Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY IF YOU DONT ADVERTISE IN DONT ADVERTISE AT ALL BILLS NEXT WEEK (Febnniy 16) In Vaudeville Theatres, Playing Three or Lett Showt Dally (All housea open f>)r the week with Monday matinee, when not othcrwlao Indicated.) Th(.atrt-B llsicd as <.>ri>h<>um" without any further dlatlnvulshlnf description are on the Oriihi'um Circuit. Th- itrts with "8-C" followlnc name (usually "Bmpreaa") are on the SuiMvan-Coniildlne Circuit. Proctor's Circuit houses, where not listed aa "Praetor's," are Indi- cuttd by (pr) following the name. Agencies booking the houses are not«^ by single name or initial*, such as "Orph," Orpheum Circuit—-U. D. O.," United Douklng Otllces—"W. V. A.." Western Vaudeville Managers' Asso- ciation (Chicago)—' H. C. " Hulllvan-Consldlne Circuit—"P." Pantages Circuit—"Lo«w." Marcus Loew Circuit— Inter, " Interstate Circuit (booking through W. V. A.).—"M," James C. Mat- thews (Chicago)—"Pr," Proctor's Circuit (New York)—"J-l-s," Jonea, Linlck * Schaeffer (Chicago)—'bl," Bert Levey (San Francisco)—"Sva," Western States Vaudeville Association (San Kranclsco)—"web," Webster Vaudeville Circuit (Chicago)—"cox," E. J. Co« (Chicago) tbc." Theatre Booking Corporation (Walter F. Keefe) (Chicago)—"a," J. H. Alos (Montreal) — 8un," Qus Sun Circuit (Sprlnglleld. O.). New Vark HAMMERSTEIN'S (ubo) (Running order) HawulUo Troupe Ue Vole Trio Kthel Durund Hess Sisters 5 Mowatls Kimberly & Mohr Lydla Barry Cartmrll & Harris .\sahl Troupe Emma Carus lluntlnR &. Frant-iH Rva Davenport Co Howard's Ponies •Just Half Way" VIollnsky Hrooks & irowen .TTH AVE (ubo) .J;irk Wilson Co •Cnvalerla Rustlcana" Helen Page Co Hord»>n & Shannon Hamsdoll Trio Saunders & Van Kuntz Roland Tarvls Co Chester Johnstone COLONIAL (ubo) Hyams & Mrlntyro Knthle«>n Clifford Mrs lyoulfl James Co "The Deautles" Minnie Dupr*-*' Co I^iamond ft Brennan Hines A Fox 4 nardn Jordan Olrls AlHAMBRA (ubo) Pe-t Williams RlcP & Cohen Cross & Jospphino Elsie Jnnlfl 3 Gordon & RIra Schoohr & Dickinson riTt Melrose Knrl Groes Ishlknwa Japs PRONX (ubo) Marruird f- Soelry Hrrminie Shono Co i»rthur Doairnn Henth ft Millerahip "Arcadia" Caha-Pt 3 Gardiner 3 FlyinK Martins Ahoarn Troupe PALACE (ubo) Virginia Hnrnod Co J Sawyrr ft J Jarrott Trixio Frifcanza Sam Mann Co Norton ft Nicholflon Frpd V Rowers Co 4 Hnrvrys Rurloy & Rurlpy OterltT T a Pplle PROCTOR'S 23D Coonrr <f- Esholl Prinze Runfon Co Pnrnpv O'Neill Tames K'^nnedy Co FTowe ft Howe C,U9 Campbell Co McRne * T a T»ort 2f1 b^ir KlmhPl A Kenneth Cortlp ne Milt Rnsp Mnr<5tin Co 2d half Stirk Thomas 6 Shapiro Hoyt ft Meredltb Morrell ft Elger Dancing Cannod Harney O'Neill Sellman ft Arden Ward ft Sbelcb Eldora Co AMERICAN (loew) Helle Dixon White's Animals Urierre ft King "The Duchess" Al Rover Burton Hahn ft Can Harry Uouton Co (Two to All) 2d half Francis Yates Montgomery ft Hcaly John P Wade Co The Youngers (Five to All) TTH AVE (loew) Bessie's Cockatoos •Peep at Future" Bootblack 4 Edwards Bros (Two to flU) 2d half Sadie Ott Eddie Heron Co Klein Bros De Lesso Troupe (Two to fill) GRAND (loew) Ward A West Anderson ft Burt Mattie Lockett Roltina ft Corelll "ZIra in Jungleland" (Two to flit) 2d half Mason ft DuTlel Eleanore Fisher Jones ft Johnson Ray Snow "Peep at Future" Simpson ft Deane 3 Martinettls NATIONAL (loew) Francis Yates J K Emmett Co Hurst Watts A Hurst Dp Lesso Troupe (Two to nil) 2d half .Nelusco ft Hurley DPltorolll A Qllssando Clifford A Douglas Inez McCauIey Co Dp Lesso (Two to fill) LINCOLN (loew) Doltnrelll A Ollssando B Kellv Forrest "Tove Spef|nllst" Snmnsnn A Douglas 3 Martinettls (One to All) 2d half Marnello An'lerson A Golnes J K Emmett Co Pu'-ke A Harris I pfpi 3 (On#> to fill) ORPHETTM (loPW^ MontKomenr A Healy Tnhn P Wnde Co .Tim A Fos'e Hazplton y»vplln^ A Lloyd Fr'-rl A Albert PT^OCTOR'S r»STII KlTT.hpl A K'-nnrth Cortlo Dp Mllt pocp Marst"n Co T^'om*"^ A Shapiro "BM TTons" 2f1 ^aU C^oiior f- F=holl Prliifp Rnntnn Co ptovo Trnnlnrs Fdm T nby Co T o-inr>''d •''■ Wooflg (T'Q ComnhnM Co "TTOCTop-q 1?.''iTH \'lr.lot Jf- CbarloR \''nn|r> Stonh'-n'^'^n "?T|<s Tineo C^riV" Ttm A FosIp TIazoIton P-itn TooIpv 3 Wbont A Ollvin T) Mnrines Cnllownv A Roberts Ilprbert'fl Do^s pivlni: (Tlrls (Three to fill) 2d half "Thp Durhpss" Romnin'' A Orr 0 Kr-^zv Kids Al Rover TTorry Ponton Co (Two to All) O^l^ET.EV (loew) TTTllen A Fuller Chirlntte St Elmo Vih'n'p Birds T-f^^pl 3 (Four to flin 2-1 half T^ocqio TjPonnrd "T^ve Sno^UMst" Priprre A Kinfc Dtv<ne n^r}n DPT A NCI!'V fioew) FI->»-on''o Family Mf Rinon n Knzy KHs FMdIer A ShPlton (Throe to fill) 2d half Charlotte St Elmo Graham's Animals The Magleys Hurst Watts A Hurst Manettl ft Sldello (Three to All) BOULEVARD (loew) Mason ft DuTlel Marnello Inez McCauIey Co Espe ft Paul Eddie Foyer (One to fill) 2d half Jarvis ft Harrison Geo Hall Clare Vincent Co Creighton ft Belmont Mme Zenda (One to till) Hr«M»kl7B. ORPHEUM (ubo) Valeska Suratt Co Claude Olllingwater Co Geo B Reno Co Claudius ft Scarlet "Telephone Tangle" Hoey ft Lee Harry B Lester Stuart ft Keeley Montague's Cockatoos BUSHWICK (ubo) Louis Mann Co Mary Elizabeth 6 American Dancers Big City 4 Delmore ft Lee Orrat Richards "The Girl" 3 Keatons BIJOU (loew) Romalne ft Orr Bessie Leonard Clare Vincent Co Klein Bros Manettl ft Sidelo (Two to fill) 2d half Fossettl "Who Was He?" B Kelly Forrest Florence Family Burton Hahn ft Cam BerzBc's Circus LIBERTY (loew) Paul Florins Harry Rose BuBse's Dogs Dietrlck Brot (One to All) 2d half Ward A West "The Avenger" Bootblack 4 Caron ft Herbert (One to fill) FULTON (loew) Honselv ft Nl'^hols Clifford ft Douglas Burke A Harris Eddie Heron Ray Snow The Youngers 2d half Belle Dixon Alf Ripon NIblo'B Birds Musical Nonses Eddie Foyer Count Ben'imont COLUMBIA (loew) Jack Bovce E A Turner Co Ward Baker n»-aham'8 Animals (Two to flII) 2d half Bp«s|p'a Cockatoos Anderson A Burt ITnnqpiv A Nichols F''wards Pros (Two to All) SHTTRERT (loew) Flonnor Fisher nor7.i"'R Circus F^ospttl "Whn Was He'" Crpi»htr'n A Belmont Cf>unt Henumont (One to All) 2d half Ft'^ld Bros WhitA'B Antmnls F''''<1er A ShPlton "Vninln Pursued Her" 2 Franks (Two to fill) Alkaay. N. Y. PROCTORS The Llttlejohns 3 Xylos Jimmy Lucas Josephine Babel Watson H Edwards Co 'Vegetable Carden" 2d half Wheeler A Wilson Jimmy Green Whittler Once Co Reave Sisters 'Porch Party" Gordon's Doga .4nii Arbor, IHlch. MAJESTIC (ubo) 1st half Chet Wilson Melnotte Twins Edward Esmonde Co Lata Selblnl Co (One to All) Atlawta. Oa. FORSYTHE (ubo) Blanche Walsh Co McCormIck A Wallace Laura Buckley Stepp Good ft King The McBans Osborne's Pets llnltlmore. MARYLAND (ubo) Orford's Elephants Ed Wynn Co Rooney ft Bent Edwin George Leona Stephens Burnham ft Irwin Vandlnoff A Louie (Two to fill) Battle r>«#k. Mlek. BIJOU (ubo) DeRenso ft LnDue Marie King Scott Ed Reynard Co Stelner A Swain Brown Har A Brown 2d half 'Johnny Wise" BaT City. Miek. BIJOU (ubo) "Henpecked Henry" 2d half T-nrkc A Wolfe Skipper Ken A Reeves Florence Modena Co Barnes A Robinson I^Veen Cross Co Bllllita". Mont. BABCOCK (sc) Moffat Clare 3 Hong Fon» Jss F. Sullivan Co Olivetti Troupe "Top World Dancers" nirmtfio-liam. Ala. LVRTC (ubo) Bud Fisher Rip Eleanor Ball Macart A Bradford Act Renutlful AlPTander Bros (Others to fill) V*o««at* KEITH'S (ubo) Ma«»eie Cl'ne T o'lls A S'mon Co T^olandlc Troupo Will OnVland Co f^nnryp \y DaV r.oi»»«imtth A Honpe Fnrlev A Morrison ORPTTU'TTAf Hoew) TTTr»^ Bcptrv TlHrwllTlff Vplqon Hovr, Minstrels "T Died" P'li-fon A Lerner .T iPscnrdos (Two to All) 2-» >islf ^»1lclo^l Dlvon WoUor Law Co Wnnnv A WoMIs TX'ni)-,c*»'q Anitnals (TTn^yr tr\ All) ^»i,cl«q| D'Ton ^'"Urir Lnw Co T/-„Ti„v A TToIMb Wniin,.^', Animals (Two to nil) 2d half Juggling Nelson Hoyi's Minstrels "i Died" Burton ft Lemer 3 Escardos (One to till) BvHalo SHEA'S (Ubo) Robt T Haines Co Mr ft Mrs J Barry Cecilia Wright Warren ft Conley Raymond ft Caverly Azard Bros (Two to fill) ACADEMY (loew) Bill Bailey Godfrey ft Henderson 3 Falcons Frank Stafford Co Evelln Cunningham H&rry Thriller (Two to fill) LYRIC (loew) Kashlma Scott ft Wilson "Stage Struck Kids" Sylvia Harris ft Hart Flying Cronells Walter Browor Batte EMPRESS (sc) Fred St Onge Tr Ed ft jV>k Smith Gwynn ft Oossett Bessie Browning "I've Got It" Calgrary* Caa. PANTAOES (m) Capt Jack's Bears Davett ft Duvall Lawrence Johnston Morette Sisters Bernard FInnerty ft M' Gregoire ft Elmlna Cklaasa EMPRESS (SO) Halsted St (Open Sun Mat) Ryan Bros Williams ft Segal "Mein Llebschen" Al Herman Morrell's Girls PALACE (orph) "Matinee Girls" Katherine Kidder Co MrFarland ft Mme—? Mae West Marshall Montgomery Conlln Steele ft Carr Diero Edgar Berger MAJESTIC (orph) Bessie Wynn Fox ft Dolly Sam A Kitty Morton Itna Clayton Co Henrlette De Serres Robert B Keane Scott A Keane Reuter Bros Blank Family WILSON (lis) "Apple of Paris" I^urle Ordway Romano ft Carme Jerome A Parry 2d half "Apple of Paris" Kumry Boesch A Rob Bimm Bomm Berr Klein A Erlanger Dirk Millar McVICKERS (Jls) The Lelands Archer A Ingersoll Blanrh Gordon Don Carney Eva Westcott Co Creat Richard Ha TV Deaves Co .T Greens Fields A IjewlR Flyine Oevers CROWN (Jls) J^lnlav A OirlH Tolperaph 4 T ininn Murtha Covn^'a Does Carroll Keatlne A Fay Pollock A Apglln 2d half Plorrhio Troupe T prov White Bella Belmont Jpanotto AHIoj* COLOVTAT, (Jls) T->n"'o r^l^n'^s Winn'-v Boesch A Rob >Ta-'Plina ■/om ^ Mindeli i^r,ni#s D-i'ls Vnr'nn CoffPV P'ronVIIno A VIoletto Iliinter f- Pooq 2d half f^ftav Troiipr TX'>>i Amo'Mi^nn .3 T Mii'in >»iirt>i<« loflonh Fondeller rorne's Dogs ClaaftMAaU KEliHB iubo) Cresdy At Dayne • Our Bob" 3 b'ohemlans Prince Lai Mon Kim Ulustitt ft Scott Mtrkel Sisters (Others ts UU) EMh'RESS (SC) (Open Sun Mat) Great Johnson liijou Russell Porter J White Co Demurest ft Doll "Circus Days" Cilevelaad. KEITH'S (Ubo) Anna Held Rube Dk-klnson Watson ft Santos Yankee ft Dixie Hubert Dyer Co 5 Gormans MILES (tbc) The Bremens Greene ft Parker Maldle De Long "Soul Kiss" Copeland ft Payton Damnan Troupe Colnaabaa KEITH'S (ubo) •Clownland" Win Rogers Consul ft Betty Wallace Oalvln Ernie ft Ernie Morris ft Allen (One to nil) Dallaa MAJESTIC (Inter) (Open Sun Mat) Mcyako Sisters Vincent ft Raymond Paul Kliest Co Baron Ltchter Milton Pollock Co Primrose 4 Kedford A Winchester Daarav ORPHEUM Van ft Beaumont Sis Margaret lies Co Sophie Bernard Ix)u Anger Boudlnl Bros Corelll A Gllette (One to nil) EMPRESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Morandlnl 3 Arthur Geary Prince Floro Mary Dorr "Night In Station" Wilson ft Rich Dea IHolnea. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Mabel Adams Co Kennedy A Rooney Jack Hazzard Power Bros (Others to flll) f>#«rolt TEMPLE (ubo) Arthur Sullivan Co Sallie Fisher Chas A Fannie Van Trovato Tom Terris Co Kitamua Japs MILES (tbc) .Mcintosh A Maids Pat Stroneberg Torcat A D'Allza Anthonv A Ross Daisy Harcourt (One to flll) T>n1nfk ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) David Bispham Manlon A Hanlon Shrinor ft Richards nill Pruitt Tvron's Dogs (Others to All) BdDi«Mit*a. ram. ORPHEUM 2d half (Same bill na at Re- pina this Issue). PANTAOES (m) Adeie's Lions MMton A DoPv Nobles Richards A Montrose Arthur Rlgby Howard 3 Phil La Toska rMTJ*hmfh. N. J. PROCTOR'S "Son of Snloman" r<iirke A Bnrke Conolia Ph'^rman A L pti'vc Jennings .Musicul A'an Cooks 2d half F(1n-nr''s "Sassy Stono" xVii'd A Currnn I.inis Stone McRolmoto A Wallnre ^'(•ott A Bentham Krla* Fa. COLONIAL (Ubo) Fred Dupres Herbert Uermalne 3 Sansone ft Delilah John Qelger (Two to nil) VaU Hlvar. Maaa. ACADEMY (loew) Gladys Vance Dancing Kennedys Anderson ft Golnes Elsie LaBergere Co 2d half Frank Whitman Oliver Arnando Tr (Two to flll) rilau tflek. BIJOU (ubo) Fields ft fitown Lord Roberts Clara Williams Co Carlta Day Lucille Mulball Co 2d half "The Funny Moon" Ft. Wayae* lad. EMPRESS (SC) (Open Sun Mat) 3 Newmans Kammerer ft Rowland Clem Bevlns Co Coakly McBride ft M Robinson's Elephants Ft. Wortk MAJESTIC (inter) Lohse ft Sterling l^ona Guerney Felix ft Barry Olrls Kajlyama "Dancing Mars" Mullen ft Coogan Trovett's Dogs Haaslltoa* Caa. TEMPLE (ubo) Chas Grapewln Co Relsner ft Gores Frawley ft Hunt McKay ft Ardlne Florette (Others to flll) Harrlakaric. Pa. ORPHEUM Bertha Creighton Co John ft Mae Burke Ethel Green Beaumont ft Arnold The Hassmans Juggling De Lisle Hartford, Cona. POLl'S (ubo) Anna Held's Daughter Belle Baker Lockett A Waldron Os Ko Mon Bowman Bros MartinettI ft Sylvester Hohokra. N. J. LYRIC (loew) Two Franks "The Avenger" Ash ft Shaw Nelusco ft Hurley (One to flll) 2d half Harry Rose "Melvlna Could You?" Dietrlck I'j-os (Two to flll) Hot 4|*HnKV Ark. MAJESTIC (Inter) Williams Tho A Cope Will H Fox Cvrling Brunetti'S (Two to flll) 2d half Lewis DeLong Co Briant A Mack Wellina'ton 3 Cromwells (One to flll) Howsrtan MAJESTIC (Inter) (Open Sun Mat) Standard Bro Van A Carrie Avery De I.ieon A Dftvles "Oirl Aboard" FNa Rnegger Flanaean A Edwards Don Fulano rn^fnnnpoIlM KEITHS (ubo) Jtillus Tannen Harry Tighe Co Marl a Lo Co T Ihonatl P'nnkoff A Olrlie Dnnree A Dupree (One to All) LYRIC (sc) Skatellpq Creep MfH A Dean ftonor * »n Thieves .TnliTn Rose Paul Azard Troupe J»»<r"oa. Ml«»h. BTJOTT fiibo) 2d half Chet Wiloon M<'inotte Twins Kdward Esmond«> Co Lala Selblnl Co (One to fill) Jatikaoa villa ORPHiilijM (Inter) (Opeu Sun Mat) The Hennings Will ft Kemp Warren it brockway Rice Bros KalaauuM*. Mlek. MAJUSilC (ubo) "Johnny Wise" 2d half DeRenzo ft LaDue Marie King Scott Ed Reynard Co Stelner ft Swain Blown Har ft Brown Kaaaaa City, Mo. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Theo Roberts Co Lillian Shaw Lyons ft Yosco U Samarlns (One to flll) EMPRESS (80) (Open Sun Mat) Wllllsch Mond ft Sallie D'Arcy ft Williams "Night at Baths" Lew Wells Katie Sandwine Co KaoxTllle, Traa. KEITH'S (ubo) C H O'Donnell Co Jack Gardner Joe ft Lew Cooper Nevlns ft Gordon Van Cleve Denton ft P (One to fill) I^aaaiavt Mlak. BIJOU (ubo) "The Funny Moon" 2d half Fields ft Brown Lard Roberts Clara Williams Co Carlta Day Lucille Mulhall Co LltUa U—tu Ark. MAJESTIC (Inter) "Saratoga Springs" 2d half Cycling Brunettes Sullivan ft Mason Williams Tho ft Cope- land "Fair Coeds" (One to flll) Iioa 4nar»lea ORPHEUM Nance O'.VelU Co Frank Keenan Co Smith Cook ft Bran Maurice ft Walton Bert FItzglbbons Martin Johnson Edna Showalter (One to flll) E.MPRESS (sc) (Op-^n Sun Mat) Williams A Warner Frostick Hume ft T Maurice Freeman Co Chas Drew Co Die J'm PANTAOES (m) Pollard Oper'i Co Gertrude D Forhes Co Roche ft Crawford Krcko A Fox De Forrests T.ow(«y11I» KEITH'S (ubo) Belle Blanche Marie A Billy Hart lilv JjonK SIdnev A Townley Van Hoven I>>itze11 A J^innette (Others to flll) f.«»w^ll. Mnnn. KPTTM'S (ubo) Port Wh'^Her Co GrR"p WMson voil McKlnley V-ip Bros (Two to flll) ORPTT'J'TTM fhnrlotfe Parrv Co 1 iin<hert A Ball \Tnton A D«^T ong Sis P"nr A Mack Thr, Poinds K'taro Jnnq (One to All) Mti.vnnke^ MA.rFPTTc fornh) Clark A Hamilton .lr>o Wrl"h Wm J D'^nley Aiiptin Wohh Co M^^rfon A (Tass KoMor f- "Wler Fiii^^-^r rjir's CRVSTM. (fhr) T o'Vv'p "TTohoes" T nUnn 7 eoni Wnltor PTflvnl Co R^T A Cilvert ToVvo Tnnq ORPTTiJ^r^M (tbc) "I^ok Who's Here"