Variety (January 1914)

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28 VARIETY THE POET OF THE PIANO HIRSCHEL HENDLER FOLLOWING ANNA HELD AT THE CASINO THEATRE, NEW YORK, THIS WEEK (Dec. 29) (next to closing) and holding the audience seated. A feat that is more eloquent as to the merit of the act than anything one could say. IT HAS BEEN THUS EVERYWHERE Address, Continental Hotel, New York quaint; lti x's Comedy Circus, well trained; Ii< s.s SistriM. nifty; Clayton Wliltc & Co., In "t'hirrlc," hilarious; Vlolinsky, eccentric; Mme. Doree's "Ureal Momenta from Grand Opera." ably presented; Chris Richards, droll; Welse Troupe, spectacular. TECK (John R. Oishel. mgr.).—29-31. Walk- er Whiteside in "The Typhoon," well satisfied audience. 1-3, Pavlowa. Week 6, "Pleasure Seekers." ACADEMY (Schleslnger, mgr.; agent, Loew; rehearsal Mon. 10).—Al. Harrington, with Woods' Comedy Four, unusual;'Jere Sanford, unique; Aerial Budds. good; Ed. Estus, daring; Mme. Herrmann, mysterious; Raymond, sur- prise; "Boxing Kangaroo," novelty. MAJESTIC (John Laughlln, mgr.).—"In Old Kentucky." Next, "Freckles." LYRIC (H. Mnrcus, mgr.; agent, Loew; rehearsal Mon. 10).—Cody, artistic; Florence Hughes, pleased; Wm. Morrow & Co., "On a Country Road," enjoyable; Al. Lawrence, very funny; Five Violin Beauties, attracted; Claude & Marlon Cleveland, classy; Demacoe & Du- mont, sensational. LAFAYETTE (C. M. Bagg, mgr.; Colum- bia).—"Broadway Girls," dispel gloom In a well filled house. PLAZA (Slotkln, Michaels & Rosing, mgrs.; agents, McMahon & Dee; rehearsul Mon. 6). —29-31, Geo. Brown & Co., pedestrians; Harry L. Hanson, laughs; Robisch & Childress, hit; Ralson & Son. scream. Coming, 1-3, The Alma Trio; Paul Karle; Ward & Bell; La Belle & La Belle. GARDEN (W. F. Graham, mgr.; Progres- sive). -Parisian Beauties," up-to-date show. AMHERST (Sol Swerdloff. mgr.; agents, McMahon & Dee; rehearsal Mon. 6).—Nina Lester, excellent; Paul Earle, good; Edna Da- vIh, pleas* (I. Management reports excellent husin* us. ORIOLE (E. A. Neff, mgr.; McMahon & Dee; rehearsal Mon. 6).--Shear Bros, closed successful engagement; C. H. Burroughs & Co. made good. Business good. CASINO (Ruderlsch Bros,, mgrs.; agents, .McMahon & Dee; rehearsal Mon. and Thurs. 6) — Guy Stone & Co., pleased large audiences. FILLMORE (Geo. Rosing, mgr.; agents. McMahon & Dee: rehearsal Mon. C).—Ed. Nlner Musical Comedy Co., In tabloids, to good business. J. A. Sones of The Musical Bones Family, has been appointed manager of Central Park theatre, recently erected at a cost of over $75,000. Seats 1,100. "Babe" Helblg, who disappeared some time ago and was found in Baltimore through VARIETY, married Jac> Sterling (Lohse and Sterling) In New York, Dec. 6. Leod. fair; Jack Lewis, hit; Marie Lee A Her Seminary Girls, feature; Louis Miller & Co.. "The Advance Agent," won favor; Three Kan- tIn Bros., feats of strength; Her & Burke, Mack face. EMPIRE (Geo. A. Chenet, mgr).—"Monte Carlo Girls,", with Harry Welsh and the Big Four Quartet. STAR (Drew & Campbell, mgrs.).—The Roseland Girls, with Sollie Ward and Lil- lian Fitzgerald. COLONIAL (R. H. McLaughlin, mgr.).— "A Modern Girl," a new society comedy in four acta, Is well received. OPERA HOUSE (Geo. A. Gardner, bus. mgr.).—David Warfield In "The Auctioneer," which has been revived, have put the S. R. O. sign out for the rest of the week. PROSPECT (J. W. Lyons, mgr.)—"Madam X," with Eugenie Blair, capacity business. DUCHESS.—Percy Haswell Stock Co., will open again New Year's Eve with "The Leper." CLEVELAND (Harry Zlrker, mgr.).—Hol- den Stock Co.. "The Two Orphans." CLEVELAND By WALTER D. HOLCOMB. MILES (Frank Rayman. mgr.).—Bluche's Trampolin Novelty, opened; The Tawmscns, Hawaiian singers, very good; White & Nel- son. "The Last Chapter," won favor; Miller, Packer & Sells, hit; Grace Van Studdlford; Willy Zimmerman, good. PRISCILLA (Proctor E. Seas, mgr.).— Namba Troupe of Japs, headline; Andy Mc- Frank Smithson Will Stage Productions 6IEAT NECK STATION. LI. Phanc, MS Great Nat* FREE SAMPLE TO PROFESSIONALS If you want to tncreaac the efficiency of your voice, deer your throat as** bead, or yoo are troubled wtth any nasal, head or throat e l ec tio n, write tse. MENTHINE OINTMENT la the preeeriptfon of a famooe ipusaUrt CASMINE CO., 890 Eighth Avenue. New Yerk Burlesque houses, both the Star and Empire, will give two performances New Year's Eve. The Hippodrome employs two special po- liceman to guard its lobby. On Christmas Eve one of the chefs from the Hotel Statler attended the Hip, and when he came out he was met by a body of Htrlklng waiters who attacked him. and in the mix-up several wo- men were knocked down, and hence the police- men are now on guard. Frank P. Hpellman gives an Indoor circus at the Central Armory. On the first night's showing It looks like a winner. The program pri'Srnted 24 acts. Including elephant act by William P. Hall; Mile. Spellman and her trained bears; the Lunette Sisters, aerial act; Holly Julian's principal riding; Prof. John Donaghue's circus concert Land; Con do R»iy; Gerue Sisters, aerlallBts; Jordon & Jordon, contortionists; Family & Emma Stlckney, buck- ing mules; Mile. Darda & Miss Helene, swing- ing ladders; Delmore & Oneida, riders. Cohan & Harris' "Officer 666." Pleased well llllid houses. DENHAM (Woodward & Homan, mgrs.).— •Cinderella," with cast of 150, headed by Eva Lang to 8. R. O., with dally matinees. Clever production. EMPRESS (Geo. Bovyer, mgr.; S-C).-Pol- lard, opening, laughs; "Spirit Paintings," clever; Belmont &. Harl, vocalized entertain- ingly; "In im." well acted. Win. Cahlll pleased; Derkln's Dogs & Monkeys, closed, and held everybody. PANTAGES (Nat Darling, mgr.).—Collette Trio, opened, cabaret act, encores; Pro vol, good; Kelt & Dumont, did well; "Winning Miss," nicely staged and well put over. BAKER (Mrs. Harry Ward, mgr.).—Nettle D. Ward Stock Co.. In "The Night Before Xmas," nicely cast and business good. AUDITORIUM.—Satrlanos Band. HOFBRAU (Harry Radetsky, mgr.).— Maude Barclay, soprano soloist of Creatore Band; Ralph Snyder and Little Symphony Or- chestra. SELLS-FLOTO ZOO (Tannen & Bonflli. mgrs.).—Copley Mixed Animals; Rhoda Royal High School Horses, Don Carlos and Maynard * Bayfield. Gladys Moore, late of Russian Symphony Orchestra, was engaged to lead the ballet with Denham theatre production of "Cinderella," and since then has been prevailed upon to <>pcn a school for dancing here. HARTFORD, CONN, By R. W. OLMSTED. POLl'S (W. D. Ascough, mgr.; agent. U. B t).; rehearsal Mon. 10).—"The Purple Lady," immensely popular; John & Mae Burke, big; Hilda Morris, clever; Mile. Camllle's Poodles, well; Beaumonte & Arnold, good; Reed Bros-, novel; Frank Markley, hit. DENVER By El). M. JACK80N. BROADWAY (Peter McCourt, mgr.).— Henry Miller In "The Rainbow." Dramatic event of season. Good houses ruled. TABOR GRAND (Peter McCourt. mgr.).— NEW YEAR GREETING FROM THE FOUR BALDWINS CATHRYN ROWE PALMER