Variety (November 1914)

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26 VARIETY PICTUW DANIbL FROHMAN The powerful drama CLYDE FITCH The J Straight Road with GLADYS HANSON In Four Parts ot Motion Pictures Clyde Fitch's great human drama of a submerged soul's conflict and triumph Released Novl2th J&roducect by f/ie ,y 36 \ >t , *] FAMOUS ,,- !. FEATURE \V A YEAR M ADOLPH ZUKOR.. President. DANIEL rROHMAM.M»r*^ Director EDWIN S Director Executive Offices. 213-229 W. 26th STREET, NEW YORK. W 36 v. r mmous r. »l FEATURES I// Keullng Edgar Louis Variety N Y Kornau Fred Orpheum Kansas City Kramer & Patterson Orpheum Minneapolis La Count Baaala care Bohm 1547 Bwar NYC La Croix Paul Fountaine Pk Louisville Lamberti Temple Rochester Langdona The Keith's Washington LaRue Grace Temple Rochester Lassies Lonesome Shea's Buffalo Lehert Franz Orpheum Jacksonville FRANK LE DENT NOV. M, PALACE, LEICESTER, ENG. Laalla Bart A Co Variety N Y Leonard & Russell Grand Syracuse Blanche Leslie Next Woak (Nov. t), Empress, Portland, Ora. LEWI! Origin*! "Rathskeller Trio" Cara VARIETY. Now York Lloyd Alice Dominion Ottawa Littlejohns The Variety N Y Lohse & Sterling Orpheum Jacksonville Lowes Two Variety N Y Lyers Three Temple Detroit Manny & Roberts Temple Rochester Maya A Addis Variety N Y Maya Louis* Variety N Y It is Better to Prevent than to Repent Prevent the spread of fire from ignited films with its danger of panic, loss of property and per- haps lives by installing the ihM Transite Asbestos Booth It withstands the hottest fire---confine* it absolutely —because made of asbestos and angle iron. You can take this booth with you when you move. Easily taken down and put up again. You can erect it in less than two hours. Approved by all authorities. Write nearest Branch for full particulars. H. W. JOHNS-MANVILLE CO. sSfc. Toronto The Brains of Two Big Enterprises Have Combined LEWIS J. SELZNICK HAS ARRANGED TO HAVE THE WORLD FILM CORPORATION carry out the idea that originated with MRS. MEDILL McCORMICK of Chicago, the executive head of the Woman's Suffrage Association, to extend the cause of woman's suffrage by means of the sensational melo- dramatic feature. *$ Your Girl and Mine »f In 7 Reels, with Dr. Anna Howard Shaw and such noted Broadway players aa OLIVE WYNDHAM, KATHERINE KAELRED and SIDNEY BOOTH. Read JAMES S. Mc- QUADE'S Review of "Your Girt and Mine" in the Last lasue of the MOVING PICTURE WORLD. 400,000 Women, Members of the Suffrage Or- ganization, Are Selling Tickets Now Your Audience is Ready Be the First to Take Advantage of This Tremen- dous Selling Force and Publicity WORLD FILM CORPORATION LEWIS J. SELZNICK, Vice-President and General Manager 130 West 46th Street Phone or Win Our N t Branch Office for Further Details NEW YORK CITY 2§ Branches Throughout the United State* and Canada, with 12 more to bo Opened Within a Month iUkiUkA a w 4L JkLdkLJaJa ROSITA NTI - Assisted by C. BALFOUR LLOYD Dancin g at Rector's Ballroom, New Yorh Harry Weber Presents 3 MARCONI BROS. The Wireless Orchestra Panlo & Frabito Colonial Erie Pcrnikoff & Rose Shea's Buffalo Pierlot & Scofield Victoria Charleston Pitro Bijou Savannah Harry Weber Presents ILTON POLLOCK la Geo. Ado's Comedy, "SPEAKING TO FATHER" Prince Arthur Temple Detroit MATTHEWS SHAYNE la "D McCree Junle Columbia Theatre Bids N Y Meredith Sisters 330 W 51st StNYC Middle ton & Spellmeyer Freeport L I Morris 4 Bessie7 Loew Circuit Morrisscy & Hackett Hughes Palace Bldg N Y ? MYSTIC BIRD? U. B. O. Orpheum Direction, HARRY WEBER Reeves Billy Variety London Reiliy Charlie Variety San Francisco W. E. Ritchie and Co, THE ORIGINAL TRAMP CYCLIST TICHY'S, PRAG. AUSTRIA Renards 3 Variety N Y Reynolds Carrie Variety N Y Rice Hazel 226 W 50th St N Y Richardini Michael 10 Leicester Sq London WM. w*^^.» - MAUD ROCK and FULTON Featured la •The Candy Shop" EN ROUTE Rochez's Monkey Music Hall 2 Maiden Hill Gardens Maiden Eng Roehm's Athletic Girls Vsriety Chicago Ronair & Ward Variety NY Nash Julia Co Temple Detroit Nelson & Nelson Shubert Utica Nestor & Delberg Loew Circuit Niblo A Spenser 363 12th St Bklyn Nlchol Sisters care Delmar 1493 Bway NYC Nichols Nellie Keith's Columbia Noble A Brooks Tivoli Sydney, Australia Nosscs Musical 5 Garrick Burlington Oakland Will Co Orpheum San Francisco O'Donnell C II Co Shubert Utica O'Neill Doc Colonial Erie Pa Otto Elizabeth Temple Hamilton Sheen Al Variety N Y Sherman & De Forest Variety N Y Stafford & Stone Echo Farm Nauriet N Y Stanley Alteon Variety N Y Stsnley Forrest Burbank Los Anseles Stanton Walter Variety NY St Elmo Cariotta Variety N Y Stephens Leona 1213 Elder Ave N Y Sutton Mclntyre at Sutton Variety N Y "The Pumpkin Girl" Variety N Y Taskcr Ann Co Orpheum Seattle Taylor Eva Co Temple Rochester Texico Variety N Y Toney & Norman Shubert Utica