eooeeeeeeeeooeooooeeeeeeea I ^^ J. GLASSBERG S Convealeat Sterne 61 I 6th Ave.,near Slat St. SS Sd Ave.. N. Y. I 226 Wool 42d St. Near loth at. Hoot of B'way. ILLUSTRATED STYLR BOOK "C" FBBB WA IM Donegan - Dunedin Troupe Two smart girl trick cyclists Refe r ences, age, height, weight and salary. Write or wire. DUNEDIN TROUPE, EmpressIThestre Kansas City lsjSMni'iiiiiiiiniii Calox by Its wonderful property of liberating Oxygen, cleanses the teeth, keeps them white, or whit- ens them If discolored, prevents decay, relieves sensitiveness, heals and hardens the gums, purifies the breath, lessens formation of tar- tar and recession of the gums, neutralizes acid secretions, de- stroys infectious germs, removes all odors and keeps the whole mouth clean. All Druggists, 25 cants Sample and Booklet free on request \ McKestsn a Bobbins NEW YORK Ask for the Calox Tooth Brush, 35 cents. C MSO > tm r< i M a ,1^ ^"*A A A TEN MINUTE SPECIALTY FOR $1.00 Throe Original Parodies on "PEG O' MY MJtAMT." "VY11KM 1 LOOT SOU, TRAIL OF TUB LONEHOME FINS." also a sure-Ore psSBS. oattUed "THE PASSING SONGS OF 1912-13" Dovetailing 7« titles of song hits late a story. To get all this, send F. O. or Order for Sl.00 to JUNIE McCREE, Columbia Theatre Bldg., N.Y.C.Suite 709-10 Dr JULIAN SI EG EL Official Dentist to the WHITE RATS »TKAKT, NSW vuia CITY IPEOIAL MTU TO TNI PftOFESSON 204 SVCST FORD'S Q. O. H. (Charles E. Ford, mgr.; agent, Shubert-K. A B.).—"The Conspiracy," fcanerson winning praise, but show not pleas- ing patrons and business only fair. NhiW ACADEMY (Tunis F. Dean, mgr.).— Julia Sanderson In "The Sunshine Girl." Big houses with the audience taking well to this brilliant musical piece. COLONIAL (C E. Lawrence, mgr.).—"The Cost of Living." Doing fair business, with a good sale for latter part of week. Show not making much of an impression although well interpreted. AUDITORIUM (Edward Benton, mgr.).— Uoli stock, "The Virginian." One of the best things the company has done this season, and playing to capacity. QA\ETY (Wm. Ballauf, mgr.).—"Ths Beau- ty Parade." Lively show playing to big money. HOLLIDAY ST. (Geo. W. Rife, mgr.).— "The Great Express Robbsry." Fair business with mediocre show. PITTSBU1GH By GEOBOB H. SBJLDBS. GRAND (Harry Davis, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Stanleys, unique; William Friend A Amy Lesser, mediocre; McDevitt, Kelly A Lucy, real comedy; Baby Helen, a wonder; English A Johnston, fair; Van A Schenk. melodious; Harry Tlghe A His Merry Collegians, excel- lent; Laddie Cliff, good; Apdale'e Zoological Circus, amusing. HARRIS (C R. Buckhelt, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—"Fujiyama," excellent, but chorus needs rehearsing badly; Hugh Lloyd, sensa- tional; Pierre Pelletiere A Co., amusing; Bar- to A Clark, scored; Leslie Thurston, good; Boris A Helena, fine; Gibson A Ransy, orig- inal . SHERIDAN SQUARE (J. F. Tooker, mgr.; agent. U. B. O.).—Nellie Entlnge A Co., a hit; The Rlccl Family, good; Captain Treat's Edu- cated Seals and Sea Lions, amusing; William Lytell A Co., a roar; Old Town Quartet, fine; Kripps A Kippy, fair; Grace Fisher, good. EMPIRE (A. A. McTlghs, mgr.; agent, L. C. McLaughlin).— 19-11, J. F. Wolf A Barrow Sisters, a hit; Rossow's Circus, good; Jockey Ed Gwyer, funny; Haggerty A LeClair, good; Cameron A Saunders, novel. ROWLAND (P. B. Jones, mgr.; agent. Sun). —S»-S1, German Becker A Boys A Girls of Avenue B, the hit; Mark Dale, fine; Ted McLand A Co., good; Searcy A Everett, good; Frank Carmen, fair; Jan. 1-1, Romany Opera Co.; Hess Bros.; Frank Barnum; Baker A DeVere; Dalmade. ALVIN (J. P. Reynolds, mgr.; Shuberts).— "Ths Whip" opened to full house; 6, Gertrude Hoffmann's New Revue. NIXON (Thos. Kirk, mgr.; K. A E.).— "Delphlne" opened to good house with boxes filled; 6, Raymond Hitchcock In "The Beauty Shop." DUQUESNE (Harry Davis, mgr.).—Stock, "A Stubborn Cinderella," good house; 6, "The Dawn of Tomorrow." PITT (W. McVlcker, mgr.).—Stock, "Haw- thorne of the U. S. A.." excellent; S, "The Bargain," an original play, suddenly called off. LYCEUM (C. R. Wilson, mgr.; S. A H.).— "Little Lost Sister" opened to full house and much applauded; 6, "Way Down East." GAYETY (Henry Kurtsman, mgr.; Eastern). —"Follies of the Day," one of the best this year, drew big house; 6, "College Girls," VICTORIA (Geo. Schaffer, mgr.; Progres- sive).—Blanche Baird's "Big Beauty Show," got a big hand; 6, "Girls from the Follies." On the door of the Pittsburgh branch of the International Feature Film Co., 401 Fourth avenue, appears the notice of a constable sale on a landlord's warrant. The Olympic, Temple, Alhambra and Lyric, large motion picture houses, have each In- stalled large Moller pipe organs, which are attracting crowds. At the Duquesne Club New Year's ball, the richest affair In the city, Wilma Winn and Ernest Evans, professional dancers from New York, who have been exhibiting the Tango and newer dances at "the dansantes," showed new steps. The Pittsburgh Gazette Times $600 prize for the best play written by a native of Allegheny county and submitted before Feb- ruary 1 has 12 entrants so far. What is thought to be the first outdoor mo- tion picture exhibit given by a municipality was part of the Community Christmas Trse celebration on the Frick lot. MILWAUKEE By P. O. MOBOAN. MAJESTIC (James A. Hlgler, mgr.; agent, Orph.).—Marie Lloyd, registered nicely, while Natalie A Ferrari, society dancers recruited from the Hotel Pflster, added attraction, went big. Flanagan A Edwards, excellent; Fran- xeska A Schouten. good; Shlrll Rives A Co.. fine; Van Hoven, hit; Lane A O'Donnell, great; Charlotte Ravenscroft, pleased; Mile. Martha A Sisters, fair. CRYSTAL (William Gray, mgr.; agent. T. B. C).—Eight College Girls, hit; Bud Snyder A Co., score; Bob Harmon A Co., excellent; Temple Quartet, fair; Uohenadt's, pleased. EMPRESS (William Raynor, mgr.; agent, S-C).—Robert E. O'Connor A Co., great; Ward A Clark, excellent; Murray Bennett, fair; Ros- so w Midgets, entertain; Dennis Bros., good; Nesblt-Thsw Dancers, pleased. ORPHEUM (Frank Cook, mgr.;"agent, T. B. C.).—Princess Bonita, trained horse, excel- lent; Kenyon, Brooks A Callan. fine; Moretta Sisters, good; Margie Smith, fair; Farlandeau A Brown, entertaining. DAVIDSON (Sherman Brown, mgr.; agent, Ind.).—"The Garden of Allah," good. Edmund SHUBERT (C. C. Newton, mgr.).—Stock. Excellent business. PABST (Ludwlg Krelss. mgr.).—Pabst Ger- man Stock Co., "Madame Sans Gene." Ca- pacity. GAYETY (J. W. Whitehead, mgr.).—Rose Sydell A London Belles. Good houses. CHINA By CUFF. Shanghai, Nov. IB. "The Court Cards," a London company un- der the management of Edgar Warwick, opened here at the Lyceum, Nov. SS, playing to capacity business. The best company of the kind lately showing here. It Is mads up of Mr. Warwick, Roslna Palmerston, Mauds Fane, Sydney Mannering. George Greystons, Reginald Palmer, Edmond Gaeton. APOLLO.—Two variety turns, Nada Mo- ret, monologlst, and Herr Bowman, Illusion- ist Feature picture, "The Black Diamond," also program of Paths pictures. VICTORIA (A. Ramos, prop.).—Clnes film "Quo Vadls" drawing at Mex. 11.60 and $L00. Ds VUllers and troop, billed to open Dec. S. Compsny consist of De VUllers, Wilbur A Harrlgan, Osberg Sisters and Klars Strauss, comedienne. Bert Flatt, working through ths Outports, is now at Tientsin and reports good business. He expects to be In Shanghai Dec. 6. Martlnettl and Grossl terminated their en- gagement at the Apollo Nov. SO. and are due to open at the Victoria, Hongkong, Dec. S. A Xmas pantomime, "Dick Whlttlng," for the Lyceum, Dec. 26, with amateur cast of 160. Special scenery and costumes from Lon- don. The new Arcade theatre at Peking will open about Dec. 1. Harmston's Circus left Hongkong for Sai- gon Nov. 26 for ten days. It then moves to Singapore and Bangkok. Bysack's Hippodrome and Circus opens at Calcutta Dec. 1. ATLANTA By R, H. MeCAW. FORSYTH (Hugh Cardoso, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—"Neptune's Garden," creating much interest and drawing business; McKsy A Ar- dlne, entertaining; Gliding O'Mearas, hit; Wll- lard A Bond, please; Guy Bartlett Trio, fair; Gerties A Archie Falls, clever. ATLANTA (Homer George, mgr.; K. A E.). —"The Blue Bird," week 29; "Polly of the Circus" (Elsie St. Leon), 7-8; "Broadway Jones." 12-14. LYRIC (Jake Wells, mgr.).—Norman Hack- I WILL HALLIDAY THE STRAIGHT MAN WITH THE PUNCH Will talk business with a REAL COMEDIAN Permanent Address, White Rats Club, New York City FRANK BAYDEN INC. 148 W. 31th ST., TeL 15S1 Greeley. Bead fee Catalogue* Stage aad Evening Gewas aa Hand. Mm, MKNZILI Maltress de Ballet of Grand Opera. All styles of Dances and Classic Danolng Acts originated and stagsd. Instructor of world famous artists. Dally classes. Engage- ments when competent. Teacher of America's first premiere danseuss, Ethel Gllmore, In grand opera, under Max Rablnoff, Manager of Pavlova. SS E. ICth 8t. bet. B'way and Sth Ave., N. T. JAMES MADISON VAUDETILLE AUTHOR. 1491 BROADWAY. NEW YORK (Room 41T). REPRODUCTIONS Copied frasa year aid a h stoe la slack aad white or septa. Write for PBOFBftSlONAX KATE* BT Til IN. tlalsked la aay sine. The ELEANOR STUDIO, ltlf ft* Ave. So., Fargo. N. O. An txceptlonal Opportunity to purchase Open art (Opposite SSal'"*' Om tight a*, as. TILLY O. ltd W. 44th at* New SCENERY Beat Traah Sceaery aa the Market. Fredericks, 841 W. 4S4 It., M. Y. O. Special Orchestrations and Piano Copies by experienced Vaudeville Leaders|snd Arrangers SCHILLER ARRANGING CO. GAIETY THEATRE BLDG. 46th Street aad Broadway NEW YORK CITY Phone Bryant 114 Room 2tf Exclusive Songs I have written as many "hit" songs as aay Using writer. Straight, comedy, double, production, popular, topical, etc. Principal songs each season for Zlesj- feld. Lashy, (Jus. Edwards, musical shows, etc., and for vaudeville, much and plenty. I will write YOU a "GET OVER SONG" •WILL D. COBB, Song smith. Suite 16, Harvard Bldg., 729 Sixth Ave. (Cer. 4td St.), New York. Tel. 3873 Bryant. Office Hours, It to S. stt In "Ths Doubls Deceiver," opening stock engagement. BIJOU (Jake Wells, mgr.).—Jewell Kelley Players, la "A Slave of the Mill"; Eddie Black Stock Co., week S. COLUMBIA (Frank Hammond, mgr.).— Burlesque and vaudeville; continued brisk ■ business. DUTCH MILL (B. Tassel, mgr.).—Burlesque snd vaudeville. BONITA (George Campbell, mgr.).—Musical tabloid and vaudeville. GRAND (Jake Wells, mgr.).—"The Volun- teer Organist," film, week St. "The Blue Bird" wss csncelled at Chatta- nooga Monday and Tuesdsy to give it s full week In Atlanta, following the determination of K. A E. to gradually put Atlanta in the week-stsnd clsss. "Peg O' My Heart" comes for a week Jan. lv and arrangements are being made to put other successes In here for full weeks Boxeman Bulger spent the holldsys In Atlan- ta and Incidentally, with Irvln Cobb, who Chrlstmased at Savannah, gave the sketch "Sergeant Bagby," In which the two collabor- ated and which was featured at the Forsyth last week, s slight overhauling. The piece apparently is due for considerable success on big time. Wlnthrop Ames has offered to send his Booth theatre production, "Prunella," with some of the principals, to Atlanta to aid in a move of the Drama League for a civic play- house presenting high class drama. A local company will be formed to alternate with and play minor roles In professional productions. buffal6 By THAYER. STAR (P. C. Cornell, mgr.; K. A B.).—Geo. Arllss In "Disraeli." tense appreciative audi- ence that filled the theatre. Next, Geo. M. Cohan, In "Broadway Jones." SHEA'S (Henry J. Carr, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.; rehearssl Mon. It).—Burlsy A Barley,