Variety (February 1914)

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32 VARIETY ' ADDRESS DEPARTMENT Where Players May Be Located Next Week (February 9) The routes or addreaicn given below department weekly, either at the theatres temporary address (which will ho Inserted If name Is In bold face typo, $10 yearly, burlesque are ellirlblc to this department. are accurate. Players may be listed In this they are appearing In or at a permanent of when route Is not received) foi |6 yearly, or All players In vaudeville, legitimate stock or Keefe Zena * Co Pantaves Vancouver B C Kelly * Pelloek Variety M T Kelaa * Lel«ktM UT W l«tU tt N T C Keaay 4k ■•111* •• BraUar« R4 Allatea Mi Keoufh Edwin A Co Pantagea Spokane Kerns Two Majestic Dallas Klernan Walters Jk Klernan Empress Seattle Kla«aioa Warl4 Mta««ll Orpbwim Olrvuit Klelst Paul Majestic Ft Worth KMsrs Bras f«| PalaM Tkeatre MlAg N T A AbelM Edward Variety N Y Adas Troupe Empress P')-. Hand Adelaide A HuKhes HamintrBteln's NYC Adier * Arllne Hansa Hamburg Ger Adoals, oare Marlnelll Berlin Aldro & Mitchell Empr«>Bs Salt Lake Alpha 6 Savoy Ban Dlogo AmbraM Mary Moroaco Las Ancalea American Comedy 4 Empress Portland Ore Anikoay * Boas Oalety San Francisco Arnold Ftena Savoy San Diego ArBontlne 8 Hammorstoln's NYC Azard Troupe Empress Cincinnati Bards Four Variety N T Baraaa * Crawford Variety N T Barnold's Dog * Itoakey Variety N Y narnum Duchess Variety N Y HELbN GOFF PRIMA DONNA EN BOUTB, "THE CANDT SHOP" "(;olden Dreams" Pantages San Francisco Ooodall Archie Empress Los Angeles Gordon John R A Co Empress Portland Ore iSurdon Highlanders Orpheum Jacksonville Oraiiaia * Dent New Anuurdaas N Y Granville ft Mack Empire Calgary OraBTlIle Taylor tl9 W IStb 8t N Y Green Ethel Alhambra NYC Gregolre A Elmlna Pantages Edmonton Can Guerro A Carmen tltS North Ave Chicago Owynn A Oossett Babcock Billings Gygl Ota Variety N T Halllgan A Sykes Majestic San Antonio Kresko A Fox Pantages Oakland ■urtls Baa«««ro Breaaaa-Fmller Sydney L La France A McNabb Savoy Ban Diego Lambert A Ball Columbia St Louis laibsrM Variety Laadaa Laoib's Maalklaa Vaf«e«r N T La Toska Pbll Pantages Winnipeg Langdons The Variety N Y Lawaan A Naaaa Variety Chleaca JOB Pollock Milton A Co Majestic Ft Worth Preston Princess Hot Springs Price A Price Empress Los Angeles Priest Janet Woolfolk 36 W Randolph Chicago Primrose 4 Majestic Ft Worth Rafael Dave 1101 Grant Ato Ban Francisco Reerea Blllle VaHety Laadan Regale Four Variety Cbiaaca Relsner A Gores Grand Syracuse Blaa Faaay Blanebard Farm Franklin N H Rtoe Haael State's Reataurant Chicago Riehnaand Darathy Hatel Wellington N Y Roehais Athletic Olrls Variety Chleafo W. E. Ritchie and Co. THE ORIGINAL TRAMP CYCIJST HIPPODROME, BRIGHTON, BNO. WM. MAUD '■^^W.FS.A.!!!?.®'^ ROCK and FULTON Mr and Mrs Everett Bennett lmnJIAIIIUI mt m^ir IN •THE MASTER" ■■■■HUM MHlPll IN "THE MASTER P ROCTOR CIRCUIT Bergar Bdgar White Rata N T BerUaar Vera 1714 Rldfa Ave Chicago Bickel and Watson Direction Gaiety Theatre Co., Morosro T heatre. Loo Angoloa, ladallaltely. miM Jim F Bernatein 14»l Bway NYC Blmboa The Vartoty N T Bowera Fted V * Co Variety N Y Bowera Waltero A Crocker Her Majesty's Melbourne Ans ■■aaka Bovaa 104 B 14th Taualg N T Braham Nat Variety N T Bmeo A Oal^rt Liberty AUIs B R Byron A Laagdoa 174 B 71st St N Y C Caltes Novelty 1114 Ith It PhlladelyhU Oarlatia M 114 Llviagoten Bt Bklya N T Walter L. Gatlett Featured with Blvkel and Wataoa Moroseo The atre. Loa Angeles, Indoddltoly. Co Dora f RlToralde Ave Newark Clarko A B o ig maa Itl George St Brooklyn Cross A Josephine Variety N Y Cronch A Welch Variety N Y CvntOB Bisters Interstate Circuit D'Arvllle Jeanette Montreal Indef D'Arry ft WIlllamB Kmprens Denver Dftvett ft Duvall PantaKos Kdmonlon Can Davis Hnl A Co PantaRos Tacoma navlK Josephine Variety London Demarost A Doll Empresn Ft Wayne Dennis nron EmprosH Rpokanp Devlne A Williams Lyric Pirmlngham Dingle A Esmeralda MarlnelM 14»S Bway N Y Dorsch ft RuHBfll Empress Milwaukee Drover ft Dreyor Pantages Portland Dunbar ft Turner Pantages San Francisco Dupllle Ernest £mpress Salt Lake Lo Daat Wwmmk Vartoty Loadoa Leonard Bisaii lit Towaaend Ave New Haven Leonard A Louie Empreas San Francisco Leslie Bert A Co Empress Tacoma Llchter Baron Majestic Ft Worth Livingston I Bmpreaa Kanaaa City Llttlejobna The Variety N Y Lora A Co Pantages Seattle Lyons A Cullum Pantages Los Angeles M MoCrao Jaalo Oolaabla Theatre Bldg N Y MaD<—aN Mi^ Millar HoCel N T Meredith BtetoM ••• W IIM Bt N T Meraereau MIU Tarloty N T Polly Tarloty Care Will CoUlna, B Paaloa St.. Loadoa, Hanlon Broa Empire Oldham Eng Harrah Great WhiU Rata N Y Havllaaa Tbo Vartety Chloa«o Hayama 4 New Grand Minneapolis Haywarda The White Rata N T Haywood Harry Co Variety N T Ilenaaaa Adalaldo 1111 Broadway N Y HJnes Palais A Girla Variety N T HoUaaa Harry A Co Variety N Y Hoadlal Variety London Hntohiaaoa Wlllard A Co Variety Loadoi I Icelandic Troupe Orpheum Montreal "In Laughland" Pantages Seattle "In Old New York" Empress Milwaukee Insplrato Hippodrome New Orleana "I've Got It" Babcock BllUnga Jefferson Jos A Co Shea's Buffalo Jesslka Troupe Empreaa Victoria B C Johnson Great Empreaa Ft Wayne Johnstons ]\luslcal Palace Leicester Eng Johnston Lawrence Pantages Edmonton Jungman Family Temple Detroit Kammerer A Hewlaad Variety N ' Kara Empress Butte Karno A Co Hammerstein's NYC MUELLEI MOTHERS M Variety N T MuaetU 414 Ceatral Park Woat N Y Nestor A Delberg Empress Portland Newhoir A Phelpa 640 W 16Sd St N Y Nlblo A Spencer S6S 12th St Bklyn N Y Nlcol Bros 1190 Amsterdam Ava^^N Y Newsboy 6 Pantages Los Angeles Nichols Sisters Hammerstein's NYC "Night In Baths" Empress Denver "Night In Chinatown" Pantages Portland Ore Nobles Milton A Dolly Pantages Winnipeg e Odlva Majestic Milwaukee Old Soldier Fiddlers Columbia Davenport Olivetti Troupe Empress Winnipeg OnrI Archie Orpheum New Orleans O'Rourke A Atkins Columbia Davenport Pagllacci 4 care J Levy 1641 Bway N Y Fatrlcola A Meyers Jeffers Saginaw Mich Pekinese Troupe Empress St Paul Phasma Empress Salt Lake Plcchlanl Troupe Empress Milwaukee Pollock Milton A Co Variety N Y Pollard Opera Co Pantages Oakland WILFHID "Sv BOIS PiaytB* lai OliaaH ■bollag Trio iff Hudaoa Pi Hobokea N J ■Awavda AoKy Varloty H T Elliabeth Mary Palace NYC Elliott ft Mullen Pantajres Seattle ■llott Byflney A 147 Harray Ave Detroit IkaaisM Oraelo Maple Crest North Fosboro Esrardoe S 104 R 14th St N Y C Eugene Tronpo Colonial NYC "Ev'body'a Doing U" Emprtpi«i Putte Ferry Wm (The Frog) Casino Municipal Alger Africa Fields Teddy VaHety N Y Fox A Ward 1117 Wolf St Philadelphia Fraada Rath Roche Ocean Beach N Y Sid Franz Troupe "FRANTIC WHEELMEN" Playing Loew Circuit. Frevoll Fred Variety N T Frey Henry 177T Madison Ave NYC c.iorKv Kdwin Pro('tor> N< wnrk '".(idfuy & Hendernon Lyric Hnmllton Ont Place Your Name On Record npHE AddreM D^pwtment in VARIETY wiU keep your friends potted on your whereabouts. It will facilitmte the deliyery of your mail. It ^yes you a permanent place to be located. If traveling and playing, the route each week will be printed, and when no route it at hand, a permanent mailing addrett, if left with ut, will be tubstituted. For $5 yearly (one line weekly), or $10, with name in bold face type. Send remittance, with name and addrett, to VARIETY, New York. Featnred In "The Candy Shop" Olroetloa Anderson Gaiety Co. Honalr A Ward Variety N Y Ross A Ashton Variety N Y Tim. J. Ryai4fidiidd Co. Next Week (Feb. 9). Bonlerard, New York Peraoaai DIrooMoa. JTLB DBLMAB. Sbean Al Fresno Cal Smith Cook A Brandon Orpheum Circuit Soils Bros 4 Variety Chicago Stanley Stan Union Ave A Oak Lane Phlla Stanton Walter Variety N Y Stevena Leo Broad St Trenton St Jamea W H A Co J Jacobs 149S Bway N Y Stoddard A Hines 111 B Tth It Hannibal Me Sutton A Caprtoe Liberty Olrla B R Sutton Mclntyre A Sutton Keith's Clncllnnatl "The Pumpkin Girl'' Hippodrome Cleveland Temple 4 Washington St I^uls Terry A I^mbert Frlara Club N Y Terry Walter A Olrls Pantages Los Angeles Texlco Variety N Y "The Punch" Empress Chicago Thomas Mr A Mrs Fred' Bayshore L I Thompson A Carter Hippodrome New Orleans Thornton A Corlew Unique Minneapolis Thoniton Howard S ft H 1493 Bway N Y Tiffany Rose ft Co Orpheum Vancouver B C Trovato Morris A Fell 1493 Broadway N Y Valll Muriel A Arthur Variety N T Van Pilly 461S Forest Ave Madlsonvllle O Van Billy B Van Harbor N H Viollnsky Variety N Y Walsh Lynch Co Empress San Francisco Ward ft Clark Empress Spokane Warren A Dlanchard Empress Seattle Watson Lillian Pantages Portland Ore Wells Lew Empress Denver Weston ft Leon Pantages Spokane White Porter J ft Co Empress Ft Wayne Whyte Pelzer ft Whyte Empress San Diego Wilbur Gladys Orpheum Vancouver B C Williams A Sogal Princess St Louis Williams ft Warner Empress Sacramento WllUsch Empress Denver Fimnk IffSff B SIth St Bklyn N Y BURLESQUE ROUTES WEEKS FEB. 9 AND FEB. 16. American Beauties 0 Westminster Providence 16 Casino Boston. A Trip to Parts 9 CTrand O H Boston 16 Got- ham New York. Beauty Parade 9 Oayety Cincinnati 16 Buck- ingham Louisville. Beauty Youth & Folly 0 Oayety Baltimore 16 Gayety Washington. Bohman Show 9 Miner's Bronx New York 16 Casino Brooklyn. Belles Beauty Row 9 People's New York 16 Music Hall New York. Ben Welrh Show 9 Empire Brooklyn 16 Peo- ple's New York. Big Gaiety 9 Gavety Montreal 16-18 Empire Albany 19-21 Worcester Worcester. Big Jubilee 9 Gayety Milwaukee 16 Folly Chi- cago. Billy Watson's Big Show 9 Gayety Minneapo- lis 16 Grand St Paul. Bon Ton Glr1<i 9 Cnslno Philadelphia 16 Mur- ray Hill New York. Bowery Burlesquers 9 Gayety Buffalcr IT. Corin- thian Rochester. nmndway PcUps 9 Majestic Indianapolis 10 CJayrty St lyouis. nroarlway Girls 9 Columbia New York 16 Star Brooklyn. College Girls 9 mjckingham I.,oulsvllle If. Columbia Tnfllanapolls. Cnlunihi.T nurlcsqurrs 9 Gayety Toronto 10 Gayety ButTalo. Crnckerjarka 9 L O 16 Cayety Minneapolis. Crusoe Girls 9 Howard Boston 16 (frand O II Boston. Dandy Girls 9 People's Philadelphia 16 Vic- toria Pittsburgh.