Variety (February 1914)

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VARIETY 15 ir^ at) EMPRESS (Upen Bun Zeralaas Louis GTranat "The Punch' Bob Hall -Mermaid t Man" M<BDra|»uas. ORPHEUM (Optn Sun Mat) Mile Dazle Catherine Countlss Co Ward A Weber Whltefleld & Ireland Hyman Meyer Asakl UNIQUE (8C) (Open Sun Mat) Dorsch A RubmU Harry Rose •In Old N Y" Usher 3 CecUe Bldrld ft C BIJOU (m) (Open Sun Mat) AltBky'8 Hawallans Creo Danny Simmons Comer ft Sloane Togan ft Geneva MoBtrenl. rsB. ORPHEUM Mrs Gene Hughes Co Baby Helen Ball ft West Jed ft Ethel Dooley Australian Scouts Weise Troupe FRANCAIS (loew) Lee A Bonlta Victor Musical Kings King ft Gee Caites Bros Mareeno Nevarre A M Mt. VerBon. N. Y. PROCTORS Edw.'s "Sassy Steno" Ward ft Curren Miss Alexander Co Weslyn & Nichols Eldora Co Eddie Badger 2d half Herbert's Dogs James Kennedy Co 4 Solus Bros Claire Rochester Co Hot Bird-Cold Bottle Newark* N. J. PROCTORS (ubo) Doris Wilson Co Ralph Ball Mellen Co Clark A Verdi Versatile 3 (Four to All) LYRIC (pr) 3 Romanopps Dunn ft Dean Selwin Arden Co Bimberg 6 Day 2d half « Le Roy Jackson Co Wheat ft Allwin Musical Highlands Dooley A Evelyn Nt>«vburKli. ^> V. COHEN O H (loew) Harry Tsuda The Magleys Jones A Johnson "College Girls" (One to All) 2d halt Paul Florins Sampson A Douglas Hellen A Fuller Busse's Dogs (One to All) IVe«T Orl^aaa. ORPHEUM "Dance Reveries" Abe Attell Nellie Nishols Maude Odelle Co nyal A Early Armstrong A Clark Klutlng's Animals IVcn- Haven. Conn. POLrS (ubo) "Rpd Heads" Melville & HIggins Tx)ra A Payne Ray Conlcy Lnu^htin's Dogs Wllllard A Bond Guerr3 A Carmen New il*nkvll*. V. Y. I^EW (Inow) Jarvis A Harrison Making a P]f*v Caron A Herbert 2fl half Espo A Paul (Two to fill) ^irrfnlk. Vn. COLOVT^L fubo) Frod Arrt'>f!: Co Kirk A Foffnrtv Prrtna A Drrrlok Rnvmnnd A Pain (Others to fill) OnklHnil. Onl. ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Edrtip I.ronard Dr Herman WIlia TTolt WaVrflpld Domarest A rtiabot Conley A Webb 4 Porpz Coipman's Animals (Onp to AM) PNVTAORS (m^ morn S'ln Mat) "r.nldon Dreams" Julii ReHmond Co Reed's Dogs Bob Albright Dunbar ft Turner Omaha ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Taylor Granville Co Lewis ft McCarthy Muriel ft Francis The Brads Dazle Leon (Others to fill) «»(ia«va DOMINION (ubo) Mme Besson Co Eva Shirley Henry Lewis Great Howard The Rosalres 5 Idanlas (Two to fill) I*ai«r«M*n, N. J. EMPIRE (loew) Simpson ft Deane Geo Hall Musical Nosses B* S Hall Co (One to All) 2d half Harry Tsuda Ash A Shaw -College Girls" Edwards A Helene (One to All) Pklladrlpkia KEITH'S (ubo) FVederirkt Sleinons Co Laddie Cliff Adele Ritchie Bert Errol Gliding O'Mearas Handera A Millias Boganny Troupe Herzog's Horses (Others to fill) IMttabarirk GRAND (ubo) Saharet Kramer A Morton Rigoletto Bros Henry A Francis Ryan A Lee Hanlon A Clifton l*«r<taHd. t»r«. ORPHEUM Marie Lloyd Horkney Co BInns BInns A Blnns Foster A Lovett Eva Taylor Billy Rogers (One to AID EMPRESS (so) CTIrdelier's Dogs Rich A Lenore Bert Leslie Co Burke A McDonald C Lawlor ^ Daughters PANT.AGES (m) Roval's Horses Hal Davis Co Brighton 4 Murrav K Hill La Nole Troupe ProvM^n**^. R. I. KETTH'S (ubo) Florpncp TPTPpest Co Touise Galloway Co Bessie I a Count PiBon Clfv 4 Van A Schenck Mvrtle CHvton (One to All) Rerlna. Cms. ORPHEUM) Ist half Julia N»9h Co 0\en \(>t^«>rsoIe Moshpr Ht^vpq A M ITprman Tlmberg Th*> Ple^slnrs (Others to All) nirkmnnd LYRIC (ubo) "Kid Kabaret" Cnrl Poalne Co Flanagan A Edwards DrvIpP g- W'lllaTis TrnhofT Conn A Cor F'sa Ruopeer Tus^ano Pr^s Jones A Sylvester RMolieatvr. M. Y. TEMPLE (ubo) Mercedes Parrv A Wolf^rd Mrronnell fi PImnson V"x f- Mnb^l Ford MrR'»e A riepf Jnnemnn F-rnlly (Ono to All) FAMIT V (loew) M^'^l^ni VIcRoq Dkk Fo-puson O C F^Mo Co K'tfv FIvnn Confe * VTcuorlte Judee & Onll On^ITPI'M 1st hnlf Murnhy NM-^h 1'^ Co T nwr'^ii'^e fi rn'»i'^'*'^n f'laudG A Fanny Usher Panther Duo Paul roprVtqs (One to flin RMPRFSS (sr) fOpon Sun Mat) Lul-^l D^H'oro p'lrVp g- Hirrlson Wn'oh Tyvneh '^o T pnpnrrt f. T oule Pinl^nhlends JKFFF"?! rubo) T n^ke A Wolfe Skipper Ken A Reeves Florence Modena Co baiucs ft Kuuiudon La»eeu Crutis 00 2u Half "Ilenpewitea uenry" i^MitiiiiitO (SO) (opca v««iu luttl) Heruiuu & bulrley Jdd JkicOouaia Ui'Vlllc Kueuur Vvuyid reizer ft W 3 luscarys DiviiiK xNymphs kaa Jkmimmitt MAJESTIC (inter) (Upeu isun ikiatj Two Kerns bliveis J C AUgent Co Bell tunxAy Kenney .\o ft Piatt Wiudiuw ft Dud:y aaa l#i«»w EMfHESS (sc) (Upen bun Mat) Price ft Price 3 Musketeers Mr 6i Mrs P Fisher Dave Ferguson Archie Goouall SAVOY (m) Riding Castellas Walter Terry ft Girls Newsboy 6 Lyons ft Cullum Allegro ■an Franal ORPHEUM George Dameral Co Leo Carrillo Louis Hardt Sidney H Philips Chick Sales Anna Lehr Co Maxiue Bros Gertrude Barnes EMPRESS (sc) Barton ft Lovera Katherlno Klare Rlcnard Mllloy Co Joe Whitehead Sylvester "Day at Circus" VANTAGES (m) (Open Sun Mat) Hip 6t Napoleon Le Roy A Lytton Rice A Franklyn The Sylphonos 3 Jahns Pt. I.4»ala COLUMBIA (ubo) Gertrude Hoffmann Mark A Orth Madden A Fitzpatrick Wood A Wyde I ynch A Zeller Vein Duo PRINCESS (sc) (Open Sun Mat) Berrv A Berry Whittler's Boy "Salvation Sue" MorrlBsey A Hackett Picchlanl Troupe Pt. rKiii ORPHEUM (Open Sun Mat) Ben Deelv Co Harrv Gilfoll Musical Cuttvs Crouch A Welch Ruth Roy Kartell! La Toy Pros EMPRESS (sc) (Op-'n Sun Mat) Will Morris Thornton A Corlew Dick Bernard Co "Quaint Q's" Orvllle Stamm PROCTOR'S Gordon's Dogs Jimmy Green Repve Rtsters Hirrv Ellsworth "Porrh Party" 2d b-'lf Coil-ns A Miles Jimmy I tiras Florence Mascott Rivers 4 Watson H Edwards Co P9««fl* EMPRESS (sc) Df^nnis D'rDs Wnrd A CI.irk 'Stick Up Man" >'UTnv Bennett Ropsow M Meets PAVTAGES (m) "'^rlest'^s"' n' Kf^'ia" F''^''ln Keoufifh Co Wrsf^n A Leon E J Moore Co Spanish CToIdlnos PIntfv ri»T onPTTET'M S Miller Kent S'unrt Barnes Wrlcht f- Detrleh McDev'tt Kelly A L E'm Miinoev T'^nn'^t gi Wilson Morallis Bros E>»"RP<?S mr) inrtr-n Pnn Mat) M-' k f- A ♦''•''Son ••r'»^-,,iv*a Doing It" F'lith nifrord Kara PANTAGEB (ta) (Upen bun Mat) Riding Duitons KhodA ft Crampton Patsy Doyle Duncan ft Holt Clara btevens Co kyrluiftUria. Alaaa. PULi'b (Ubo) "Woman t-'roposes" Howard Rat^liff Co Keno ft Green Mijares Harry Ellis 3 Arthurs Empire Comedy 4 Bonlta 6 (Une t3 fill) ttl«»rkt«»n. CnL ORPHEUM l>d half (Same bill as at Sac- ramento this issue) Sjrracuae* N. Y. GRAND (ubo) W U St James Co "House Warmers" Cantwell ft Walker Clauae Golden Meredith Sisters Joe Cook Wlllard ft Bond Bird Millman 3 Ta f san EMPRESS (8C) Jessika Troupe Brown ft blyler Rose Tiffany Co Jennings ft Dorman Sebastian Merrill Co PANTAQES (m) Zena Keefe Co Scbr3de ft Mulrey Manut) ft Belle Clark ft Lewis Hughes Musical 3 Toledo. KEITH'S (ubo) Bernard Rhelnold Co Avon Comedy 4 Josephine Dunfee Ismed 3 Hedders Rolandow Bros Toronto YOUNGE ST (loew) Moscrop Sisters Amoros & Mulvey Gordon A Marx Sam Ash 3 Ernests Polly Prim "Thro" Skylight" Savoy A Brennan Moffett LaReine Co SHEA'S (ubo) Jos Jefferson Co Kirksmith Sisters Dainty Marie Bronson A Baldwin Elida Morris Charles Weber Dlrkin's Dogs Tr«»T. \. Y. PROCTORS George A Mack Wheeler A Wilson Whittier Once Co Florence Mascott Rivers 4 2-\ half The LIttlelohns Marcus A Gartelle 3 XyloH Harry Ellsworth Co Josephine Sabel Viirm, IV. Y. SHUBERT (ubo) "Trained Nurses" Grace De Mar Fisher A Green Chas Swert (Four to All) Vaneovver. ■. C. ORPHEUM Madge Maltland Cameron A O'Connor Gillette's Animals (Five to All) ORPHEUM (sc) Patrick Franc A W Berke A Korae Klernan Watlers A K Warren A Blanchard Maxwell's (Tlrls PANTAGES (m) •In Laughland" lyora A Co Elliott A Mullen Lrnn Roeee Frank Smith TI#t«*rfM. v. ri. EM'^RESS (sr) Rri|s'(ell g- Mack OHrivq Wilbur M''Mahon A Chapelle Hounding Gordons KF^ITTT'S (ubo) '■n-oen Beetle" Rtv Cot Pu*'"v A Tiorenz "Three Tvnes" r')rls Richards TVio Ori7ors rhl-^f rnnnnMran Apd.'ile's Circus lVlnMf«»*r. Cna. nR"!?FrM IT M Z-iTtio Co Choi'h r'9 Troupe r'pra Tnee CntnlTne ft- Denny Dioohrrs Troupe (Others to All) EMPllESS (sc) Eddie Marshall May ft Addis CanAeld ft Carlton Frank Mullane Pekinese Troupe PANTAGES (m) Harry Bulger Terry Troupe Vera Berliner Tom ft Stacia Moore Bettlna Bruce Co Juggling Wagnera PaHa EMPIRE (Eltolle Palace) Aubln Leonel Banola Troupe Jane Colombel Shine McVoy 3 Frank Legay Great Santell Ferry 3 Jeannetts Tagil a Trio 1 Zapps SHOWS NEXT WEEK. NEW YORK. (Wm. (l(Hh 'A LITTLE WATER ON THE SIDE Collier)—Hudson (7th week). 'A THOUSAND YEARS AGO"—Shubert (7th week). GRAND OPERA—Century (21st week), "GRUMPY" (Cyril Maude)—Wallack's we-'k). "HELP WANTED"—Elliott (2d week). "HIGH JINKS"—Casino (0th week). HIPPODROME—America (24th week). "KITTY McKAY"—Comedy (Bth week). "LAND OF PROMISE^'-Lyceum (Blllie Burke) (0th week). "LEGEND OF LENORA" (Maude Adams- Empire (7th week). 'MARIA ROSA"—Longacre (5th week). "OMAR THE TENTMAKER"—Booth (6th week). •OTHELLO' (Wm. Faversham)—Lyric (2d week). "PEG O' MY HEART"—Cort (61st week). "POTASH ft PBRLMUTTER"—Cohan (27th week). REPERTOIRE OF SKETCHES-Princess. "SARI"—Liberty (6th week). "SEVEN KEYS TO BALDPATB"—Astor (21st week). "THE DEAR FOOL"—Garrick (4th week). "THE CriRL O.V THE FILM"—44th St. Music ilall (8th week). "THE LAUGHING HUSBAND"'—Knickerbock- er (3d week). "THE LITTLE CAFE""—New Amsterdam • 14th week). "THE MISLEADING LADY"—Fulton (12th we°k). "THE PHILANDERER"-Little (flth week). "THE QUEEN OF THE MOVIES""—Globe 6th week). "THE RULE OF THREE'"—Harris (Feb. 16). - "THE SECRET"—Belasco (7th week). ^ "THE WHIRL OF THE WORLD"—Winter Garden (6th° week). "THE YELLOW TICKET "—Eltinge (5th "TO-DAY""—l«th Street (10th week). "WHEN CLAUDIA SMILES" (Blanche Ring) .39th Street (3d week). "YOUNG WISDOM" (Mabel ft Edith Talia- ferro)—Gaiety (7th week). CHICAGO. "DISRAELI"—Blackstone (Ist week). "HELP WANTED""—Cort (0th week). •THE PLEASURE SEEKERS""—Garrick ("Jd week). •NEARLY MARRIED"—Cohan"B (6th week). "THE TRAFFIC""—Howard"s (13th week). "SWEETHEARTS"— Illinois (2d week). •SEPTEMBER MORN"—La Salle (0th week). "IN OLD DUBLIN"'—Olympic (3d week). -THE LURE"—Princess (5th week). •MADAM PRESIDENT""—Powers (3d week). "THE SPECKLED BAND'"—Studebaker (3d week). EVA TANGUAY—American (3d week). REPERTOIRE—Fine Arts (14th week). GILBERT A SULLIVAN OPERA CO.—Audi- torium (2d week). PARI§. "MADAME""—Porte Saint-Martin. "DIABLE A QUATRE""—Chatelet. "ROI DES MONTAGNES""—Trianon. •CHIFFONNIERES'"—Renaissance. "L'ENVOLEE—Comedie Francaisc. ".MARCHANDE D'ALLUMETTES""-Qaite. •LE MANNEQUIN""—Marlgny. •FILI.E DE FIGARO""—Apollo. •PARSIFAL"—Opera. •'BOURCTEOIS AUX CHAMPS""—Odeon. "LES MERVETLLEUSES""-Varieties. "DEUX CANARDS'"—Palais Royal. "JE NE THOMPE PAS MON MARI""- Athenee. "PRETEN'TAI.VE"-Comcdie Champs Elysees. "GRAND BOURGEOIS"-Antolne. -DANSE DEVANT LE MIROIR"—Ambigu. "JEWNE DORE"—Sarah Bernhardt. -nELLE ADVENTURE"—Vaudeville. •Tt MESSIEURS . DE FRANKFORT'—Gym- nase. "BABY MINE "—Rejanc. "PELERINE ECOSSAISE"—Bouffes. "PARSIONNES"—Folies Dramatiques. "THE TOREADOR'"—Scalla. Revues at Olympla, Folies Bergere. Cigale, Moulin Rouge, Valte, Rochech'-MRrt, Ba-Ta- Clan. Short plays at Grand O;, ..i<;i. Comedie Royale, Capuclnes, Imperial, M <Hel. MEETING IN MAINE. Portland. Me.. Feb. 11. A quarterly meeting of the State Motion Picture League was held at the Falmouth Hotel here last week. Three new members were adrled. brinp- inp the roster up to 60. Committees on legislation and pub- licity were appointed and various other matters discussed. BERNSTEIN BOOKS A CLUB. "Did you hear about me landing a club?" enthusiastically called out Free- man Bernstein Tuesday afternoon, as a Variety reporter tried to find his way through the smoke in Bernstein's inside sanctum. "Yes. I got it and got it right." "But hey you, just get this now and no more stalling; stop making a hick out of me, will yer? You know I ain't no hick, and it was no good stuff last week, you guys kidding me about my new clothes and silk hat. No, I ain't sore; I owe you fellows too much money to be that way, but remember I always stood for you even if you did give me credit, and I don't see why you pick on me just like the Player did. "Have a cigar. They came in by freight and must be heavy enough to kill Doc Steiner's breath. Keep cool, I'll tell you about the club I got, and there was five of 'em bidding for it too, but you know little Freeman, the boy who discovered oil. Never mind that now though, let's get back to that hick stuflF. You're hurting me in my business, on the level. I am serious about this, and Pll tell you why so you won't do it anymore. You know how I stand with everybody, regular guy, the go get 'em kid, always de- livers and can land anything from a trained flea to a flock of wild ele- phants—if there's enough coin in it for Freeman. Did I make that plain, enough coin for me? Well, since I got to be an honest agent, the man- agers are going around saying 'Who is this guy Bernstein? Is he there?' and I've been picking up some busi- ness. They want to book where they can do the best and I certainly can do the best for them that can be done with safety. But this hick stuff hurts. They don't think I am any good when reading it and so I have to hold on to those I've got. while the actors might believe the stuflF too and you cer- tainly have heard me talk to actors and actresses enough to know how much of a perfect gentleman I can be under pressure. While it was only the other night May said to mc, said she: 'Freeman, where arc you getting all that new dialogue from? Are you holding out an educated chicken on me?' and you can believe mc that when your wife gets wise to some- thing there must be a reason. "Never mind anyway, I won't holler any more. If you are going to make a rowdy out of me for a laugh, do it good and get a couple, but I'll tell you about the club just the same. The United and the whole bunch were after i^. It's the Bron.x Elks. To-morrow (Wednesday) night I am going to send them eight acts that will make that bunch elect me a life member right after the show. Ret you can't guess the first one I will name? You did. It's May Ward sure enough, and then there's Beth Stone and Co.. Sherman and De Forrest ( think I am about due to touch Dan for $25 or so—what day is this?), the Jap Dolls, Roberts. Hayes and Roberts, William Edmonds and Co., .Arion Four :ind Rf»snire and Prevost. I am getting some real money for that outfit, and fbey all arc going to get their bit. No I. O. U's in this one."