Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY AND FORMERLY Spring Opening BEG TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE ARE NOW READY TO SHOW YOU OUR SPRING LINE OF EVERYTHING NEW AND NOVEL IN WEARING APPAREL. Exclusive Line of Taffeta Dresses, botli Street and Evening Siiades, $ i £^-50 at AND UP. •■■ t Hew Line of Spring Suits, Clieclcs, Pencii and Pin Stripes, Ripple Cloth $^ Q-50 and Baslcet Weaves, - XO Smart 3-Piece Suits, Jaunty Short Coats with Embroidered and Pleated Chiffon Waists, Three-Quarter Sleeve with Over Draped and Three Tier Skirts in Variety of Spring Colorings. • •>!• WE HAVE A FEW EVENING GOWNS THAT WE WILL SACRIFICE AT LESS THAN COST AND FORMERLY 1493 BROADWAY 43d and 44th Street Next to Shanley's Restaurant