Variety (February 1914)

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26 VARIETY [utual^ w _• Make Time/ij/^ Ax the Sign of the Wing-ed Clock itual^ Movies MUbeTime Andrew Carnegie Billie Burke Mayor Mitchel of New York ■ ■■ ■ ' .."..••.'-■■■♦ *•■ ■ '.'■'-.'■_''• 'i' District-Attorney Whitman These are but a few of the "real people" shown meeting "Our MUTUAL Giri" Up-to-the-minute fashion material—showing the newest styles on living models in the studios of the great New York dressmakers. Central Park, Fifth Avenue, The Plaza, The Ritz—all the fashionable places. With such wealth of material all brought together in a fascinating love story, is it surprising that exhibitors everywhere are clamoring to show "Our MUTUAL Girl" The Greatest Business Getter Ever Offered in Regular Service to Moving Picture Houses Bear in mind that this great feature film can be had only by houses showing Mutual Movies. It is part of the regular programme. Special posters—special lantern slides—special heralds. Branches in 49 Cities MUTUAL FILM CORPORATION ^^. YORK Dan Cotter and llorman Furhs, formerly in llie box ofBre ot the Garrlck. are attending to the ticket scdllns at the Aiidltfirlum for the ftaby Dt'FlyB tiiKaKemcnt and will also re- main there for the Gllbcrl and Sullivan p«r- formances. The fJilbert & Sullivan opera company will present four operas at the Auditorium, open- inK F<'b. !i with lolanthc" and following with "Mikado," "PlratrH of "Penzance" and "Pina- fore." A special Hubsc-rlption rate of W Is offered for the season. Top prices will be $i.r.o. Saba Sheppard, leading woman with the Four Marx Hrothers In "Fun In a Hi School." la In the American Hospital, where she went to undergo a major operation. Shirley I^ane, well known as a singer, also underwent an operation this week, and Mrs. VA. Tlerney Is also In the hoRpltal under the care of Dr Max Thorok A meeting of the directory board of the American Hospital Fund was scheduled for Tuesday of this week, preceded by a banquet at the Sherman House. Officers were to be elected and the theatrical hospital to get the rinal shove that will hasten its completion. Some of the most prominent theatrical men in Chicago have promised to attend, including C. E. Kohl and Aaron Jones. and the Chicago Theatre society will come to a close this week, but the Payne players will remain In the theatre until Feb. 14, when the Irish Players arrive there. At the close of the Chicago engagement the company will go on tour for a month in four plays to be se- lected. Minnie Palmer has made preparations for the production of five new vaudeville acts. Two are now In rehearsal. She has also de- cided upon a vaudeville vehicle for the Four Marx Hrothers, who are now tablolding in "Fun in Hi Skool" and "Mr. Greene's Recep- tion." The Marx quartet, all her own chil- dren, are each talented in a different way One is an accomplished pianist, another a harpist and comedian, the third a first class characterlst, while the fourth and youngest looks well, carries a cane and plays a good "straight." Still another youngster Is being schooled. Martial troubles of actors were aired In Judge Petlfs court last Friday. Mrs. L. S. Atkinson claimed that her husband, who is an actor, had not lived in Chicago a year pre- vious to filing his petition for divorce and had not shown due diligence in notifying her of the case. Judge Petit characterized the man's behavior as a "cheap trick" and said if he were not so busy be would hold him to the criminal court on a charge of perjury The divorce decree was set aside. Sadie Win- ston, an actress, complained that her husband. Edward Chester, had threatened to kill her The husband made a strong denial hi* was put under $100 bonds to keep the pe ^ Cora (Ireve, a south side society woman who rcienfiy took to the vaudeville stage and made sdinc little iiiipresslon. Is reported to be mar- ricil to Dr. Milton II. Pine, proprietor of the (;i\tli!i Injtltution liquor cure on the South Side. Miss dreve's mother denies that the two are married, but says they are engaged. Doth are out of the city and it is believed they have been wedded! The rep. company at the Fine Arts theatre has fallen afoul of the critics ence more. This time It Is because they put oh "The Man- Eagle,' a two-act play by Harriet Monroe. The subject matter deals with aviation. The piece was severely panned. "Phyl/' a -three-Mt comedy used In the same bill, was also glTen a generous toasting. It Is by CIreely Hamil- ton. The arrangementa between B. Iden Pajne BOB FIMLAY Ab*» «ted by Misses NELUXTand BBTTT TAXES DIreetlon. 8IDNET SCHALLMAN "Bookum" SAN FRANCISCO ED. S€OTTp Representative VARIETY'S SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE PANTAOKH' TIUIATBE ULIK). Phoae. DougUtas till EMPRESS.—"Big Jim," the dancing bear, had the closing spot and pleased Immensely. Maurice Freeman and Co. in "Tony and the Stork,"" well liked. Charles Drew and Co., passable. Frostlck. Hume and Thomas did not show. Williams and Warner passed nicely. Daisy Taylor was replaced by Weston's Models. The statuary poses went well In the opening position. An old man not programmed offered several songs* ORPHEUM.—Wllla Holt Wakefield was hardly appreciated. Eddie Leonard and Mabel Russell, hit; Dr. Carl Herman, funny and in- teresting. Claud and Fannie Usher, good but the turn runs too long. Four Perze opening. took several bows. Lawrence and Cauiuron did well. Coleman's animals held crowd In at the tail end. Nance O'Nell and Co., la "The Jewess," received several curtain calls. PANTAGES.—The Pollard Opera Co. (tab- loid) worthy of headline honors and closed bill satisfactorily. Gertrude Dean Forbes and Co.. In interesting playlet, pleased. Roche and Crawford, all right- Krasko and Fox, good. Dancing DeForrests, excellent openers. Six song publishers took part in the Song Publishers' Contest and the "extra" aroused some interest locally. CORT (Homer F. Curran, mgr.; Shuberts). —'B. H. Sothern Co. (second and last week). riOLUMBIA (Gottlob. Marx & Co.. mgrs.).— "Adele" (second and last week). GAIETY (J. J. Rosenthal, mgr.).—Marie Dressier In "The Merry Gambol." ALCAZAR (Belasco and Mayer).—Andrew Mack Stock (third week). Bert Levey's own theatre. Princess, has been playing to good business. Herbert Seara has been engaged to support Lander Stevens and Georgia Cooper. Arthur Penn, press agent at the Oalety, now ranks among the successful lyric writers. The Masquerla Sisters opened at the Por- tola Louvre under the billing of "The Caba- ret Queens." It Is rumored J. C. Williamson of Australia, has ofTered Andrew Mack a nice guarantee to visit the Antipodes. Octave Mann baa resigned as amusement manager of the Portola Louvre. His place Is filled by Harry Leavltt. The Barton Opera House in Fresno was re- cently opened as a pop combination house by the w. S. V. A. and renamed the Fresno. Nick Verga (Verga and Dorothy) is doing a single, while Dorothy is recovering from an operation recently performed upon her throat. Some of the local theatre managers com- plain that they are being pestered to death by song pluggers. who demand the right of going back atage. It Is said that Fred ITelasco—one of the proprietors of the Alcazar—is seriously con- sidering the dramatic poRslbilities of Louise Closser Hales book "Missy." If the theatre managers adopt the suggestion of the Are commission of this city. Instruc- tions how to reach the flre exits will be printed In large type on the program. Dave Jacobs, well known in eastern the- atrical circles and at one time a theatrical newspaper man, Is spending a few days here, prior to embarking f3r Honolulu. William Casey of the Empress publicity bureau, has been transferred to the P-C houa» In Vancouver, where he will act as assistant house manager to James Pilling. B. Fleet Btsowick. manager of the Savoy, has taken advantage of the TanKO craze which has a firm grip on this city. When a feature film has been run, the audience are Invited up on the stage to dance. Walter Spencer, of Monte Carters tabloid musical comedy comnany. was married to Lucy Pangellnan of Honolulu the same day the bride arrlveil frhm Honolulu on the steamer Sierra. Although advertised to return and plav a matinee and evening perform-'"■ -t the Val- encia for Feb ' -i.!;. huvlowa wns unable to arrive frrui I^s Angeles In time for the mati- nee. Vhe numerous wnshouts ani congestion of-<rafflc on the coast line caused the delay. Lander Stevens and wife. Georgia Cooper have engaged to plav a season of tabloid drama on the W. S. V. A. time. Stevens and Cooper formerly played leads at nishop's the- atre, Oakland, and Rre now on the Orphenin time LOS ANGELES. By CiARDNRR BRADFOHD. ORPHEUM.—Horace Goldln, Harry Olrard, Muller A Stanley. Lillian Herleln, Wilson k Pearson, Mt. A Mrs. Allen, The Five Sullyi. Lew Hawkins. PANTA0B8.—"Bell« of Shandon," B«rUi