Variety (February 1914)

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VARIBTY 15 aar Kelll Duo Blank Family EMPRESS (8c) (Open Sun Mat) Dorsch A Russell Harry Rose •*In Old N T" Usher 3 Ceclle Bldrld A C ORPHEUM (tbc) Claur A RadoHffe Maidle DeLong LaRelne Flo A OlUe Walters "Imp's Playground" CRYSTAL (tbc) Lawrence A Vincent Bowen A Bowen Cora Simpson A Co Anthony A Ross "Aladdin's Lamp" MlBseapolls. ORPHEUM (Open Bun Mat) Olga Nethersole Harry Gllfoll Chung Hwa Comedy 4 Clara Inge Musical Cuttys Asakl MILES (tbc) Beatrice* Sweeney Co Jas Brockman Dining Car Minstrel Clayton A Lenny Tokyo Japs (UNIQUE (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Will Morris Thornton A Corlew Dick Bernard Co "Quaint Q's" Onrllle Stamm MoBtrcalf Ci ORPHEUM Mr A Mrs J Barry Hlnes A Fox Oreat Howard Bert Wheeler Icelandic Troupe (Others to fill) FRANCAIS (loew) Kashlma Collins A Manning Tom Bateman Amoras A Mulyey Alice Hanson Flying Cronells Ncwarkt N. J. PROCTOR'S (ubo) Imhoff Conn A Cor Diamond A Brennan Lorraine A Burke Edwin George Meredith Sisters BqulU Bros (Others to fill) LYRIC (pr) The Albergs Florence Maseott Hart Manley Leigh The Frollcers Logan A Ferris The Bendatas 2d halt Altna Bra* Thomas A Shsplro Jas Kennedy Co 8 Xylos ^ , "Vegetable Garden" Holer A Boggs NefTburKh. V. Y. COHEN O H (loew) Musical DUon "Oh Effle" Hoyt'B Minstrels (Two to fill) 2d half Montgomery A Healey Sisters Hallen A Fuller Leffel Trio (Two to fill) New HSTCBf COBM. POLI'S (ubo) Imperial Opera Co Henry Lewis Howard A Ratcllff Webb A Burns Stan Stanley 3 Bowman Bros Aaahl Troupe New Orleans. ORPHEUM Ellen Beach Yaw Jack Kennedy Co Hal A Francis Reusas Sisters Archie Onrl Frozinl Buckley's Animals HIPPODROME Kelly Suberbs Co The Woodalls Inspirato Thompson A Carter Derby A Morley (few Rorbelle, N. T. LOEW "The Criminal" JuKglIng Nelson (One to fill) 2d half "I Died" (Two to fill) Norfolk. Va. COLONIAL (ubo) "Darling Of Paris" John A Mae Burk Joe Cook Apdale's Cirrus (Others to fill) Oaklnnd. Tai. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) .Claude A Fanny Usher (>awrence A Cameron Connelly A Webb Leo CarrlUo t Peres Paul Conchas (Others to fill) PANTA0E8 (m) (Open Sun Mat) Pollard Opera Co Gertrude D Forbes Co Roche A Crawford Kresko A Fox De Forrests OMaka ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Mile Daiie Ruth Roy Hanlon A Hanlon Ward A Weber Hyman Meyer Martelll (Others to fill) Ottawa DOMINION (ubo) Mrs Gene Hughes Co Hussey A Lee Bsby Helen Jed A Ekhel Dooley The Longworths John Gelger Welse Troupe Patemoa, N. J. EMPIRE (loew) Ward A West Ray Show Musical Noses Burton A Lerner SIg Frsns Troupe 2d half Burton Habn A Cant "The Crfminal" Kceley Bros (Two to flII) Pklladelpkia KEITH'S (ubo) Fdwin Stevens Co Will Rorers Sallle Fisher Rooney A Arnold 4 Bards Georgette Van A Schenck 2 Tom Boys PlttHbarirk GRAND (ubo) Valmka Suratt Co W H St Jsmes Co Herbert eOrmalne 3 Jonephlne Dunfee Clark A Verdi Moore A Young Bird Mtllman Porflanil. Ore. ORPHEUM Bessie Clayton Hsns Robert Co Francis Dooley Svlvia T-oyal MartlnettI & Sylvester Helen Osnnon Cher«tto Pros EMPRESS (BC) I adella Comlnues Nestor ft Delberjc John R. Gordon Co Amerlcnn Comedy 4 Adas Troune PANTAGFS (m) "NiKht In Chinatown" Fveno Japs Millard Kennedy A C Mlllan Watnon Dreyer A Dreyer Monahan PrAv1«leii<>e* ft. I. KEITH'S (ubo) Ray Cox Owen McOlveney Win Oakland Co Melville A Higglns Rav Conlln Glidlnv O'Mearas 4 Hsrveys (Others to fill) Refrlnn. Cnn. ORPHEUM Ut half Shirley Rives Co Helen Ruirgles Klnmton A Ebner Matilda A Elvira Kaufman Bro^ Hartley Wonders (One to fill) Rlrhfliond LYRIC (ubo) Ed Hayes Co Hasan All Arabs Chris Richards Bert Errol Hopkins Axtell Co Les Yost Ro oil enter, N. Y. TEMPLE (Ibo) "Green Beetle" Rube Dickinson Nevin ft Erwood Mljares Fisher A Green Asard Bros (Others to fill) FAMILY (loew) Harry Rose Staice Struck Kids Mattie Quinn Burke A Homer Mareena Nevarro A M (One to fill) Saorameiito ORPHEUM 1st half Frank Keenan Co Smith Cook A Br McCormlck A Irwin NelRon A Nelson Cumminics A Gladyings Edna Showalter EMPRESS (BC) (Open Sun Mat) Wllliama A Warner Frostlck Hume A T Maurice Freeman Co Chas Drew Co Big Jim SaslMiWt Mlek. JBFFBR'S (ubo) Patrlcola A Meyers Ada Carlton Dorothy Rogers Co Wilson Bros Armento Bros 2d half "Mayor Of Toklo" Saleaa. Mi„ 8ALBM (loew) BillT CoTlere (3olden A West DeltorelM A Ollssando 2d half Zara in Jungleland Jones A Johnson Rollini A Cotrelli Salt Lake ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Van A Reaumont 81s Sophie Bernard Margaret Isle Co Lou Anger Boudlnl Bros CorrelU A (TllleUe (Others to fill) EMPRESS (sc) (Open Wed Mat) Aldro A Mitchell Ernest Dupllle "Canoe Girls" Bernard A Lloyd Merlan's Dogs Phasma 8aa Aatoaia MAJESTIC (Inter) (Open Sun Mat) Cycling Brunettes Will H Fox "Fair Coeds" Hslllgan A Sykes Williams Thomp A C Brlce A Gonne TllUe ZIck 9aa Dies* EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mst) Hermsn A Shirley Jss McDonsId OrvlIIe Reeder Whyte Pelser A W 8 Yoscarys Diving Nymphs SAVOY (m) 8 Berlin Madcaps .Alphs 6 La France A McNabb Rena Arnold Aerial Lafayettes Saa Fronelaeo. ORPHEUM Murphy Nichols Co Gertrude Barnes Maxine Bros Demarest A Chabot Willa Holt Wakefield Dr Carl Herman Coleman's Animals Eddie T^eonnrd EMPRESS (sc) Lulgl Dell'oro Burke A Harrison Walsh Lynch Co Leonsrd A Louie Banlonhlends PANTAGE8 (m) (Open Sun Mat) "Golden Dream" Julia Redmond Co Bob AlbrUht Dunbar A Turner Reed's Dogs Pt. I<«ala PRINCESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Ryan Bros Williams A Segal "Mein Leibschen" Al Herman Beatrice Morrell COLUMBIA (ubo) Ed Foy A Family Lambert A Ball Swor A Mack Beaux Arts Milton A DeLong Sis Farber Girls H B Martin KItaro 4 KINGS (craw) Little Alright Cami A Romanle "Sketch In 1099" Edna Aug Beaumont Circus AVENUE (craw) Sam Hood Atlas Troupe Harry Flaher Co I^vltt Sisters WASHINGTON (craw) Wrestling Toy Mayne A Mayne Texico Vincent A Lorrane Temple 4 Rt. Pavl ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) H M Zazelle Co Almn Coulln g Miller Kent Kennedy A Rooney Joe Welch Tvron's DogB (OthcrB to nil) EMPRESS fHc) (Open Sun Mat) Eddie MarBhall May A Addis Canfleld A Carlton Frank Mullane Pekinese Troupe SckeaeetadT. N. Y. PROCTOR'S J A BmU HAMltoa Selma Ardm Oo Reld listen ABoa Held's Daogbter Lew PlUflbbons 2d half Oarr Leiand Co PatohlDC Bros H A J Faber ObertA A Olrls Smith A Marino Bcraatoa, Fa. POLI'S (ubo) Orford's Elephants Hermlne Shone CU> Keno A Green Wilbur Sweatman Du For Boys Raymond A Bain 8 Arthurs ■eattia ORPHEUM Marie Lloyd Hockney Co Binns Blnns A Blnns Foster A Lovett Eva Taylor Billy Rogers (One to fill) EMPRESS (sc) Patrick Franc A W Berke A Korae Klernan Walters A K Warren A Blanchard Maxwell's Girls PANTAGB8 (m) "In Laughland" Lora Co Elliott A Mullen Leon Rogee Frank Smith gloax City ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Pox A Dolly Austin Webb Co Muriel A Francis Lewis A McCarthy Crouch A Welch (One to fill) f^okaaa EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Dennis Bros Wsrd A Clark "Stick Up Man" Murray Bennett RoBsow Mid sets PANTAGES (m) (Open Sun Mst) "Priestess Of Kama" Edwin Keough Co Weston A Leon E J Moore Co Spanish (k>ldlnos Sprlavfleld, Maaa. POLI'S (ubo) "School Playground" Edw Abeles Co Lillian Shaw Mabel Berra Nat Leipslg Reed Bros The Psrshleys Stoektoa. Cal. ORPHEUM 2d half (Same bll as Sacra- mento this issue) Syraeane, N. Y. GRAND (ubo) Doris Wilson 8 Relsner A Gores Arthur Deagon Harris Roland A H 8 Bartos (Others k> fill) TacoBsa EMPRESS (sc) Olrdoller's Dogs Rich A Lenore Bert Leslie Co Burke & McDonald C I>aw1or A Daughters PANTAOES (m) Rhnda's Horses Ilal Davis Co Brighton 4 Murray K Hill I^ Nole Troupe Toledo. KEITH'S (ubo) Chas Grapewin Co Harvey De Vora 3 Olrl From Milwaukee Cantwell A Walker Sannone A Delilah Capt Anson Nick's Girls Toroata SHEA'S (ubo) "Neptune's Garden" Williams A Wolfus Chas A Fanny Van Ed Morton Dorothy De Schelle Co Cartwell A Harris 3 Keatons Frawlcv A Hunt YOUNGE ST (loew) Two Georges Caits Bros Merlin "The Pardon" Brlerre A King "Mnid of NIcobar" Walter Brower Onaip Tfov. ^. Y. PROCTORS Dare Devil Frank H A J Faber Can* Lelaad Co Oberto A OlrU Smith A Marino 2d half Prtnoe RttBton Co J A iMle UftM.ton Bloomqoast Players Senator Murphy Crawford A Moatroao Vtlaa, N. V. 8HUBBRT (ubo) Fred Dupres McKay A Ardine The Drapers Les Jonleys (Others to fill) KEITH'S (ubo) VaacasTcr. B. C. UKPHBUM Nina Barbour Henry Woodruff Co Kelly A Pollock Jas Thornton Welcome A Welcomo (Others to All) ORPHEUM (sc) Spissell A Mack Gladya Wilbur Rose Tiffany Co McMahon A Chapelle Bounding Gordons PANTAOES (m) Zena Keefe Co Schrode A Mulyey Manne A Belle Clark A Lewis Hughes Musical 8 VIctarta, B. O. EMPRESS (so) Jessika Troupo Brown A Blyler Sebastian Merrill Co ((Xhen to fill) WaahlBctoa Stone A Kalias Francis McGinn Co Cross A Joaephino Walter Van Brunt Volant Mori Bros Halley A Nobis Ben Beyer A Bro Wiaaipas* Oaa. ORPHBUM Master Gabriel Co Herman Timborg Mosher Hayes * M Tho Blessings "Naked Man" (Others to fUl) BMPRB88 (sc) Moffat Clare 8 Hong Fong Jas F Sullivan Co Olivetti Troupe "Top World Dancers" PANTAOES (m) Mile Adgle's Uons Milton A Dolly Nobles Richards A Montrose Arthur Rlgby Howard 8 Phil La Toska BarllB WINTBB QARTON LsMlng A WrIghU Vittorlo A Goergetto Oaudamlth's Dogs Peresoff Troupo Orook A Lole Willy Pantser Alhambra Ballet Bowden Oardey Paria BMPIRB (Btoiie Palace) Ronco Yvonne Arly Theodorowlcy The Thiews Sisters Dawson Ooodlow .TMUps Maxa's >lbns Wladlgflr A Dawlngoff ALHAMBRA (Fsb 1-U) Bmsrson A Baldwin Foot-Oers 6 Milea-SUTordale Deodima Bart A Bart Strength Broa Marie Courtnay Joe Peterman Baker A Balfo (Two to fill) COLISEUM The Thiews Tramel Goodlows Maxa'a Lions Perrier Lily Kowa Ronco Yvonne Arly Theodorowlcy (0th 6th SHOWS NEXT WEEK. NBW YORK. "A LITTLB WATBR ON THE 6IDB" (Wm. Collier)—Hudson (6th week). "A THOUSAND TEARS AGO"—Shubort (6th week). "ADELB"—Harris (24th week). GRAND OPERA—Century (2(Hb week). "GRUMPY" (Cyril Maude)—Wallaok's week) "HELP WANTED"-Elliott (Feb. 11). "HIGH JI.NKS"—Casino (0th week). HIPPODROMB—America (23d week). "KITTY McKAY"—Comedy (5th week). "LAND OF PROMISB'*^—Lyceum (BllUe Burke) (8th week). "LEGE.ND OF LBNORA" (Maude Adams)— Empire (6th week). "MARIA ROSA"—Longacre (4th week). "OMAR THB TENTMAKBR"-Booth week). "OTHELLO" (Wm. Faversham)—Lyric (Feb. 0). "PEG O* MY HEART"—Cort (60th week). "POTASH A PERLMUTTER" — Cohan (2nth week). REPERTOIRE OF SKETCHES—Princess. "SARI"—Liberty (Sth week). "SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATE"—Astor (2(Kh week). "THINJQS THAT COUNT"—Playhouse (0th week). "THE DEAR FOOL"—CTSrrick (8d week). "THE GIRL ON THB FILM"—44th St Music Hsil (7th week). "THB LAUGHING HUSBAND"—Knickerbock- er (2d week). "THE LITTLE CAFE"—New Amsterdsm (13th week). "THB MISLEADING LADY"—Fulton (11th week). "THE PHILANDERER"—Little (7th week). "THE QUEEN OF THE MOVIES"—Globe .^th week). "THE SECRET"—Belssco (6th week). "THE WHIRL OF THB WORLD"—Winter Garden (Sth week). "THE YELLOW TICKET"—Eitlnge (4th week). "TO-DAY"—<8th Street (1«th week). "WHEN CLAUDIA SMILES" (Blanche Ring) —.'^fHh Street (2d week). "WITHIN THE LAW"—Manhattan. "YOUNG WISDOM"—(Mabel A Edith Talia- ferro)—Gaiety (6th week). CHICAno. 'FANNY'S FIRST PLAY"—Blackstone (7th week). "HELP WANTED"—Cort (Rth werk). "THE PLEASURE SEEKERS" Oarrlck (iHt week). "NEARLY MARRITD"- Cohan'H (.nth week). "THE TRAFFIC"—Howard's (12th week). "SWEETHEARTS"—nilnolB (Int week). "SEPTEMBER MORN"—La Sallo (Rth week) "IN OLD nunLIN"—Olympic (2d week). •THE LITRE"—PrlnceBs (4th week). "MADAM PRESIDENT" PoworH* f'Jd werk) "TIIR SPECKLED BANI)" - Rtudebakfr CJ-f wcok). PRIMROSE A nOCKSTAPER-American (1st we*'k). KEPKRTOIRE- Fine Arts (13th week). BERNSTEIN'S NEW SCENERY. "It was this way/* said Freeman Bernstein, Tuesday, as he looked over his English cut walking suit and silk hat, "I knew a cab driver who was run- ning a hansom at a loss. The poor guy, I often told him he was in wrong trying to get coin with that plug and outfit, but he said the horse had been his daily companion for so long he felt a curse would fall upon him if he blew them. 'Tush, son*" said I to the animal driver, "look at all the curses I have had piled upon me and I still eat now and then at the Astor. You're a dub, driving this ikate to a cab that only crawls along with the taxis getting all the sugar. Be a night hawk behind a wheel. That gets real money, and ii you want to make a switch, I will steer the souses to you after three in the morning. "Well, do you know," continued Freeman, "that I had to talk to that fellow for three weeks before he would take a taxi on the installment plan. He wanted to reward me after two days' work. His first play was a stew from Cohoes, with an $80 bankroll and a phony watch. He cleaned him, but I wouldn't stand for that one, although he offered to split 50-50, even trying td put over the watch on me as my bit. His next was a lady who left a gold purse in the cab, without having taken the number of the machine. About $150 I should judge was the value, but I sidestepped when he saw me the next day, told me about it and wanted me to take $5 for a quart of wine, say- ing the gold had already started to wear off. "Finally he insisted that I should h?ve something for putting him in a riady money line. I didn't know what to ask for. The poor slob was earn- est about it, but he had slipped me dialog about a large family and I didn't want to deprive them of any thing while May was working (and put this in will you, I am getting $400 for May this week at Miner's Bronx. Some agent, eh? May thinks it's $300 she's working for, so don't print the price). "Well as I was saying, the guy said he would make me take something, so I thought awhile and then I asked him what had become of that suit and high hat he used to wear when driving the cab. He said he had thrown it in a ccrner of the stable. I told him to go dig it out, that I would wear it around Broadway and make Bill Lykens look like a piker on the dress thin^- "So here I am, kid, all dressed up, looking like a chicken, nothing? on my mind excepting a few unpaid bills, with May working and the landlord still keeping off even on the third of the month. Guess things arc breaking for me at last. "Hey, before you go, let me know which side of this hat shines the bright- est? The left side. I'll have the right side polished up tomorrow. Did you get the braid on the coat and vest? Soy, do you know that this is the best money getter I ever hit upon. T bave .ilready borrowed $108 today on the strcn^tb of the scenery, and froin peo- ple, too, wbo know nir. I'm all swollen up over myself. Wait until May gets a flash. Ret she will fall for me again."