Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY niETY Published Weekly by VARIETY PUBLISHING CO. Times Square. New York. SIMB SILTEBMAN Proprietor CHICAGO Majestic Theatre Bldv. JOHN J. O'CONNOR SAN FRANCISCO Pantagea Theatre Bld^. KDWABD SCOTT LONDON 18 Charlns Cross Road J USSR FREEMAN PARIS 66 bis, Rue Saint DIdler EDWARD G. KENDREW BERLIN 69 Stromstrasse E. A. LEVY ADVERTISEMENTS Advertising copy for current Issue must reach New York olllce by Wt-dnt'sday evening. Advertisements by mall should bo accom- panied by remittances. « SUBSCRIPTION Annual |4 Foreign h Single copies, 10 cents Entered as second-class matter at New York. Vol. XXXIII. February 6, 191 4. No. 10 Marcus Loew is back in New York. A daughter was born to Mrs. Sam Sidnian in London Jan. 19. Andrew LaBeau has left "The Maid and the Minister." Lew Welch has given up agenting ai.'d is again an actor. Max Ritter, in a sanitarium for some time, is very low. Charles Pope, who manages the Od- eon, Newark, goes to Florida next week for a fortnight's stay. Anne Wallace closed with "Seven Hours in New York" in Columbus, M iss. The Colonial, Haverhill, Mass., play ing pictures, will change to pop vaude- ville Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Casey, of Buf- falo, became the parents of a girl Feb. 1 Capitalists of Salisbury, Md., have formed a company and will erect a $15,000 theatre. Spencer and Williams have been booked through the Marinelli New York oflice for London in July next. The Folly, a house in Oklahoma City, couldn't make it go and closed last week. t\\ Aaron Kessler left the L^.teu Book- ing Offices employ Saturday and has gone agenting once more. Mrs. Dave Wellington (La Chonita) became the mother of a boy Feb. 3. Mrs. Jack Daly, of the Dancing Dalys, gave birth to a boy last week. Ethel McDonough leaves for England in ai week or two, opening Feb. 23 at the Hippodrome, Brighton. Agnes Hemdon and Albert Andruss have been engaged for the Blaney- Spooner "One Day," now playing the Stair & Havlin time. Aveling and Lloyd are putting a big girl act together. It will be a college aiTair with one woman principal and eight girls. Kenneth Harlan, who has been play- ing David with the William Lawrence "Way Down East," has returned to New York. The Campbell Casad farce, "Don't Lie To Your Wife," will be produced on the one-nighters next season by C. S. Primrose. Austin Walsh, monologist, is about to launch an original stage character which he terms "The Tatooed Scotch- man. Gavin and Piatt are playing their new act, "After Twenty Years," by Jennie Piatt, at the Bijou, Philadelphia, this week. A. Wilson, a trombone soloist, and Rose Blake, who has appeared in the choruses of Broadway shows, were married at the New York City Hall last week by Alderman John Reardon. Charles Gilroy (Gilroy and Corriell) has been removed from the Lansing Hospital to his home, 212 East Kazoo avenue, Lansing, Mich. Until he re- covers Miss Corriell will appear alone. Harry Holman intends playing a new sketch, "The Town Constable," after finishing the Loew Circuit with his present vehicle, "The Merchant Prince." Mahadea Singh i^ around New York somewhere, not knowing that Frank Gregory at the Grand Hotel, New York, is holding a wire saying he can get all the money he wants from Sa.i F'ran- cisco. 'f you see Mahadea, slip him this info, for he may need the coin. NEWSPAPER MEN Variety is detiroui of ■ecvrinf atwapaper men throughout the U. S. and Canada, aa ita correapoadciita. Space ratea will be paid. The naoal theatrical paper correapoa4it ia being replaced on Variety by trained newapapar men aa rapidly aa poasible. Any newapaper man with aomc knowledge of theatricala who may wiah to be attached to Variety'a ataff, can write direct to Variety, New York. Variety haa diacontinued printing weekly reporta of ahowa and theatrea from the amaller citiea, carrying only aome of the biggest towna in the non- pareil with diaplayed heads. Where a newspaper man ia located aa corre- apondent he will not be called upon to furnish anjrthing weekly beyond current newa eventa from his town and territory. Thia newa may coi in either by mail or wire as it breaka. Johnnie Walker, with the Robie "Beauty Show," was married Jan. 28 at St. Martin's Church, Brooklyn, to Leda Sims, a sister to Leon Krrol. George Ade has been nominated for the United States Senate by La Porte, Ind. Ade right now is the biggest ad vertisement Indiana has on its list. "The Villain Still Pursues Her," the melodramatic travesty from the big time in vaudeville and now directed by Mrs. Frank Sheridan, has,been booked for the Loew Circuit. M. Witmark & Son have ])rought suit against T. B. Harms & Co., claim- ing the publication rights to the music of "lole." An erroneous report re- versed the situation. Fuller and Rose, in vaudeville, have added ;i black-face nicmhcr, Joe Shaughnessy, to the act. Carrie LaMont, at the Wayne Hotel, Detroit, still has her leg in a cast. It will be several months before she will be able to have full use of the member again. It is reported J. J. Weaver, owner of the Ludlow Lagoon, is critically ill with pneumonia at the Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati. Weaver was recently operated on for appendicitis. The Academy of Music, Haverhill Mass., shows are now booked by the Quigley Circuit. Joseph Mack, late of tile Hub theatre, Boston, is house man ager. Show folks watched for the ground hog debut Monday. The little subway winter actor came out as usual saw his shadow and ducked back into his sub- terranean quarters, to stay there until the backbone of winter is broken. The Gem theatre, on Market street, between Fourth and Fifth, Wilming- ton, Del., has been purchased from J. Ball and George Pierce, by Harry S. Newman, of Middletown, Del., who conducts a pictur'; house in that city. Ethel Roseman, a former stock actress, and Rodger Winter, late of Winter and Summer, have formed a partnership and will appear in a com- edy sketch, entitled "Booked Solid," by George I'^ Stoddard. Vallecita's Leopards sailed Feb. 4 from Marseilles for the Rickards Cir- cuit in Australia. Tlic act will return to Anu-rica by way of Soulli .Africa. It is about the only arena turn that has been bo(jkcd in vaudeville all over the wiiild on a consecutive lour. "The Spendthrift." reorganized under Wee & Lambert's direction, reopened Jan. 28 at Danielson, Conn. The show will remain in New England territory for some time. Louise Price heads the company. The Empire, Brooklyn, will, begin- ning next Sunday, play Sunday vaude- ville hereafter, bookgd in by Ray Owens, general manager of the Frank A. Keeney enterprises. Keeney also handles the Sunday shows at his Metropolis stock house. Clarence Gray, formerly treasurer of the Lyric, New York, and recently the boxoffice custodian of the DeKalb, Brooklyn, and his assistant, Walter Betts, handed in their notice last week and no sooner were out in the open than both boys were settled in the box- office of the Broadway, Brooklyn. Earl Talbot, threatened with pneu- monia, was unable to report to the Winter Garden show last Saturday. The young man has been very ill. Tal- bot has been removed to the Presby- terian Hospital (70th street and Mad- ison avenue). He was slightly im- proved early this week. When the big time vaudeville thea- tres tabooed the free gate for divers New York booking agents the ban on managerial cards also was included. A number of New York managers who have been getting in from time to time on their "names" must now pay ad- mission. Dowling's saloon on Times Square had a spectacular fire Sunday night around six o'clock. It d'd $25,000 dam- age, but the saloon was open for busi- ness the next day. The upper part of it will have to be repaired before again occupied. Dowling lately sold his place for $200,000. New theatres in the west available for legitimate bookings opening or re- cently opened are the Lotus, Red Lake Falls, Minn. (W. H. GilHllan, man- ager); Opera House, Linden, la.; Opera House, Sanberry, Mo. (open- ing in March); Kldora (William Stephenson, manager), Gentry, Mo., and a new one contemplated at Cresco, la., costing 125,000. Gertie Carlisle and Her Seven Sweethearts, at Hammerstein's last week, is a production by Joe Maxwell, aiid not the former Florence Tempest act revived with Miss Carlisle in it as a review of the Hamnierstein show in last week's Vauiktv nienti(jned. Miss Carlisle tiid succeed Miss 'lenipest in the latter's vaudeville turn and re- niaitied with it utild Mr. Ma.xwell pro- duced the j)resent act for her.