Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY 31 FRED KITTIE PISANO and BINGHAM Character Songsters €ind Patterers ("I GOT YOU STIFF") BOOKED SOL.ID nee of "The Pleasure Seekers" In a laundry wagon that happe&ed to be convenient and paid Joe Welch a visit at the Orpheum. In fact Harry was so anxious to talk to Joe that he walked right out on the stage and butted into the act. He didn't do much ex- cept to lauRh himself, but Cooper made the two-act a decided flivver. The Auditorium Stork Co. came back strong last week with "St. Elmo" after a few rocky weeks. The house broke Its record last week. Roy Crawford, manager of the Willis Wood, became ill last week and spent several days in Wesley Hospital. "The Pleasure Seekers" put on a tango special after the Friday matinee, but no one was game enough to take the stage and learn the new steps- Clay Smith and Virginia Evans had to show. "The Buccaneers," a pirate film, had a thrilling finish at the Olllls theatre one night last week. The pirate brig went up In smoke real smoke. The fire did about $300 dam- age and Walter Sherlock, manager of the house, saved a bigger loss by playing fireman. Lester ivfnd"say has sold his theatre at Marshal, Mo. The niuc Goose Grill here is to start with a cabaret next week with changes weekly. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Tnskeep Joined "Tho White Sister" here last week. Manneers of theatres In Heloit, Elder, Gay- lord. Downs. Osborne and Stockton, all towns In Kansas, have organized a one-nlghter cir- cuit. Ira F. Williams of Belolt will look after the bookings. Jack Marvin, leading man for the North Stork Companv at Topeka. Kan., has bought a half Lnterrat In the Wolf Stork Company, at Dallas. Tex., and will Join there soon. John Woodford, leading man for the Suzanne rnrtrr Musical Co.. a "turk." Is ill with pneu- monia at Tishomingo. Okla. Harry Hubers, a Kansas City boy, has left the Theresa Martin Rep Show and Is home for ft few weeks. Theatrlral billboards In Kansas City. Kan.. lust ovor thp line, have been turned Into warning slenaln bv tho rity authorities be- cause of the smallpox srnre. I^arge posters telling of tho terrors of the disease and giv- ing advlcp as how to prevent catching It are bring displayed In all prominent places. Elmer Pennettle. assistant manager of the Olllls theatre, a picture house, charges that when Thomas O'Donncll. a patrolmnn, arrested him Inst week he played « xylophone solo on his head with a club with such zest that a doctor's attention was neressnry. The pntrol- mnn rharces Pennottle with having incited a fight among messenger boys. MONTREAL, By N. W. SHANNON. HIS MAJESTY'S (H. O. Brooks, mgr ).— Tom Terrla A Co. in rep. of J>'ckens plays. Good business and support. Next, Lawrence '^PRfxCESS (Abble Wright, mgr.).—May Robson In "The Clever Woman." Miss Robson "^"oRPHET'M (G. F. Drisroll, mgr.; sgent. TT. n O ) —Edwards. Davis & Co., novelty for vnu'leville; Hussev A Lee, applause; Provost A Brown, did well; John Oeiger. Bernard Relnold A Co., Hnndrrs A Mellss, The I^ng- worths. Grace Wilson, well rr'^^lvf"- ^,... GAYETY (Fred Crow, mgr.).— Taxi G^JIR. MIDWAY (O. M. Brien, mgr.; agent. Qrlf- f,nS —Fnx's Musical Stork. RTARLAN'D (Chas. TTandford, mgr.; agent, r?rlffln). -Delaney's Muslral Co. \ T.,amande, proprietor of the King Ed- ward, has leased the "Scala" from Mark K. Brork for ton years. Incase and good will, $ir{,000 prr annum. Quinlan Opera Co. is booked for Marrh 2. Jake Sternad Wishes to announce that he is now located at THE EDELWEISS CAFE 63-67 W. MADISON ST. (Between Clark and Dearborn), CHICAOO, ILL. Where he will conduct A REAL CABARET SHOW Always Catering to Professional Friends Professional Night Every Thursday JAKE STERNAD, Cabaret Manager BABE LA TOUR Th* girl that mad* lightning g«t Mit at tha way With "THE BON TONS" NEWARK. N. J. By JOB O'BRYAN. PROCTORS (R. C. Stewart, mgr.; aRent, U. B. O.).—Reh. Mon. 9).—"Four Harveys," orlKlnnl ; Spragum & MrXeere ; Renello A Sis- ter ; Heath & Mlllershlp, clever; Blmberg & Day, novel; Bryan. Sumner & Co.. honors; George B. Reno & Co.. scream ; Georgette, clover: "Musical Avolo," pleasing. KRENRY'S (John McNally, mgr.; anent. Shea).—Ryan, RltchHeld & Co.. great; "Great I>yannla." noveltv; Western Trio; Hamilton Bros. ; Burke A Harris; Cahlll, Lane & Dun- phv ; Stone A West; Demarest A Doll. WASHINGTON (O. R. Neu. mgr.; agent. Fox).—"Onalp;" Jack Corelll A Co.. grot- esque; Hope Dale A Co., entertaining; Reed A Tuttle, amused; Wilbur Sweatnam, big; O'Dell A Iy>ng: James Grady A Co.. scored. MIN'RR'S (Tom Miner, mgr.).—Trocarteros. SHUBERT (Lee Ottelengul. mgr).—"Within the I/flw." return engagement big business. NEWARK (Georee Robblns, mgr.)—Henry Miller A Co.. in "The Rainbow." fine business. MAJESTIC (Harry Hyams. mgr.).—"Where the Trnll Divides;" iiire business. ORPHEUM (I^uls Fosse, mgr.).—Brownell Stork Co.. "The Little Minister." ODEON (Charles Pope, mgr.).—"East Lynne." THE "FAMILY" (Columbia).—Not the "Or- pheum" as reported has been sold. The latter house is leased to M. S. Srhlealnger. Bros., good; Mertlnettl A Sylvester, usual scream; Dooley A Sales, renewed hit; Sylvia Ix>yal, Interested. EMPRESS (George Blakeslee, mgr. ; agent. S-C.).—Week 23. McMahon A Chapp<'lle; com- edy hit ; Rose Tiffany Co., distlnrt Impression ; Bounding Gordons.' good; Spissell Bros A Mack, liked ; Glady's Wilbur, fairly received. PANTAGES (E. Clarke Walker, mgr.; agent, direct).—Week 2rt, Zena Keefc & Co.. pretty act; Shrode A Mulvey. hit; Hughes Trio, fairly efficient; Clark & Lewis, ap- plauded ; Manno A Belle, breezy. The Elks have announced plans to give up their lease on the Elks' temple and build a clubhouse. The owner of the property will convert the present temple Into a movie the- atre. St.inley Whitney, a lariat thrower appear- ing In vaudeville In this section. Is under ar- rest here for alleged violation of the Mann act In bringing Rose Thorpe from Lethbrldge, Al- berta. In an effort to stop prosecution, he m.irrled the girl soon after his release under bond, but the case will be tried. Mrs. M. Hart, wife of a player In the sketi h at the Orpheum last week, told the police a diamond broach was taken from her dress while she was dining at the Silver Grill. A detertlve found tho Jewelry safely packe<l away In her trunk. James P. Blake, formerly of "Miner's," Is now acting as the advertising manager at "Keenry's." Arthur Oliver Is the general press representative. Ray P. Owens Is Mr. Kecney's personal representative here. SPOKANE. WASH. Bv JAM1C8 W. BOYCF. AITDITORIUM (Charles York, mgr.).—2S-2fl. D^Koven Opera, nice business; 27-2R. "OfTlrer mn." fair houses; 8-0, "The Blindness of Vir- tue." AMERICAN (Hart A Russell, mgrs.).—20- 31. plrtures. ORPHEUM' (Joseph MuUer, mgr. ; agent, rtirert).—Week 2.">. Bessie Clayton art, drew; Helen Gannon, entertained ; Hans Robert A Co., sketch. Inconsistencies hurt; Cheratto Hattle KIrrhner. Inea Baird and Betty An- derson are the new rabaret entertainers at tho Silver Grill. The cabaret at the St. dermriln has Kathryne Costello. Nora Berevldee, Mac- Kinnon Twins, Winona Howitt and Edo Mae. The Palm has announred a series of afternoon ronrerts for guests. Loral professional talent has furnished the programs so far. Professor Zella. a hypnotist, undertook to drive a team of horses down the main street of Coeur d'Alene. Ida., near here, while blind- folded. The sheriff arrested him for fast and rerkless driving, and he paid a |li5 fine TORONTO. By IIARTLRY. PRINCRSS (O. B. Sheppard. riipr ) ' The Lady of the Slipper," with MonfKonicry and Stone and Blsle Janis, opened to a fine house. "Fine Feathers," 0. SHEA'S (J. Shea, mgr.; U. D. O.. agent) — Claude Ollllngwater, Edith Lyle A Co. did excellent; Clowland, with Ceballes and Des- mond and Victor Stone, big novelty; Fred Duprez, entertaining; Lincoln and Lawrence, funny; Volant, unique; McRae and Clegg, good; Ben Deelev A Co., pleased; Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle In M. P., well received. ROYAL ALEXANDRA (L. Solman, mgr.) Primrose and Dockstader Minstrels. "Her Own Money," 0. GRAND (A. J. Small, mgr.).—"Ready Money." "Tho White Slave," 9. LOEW'S YONGE STREET (Charles B. Sewards, mgr; Loew, agent).—"Tho Winning Widows" with Chajrles Terry sparkling and bright; Alice Hanan, a scream; Leila Dam's Players In sketch, excellent; Bailie Stembler and Brother, pleased ; Three Newmans, good; Canarls and Cleo, clever; Monroe and Pusey, a hit; Dick Ferguson. GAYETY (T. R. Henry, mgr.; Columbia).— Bowery Burlesquers. Columbia Burlesquera, 0. MAJESTIC (Peter F. Grlffln, mgr.; Grlffln agents—Morgan and West, The Winnies, Thurston Sisters, Tho Kangaroo Act, Jack Wolfe. STAR (Dan F. Pierce, mgr.; Progressive). —"Militant Maids." "Tho Mischief Makers," 9. BEAVER (W. I* Joy, mgr.; GriflUn, agent). - Orren and McKenzle, Atlantis and Flsk, Ott and Bryan, Reeves and Miller, P. Wenzel, J. O. Connor. CRYSTAL (K. Robson, mgr.; Grlffln. agent). --Westerman and Wt-st, Grace Sisters, Jack Edwards. G. Campbell. LA PLAZA (G. Wellsman. mgr.; Grlffln, agent).—The Campbells, DeNechords Dogs, Robt. L. Montague, Rube Bldridge. PEOPLE'S (S. Aboud, mgr.; Grlffln, agent). — Rube Eldridge, Paul Earle. CHILD'S (M. Maxwell, mgr.; Grlffln, agent).—Geo. Mayne. Tony Evans. MADISON (W. S. Brady, mgr). Claire Trio, RuHseli-Couffs, Bain Company. PARK (D. A. I.,ochrle, mgr.: McMahon A Dee, agents). Bradford and Olenny, Chas. T.« Noire. Dm TJnrry nnd ]^\fi.h. .Annie B. Edwards (1st half) ; HuRh Sprague and Dixon, Walter Brown. Arr-lur and Garlowe, Trlxle Fields (2d half). ^ACK OF THE NAME SOPHIE TUCKER SAYS: "My TAYLOR WAKDKOHE TKU.NKS are tho joy of my life. Never have had a wrinkled j^own." C.A.TAYLOR TRUNK WORKS CHICAGO; 35 E. Randolph St. NKW YORK: 131 W 3Bth St. . "Tub: TATTOOED SOOTOHIVIAIM" FIr8t time on any stage, or In any country. Fully protected. To anybody adaptlnjl this I will present with a brick or a "raspberry," whichever is handienf. , Originator IN