Variety (February 1914)

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30 VARIETY Better than Money on IheRoad HftTe 70a eTer Mived op montj while on thn Road, only to have It ■tolen or lo«tT Many actors and a4*trea«r« have had Just Horh an ex- perience. "A.B.A." Cheques are u§eleM to a thief or other unlaw- ful poMNewnor. berauRe they require the rounter-Hiirnatare of the rightful owner to make them good. By con- verting yonr nalary Into "A. B. A." ChrciiieN your money in not only iiafe, but aHvayii avnilahle. becaufie these cheques are accepted everywhere like eoln of the realm In payment of travel expenses. "A. B. A." Cheques are sold at the principal Banks of the principal Towns. Aak for a descriptive booklet at Headquarters of the W. R. A. U. and A. A. A. or write to Bankers Trust Co.. N. Y. City. DanedlB. KI.VG'S (Fuller-Brennan Co.; BarrlOKton Waters, mgr.).—Clement & May, Paul Jeacle, Ford & Davla. otbers. liobart (Taamanla). THEATRE ROYAL (Harry Sadler, lessee). Royal BaDzal Family, Daltoo & Moore, Bhlpp & Oaffney, others. HONOLULU, H. I. By E. C. VAUtiHAN. POPULAR (Henry Predhoff. mgr.). EM- PIRE (J. H, Magoon). YR LIBERTY (J. H. Magoon, mgr.). HAWAII (I. Scharlln, mgr.).—Piotureg. HIJOU (J. H. MagooD, mgr.).—Armand & Annand, Musical Kings, Aflague Sisters (local), pictures. Aloxaniler Young Hotel Rathskeller has en- gaged Dolllc Hurrls for two moDlbs, on her return from Australia. ATLANTA. By R. H. McCAW. FORSYTH (Hugh Cardoza. mgr.; agent. U. D. O.).—Edmund Hayes & Co., old stuft goes well ; Belle BiaQche, soorea; Bradna & Derrick. goo<l ; Lea Yost, very pleasing; Gor- don Highlanders, do well ; I>'w Ai Mollie Hunt- ing, much applause; .lones & Sylvester, fair. ATLANTA (Homer George, mgr.; K. & E.). -Mrs. Fiske, in "The High Road," profitable cngagen.ont; "Offlcer (WKJ. ' San Carlo Opera Co. LYRIC (Jake Wells, mgr.).—.\ornian Ilarkett Stock, sixth week. Bl.IOU (Jake Wells, mgr.). Eddie Black Stock. COLU.MniA (Frank Hammond. mRr.).-- •'Hollo Girls." Charlie Gramllch and Ilt-lona Hall, in the COSTUMES for PRODUCTIONS and ACTS From your own or our desi^ at short notice Prices—Modera te GOULD and CO. FORMERLY 1493 BROADWAY PUTNAM BLDG., 43rd and 44th STS. NORMAN w. GOULD Adjoining Shanleyt JOI SULUVAN Fr8iik Smithson «h«t ■&» mm^ i." leads at the Columbia for two months, will give way next week to new principals. Arrangements have been completed for eight performances by the Metropolitan Opera Com- pany at the Auditorium, opening April 27. The capacity of the Oaiety has already proved too small to accommodate its patrons. The Garden has been sold to the Interna- tional Street R. R., which will build a subur- ban station and office building on the site. BRONX. NEW YORK. By C. BLDOT MES8LKR. BRONX OPERA (Richard Madden, mgr.).— "Trail of Lonesome Pino." Next week, "The Fight." Ci^viL SPOONER.—"Parted on Her Bridal Tour." Next. "The Million Dollar Qlrl." ROYAL (Frank Geraten. mgr.).—"At Bay." Next. Nat Goodwin. "Never Say Die." GARDEN (O. L. C. Fleischmann, mgr.).— Pictures. METROPOLIS. - "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Next. "We Are Seven" MINERS.—Sara Rice and Co., with May Ward, added attraction. CLEVELAND. It is claimed Chas. 'E. Blaney has agreed to pay I.Aura Jean Llbby real money for the rights to her novels. His wife. Cecil Spooner, and her stock are presenting her flrst work this week. It Is "Parted on Her Bridal Tour." BUFFALO. Mr WALXIIM U. MOLVOJ MILES (Frank Rayman, EDgr.).—RapoU. clever; Fields A Lewis, good; Edith Helena, feature; Bowen A Bowen. likedj Walter Per- clval A Co.. enterUlnlDg; Boris Frldkln Troupe. PRiSCILLA (Proctor E. Seas, mgr.).-"A Day in Court." headlines; Vlan's Eight Pose- ures. very good; La Belle Clark A "Grand Duke," pleased; Three MlUards, good; Dan Harrington, good; Martini A Troise, liked; Billle Hodge, pleased. EMPIRE (Geo. A. Chenet, mgr.).—"High Life Girls." STAR (Drew A Campbell, mgrs.).—"Queen of Bohemia." COLONIAL (R. H. McLaughlin, mgr.).— - Passing Show 1913." OPERA HOUSE (Geo. A. Gardner, bus. mgr.).—"Poor Uttle Rich CTlrl." PROSPECT (J. W. Lyons, mgr.).—Thomas E. Shea, repertoire. DUCHESS.—Stock. CLEVELAND (Harry Zlrker. mgr.).— Stock. By B. P. THAYBR. STAR (P. C. Cornell, mgr.).—Carle-Wll- llams drew big first half; last half, "Fine Feathers ;" 9, "7 Keys to Baldpate." SHEAS (Henry J. Carr, mgr.; U. B. O. ; rehearsal Mon. 10).—Frawley A Hunt, capa.* ble; Ed. Morton, acceptable: Three Keatons. passed; "Crookology," applause: Chas. A Fanny Van, droll; Cartwell A Harris, grace- ful ; Williams A Wolfus, absurd; "Neptune's Garden," spectacular. TECK (John R. Cishel. mgr.).—"Help Wanted" ably presented to an appreciative audience. 9. "Chocolate Soldier." GAIETY (John M. Ward, mgr.; Columbia). —"Honey Moon Girls" enjoyed. LYRIC (Henry J. Marcus, mgr.; Loew ; re- hearsal Mon. 10).—Tom Bateman. merit; Mack & Stillwell, many laughs; Porter J. White A Co., tense; Harry Rose, clever; Neff & Starr, original ; Mattle Quinn, versatile; Maruno, Nevarre A Mareno, startling. GARDEN (W. F. Graham, mgr.).—"Jolly Girls," good reception and attraction. MAJESTIC (John Laughlin mgr.).—"White Slave;" next week, "A Fool There Was." ACADEMY (M. B. Schlesinger, mgr.; re- hearsal Mon. 10).— Willie Young, eccentric; Kendall's Auto Girl, novelty; Collins A Man- ning, current; Flying Cronclls, sensational; Lizzie Wilson, popular; Bernard A Harring- ton, feature; Spelgel & Dunn, humorous; 2 Franks, agile. AUDITORIU.M.—Automobile show opened in a blaze of glory. DENVER. ■y CD. M. JACIUON. BROADWAY (Peter McCourt, mgr.).— Dark. TABOR GRAND (Peter McCourt. mgr.).— •The Quaker Girl." Good, drew well. DENHAM (Woodward A Homan. mgrs.).— Eva Lang Stock Co. In "The Fortune Hunter." Unusual big houses. E.MPRESS (Geo. Bovyer, mgr.).—Week 28, 3 Emcrsons, scored, opening; Louise Mayo, good; Martini A Maxmlllan, clever; Bam J. Harris, laughs; Ballo Bros, enterUlnlng; •Bower of Melody," hit. PANTAGES (Nat Darling, mgr.).—Week 2(V—La Tell Bros., opening, liked ; Vincent A Raymond, entertaining; Romero Family, ar- tistic ; Kathryn Mlley. good; Laskeys Hobos, laugh hit; Cy Compton A Co. western novel- ty, went nicely. BAKER (Mrs. Harry Ward, mgr.).—Nettle Dudley Ward Musical Comedy Stock In **Mo- Curthy s Mistakes. ' Good and uniformly good attendance. HOFBRAU (Harry Radetsky, mgr.).—Mr. A Mrs. Ralph Snyder, Maud Barclay. Frederlca Brown. About the posters of "The Passing Show, 11)13," and to keep everybody happy the hill posters placed strips of white paper over the girls' legs. A. R. Sherry, former manager of the Lyric, goes to Toronto this week to open tho Shea Hippodrome there. He will come back here in the summer as manager of the Shea Hip- podrome here, which is rapidly nearlng com- pletion. INDIANAPOLIS. By C. J. CALLAHAN. SHUBERT MURAT (W. E. Mick, mgr.; Shubcrt).—"The Whip." Business excellent. ENGLISH'S (A. F. Miller, mgr.; K. A B.). —2-4, "Madcap Duchess" ; 5-7 "Stop Thief." LYCEUM (Phil Brown, mgr.).—"Oscar A Adoiph." Excellent business. FA.MILY (C. Harmon, mgr.).—Musical stock. Capacity. LYRIC (H. K. B'urton. mgr.; S. A C.).—Six Parisian Harmony Girls, well receiyed; Ryan Bros., scored; Williams A Segal, excellent; Al. Herman, hit; Musical Northop, very good; Spiegel's Daughter's Beau, nicely. COLUMBIA (C. M. Southwell, "Roseland Girls.'' Fair business. MAJESTIC (J. E. Sullivan, mgr mgr.).— All those feet had Corns Watch the feet that now trip lightly. All of them had corns. But the owners learned of Blue-jay. They applied it in a minute. There was no more pain. The corn was forgotten. And in two days the corn came out. Soon or late you will treat your corns in that way. Vou will stop the paring, stop the old-time treat- ments. You will deal with corns ia a scientific way. You will take them out, with no soreness, no pain, no inconvenience. Nearly half the corns in the country are now ended by Blue-jay— a million corns a month. Why wait ? Other ways, as you well know, don't really end a corn. Why don't you try this easy, painless, most effective way ? Why don't you try it now? Blue-jay ' For Corns 15 and 25 cents--at Druggists Eaner & Black, CUcaf o and New York Makers of Pkyticians' Supplies Progres KANSAS CITY. By R. M. CROUSB. SAM S. SHUBERT (Earl Steward, mgr.).— "Honeymoon Express," with Al. Jolson. Very big business. ORPHEUM (Martin I.«hman, mgr.).—Mile, nazie, a big artistic dancing act; McDevltt, Kelly A Lucey, good ; Ward & Weber, fancy steppers ; Stuart Barnes, good ; Ruth Roye, In Rae Samuels' class; Keno, Walsh & Melrose, active ; "Beaux Arts," pretty. EMPRESS (Dan McCoy, mgr.).—"The Bower of Melody," fair; Three Emersons, ex- traordinary; Ballo Brothers, fair; Louise Mayo, not up to standard: Martini i*i Max- milllan, laughs; Sam J. Harris, good. HIPPODROME (J. A. Gerspacher, mgr.).— Tasnianlan Van-Dleman Troupe, very good; •Martha Russel & Co., bright sketch ; Four Charles, snappy; Marion Munson, big; Fitz- slmmons & Cameron, fine; Scott & Wall.ue, new material; Miller Bros., nimble; Archer &. Ingersoll, a pretty two act; Musical Gool- mans, novelty. GLOBE (Cyrus .Jacobs, mgr.).— William P. Burt & Co., interesting sketch ; Robinson, Ro- malne & Wilson, big; Coleman & Mcxla, opened; Collins & Ward, fair; Rose & Wil- liams, ordinary; Marguerite & Her Lions, good animal act; KIneniacolor. GRAND (A. Judnh, mgr.).—"The Trail of the lyjnesome Pine." Good business. AUDITORIUM (Meta Miller, mgr.).—Meta Miller Stock Co. In "The Servant In the House." GAYETY (Hurt McPhall, mgr.).—Vanity Fair. Good week. WILLIS WOOD (Roy Crawford, mgr.). - Flirting Widows. Fair week. - •*•' \"' —• ■* —••■»«-»#j A*«Ba . J a 1 «^QS VD- .^_^_—^ slve Wheel).— Girls from Joyland." Capacity. Harry Cooper escaped from the Friday matl- FI FTEEN MONTHS OF CON TINUA L SUCCESS ON THE COAST IS EVIDENCE OF OUR ABILITY THE FOUR MASQUERIAS America's Original Girl Harmony Sincere, Pancereaad Inatrumentalists. FEATURED AT THE MN FMNOISOO PORTOU LOUVRL Address care VARIETY, San Francisco