Variety (February 1914)

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VARIBTY (i BDAYGOE^ LYRIC THEATRE m Daniel YAhthur. MANAGING DIRECTOR COMPAKVJ 213 WEST 42d STREET TELEPHONE—BRYANT 874-875 DANIEL. V NEW YORK URrt THE THRILLING AND SENSATIONAL DRAMA ir; THE^.GREAT DIAMONDc ROBBERY By EDWARD M. ALFRIEND and A. C. WHEELER With i^ ^ & AND A CAST OF OI8TINGUISBEO STARS, INCLUDING OAIL KANE ELITA PSOCTOK OTIS DOIOTHY ABTHUB CHABLES J. BOSS MAKTIN T. ALSOP P. B. PKATT FRANK HAKDY AND AN INGOMPARABLB SUP- PORTING COMPANY The Pint Time in the liistofy of Film production that an entira cast has been compoaad of BROADWAY FAVORITES. Tha Great Diamond Rob- bery was originally pro> daced by A. M. Palmer and T. Henry French at the American Theatre, New Yorlc, where it ran few a e<rfid year and was proclaimed to be the greateet melodramatic eucceea of its time. MAirriN T. 8c«iiaHo b; mRBBRT HALL ^ INSLOW ScMilc Effects b; GATB8 AND MORANGE !In< THE WOBLO'S INCOIIMIAILE aid FAMOUS AtTin ■■■•::.-.:^*^^^ LINA CAVAUERI As thm Beautiful HM^ine of ABBfi PRfiVOSrS MASTERPIECE MANON LESCAUT Witli LUCIEN URATORE Tiie Greatest French^Tenor] and'JLyric Actor^of^Today, in the Character |of Des Grieux 2 1-2 Hours' Thrilling Sensatlojiallsm COMPANY OF 250 PEOPLE DOROTNV ARTHUR STATE RIGHTS NOW! p. B. PRATT I RELEASED MARCH ISthl II STATE RIGHTS NOW! RELEASED MARCH 30thl All productions of The Playgoers Film Company will be personally staged by Mr.f Arthur^nd receive the same care and attention as to detail Ihat has characterized his productions Miihe past, both in the operatic and dramatic fields* ^^ ^^ ^- i^