Variety (November 1914)

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20 VARIETY 9* FILM FLASHES William Kesscl, brother of Charles Kessel of the New York Motion Picture Corp. died suddenly at his home in New York late last week. The deceased had been Identified with the picture business In every branch. He re- cently returned from a trip through Europe in the interests of the New York M. P. Corp. The Picture Playhouse Film Co. has opened a new exchange In Dullas in charge of P. A. Block. The American M. P. Co. Is building an $85,- 000 theatre In L'tlca to scat l.HOO. It will be finished May 1. The third annual ball of the Moving Picture Operators' Protective I'nion of Greuter New York. Local :HX5. I. A. T. S. E.. will be held at the Palm Garden, ."Wth street and Lexington avenue, this Suturday night. Prominent stars of the screen have promised to attend. ColncirJentally with the completion of 'Life's Shop Window" for the Box Office Attractions Co., Henry Bclmar has begun work on a semi-monthly series called "Lincoln, from the Cradle to the Grave," designed to pre-ent one of the most notable historic and cdu-ational features in fllmdom. It is plan- ned to release the first installment (all will be in two reels) in February, 1915. If arrangements ran be made the present company playing "Big Jim Qarrity" at the New York, including the star. John Mason, will enact the mcller for the pictures. Two New York concerns were anxious thlB week to land the show and star for the photoplay houses. These changes In the personnel of the Box Office Attractions Co. were made known this week: Zack M. Harris appointed as Cleveland manager (Mr- Harris is a well known ad- vance agent) ; Harry P. Decker to assist Har- ris ; C. L. Worthlngton appointed Philadelphia branch manager; F. W. Mead appointed Bos- ton manager. Tho Gordon theatre, Rochester, has signed for the exclusive use of the Alco program in that city. Work began Monday at the Popular Plays and Players' studio In Fort Lee on the Olga IVtrova feature, "The Tigress." This is the first picture to be done In the new establish- ment. It will be released Dec. 7. Cecil R. Wood Is back as chief operator for the Alco New York exchange. Alco closed contracts this week In Albany, Syrncuse, Buffalo. Rochester, Watertown, Og- densbur?. Blnghamton, Rome, Amsterdam, Oloversvllle, Corning, Cornell and Troy. C. A. Taylor handled the business. The new Palace, Buffalo, Is scheduled to op«>n In December. It has taken on the Alco program. Herman Gertler, formerly of the World Film Corp.. took office as manager of the Manhat- tan theatre. lOJHh street and Manhattan ave- nue, Nov. 1. Harry G. Segal, manager of the New York World Film Exchange, signed the Clinton Squure, Albany, for his firm this week. The World Film Corp. this week opened Its i!7th branch in Omaha. D. R. Pearson Is in charge. Gen. Mgr. Lewis J. Selznlck of the World Film has appointed W. R. Scates division manager with headquarters in Chicago, with control of nine World exchanges in the mid- dle west. William C. Preller is the new World Film manager in Minneapolis. He was formerly of the General Film Co., feature department. The death of his mother called N. H. Splt-, Kansas City branch manager for the World Film Corp., to New York a few days ngo. Guy C. Smith, manager of the Broadway, Oakland, Cal., claims that his contract with the Alco Film Corp. of California, involv- ing $100,000, is the largest film agreement ever entered into in that town. It calls for delivery of the Alco program for live years. The Paramount Picture Co. has contracted with the management of the Republic and Majestic, San Francisco, to supply both houses with "first run" features. To exploit their latest feature. "Salomy .lane." the California Motion Picture Co. has an old stage coach of the Deadwood type, oc- cupied by men In western make-up appear daily upon the principal streets of San Fran- < isco while the film Is running at the Portola. ■\ndreas Dlppel is in on several Napoleon "feature " brought over here and Is the power l« hind "Ireland a Nation" film. Ix?e Kugel looks after Ms photoplay interests. Last week the I'nlted Bo iking Office Feature Film Co. arranged to book tho "Ireland" picture In all • if the picture theatres on Its list. The Fnnller picture Iiourps about I^ondon and the provinces have adopted a rather in- genious scheme for reducing the running time of their films when they are anxious to quick- en their shows. On such occasions they chop off the finish by about two minutes, thereby saving from eight to ten minutes on every hour of their entertainments. The National Board of Censors has a now official "O. K." for the pictures. It's a shield- like affair and is not as "blllboardy" as the old one. Contracts have been let for a new $100,000 photoplay house to he erected on Jefferson avenue, near the boulevard, Detroit It will open in May. The Ingersoll-Gaukler Co. are the owners. In a report Issued from the chief clerk's office In the Criminal Courts Building, the ex- hibitors of New York County are charged with paying fines amounting to over $87,OOu during the past eighteen months. These fines were mostly for violations of the statutes pertain- ing to the admission of children without guardians and for violation of the fire regu- lations. "Your Girl and Mine" is the title of the feature film that Is being made ready In the Interest of the woman's suffrage movement. It will be shown in Chicago soon. Olive Wynd- ham and Kathryn Kaelred are two of the principals. "MADE IN AMERICA," SERIAL. The United Film Service (Warner's Features, Inc.) promise a novelty in a new serial soon to be put out. The continued picture is to be taken in every city of any prominence in the United States in co-operation with lo- cal business clubs, chambers of com- merce and social organizations. The Warner people have secured J. Arthur Nelson to direct the series, whose chief figure will be a pretty girl. Her name will be withheld probably throughout the entire series. The picture is to have two slogans "Made in America" (the girl to be known as "The Made in America Maid") and "Filming America Maid." A publicity man and scenario writer will travel ahead of the company which is to make the picture. The publicity man will inaugurate a "Made in America" day in each town and the scenario man will fit a story around the different happenings in each city. The picture is to be released weekly in one-reel installments, the first releases date for which has not been set. Paul Gullck is now editor-in-chief of the Universal Weekly. P. W. Home has an order to take 178.0(10 feet of Industrial film. The work of getting the picture will entail a trip around the world. He Is at present in Washington taking pic- tures of the Treasury and the making of money. The Colonial Film Co. has inaugurated a dally newspaper advertising campaign for their series of films from the George Ran- dolph Chester "Wallingford" stories. The copy that is being used is written so that It makes more of an appeal to the general trade rather than to the public. MUTUAL CUTS TO $2. The Mutual is the latest to follow the lead of the General Film Co. in bring- ing its price of big multiple reel fea- tures down to $2 per reel for film over 90 days old. Many exhibitors have cancelled their regular service to take advantage of the low price now being generally of- fered by several service concerns. RELEASED NEXT WEEK (Nov.16 toNov. 23,inc.) MANUFACTURERS INDICATED BY ABBREVIATIONS, VIZ.: GENERAL Vitagraph V Biograph B Ralem K Lubin L Pathe Pthe Selig S Edison E Esssnay S-A Rleine Kl Melies Mel Ambrosio Amb Columbus Col UNIVERSAL Imp I Bison B101 Chrystal C Nestor N Powers P Eclair Eclr Rex Rx Frontier Frnt Victor Vic Gold Seal G S Joker J Universal Ike U I Sterling Ster MUTUAL Gaumont G American A Keystone Key Reliance Rel Majestic Maj Thanhouser T Kay-Bee K B Domino Dom Mutual M Princess Pr Komic Ko Beauty Be Apollo Apo Royal R Lion Ln Hepworth H The subject is in one reel of about 1,000 feet unless otherwise noted. NOVEMBER 9—MONDAY. MUTUAL.—A Slice of Life. 2-reel dr, A; His Talented Wife and His Trysting Place, split-reel com. Key; Our Mutual Girl, No. 4.*. M. GENERAL—A Better Understanding, dr, B ; The Riddle of the Green Umbrella, 2-reel dr, K; When His Ship Came In, 2-reel dr, S; Miss Tomboy and Freckles, com. V; Hearst- Scllg News Pictorial, No. 73, S; Sweedie, the Trouble Maker, com, S-A; Lord Cecil Plays A Purt (No. 9), "The Beloved Adventurer," dr. L. UNIVERSAL.—The Treasure Train, 2-reel dr, I ; The Phantom Cracksman, dr, Vic; A Uear Escape, com, Ster. NOVEMBER 12—THURSDAY. MUTUAL.—The Friend, 2-reel dr, Dom ; An Incompetent Hero, com, Key; Mutual Weekly, No. 1)8, M. GENERAL.—The Fleur-de-lis Ring, dr, B ; Sophie and the Man of Her Choice, com, S-A ; In the Hills of Kentucky, 2-reel dr, L; Lola, tho Rat, dr, V; Hearst-Sellg News Pictorial, No. 74, S. UNIVERSAL.—The Universal Boy in Cupid and the Fishes ; Juv-com. I ; His Uncle's Hill, 2-reel dr, Rx ; Noodles Return, com, Key. NOVEMBER 10—TUESDAY. MUTUAL—Motherhood, dr. Be; The Nig- gard, dr, Maj ; Their Terror of Anger, 2-reel dr. T. GENERAL—The Heritage of Hamilton Cleek (No. 1», Mystery ln the Chronicles of Cleek), <lr, EC Within Three Hundred Pages, dr, S-A; The Unnger'8 Romance, dr, S; The Sena- tor's Brother, 2-reel dr, V; Butting and A Margaln Table Cloth, split-reel com, L; A Knmily Intermingle and Oh ! What a Dream, split-reel, com, Col ; The Widows Might, com, K : Tho New Magdalen, 2-reel dr, B. UNIVERSAL.—The Opened Shutters. 4-reel dr, GS; Oh You Mumay, com, C. NOVEMBER 11— WEDNESDAY. MUTUAL—The Stolen Masterpiece, dr, A; Destiny's Night. 2-reel dr, Br; The Widow's Children, dr, Rel. GENERAL.- Andy Falls In Love (No. 12 Adventure of Andy), com, E; A Midnight Tragedy, L'-reel dr, K : Three Boiled Down Fables, com. S-A; In Bridal Attire, com, V; Pocgy. of Primrose Lane, dr, S; The Quark. 2-reel dr, L. UNIVERSAL—His Night Out. com. J; The Wondrous Melody, 2-reel dr, Eclr; Animated Weekly, No. 141, U. NOVEMBER 13—FRIDAY. MUTUAL—The Hateful God. 2-reel dr. K-B ; The Folly of Ann, com-dr, Maj ; Seeds of Jealousy, dr, Pr. GENERAL.—A Question of Identity, 2-reel dr. L; The Prince Party. 2-reel dr. S-A; Ham, the Piano Mover, com, K; Cupid Turns the Tables, com. S ; The Rorky Road of Love, coin. V; The Trap, dr. L; Life's Stream, dr. B. UNIVERSAL—When Their Brides Got Mixed, com. and India's Defenders of Great Britain, educa, split-reel, N ; His Curie's Will. 2-reel dr, Vic; A Scenario's Editor's Dream, Com, P. NOVEMBER 14—SATURDAY. MUTUAL—Keystone title not announced ; The Flouting Call. 2-reel dr, Rel ; A Fortune In Pan's, com. R. GENERAL. The Everlasting Triangle, dr. E' "Broncho Billy's Derision, dr, S-A; Heat- ll,4 tho Burglar and Magazine Cooking, split- reel com. L; Ann the Blacksmith, 2-reel dr. V ; Helen's Sacrifice (No. 1. "The Hazards of Helen"*. K; Ills Wife's Pet and The Deadley Despatch, split-reel com, B; The Fatal Note, com-dr. S. UNIVERSAL.—The Battle of the Nations, coin. J ; Man to Man, dr. Frnt ; The Ninety Black Boxes. 2-reel dr. 101 B. COAST PICTURE NEWS. BY GUY PRICE. W. 11. Clune, the Los Angeles picture mag- nate, laBt week bought four bales of cotton. Fred Granville Is expected borne next week from Alaska with a thrilling series of films taken In the Far North. "Cabirla" 1b playing a return date at Trin- ity Auditorium, Los Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. "Billy'* Worthlngton are the proud parents of a baby son. Mona Darkfcather complains that a fellow has been "touching" her friends, claiming that he ig her brother. He calls himself "Chief Wounded Elk." Mona Is not an Indian. Louise Orth of the Universal is resting In the mountains. The Sellg western company Journeyed to Mt. Rhubldoux, Riverside county Cal., and took s-enes for "The Rosary." The trip is a haz- ardous one. The Santa Monica Kalem. A. W. Hale di- rector, has disbanded, and Its members are looking for new Jobs. The Oz Film Co. Is making an addition to its plant at Hollywood. Additional acreage has been purchased. Gertrude Robinson, who starred In "Bev- erley of Graustark," is a new arrival. Dustln Farnum has arrived in Los Angeles to appear in "Cameo Klrby." Andrew Bennlson will quit the Santa Bar- bara Film Co. He may Join the Famous Play- ers. Reina Valdez Is out of the Santa Barbara Film Co.'s company. Louise Glaum. Frank Bezzage and Jerome Storm, of the Kay-Bee. Director Walter Ed- wards, have returned from Bear Valley, where they put on several pictures. Myrtle Steadman, of Bosworth, Inc., has been laid off (with full salary) for several weeks because her director has no part suited to her. Enid Markey is now playing with Charles Itay. She formerly played ln coast stock. William S. Hartls directing for the New York M. P. Co. "Shorty" Hamilton, a well-known western picture actor, Ih a benedict. Mrs. Alfred Brandt, wife of the New York Motion Picture Co. director, died last week. Rex Jones has quit the pictures and is with the Century burlesque company in Los Angeles. K. C. LINKS UP EXCHANGES. The K. C. Booking Co., Inc., which handles Kinetophote products has com- pleted the work of linking up a series of exchange associations'to cover the United States. The K. C. Co. will handle New England through the American Feature Film Co., of Boston: the Eastern Booking Office, with branches in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, will handle that territory as well as Philadelphia through the main office there; a K. C. branch will cover the territory centering in Chicago; the At- lantic Film Service will look after the South and the Far West will be booked through the California Film Service Corp. San Francisco, with branches in Denver, Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles. The association with the Dallas Film Co. was announced last week while New York state is covered from the headquarters in New York. The Kinetophote will release two preten- tious features during November in ad- dition to the stated releases under the \mbrosio brand which it controls on this side of the Atlantic. One will be "The Coming Power," a multiple, by Raymond C. Hill, pictur- ized by Catherine Carr and directed by Edward Mackay. Its leading actors are Lionel Adams, Edith Luckett, Anna Rose and William Crimmons. The other feature is "The Span of Life" feat- uring Lionel Barrymore, and described as having a high-power punch. "The Spirit of the Poppy" is sched- uled for early release aluo.