Variety (February 1914)

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22 VARIETY FILM FLASHES All the Kalem Indians, Mona Darkfeather, Jim UavlB, Art Ortega. Rex Downs and Charlie Bartlett, took active part in the Indian drama play, "The Mission of the Arrows." A re- lease, Feb. 11, "Indian Fate," 1b another red- skin story featuring Mona Darkfeather. Harry C. Matthews is handling the producing department of the Warnt^r's Features with the company now making piciures In Oklahoma. They say real coke-opium found on the "May" at the time o( her capture In Pacldc Coast waters. Is used In the Kalem "Chasing the Smugglers," released Feb. 18. Joe Hunt, a brother of Phil Hunt, the yaude- Tllle agent. Is In town from Los AJif«le« an- gaglng photoplayers for a picture concern with which he la connected on th« Ooast The Qaumont's new hand-colored lobby dis- plays have scored a hit with the picture houses using them. Sidney Ascher and Charles A. Qoldrewer hare acquired the rights for the United States and Canada to exhibit "The Exposure of the White Slave Trafflc." Rapley Holmes has Joined the Bssanay aaat- ern stock company. The Vltagraph-Llebler production of "The Christian" was given a private showing last week and both the picture people and the the- atrical managers express themselves as being more than satisfied. Eddie Redway has been engaged by Essanay to replace Augustus Carn^ ("Alkali Ike") as oharactar oomadiaa. Tta« flrat raleaM In wnloh he will appear is "Into Society and Out." William Paley, one of the pioneers of the picture business, who recently lost his leg, is grateful for the subscription raised in his be- half, which was sufficient to purchaae a cork leg and relieve him of his immediate wants. One of the features of the opening of the Vltagraph theatre (formerly the Criterion), Feb. 7, win be a silent drama, "The Honey- mooners." It Is not a moving picture but a play acted by the Vltagraph players, as if they were producing a moving picture—snowing the public how a picture Is made In the studio. The eaat will Inolade John Bonny, Mniy Charleson, James Morrison. F. Marlon Brandon, who wrote the picture play, "The Last of the Madlsons," has turned ber attention to TmaderiUe writing in ndil- tlon to her script editing for one of the picture concerns. Among the Vltagraph releases for February, comedy, drama and otherwise are a number that bear with stage folks. In "How Burke and Burke Made CTood" (released Feb. 4), two bum comedians, played by Hughle Mack and Templar Saxe^ get a press story orer that poli them in riguc lor big salary, etc. "SawuuHi and Salome^" released Feb. Hi with Mary Talmadge, Leo Delaney, William Shea and Ada GlSord, tells of Mary, the circus bareback rider, and her love affairs. "Back to Broad- way," released Feb. 17 (two reels), has Bes- sie, the stranded musical comedy girl, as the principal woman. "A Change in Baggage Checks," released Feb. 27, has two vaudeville artists, played by John Bunny and Flora Finch, as its comedy principals. Ralph I nee again enacts the role of Abra- ham Lincoln in tne Vltagraph release Feb. 5, entitled "Lincoln the Lover. This was gotten out as a Lincoln birthday fentnr*. Murdoch MacQuarrle, who played one of tho big roles In the six-reeler, "Kichellea," com«i of the MaiQuarrie family of actors from tUt; Pacific Coast. J. W. Johnston and Arthur Johnston are leading men with different photoplay organi- zations. They are not related. Both were also former legits. Crane Wilbur. Jake Standing, Eleanor Wood- ruff and Marguerite Risser, with Frank Pow- ell, director, went to the Pathe studio In St. Augustine. Fla., this week to finish up a three- reeler, "Lucille." The General Film Co. will shortly nli Charles Klein's two Htorles, 'Daughters ot Men ' and "The Oamblers." EtTorts are being: taken toward securing "The Typhoon" as a Kpeclul movie feature. Bddip Lester is managing the city show of "Quo Vadls," which played the Regent last week. Officials of the Universal and Pathe com- panies deny the story that they Intend open- ing ntuoioR at Cincinnati. Atmospheric con- ditions there are said to not favor such a move. The Shuberts are plannins to send out three companies of 'The House of Bondage" within the next fortnight. Will H. Gregory has not quit New York. He's asslsUnt director of the Blocnph, being attached to Director Lawrence Marston s com- pany. Andrew Robson plays Padre in the Majestic two-reeler, "The Portrait of Anitia." Darry O'Moore is doing the leading role in the new Edison series of "Octavius-Amateur Detective." RIU Sacchetto is in "The Ghoetat of tbe White Lady" (Great Northern) and in the O. N'B. "Daughter of Eve." Ellen Aggerbolm plays the title role. The Solax Is playing up Its four-reeler, "Shadows of Moulin Rouge," a story of the PariHian underworld which was staged by Mme. Alice Blache. Carl L. Gregory is one of the two morlng picture directors who actually operates bla own camera. Alexander (Taden, now leading man for Frank Crane's Imp Co., sustained a badly sprsined wrist and a contusion on the heed In a IB-foot fall down an elevator shaft at the Imp studio recently. J. F. Skerrott, general manager of tbe Nicholas Power Co., has Joined the Screen Club. Marie Ellne, "the Thanhouser Kid," la mak- ing ready for a vaudeville offering, which is being prepared by James Madison. The act will carry a special drop and a reel of pic- tures. The name of Otis Turner's (Universal) picture, "A Fight for Life," a three-reeler, has been changed to "Won In the Clouds." Boyd Marshall, of the Princess Co., says he was Incorrectly quoted in his speech before the Women's Club of New Rochelle. on the closing of picture shows on Sunday. He says: "I merely advocated an editing of Sunday programs that would result on exhibitions that were more or less educational in nature." William C. Dowlan, leading man with Mil- ton Fahrney's old Nastor company, has been engaged to play romantic and Juvenile leads In Allen Dwan's Gold Seal company. Nicholas Power left Monday for an ex- tended trip abroad. When "Pierre of the Plains" (All-SUr Fea- ture Corporation) is exhibited It will have Edgar Selwyn In the title role. Carlyle Blackwell is working his head off in Hollywood. Cal.. where he Is directing his own company In a meller thriller. His prin- cipal feminine support Is Louise Glaum. Sydney Ayres, formerly leading man at Te Liberty theatre, Oakland, and now a picture actor, is tbe father of a girl. Ayres mar- ried Anna Franck, a prominent society woman, about a year ago. Carl Laemmie la dividing some mileage be- tween St. Louis. Chicago and New York and Incidentally looking over his western movie In- trenchments. The Roland Feature Film Co. has been or- ganized with Samuel Q. Edelstein as manager and George K. Rolands, director. Marshall Farnum has abandoned legitimate and stock work for tbe present to fulflll a picture contract with the Selig Co. on the Const. Sam Cunningham, who has been out with the Edison talkers. Is bark In town, his road show having closed by order of the New York Edison offlre. Cunningham can't understand why the exhibit was stopped, as It was turn- ing In a nice profit each week. Joe Lane, with the southern show, and Moe Messing, who was attached to tbe Michigan ex- blblt, are also bark on Broadway. When Fred Peel took up Joe Daly's work with the books the first thing he did was to call In ten road shows. Peel Is no longer connected with the talkers. Clnrenoe Runey. head of the Cincinnati Motion PIrture Co., has been made manager of the Animated Weekly of the Universal Film Manufacturing Co. In Ohio. Kentucky and In- diana. Runey will be In charge of three operators. The Keystone is .lust completing a picture In which an automobile is sent through a brick building, designed for sensationalism and big artlon. Fred G. Wertbelmer has accepted the ad- vance for a picture show, signing with one of "The House of Bondage" oompanles. Hugh Ford, the theatrical stage director, who together with Frederick Stanhope snd Ed- wnrd A. Mornnge, reoently became silled with the FnmouH Players Film Co. to collnhorate on the produf'tlon of mnsslve spertarular film Buhjerts, left last Friday for the Los Angeles studio of the company to make preparations for the first of these productions, "The Silver King." W. A. BRAOrS CONCLUSIONS. ' "Last week I officially confirmed the exclusive announcement in Varustv that I would embark in the field of manufacturing moving pictures, nam- ing a few of the plays I intended pro- ducing on the screen," said William A. Brady. "Within a few days I had enough ap- plicants for state and territorial rights to keep the new concern jumping for months to come. The point about this which surprises the theatrical man is that he can sell his product before he completes it. The people with whom he deals know whether they want his material or not as soon as he tells them what it is, even though it has not been actually manufactured. "In producing plays for the stage there is no way on earth by which you can be sure whether you are going to make money or lose it. But I suppose that if I had not taken chances on all these successful plays I am about to turn into pictures, I might not have found such a ready market for them in this new form." KIN'S ELECTION. At the annual election of the Kine- macolor Company of America, held Wednesday morning, the following officers and staff were selected for the ensuing year: A. P. Barnard, president; William H. Hickey, vice-president and general manager; Burton J. Westcott, vice- president; Morris U. Ely, secretary and treasurer; Elmer Luce, assistant treas- urer; Albert E. Lowe, manager of con- tract department; George H. Burr, Walter D. Young, Noble Crandall, Edward Lynch, Edward C. King, di- rectors. This is the same staff and board in charge of the concern for some time. PILOT LEASES STUDIO. The Pilot has leased its studio to the Photo Play Co., and will not make any pictures for the present. The last big picture was entitled "Across the Continent" (four reels), staged by Bert Angeles. NEW ORLEANS STOPS SLAVER. New Orleans, Feb. 4. Mayor Behrman has refused to per- mit the exhibition of "The Traffic in Souls" pictures at the Greenwall next week. He instructed Chief of Police Reynolds to enforce his edict. Attorney Arthur Leopold, represent- ing the management, has sued for an injunction restraining interference. If yen dea't ndverMae In TABIETT, dent ndvertlee nt niL ELABORATE PICTURE POUCT. When the new Strand, 47th and Broadway, opens in April the house directorship plans to give Broadway something new in the way of movie innovations. S. L. Rothapfel, recently managing the Regent, New York, will be the Strand's director. He intends to have in a<ldition to three organs an orchestra of 25 pieces. Rothapfel left for Europe Tuesday to acquire ideas for the Broadway house. He will be gone four weeks. RELEASED NEXT WEEK (Feb. 9 to Feb. 16. Inc.) MANUFACTUBEB8 INDICATED BT ABBRBVIATION8, ¥IZ.t GENERAL Vltagraph V Blocraph B Kalem K Lubln L Pathes Pthe Bellg B Edison B Bssanay B-A Klelne Kl Melles Mel EXCLUBIVB Ganmont O O. N. 8. F. O.N. Ramo ....k R Solas Bol Bclectio Eel F. R. A F Lewis Pennants.L.P. Ot. Northern O.N. Dragon jy lt*<» It O.N.X.X. ..O.N.XX, NOTE—The subject Is In one reel of UN1VEB8AL Imp I 0«m Oem Bison BlOl Chrystal C Nestor N Powers P Eclair Bclr Rex Rz Frontier Frnt Victor vie Blache Features..BI about 1.000 feet unless MDTUAIi American A Keystone Key Reliance Rsl Majestic MaJ Thanhouser T Kay-Bee K.B. Broncho Br Domino Dom Mutual M otherwise noted. FEB. S—MONDAY. MUTUAL—The Lost Treasure, 3-reel dr., A; Mabel's Strange Predicament, com.. Key; Our Mutual Olrl., dr. Rel. GENERAL P—One Thousand to One Shot, and Skelly Buys a Hotel, split-reel com.. B; A Story ot Crime, com.. E : The County Seat War, 2-reel dr., K ; Antidotes for Suicide, and Taming Terrible Ted, split-reel com., L; Pathe's Weekly, No. 12, Pthe; The Adventures of Kathlyn, No. 4 (The Royal Slave), 2-reel dr., S ; The Winner Wins, dr., V. UNIVERSAL—The Man Who Slept, dr., Vic ; Jane Byre, 2-reel dr., I; An Academy Ro- mance, com., P. FEB. 10—TUESDAY. MUTUAL—Colonel's Adopted Daughter, dr., K.B.; MaJ; and Thanhouser titles not an- nounced. GENERAL F—After Death, 2-reel dr., Clnes; The Story of the Willow Pattern, dr., E; Speak No Evil, dr., S-A; The Measure of a Man, dr., L; Orphans of the Wild, dr., Pthe; Reconciled In Blood, dr., S; Master of the Mine, 2-reeI dr., V. UNIVERSAL—The Bride of Mystery. 3-reel dr.. Gold Seal; Getting Reuben Back, and Baldy Belmont Picks a Peach, split-reel com., FEB. 11—WEDNESDAY. MUTUAL—Beauty, title not announced ; Ro- mance of the Sea, 2-reel dr., Br; Mutuel Weekly, No. 59; Rel; title not announced. GENERAL F—Andy Goes on the Stage, com., E; Miss MiUy's Valentine, com.. S-A: Indian Kate, 2-reel dr., K; All on Account of Polly, com., and A Typical Buddhlat Temple (Typical), split-reel. Pthe; Sr^enes Along the Canvery River. India (Scenic), Pthe; A Strenuous Sroop. com.. S; Sunny Jim In Search of a Mother, com., V. UNIVERSAL—The Greater Devotion, dr., N; Universal Ike's Wooing, com.. Joker; The Good In the Worst of Us. 2-reel dr., Eclr; Universal Anlmsted Weekly, No. 101. FEB. 12—THURSDAY MUTUAL—The Mystery Lady. 2-reel dr.. Dom; A Robust Romeo, com.. Key; Komic, title not announced. GENERAL F—As It Might Have Been, com- dr., B; The Weaker's Strength, dr., S-A; Flts- hurgh's Ride. 2-reel dr.. L; Suspense and Btts- penders, and WInky Willy's Birthday Gifts, split-reel com., Mel: Pathe's Weekly, No. 18; and Broken Lives, 2-reel dr., Pthe; The Mis- tress of His House, dr., S; Some Steamer Scooping, com-dr, and Niagara Falls (Scenic), split-reel, V. UNIVERSAL—The Elixir of Love, com, I; The Law of His Kind. 2-reel dr., Rz; Slim to tbe Rescue, com., Frnt. FEB. 13—FRIDAY. MUTUAL—The Arrowmaker's Daughter, 2- reel dr.. K.B.; Princess and Thanhouser titlsi not announced. GENERAL F—Rorke's Drift, 2-reel dr., B; Sophie Picks a Dead One, 2-reel com.. 8-A; The Gun Behind the Man, and Out In the Rain, split-reel com., K.; The Sleeping Sentinel, dr., E; Their Lesson, dr., S; Bunny's Birthday, com., V. UNIVERSAL-His Royal Pants, com., N; Withered Hands, dr., P ; The Law's Decree, 2- reel dr., Vie. FEB. 14—SATURDAY. MUTUAL—The Money Lender, dr., A, Key. MaJ and Rel; titles not announced. GENERAL F—A Nest Unfeathered, dr., B; His Grandchild, dr., E; The Calling of Jim Barton, dr., S-A ; The Fatal Clues, com-dr, and Flood of the Dae River (Topical), split reel. K; The Reward, dr.. L; Chains of Honor, 2-rpeI dr., Pthe.; Children of the Feud, 2- reol dr, V. UNIVERSAL—The Chicken Chasers, com., Joker; The Heart of Smiling Joe, dr., Frnt; Unjustly Accused. 2-re«l dr.. BlOl.