Variety (January 1914)

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VARIETY 29 BEST PLACES TO STOP AT LEONARD HICKS m HOTEL GRANT, ■«"• The Keystone of Hotel Hospitality GEO. ROBERTS, Asrt. Mfr. KILDA 110f beat pi la New Y« OS the to atop a* Otfty. Now at 67 W. 44th Street PAULINE COOKE, Sole Proprietress ST. LOUIS. MO. iMaTNT BOTBL. lM M. MTM. ■ —NT HOTBL, 181 M. 14TB. MwTftOPOlJs NNOTBL, 88* M. Iff! IT. Theatrteal Headsjaartera, Dad's Theatrical Hotel PHILADELPHIA COOKE'S HOTEL Walaat OppMlto PhllMMphki Oaf* ev« SaintPaulHotel •tTB OT. AND OOLVMBUl ATB. NEW YORK CITY Oae Ava. L » 188 188 asa af hath, 81 pa* day. Private bath, 81.** par day. ar. Bodroos n A Bhtsfc. 88 and a m 80-88 aad fit aad ap. 814 aad ap. BPBOIAL BATBB TO TBB FHUFBW1QW. Tsleph« MIKE TELLER U BILL AT TBB OLD STAND. 701 Vine St., Philadelphia Have 88 doable. ledeled the eld la ev< •aid aad 1811. BOBB OF WBTTB BATS, DIXON EUROPEAN HOTEL Bat aad aald Mi Broadway FARGO, N. D. SARATOGA LUNCH, Pittsburg EL rilUKL. Oppoalta Lyceum, Alvla aad Gayety Theatre*. Opea Day aad Night. Hoaic for White Rata. KANSAS CITY, MO. HOTEL CONVENTION Cor. 12th and Broadway. Near all Theatres. Observation Park St. Cars Direct to Door. Every Possible Convenience. Popular Prices. MME. SCHEPIS HOUSE tlO WEST 43RD ST. NEW YORK Furnished Rooms, $2 and up. Hot and cold running water. Bath and telephone. Steam heat. Mrs. Coggeshall (Formerly Mrn. Nichols) Is Still In Business at 37 Fort Gretna Place, Brooklyn Wishes All Her Friends a Happy New Year. Five Minutes' Walk from Orpbeum and Majestic Theatres. Unsurpassed Table. Hot and cold water In every room. Telephone 8988-R Prospect, Brooklyn. Hotel Plymouth IM Street (Brtwtt. I ret ttPti aaa Ilk A«a.). I. T. CHv IM Strati (IttwftM IrMatoaf Mi III Awt.). I. T. CHy New Fireproof BalMla*. A Steae's Throw from Broadway. Single mm $1.2? J1i5 „ $1.50 ^ priy||e bath Double room $1. 5 i $1 £ „ $2.22 with private bath Special low wookly rates to the profession, ■very room has hot aad said raaahtp; water, oleotrlo Usht aad lon« distance telephone. Pheao 1880 Greeley BUBOPBAN PLAN T. BINNOTT, Manager. HOTEL RALEIGH 648 DBABBOBN ATB,, COB. ERIE ST. OHICAOO Opened March 1st—AU Outside Booms with Hot and Cold Water—Telephone and Spacious Clothes Closets. Fur- nished, Decorated and Planned for the Comfort and Convenience of the Profession. RATES :{£ .00 to S8.00 per week, single. .00 to 80.00 per week, double. Phone North 8080. Five Minutes to All Theatres. OF 189 HUR 252-254 West 38th St., off 7th Avenue, NEW YORK $2.30 to $0.00 Weekly Phoao 1844 Bryant THE BERTHA OBO. P. SCHNEIDER, Prop. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Bet Water, Bath, 8-4 Complete for Housekeeping. Strictly Theatrical. Sf 8 WEST 43D STREET, NBW YORK CITY NO CONNECTION WITH ANY OTHBB HOUSE AN IT* 108-110 West 48th St. Lunch 40c. With Wine IAN DINNI U WO GIOLITO Near 6th Ave. DINNEI, Wtok Diyt, Sfa. Hsfiityt ni Upiiyt, Nt. With Wine HARTFORD (Fred P. Dean, mgr.; agent, James Clancy; rehearsal Mon. and Thurs. 11). -29-31, Three Kldlets: Carolyn Franklyn & Co.; Dandy; Hallen A Hurt; Lawrence & Hurl Falls. 1-3. Novelty Minstrels; Cliff Halley; (Jrant. Gardner; Fredo & PrimroHe ; Oldfrey. PARSONS' (H. C. Parsons. mKr.). — 30-31. Maud Adams. In "The Legend of Leonora"; L".t. -Kitty McKay"; 1-3, "Bought and Paid For." F.I Ida Morris left the hill at Poll's after the Tuesday matinee and was replaced hy Cooper Ai Rohlnson. INDIANAPOLIS By C. J. CALLAHAN. SHUHKUT-MURAT (W. E Mick, mgr.). 29-30. Gertrude Hoffman & Co.; 1-3. Kvelyn Thaw A Co. ^■»"S"i»""i"»iii—^^s«i^^ FNOLISH'S (A. F. Miller, mgr., K. A 10.).— 29-30. "The Fight," hu.sln.n.s excellent; 1-3. "Trail of the Lonesome Pine." LYCFIM (Phil llrnwn, mgr. ).—"Kehrrni of Sunnyhrook Farm." well received; good husl- I1CHH. FAMILY (C Harmon, mgr.). — (Jus Rapier Musical Cnim dy <"o., capacity. CAYKTY (Ceo. H. Miller, mgr.). —Hlanche P.ryari <fc Morris Slreeter In permanent stock. i Mi'l li tit liUHlne.HH. I.VIMi' ill. K Hurton, mgr.; S(') Fr.'I SI i 'n k ' X- Co. , 'Tve (Jot It"; Edward & .lohn Suiltli. P.- side Krownlng; lieuluh Gwynn # l'l\|'t CoMS.t ••ol.oMAI. i Ivl. F. Dalley, mgr.). Mal».i!e P.:.sslnjf <fc i ,, ; Musical Swiss. COLFMMIA ((Jeo. H. Miller, mgr; Clum Ma).—Hilly Watson's Show; good business Tine's SCHILLING HOUSE 1*7-188 Wast 48th NEW YORK Plaa. MEAL SJOtTIGB AT AIX HOURS. Private Hatha, Seymore Hotel Ava. ROCiMttoTp NaT* JOHN A. DICKS, Prop. WELLINGTON HOTEL CHICAGO Rates To The Profestlon s. a. suunr. it TP Waakly Inter-Ocean Hotel OHIO, (1TI When in DETROIT STOP AT Hotel Broadway 44 Broadway, opposite Broadway Theatre aad Broadway Market, Detroit. Mleh. Cooking allowed. Steam heat and hat water. Within three mlnotee from all thea- tres. We gi T « yon the best possible serrlee at very low prises. UNDEB NEW MANAGEMENT Entirely Remodeled Commercial Hotel In the Heart of the City. HARRISON AND WABASH. RATES—88 to 810 Per Week. CHI SI'RCIAI, RATES TO PERFORMERS. COOK'S PLACE 270 W. 30T1I NT. Phone Gr*rley 2420 MA LYNCH NEW YORK CITY Rooms and Hoard 81 P*r day and up. MA.IKSTIC (J. !■:. Sullivan, mi;r.; Progres- sive).- The Dolly I > I rn !• I • Clll.w; exeelltllt IlllHi- nesS. Lew Hhank, [mini r Mayor of (Mm 'It y, made IiIh first ii ppi.t i .i ii< e hert> last week, <onilnK from the I ■: 1111 > r« h h . Chicago. Ili< drew rapaelty hoUHi h for the Lyrle nil week. HIh talk on th«- hlKh eost of living Im ii ri I'j ■!•-. KANSAS CITY My It. M. ritOI SI.. SAM S. SIM'MLUT (K.u Si-v. inl. tii;,t.). Slop Thli f '' (JoimI nn!|i i .t I'olrig wi-ll. • >i: PI I KIWI ' Ma i ' in I • hni.'i ri. mur i. — ■ I » i tin- It. \> i i > • ." . las'- 11 . II. Naki d Man." fiii; .1 a in. s .1 Morton, ion . Wa i i . n \- i 'on ley, mm d lo< I i- ; I'r OK] n i v I . M.ui'i Imis Ma nehu - • 1 ■ r.-- vi ry i;ooil. Ankar P'oMmih, oidlnary. KMI'ltKSS i|»an M.ioy. iiik' i Derkln's Dog- and Monkey l'a ii tomlrne Co., uiiubiihI, "In the Future,"' overworked Idea, Jack L*»vy A S