Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY IF YOU DONT ADVERTISE IN ^^m DONT ADVERTISE AT ALL BILLS NEXT WEEK (Febnary 9) In Vaudeville Theatret, Playing Three or Lett Shows Dally (All houses optrn (or the week with Monday matinee, when not otherwias Indicated.) Theatres listed as "orpheum" without any further dlstlnffulshlnf description are on the Orpheum Circuit. ThfP.'rt-B with "S-C" following name (usually "Empress") are on the BalllTan-Consldlne Clrctiti. Proctor's Circuit houses, where not listed aa "Practor'a," are Indi- cated by (pr) following tho name. Avencles booking the houses are noted by single name or Initials, such as "Orph," Orpheum Circuit—"U. B. O.." United Booking Offices—"W. V. A.," Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso- ciation (Chicago)—"B. C. " Sulllvan-Consldlne Circuit—"P," Pantages Circuit—"Loew," Marcus Loew Circuit—"Inter." Interstate Circuit (booking through >W. V. A.).—"M," James C. Mat- thews (Chicago)—"Pr," Proctor's Circuit (New York)—"J-l-s," Jones. Linick * Schaeffer (Chicago)—"bl." Bert Levey (San Francisco)— "Sva," Western States Vaudeville Association (Ban Francisco)—"web," Webster Vaudeville Circuit (Chicago)—"cox," E. J. Cox (Chicago) "the," Theatre Booking Corporation (Walter F. Keefe) (Chicago)—"a," J. H. Alos (Montreal) —"Bun," Ous Bun Circuit (Bprlngfleld. O.). New Y«rk HAMMBRSTBIN'B (ubo) tamo's Comedy Co /Idelaido 4 Hughes Prank Bhertdan Co Bocannj Troupe Nichols Sisters Chadwlek Trto Anna Chandler Rlnaldo Mlokey Broe Mile AmeU Ed Vinton a Doc Majrme Remington Co Hopklns-Aztell Co Argentine Trio Harry Larall FIFTH AVB (vbo) "Woman Proposes" "Uttle Fartslenne" Bbrden 4 Shannon (TersaUle Trto Harnr Breen BrooKs a Bowne The Peers Mr a Mrs 8 Darrow PALACE (ubo) Blanche Bates Co Jack Wilson 3 "Celluloid Sara" Mary Elizabeth Lockett a Waldron (Others to fill) COLtONIAL (ubo) "Trained Nurses" R T Haines Co Olga PetroTa Rice a Cohen Milt Collins Schooler a Dickson Musical ATOlas Carl Eugene Troupe ALHAMBRA (ubo) Claude OllUngwater Co Moore Llttlefleld Co Chief Caupolican Adele Ritchie Abeam Troupe Hunting a Francis Flying Martins La Crandall BRONX (ubo) "Red Heads" Jack Derereaux Co Big City 4 Harry ue Coe Ryan a Lee Oordon a Rica 3 Keatons Harry B Lester Stuart a Keeley BOULEVARD (loew) Mamello Ryan Richfield Co Sampson a Douglas Caron a Herbert (Two to All) 2d half O'Drlen Dennett a O Ryan Rlcbfleld Co B Kelly Forest Espe a Paul (Twft to All) PROCTOR'S 125TH Ralph Kayhl Mollen Co Florence Mavfleld O^s ramptrell Co Sam a Ida Kelly Thompson's CycloneB Whlttler I nee Co Fnrn'll * Rhelton Palmer Bros .'ames Kennedy Co DaTe Vine 2.1 half Great Stirk Dorothy McKay Co "Son of Solomon" Reeve Sisters PlennoDt .'t Wafion Hutchlngs a ■ Shall A Cole Jlmmle Cowper Dooley *;• Evelyn 3 R-manofrH PROCTORS 23D 3 Whalrns The LIttleJohns Eldle BidKrr Cornolla Shernann & L •'Son of Sr<lomon" Shill a Cole Eil<n«> Hownrd 'l^ half Fields & Coco Powers Broe Thompson's Cyclones Musical Van Cooks "Ere a Man" Leonard a Wood Lucille Tllton PROCTOR'S 68TH Fields a Coco Pbwers a West Musical Van Cooks George a Mack Modena 4 'Ere a Man" 2d half The Uttlejohns Nellie Burt The FroUcers Colton a Mllee Ralph Bayhl Mellen Co Dick Fltsgerald DELANCET (loew) Montgomery a Healoy Sadie Ott Klein Broe The Toungers (Four to All) 2d half Mualcal Dizon Inez McCauley Co Harry Jolson 3 Bscardos (Four to fill) QREELBT (loew) HIbbert a Kennedy Daisy Harcourt Hallen a Fuller B Kelly Forest Keeley Bros (Three to fill) 2d half Chas Ledegar Dorothy Richmond <3o Burke a Harris SIg Franz Troupe Crelghlon Bro # Bel The Youngera (Two to mi) LINCOLN (loew) The Magleys "Villain Pursued Her" Bootblack 4 DeLesslo Troupe (Two to fill) 2d halt Mamello "Who Was He?" Daisy Harcourt Caron a Herbert (Two to fill) NATIONAL (loew) Oordon a Murphy H S Hall Co Crelghton Bros a Bel White's Animals (Two to Qll) 2d half Robin Florence Family Geo Hall "Thro Skylight" Fiddler a Sbelton (Two to Oil) ORPHEUM (loew) Rurke & Harris "Who Was He?" Florence Family Aveling a Lloyd (Three to All) 2d half The Magleys Irving GoBsler "Cupid's Syndicate" Klein Bros (Three to flII) AMERICAN (loew) Demasrus Troupe O'ltrien Dennett a O 'I Died" ' Cupld'8 Syndicate" Fiddler & Sbelton (Four to All) l!d half Soarl Allen Co Ellnore F'lsher IIoyt'R Minstrels U S Hall Co Hurton & Lerner (Four to All) 7TH AVE (loew) Irvinn Gogsler Dorothy Richmond Co Qtilnlan & Richards Leffel Trio (Two to All) 2d half Mblo'B Birds "Villain Pursued Her" Bootblack 4 Demascus Troupe (Two to fill Brooklyn. BUSHWICK (ubo) Minnie Dupree Co Sam Mann Co Millersbip a Heath Rigoletto Bros Earl Norcross Co Rayno's Dogs Jack Taylor Kathleen Clifford ORPHEUM (Ubo) Bert Williams Relne Davis "Consul" a "Betty" Winch a Poor Vlolinsky Arcadia Dinehart a Heritage De Voy 3 The Randalls COLUMBIA (loew) Blanche Leslie Mitchell Girls "Peep at Future" B A Turner Co Melodious Monarchs (One to All) 2d half Ward A West Sadie Ott 3 Martinettls (Three to All) SHUBERT (loew) Chas Ledegar Simpson A Deane Searl Allen Co Burton Hahn a Cant (Three to All) 2d half HIbbert A Kennedy Juggling Nelson Sampson A Douglas "Oh Effle" Polly Prim DeLesgo Troupe (One to All) FULTON (loew) Elinore Fisher Inez McCauley Co Geo Hall 3 Martinettls (Two to All) 2d half Ray Snow Crelghton Sisters "Peep at Future' White's Animals (Two to All) BIJOU (loew) Robin "Thro' Skylight" Niblo's Birds Polly Prim 3 Escardos (Two to All) 2d half CTordon A Murphy Eddie Heron Co Quinlan A Richards (Four to All) Alhaay. * Y. GRAND (pr) Prince Runton Co Senator Murphy Eddie Ford Co Petchlng Bros nioomquest Players Crawford A Montrose 2d half Oeorge A Mack Anna Held's Daughter Reld Sisters Selman Arden Co Lew FItzglzzons Palmarn Bros Aaa %rbor, Mleli. MAJESTIC (ubo) De Rebzo A La Due Marie King Scott Ed Reynard Stelner A Swain Drown Harris A Br 2d half Zolan Williams A Oarrell KlnsH & Bernie Zeb Zarrow Co (One to All) Atlanta. Ga. FORSYTHE (ubo) r H O'Donnell Co Mr A Mrs M Murphy Flanaaan a Edwards The Hennlngs Alexander Bros (Others to fill) Baltlaiorc. MARYLAND (ubo) Clark a Hamilton "Purple Lady" Fredrlka Siemens Co Burley a BUrley Jack Gardner Great Leon (Others to fill) Battle CrMk, Mlek. BIJOU (ubo) Fields a Brown Lord Roberts Clara Williams Co Cartta Day Lucille Mulhall Co 2d half "Funny Moon" Bay CItr, MIek. BIJOU (ubo) "Mayor Of Toklo" 2d half Patrlcola a Meyers Ada Carlton Dorothy Rogers Co Wilson Bros Armento Bros Btlllaiva. Meat. . BABOO (nC (se) Fred 8t Onge Tr ■d a Jack Smith Owynn a (Tbasett Beesle Browning "I'Te Got It" BIrMlBKkazB, Ala. LYRIC (ubo) "Kid Kabaret" DeTlne a Williams Joe a Lew Cooper Osborne's Pets (Others to fill) KEITH'S (uho) "Beauty Skin Deep" Fred Y Bowers Co Laddie Cliff "Telephone Tangle" The McBanns Pealson a Goldle (Two to fill) ORPHEUM (loew) (Tladys Vance Ollrer Amando Tr Bemard a Harrington Anderson a Goines Elsie LaBergere Co (Three to All) 2d half Lea Arados Nana Maurice Samuels Go Inglls a Redding Wormwood's Animals (Two to All) ST. JAMES (loew) Nana Maurtce Samuels Co Inglls a Redding Wormwood's Animals (Two to All) 2d half Elsie LaRergere Co Gladys Vance Bernard A Harrington Anderson A Goines Oliver Arnando Tr (One to All) BalTalo SHEA'S (ubo) Jos Jefferson Co Klrksmith Sisters Bronsnn A Baldwin Dainty Marie Ellda Morris Charles Treber ACADEMY (loew) Dick Ferguson Chas I»der Co O C Palls Co Fox A Evans 4 Musical Misses Bobby Burnett Deers A Rennett (Two to All) LYRIC (loew) Lee A Bonlta "As It May Be" Musical Kings O'Neill A Dixon Judge A (ralle (One to All) Batte EMPRESS (SO) Staine's Circus Mack A Atkinson •Ev'body's Doing It" Edith Clifford Kara OalvaiT* Caa. EMPIRE (m) Gunboat Smith Walker's Girls Clinton a Rogers Magnanl Family Granyllle a Mack Chleas* EMPRESS (ac) Halsted St (Open Sun Mat) Zeraldas Louis Granat "The Punch" Bob Hall "Mermaid a Man" McVICKERS (Jls) "Gladiator a Nymph' 4 Marx Bros Harris Bros "Green's Reception" Monroe a Pusey Tyler St Clair 3 Him Bomm Brrr Will T Chatterton Elsie Macon WILSON (Jls) Rathskeller 3 6 Cecilian Maids Mrs Al Wheeler Jr Ural a Dog Polock a Anglln 2d half Balton Troupe Mrs Clade C Wheeler Jr Joe Remington Co Snyder a Buckley Rathskeller 3 COLONIAL (]ls) Chas J Carta* Co "Uon's Bride" Snyder a Buckley "Apple of Parts'' Stith a cnaraier Herrick a Wells Fletcher Leree a Mc- Cabe Brandon a Taylor 2d half LaPetite Cecelia Carter (^ "Lion's Brtde" Allen a Lewis "Apple of Paris" Wheeler a Mack CROWN (Jls) Jos Fondeller Dollies Dolls Pollock a Angler Joe Anthony Tango Phiends Franklin a VIoletto 2d half West a Boyd Hunter a Ross Gene a Arthur Del Zaroa Daniel Leighton (^ PALACE (orph) "Clownland" Clara Morton Co The Verlgraph Morton A Glass Arthur Sullivan Co Genaro A Bailey 3 Collegians William Galvin Lynch a Zeler MAJESTIC (orph) Gertrude Hoffmann Chip A Marble Ismed Madden A Fitzpatrick Jessie Keller Co Morris A Allen John Small A Sisters (Others to All) Cladaaatl KEITH'S (ubo) Anna Held Julius Tannen Maria Lo Co Dupree A Dupree Mareena A Deton (Others to All) EMPRESS <8c) (Open Sun Mat) Skatelles (Trcen Mc A Dean "Honor Among Thieves" Julian Rose Paul Azard Troupe ri^Telanil. KEITH'S (ubo) Robt L Dailey Co Avon Comedy 4 Kramer A Morton Thomas A Hall Juggling De Lisle 3 Bohemians (Two to All) MILES (the) Mcintosh A Maids Graham Moffett Play- ers Marie Fltzglbbons Leon WaDele Rex a Calvert Lottie Mayer Girls rolambaa KEITH'S (ubo) Ada Latham Co Robt E Keane Wm Weston Co Sutton Mc A Sutton Lai Mon Kim Yankee A Dixie Leltzel A Jeanette Dallas MAJESTIC (inter) (Open Sun Mat) Standard Bros Van A Carrie Avery De Leon a Davis "Girt Aboard" Elsa Ruegger Flanagan a Edwards Don Fulano DaTeaport. COLUMBIA (wra) The Dolans O'Rourke a Atkins Mayes a Johnson Old Soldier Fiddlers Norris's Baboons 2d half The Langdons Krough Sisters "Night Hawks" Marshall Montgomery The Carletons Dearer ORPHEUM Fritzl Scheff Gallagher a Carlin Nonette John F Conroy Mario Duo Dolce Sisters (One to All) EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Wlllisch Mond a Salle D'Arcy k Williams "Night In Baths" Lew Wells Katie Sandwlne Co Den Molnea. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) McFarland a Mme—? McDevltt Kelly a L Stuart Barnes Lennet a Wilson The Pounds La Toy Bros (One to fill) n^trolt TEMPLE (Ubo) Mercedes McConnell a Simpson Valentine Fox McRae A Clegg Jungman Family (Others to All) MILES (the) The Bremens (Treene A Parker Frank Mills Players Pat Stromberg Fields a Lewis Carl Damman Troupe Dnlntk ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) John A Emma Ray Julia Nash Co Cstalaine A Deny WhlteAeld A Ireland Cheebert Troupe (Others to All) BdaiAatna. Caa. ORPHEUM 2d half (Same bill as Reglna this Issne) PANTAGES (m) Capt Jack's Bears Davett A Duval! Morrette Sisters I^wrence Johnston Bernard Flnnerty A M Gregoire A Elmlna Eil-rnK^fH ^. J. PROCn'OR'S Wheat A Alvln Donipy g. Evelyn "1040 West" Kitty Mine Llonell Paris 21 half Bimberg A D y Srheck D'Arvllle A 8 "Goose Girls" Herbert's Dogs Rrle, Pa. COI/OMAL (ubo) Heiene A Justin Grace De >!..'»• Black A White Heron A Gaylord Russell A Church French Girls Fall Rlrer. nfans. ACADEMY (leow) Selzer Waters Jones A Johnson Eddie Heron Co Les Arados 2d half Golden A West Hayes A Alpolnt Deltorelli A QUssando (One to fill) Pllat, Miek. BIJOU (ubo) Locke A Wolfe Skipper Ken A Reeves Florence Modena Co Barnes A Robinson La Veen Cross Co 2d half "Henpecked Henry" Ft. ^^ayae* lad. EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Great Johnson BlJou Russell Porter J White Co Demarest A Doll "Circus Day" Ft. Wortk MAJESTIC (inter) Meyko Sisters Vincent A Raymond Paul Kllest Baron Lichter Milton Pollock Co Primrose 4 Redford a Winchester Haaalltoa, Caa. POLI'S (ubo) Mme Besson Co Trovato Ward a Cnrren Eva Shirley The Rosalres 3 Alex (Others to fill) LYRIC (loew) Carletta Coate a Marguerite Fox Foxles Circus Mack a Stillwell Gibney Earle Co Godfrey a Henderson 3 Falcons Harrlaiiara* Pa. ORPHEUM Homer Miles Co O'Nell a Walmsley Richards a Kyle Martin a Fabrtnl 5 Melody Boys (Others to All) Hartford. Coaa. POLI'S (ubo) Thos Jackson Co Fred J Ardath Co Ball a West Ethel Mae Barker Lowell A Esther Drew Loughlln's Dogs HolMkkca. N. J. LYRIC (loew) Ranee Smith Crelghton Sisters Willie Smith Woodford's Animals (One to All) 2d half The Kemps Orton Troupe (Three to All) LIBERTY (loew) The Kemps Orton Troupe (Three to All) 2d half Ranee Smith Simpson A Deane Woodford's Animals (Two to All) Hot SprlaKS, Ark. PRINCESS (Inter) Richardson's Dogs Dolly A Mack "Bachelor's Dream" Nevlns A Gordon Clara Ballerlnl 2d half Preston Sullivan A Mason Campbell A Yates Fitch Cooper "Alice Teddy" HoaatOB MAJESTIC (Inter) (Open Sun Mat) Wlnslow a Duffy 2 Kerns Slivers J C Nugent Co Kenney No A Piatt Bell Family ladlaaapolla KEITH'S (ubo) Cressy A Dayne Rae Samuels Merrill A Otto Lily Long Sidney a Townley Saharet Merkel Slstprs Juggling Millers EMPRESS (SC) Berrv A Berry Whittler's Boy fij •Snlvntlon Sue" Morrlssey A Hackett FlcctiJanl Troupe Jacll- >a, Mick. Zolas Bij J (uho) Williams A Garrell Klass A Bernie Zeb Zarrow Co (One to All) 2d half De Renzo A La Rue Marie King Scott Ed Reynard Stelner A Swain Brown Harls A Br JackaoBTlile ORPHEUM (Inter) (Open Sun Mat) Gordon Highlanders Kirk A Fogarty Charlie Warrell (Two to All) KalaasMBoo, Mick. MAJESTIC (ubo) "Funny Moon" 2d half Fields A Brown Lord Roberts Clara Williams Co Carita Day y „„nip ivf,,lV,^11 Co Kaaaaa CItr. Ma. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Cecil Lean Co Mabel Adams Co The Brads Jack Hazzard Wright A Deitrlch Tilly Abbot Co (Others to All) EMPRESS (ac) (Open Sun Mat) Livingston 8 Brooks a Harris Bruce Duffet Oo Mayo a Allman "Happiness" KaoxTllle. Teaa. KEITH'S (ubo) Belle Blanche Bradna A Derrick Temple Of Music Macart A Bradford Elsa Ruegger (Others to All) I«aa«laa« lllek. BIJOU (ubo) "Henpecked Henry " 2d half Locke A Wolfe Skipper Ken A Reeves Florence Modena Co Barnes A Robinson La Veen Cross Co Llarola ORPHEUM Taylor Granville Co Bert lyery Dazie Leon (^ Samarlns (Two to All) Little Raek, Ark. MAJESTIC (Inter) Musical Geralds Joe Hardman Iza Hampton Co Village Choir Cycling McNutts 2d half Richardson's Dogs Dolly A Mack "Bachelor's Dream" Nevlns A Gordon Clara Ballerlnl Ijom Aairclea ORPHEUM Nance O'Nell Co Horace Goldin Fred Lindsay Sharp A Turek Al Von Tllzer Bert Fltzglbbons Martin Johnson EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Price A Price 3 Musketeers Mr A Mrs P Fisher Archie Ooodall PANTAGES (m) Riding Castellas Walter Terry A Girls Allegro Newsbov fl Lyons A Cullum LoaliiTllle KEITHS (ubo) "Lawn Party" Sophie Tucker Mme Tina Hanlon A Clifton LIbonatI Watson A Santos Mrmphla. ORPHEUM "Dance Dream" Armstrong A Clark Nellie Nichols Fred Kornan Bynl A Early Klutlng's Animals \ Milwaukee MAJESTIC (orph) Odlva Valerie Bergere Co Mack A Ortb Mae West Scott A Keane