Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY OFFICIAL NEWS No. 8 REGARDING RELEASES In response to the enormoos nppUcntlons for the maeelve Anslo-Ameriaui Film Maetcrpieces of "THE and THREE MUSKETEEB8 " SIXTY YEAB8 the former bj the A QUEEN" CELEBRATED FILM D'ART OF PARIS and the latter by the BARKER MOTION CO., OF LONDON, from aU over the United SUtes and Canada, also Central and South America, It U respectfully announced that, after the Bfastcrpleces shall have first been ex- ploited In the lesltlmate first class thea- tres In the principal cities, they wlU be generally released. Until this Is accomplished, applicants win kindly be patient, since It Is the mutually-advantaseous policy of The Anvlo-Amerlcan Film Corporation to first project Its products In the leading thea- tres of the larger cities. THE ANGLO-AMERICAN FILM CORPN George W. Lcderer, Director General Temporary Offlces: 1482 Broadway, N. Y. Madcaps, Alpha Sextet, Rena Arnold, LaFranc« & McNab, Aerial Liafayettes. EMPRESS.—Diving Nymphs, Whyte. Pelier & Whyte, James MacDonald, Herman & Shir- ley, Orvllle Reader, Threo Toacarys. HIPPODROME. — Landers bteven8-(7eorgle Cooper Co., The Blyden-O'Rourke Players, Light Opera Four, Lone Star Trio, Murphy, Rose Ivy Lee, Apollo Trio. MAJESTIC (Oliver Morosco).—Emma Tren- tlnl (current). MASON (Win Wyatt).--Otis Skinner (cur- rent). MOROSCO (0. M. Anderson).—"How D'ye Do" (current). BURBANK (Oliver Morosco). -'Pretty Mrs. Smith" (second week). At the Orpheum, the Douglas Cranes, "Ver- non Castles of the Coast," who are the hend- liners, did not get in until Thursday. Th* Empress bill did not get in till Wednesday, the bill which was to have gone to San Diego being held over. Pantages used pick up bills till Wednesday nlKht. and the Hippodrome, though opening with complete new show, did not get its headline act. The Light Opera Four, until Wednesday night. Manager Fountain of the Hippodrome pulled one of the real stunts of the tie up, sending a motor truck through the flood to San Dlmas, Cal., where one train was stalled, and brought in two acts, Dizzy and Drop and Sanders Dogs and Goats. The distance is nearly 10 miles, but they made it In time for the Monday open- ing. At the Orpheum, little Alfred Wallensteln pronounced by Theodore Bendix to be a real prodigy on the cello, was given a chance on the hold over bill, and scored decidedly. BJckel and Watson and the Gaiety company from San Francisco due to open at the Mo- rosco Monday night, will not be able to ap- pear until Saturday. The troupe got In Wed- nesday, but the baggage cars turned over In a ditch not far from East Bakersfleld, and when the show reached here Thursday every* thing from costumes to sets was too wet to be of use. "The Candy Shop," with William Rock and Maude Fulton, left town Sunday to play River- side, Redlands, etc., all considerably leas than 100 miles from here, and was not heard from until Wednesday night, when Manager Harris wired in from San Bernardino. Harry Qlrard, of the old Gilbert and Sul- livan days, is going on Orpheum time here in this city with a brand now sketch called "The Luck of a Totem." With him will be bis wife, Agnes Cain Brown, and a male chorus of a dozen. PHILADELPHIA. My 4. 4, MtMHaia. KEITH'S (Harry T. Jordan, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Bill this week one of the best In some time. Another Lasky feature. "The Trained Nurses," made a big hit with Its mixture of pretty girls, syncopated tunee and clever dancing steps. It enables Henry Berg- man and Gladys Clark to get across some tink- ling tunes and pretty love-making. Real laugh-maker in the bill is Everett Shinn's burlesque "meller-drammer," "Wrong From the Start." Cross and Josephine danced and sang Just enough to delight the audience and refused to be encored despite the clamor of applause which followed them oft. Raymond and Caverlv are Philadelphia boys and re- ceived a big reception. Burley and Burley contributed a large part of the evening's en- tertainment and held the house in excellent humor with amusing chatter and acrobatics. Halley and Noble pleased. Six American Dan- cers old some rapid fire work. Pollard. Jest- ing Juggler, pleasing. Charles Prelle's dog ftct woll rocolTOd WILLIAM PENN (William W. Miller, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—An exceptionally fine col- lection of acts was greeted bv a capacity bouse Monday afternoon. The big hit was made bv Frederick V. Bowers and his company. Moore and Young, fine reception. These girls have good voices and can dance. Their work was rewarded with much applause. Monroe Hopkins and Lola Axtell and Co. kept laugh- ter at high tide. Nothing better la the line of gymnastic Juggling has been seen here than the work of the Joe De Kos Company. Al- though closing the bill, they held the audi- ence and received an ovation. Conway and Leland, billed as the "Merry Monopedes." pleased. Rae Eleanor Ball Is billed as "Am- erica's Favorite Lady Violinist" She plays well and tells the audience that the hair which hangs to her knees is really her own. NIXON (Q. F. Nixon-Nlrdllnger, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Crowded houses are the usual conditions here and Tuesday afternoon was no exception. The Karno Comedy Com- pany headlined and the familiar act gave complete satisfaction. Another sketch that evoked well deserved laughter and applause was "Straight," presented by Lorraine, Dud- ley and Co. William Gill and Co. were good in "Bill Jenks, Crook," and Pierce and Malsee presented an amusing singing and talking offering. Reach and McCurdy pleased in a rube specialty and Jock Pherson was liked In Scotch songs and stories. BROAD.—"Tante," with Ethel Barrymore, opened a two-week engagement Monday night to a big bouse. FORREST.—"The Marriage Market" (Don- ald Brian). Given a good reception Monday night when this musical comedy began a two weeks' stay. WALNUT.—"In Old Kentucky" reappeared Monday with a travelling company at popular prices. ORPHEUM.—"A Fool There Was" at popu- lar prices by travelling company. AMERICAN.—"The Wronk Way:" etock. ADELPHI.—Helen Ware In "Within the Law" nearlng the end of Its run here, which has been very successful. LYRIC—"The Wedding Night" last week. GARRICK.—"Damaged Goods' getting big audiences. The play began its second week Monday. CASINO—"Youth, Beauty and Folly" lively show. EMPIRE.—"Lovemakers," good medley of music and comedy. TROCADERO.—"The Rector Girls" fast moving show. GAYiETY.-Stock burlesque. William Ingersoll, formerly leading man of the Orpheum Players, received a real ovation from his many friends In this city upon his entrance as Franz Llpphelm, in "Tante" with Ethel Barrymore, which opened Monday night at the Broad Street theatre. David Warfleld will be seen at the Broad Street in the revival of "The Auctioneer- beginning March 10. There is much activity in picture theatres and four new houses will arise from plans made during last week. Work was started Tuesday on a picture house at 17th and Annin streets for the Freund-Siedenbach Co., to cost $11,000. Another will be built at 5126- 28 Market street, on properties recently pur- chased by Kahn and Greenberg- Another at 412-14 Market street for M. H. Powers, and a lot at Broad street and Windrim avenue has been purchased by A. J. Margolin for a theatre. Fire In or near a moving picture theatre during a show is a situation dreaded by all managers, yet two such incidents In this city last week were excellently handled without in- Jury to any one. The first was Jan. 28 at the Berk's, 22d and Berk streets, when a film caught fire and caused a flash to show on the screen. The house was filled and was thrown into darkness. There was a rush for the doors, but the ushers showed excellent pres- ence of mind and every one got out safely. A fire alarm was turned In but the operator dipped the blazing film in a bucket of water and extinguished the flames before the fire- men arrived. The theatre Is owned by D. H. Pressman. Monday night the second fire oc- curred In a building between the Globe and the Coliseum. 50th and Market streets. In the Globe, Manager John Duffy announced from the stage that there was no danger and succeeded in allaying tho fears of the audi- ence. In the Coliseum Charles Thorp quieted his people and prevented a panic S. A. Goldtree is In town looking for a house in which to establish his Frisco China- town pictures. He is trying for the Majestic or Auditorium, both of which have open time. Edward Flasher, an electrician employed at the Oayety. was serlouslr Injured Monday afternoon when a drop fell and str\ick him oii the head. Several other fc»age hands saved themselves by Jumping. "The Lure" has been booked for the Adal- phi later In the season. The Irving Place Players, of New York, gave a special performance of "Friends of Youth" at the Little theatre Tuesday night "Come and Take Me." written by Rabbi Isaac Landman of this city, will have Its premiere Thursday evening at the Little thea- tre. Bob Fitzsimmons will be an added attrac- tion at the Trocadero next week. BOSTON. By 4. OOOLTC ORPHEUM (V. J. Morris, mgr.; agent. Loew).—Vaudeville. ST. JAMES (William Lovey. mgr; agent. Loew).—Vaudeville. NATIONAL (George Haley, mgr.; agent, U. B. O.).—Bill headed by Lasky's "Rest Cure." Business picking up steadily because of experiment of big time acts at small time prices. H0LLI3 (Charles J. Rich, mgr.).—Annie Russell and her- English Players. Opened to poor business because of rival engagement of Forbes-Robertson, which has been extended another week. "The New Henrietta," Feb. 16. COLONIAL (Charles J. Rich, mgr.).—"Oh! Oh! Delphine" on its last week after a sudden and unexpected slump. Next week brings "The Doll Girl," with Richard Carle and Hat- tie Williams, with a good advance sale. PARK (Charles J. Rich. mgr.) .—Robert Hilllard. In "The Argyle Case." will hold over for two weeks If present business keeps up. TREMONT (John B. Schoffel. mgr.).— "Years of Discretion" with Effle Shannon. Showing Improvement. Raymond Hitchcock In "The Beauty Shop" Feb. 16. PLYMOUTH (Fred Wright, mgr.).—"Under Ck)ver" still drawing heavily and proving the dramatic surprise of the local season. Have already taken the time of "Gen. John Regan" and will play through the cancelled time of Margaret Anglln In Shakespearean repertoire. SHUBERT (B. D. Smith, mgr.).—Forbes- Robertson In Shakespearean repertoire. Next week has been added to his engagement be- cause of record business. The underline is the former "Oh. I Say," which will play there as "The Wedding Night" MAJESTIC (E. D. Smith, mgr.).—"Prun- ella" opened Monday night to a 40 per cent, house for a limited engagement of two weeks. Then comes "Within The uaw." BOSTON (William Wood, mgr.).—"Way Down East." Popular prices. First attraction at this house pince the expiration of the syn- dicate lease which reverted the house to B. F. Keith control. Drew fairly well Monday night and will be followed by other popular attrac- tions at a $1 maximum. CORT (.John E. Cort. mgr.).—"When Dreams Come True." Still pulling fair business. CASTLE SQUARE (John Craig, mgr.).— Stock. "All the Comforts of Homo." Capacity HOWARD (George E. Lothrop, mgr.).— "The Trip To Paris." GRAND OPERA (George lE. Lothrop. mgr.). —"The Honey Girls," second time. House bill headed by "White Slaves" film. CASINO (Charles Waldron. mgr.).—"The Girls From Starland." Good business. GAIETY (George T. Batcheller, mgr.).- "Broadway Girls Company." Excellent busi- ness. The Castle Square next week will use "The Great Ruby," with a cast of 50. John Craig is soon to use "Samson," "Just Out of Col- lege," "The Ghost Breaker." "The Thief . 30 FAMOUS FEATURE A YEAR >;!"iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiij i^sii FAMOUS FEATURES -A YEAR ' iC DANIEL FROHMAN PRESENTS THE FAMOUS ROMANTIC PLAY The Pride of Jennico ABBY SAGE RICHARDSON and GRACE LIVINGSTON FURNISS \ Dramatic Conflict of Hearts and Swords ENACTED BY THE FAMOUS PLAYERS STOCK COMPANY IN MOTION PICTURES "The Pride of Jennicf>" is a stirring drama, rt-lalinn how a nau^ihty, whimsical little princess is tamc«l by love, how a haughty younK noble is humbled by the same sweet influence, and how Jir)th finally Icarn the i)(jwer of tlie heart over pri'ie and caprice. ONE OF THE GREATEST SUCCESSES OF THE AMERICAN STAGE IN FOUR i'ARTS. RELEASIiDll'EBRU.ARY IWh. FAMOUS PLAYERS FILM COMPANY Stud OS 213 W. 26th St., New York FAMOUS FEATURES A YEAR ADOLPH ZUKOR pncsi oe NT DANIEL FROHMAN MAN. OlNSCTOR FAMOUS FEATURES A YEAR