Variety (September 1917)

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VARIETY a EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT ov TH TOP If A sensational song by AL BRYAN, PETE WENDLING and JACK WELLS. Rush in and hear it right away. Something marvelous. Something you want to get quick. WATERSON, BERLIN & SNYDER STRAND THEATRE BLDG., 47TH ST. AND BROADWAY, NEW YORK CHICAGO 81-83-85 Randolph St. FRANK CLARK ALBOLENE w ^ILL convert Pierrot or Pierrette into plain Mister or Matter, Mrs. or Miis —easily, quickly and pleasantly. Albolenr is the perfect make-up remover. Keeps th€ »kin in good condition. ALBOIMMM la potup^^' •*^«°'^«"« ln,l and % oubob tubes. imd riabt for the maks- us box: alao In H and 1 Ih. cmam. Buy ALBOLBNB at any flnt-ela« draolat or dealer In make-up. MclC£S30N A ROBBINS Inoorporated Mamifaotaniif ChemlsU BsL USI. n Fttltsa Stxmt ... N«w Y«rk ..Q?p£l. MONTREAL BT ARTHUR lOHALRR. HIS MAJESTY'S (Edwards and Driscoll, fflgrs.).—The first musical comedy of the sea- son, 'X^anary Cottage." opened to big busi- ness. Next, "Miss Springtime." ORPHEUM (Fred Crow. mgr.; agent, U. B. 0.).—Chas. E. Evans and Co., "Seven Lit- tle Darlings," Dorotliy Toye, Alexander Mac- Padyen, Halligan and Sykes, Seabury and Shaw, Ashley and Allman, Herman and Shirley. House packed and every act went over big. THEATRE FRANCAIS (Phil Oodel. mgr.). —"Married Ladies' Club,'' Carroll Troupe. Cooke and Stevens, Ouy Bartlett Trio, Parise Duo, The Morrlseys, Chas. Deland and Co.. Rakoma, The Menards, Mosher, Hays and Mosher. OAYETT (Tom Conway, mgr.).—"Follies of the Day." to well pleased bouses. Next. "Star and GTarter." IMPERIAL (H. W. Conover, mgr.).—Billie Burke in "Mysterious Miss Terry" (film). NEW GRAND (Geo. Rodaky. mgr.).—Fea- ture films. Geo. F. Driscoll, one of the present lessees of His Majesty's theatre, is offering a prize of S500 for the best play written by a Cana- dian. EHlts Dean Lloyd, trpasurer of the Imperial, was called to report but was found unfit for military service. J. H. Aloz of the Aioz Booking Agency is oublishlng a picture magazine called "The Moving Picture Digest." SAN FRANaSCO VAMBTrS SAN F PANlMOr ORPHEUM (Fred Henderson, gen, r«p.. agent, direct.).—The Orpheum program is generally good this week. Elsie Janla, ths toRliaar, is ths bMt from a aUiMlpolat of MAX WINSLOW, Manager EDW. S. KELLER PRESENTS Katherine Murray THE SINGING COMEDIENNE I Now on the Orpheum Circuit Los Angeles, weeks Sept. 17th-24th The San Francisco''Cair Katherine Murray, a singing comedienne, with a bewildering array of costumes, has the art of making her audience know she is clever and attractive, and they all agree with her. She has an entirely excellent set of songs and more than enough ability to do justice to her ditties. A young man named Murry Rubens got considerable syncopated tone out of the piano accompanist. Personal Direction, EDGAR ALLEN entertainiucnt and box office draw the house has carried In many months. Miss Janis de- livered a hit in handy fashion. Joe Towle, following Janls, had a rather difficult handi- cap to overcome, but scored a substantial hit nevertheless. The Three Bobs, Jugglers, closed tlie show with the assistance of a trained canine, iiolding the majority in for the finale. Spencer und Williams did even better than last week, this being their second at the house. while Leona Lamar, the Girl with 1,000 Eyes. cjuid leiiiain still unuther week, the interest in her mode of delivery and the correctness '^t »i»»r roplles causinK considerable comment. Katherine Murray suffered because of the opening si)ot assigned to her for the hold- over week, many of the Orpheumltes arriving after her specialty had been staged. The Lovenberg Sisters and Neary Brothers danced their way to successful returns, while Taylor Grattan and Co. registered a string of laughs wifii n..]! ,,Mi,.,K ^1,,.f, f, PANTAGEQ.—The Paa show is far above the average seen at the house. Chas. Abeam and Co. are the feature, oflfering a series of original novelties on wheels, the principal do- ing considerable talk as well to the expected returns. "The Garden of Roses," a descrip- tive terpslchorean producUon with special scenery, marked up a favorable impression, the snake dance getting the l>est returns. The other dances were rather well liked. Kane and Herman have enough bright material of original brand to warrant the elimination of the "chestnuts," which only took the edge from their otherwise clever routine. They were greeted with sufficient applause to war- rant a brace of bows, but refused to acknowl- edge It at ail. Nelson and Nelson opened the bill and gave it a rattling start. Godfrey and Henderson, very good, while the Guilana Trio comprise the usual operatic singing specialty with the conventional routine employed by similar acts. HiPPUDUOMB.—Hoth and Roberts, a char- acter team, have a good line of cross-fire pat- ter. With a slightly Improved routine they might prove acceptable for the better grade of circuits. Aceles and Dolores, well liked. Od- done has a novelty that was fully appreciated. Herbert and Dare closed with a good line of acrobatics holding them in. Harry Dixon, billed, failed to appear. Mcintosh and hla Mtiaieai Malda wou favor. r CORT (Homer F. Curran. mgr.).—Blanche Ring in "What Next" (3d week). COLUMBIA (Gottlob A Marx, mgrs.).— K ft B Company in "Under Pressure" (1st ALCAZAR (George Ebey, mgr.).—Richard Carle in "Cohan Revue 1910" (2d week). CASINO (Robert Drady, mgr.).—A. H. * W. V. A. Vaudeville. WIGWAM (Jos. F. Bauer, mgr.).—A. H. A W. v. A. Vaudeville. PRINCESS (Bert Levey, lessee and mgr.). —Bert Levey vaudeville. Harry Cornell, who aeyera his connection as manager of the Pantagea, Oakland, Sept. 22. 1h mentioned as the probable manager for the Orpheum. Oakland. M. Meyerfleld, Jr., of the Orpheum circuit, received last week a testimonial of apprecia- tion in the form of an engraved inscription from Congress and President Wilson for his part as director of the Panama-Pacific Ex- position. Louise Dresser, who closed her Orpheum tour here after playing only one week, did ■o on her own volition, according to M. Meyerfeld, Jr. He used every effort to per- suade Miss Dresser to at least play the two weeks here and in Los Angales, and says he regretted very much she did not continue on the time. Mr. Meyerfeld is of the opinion Miss Dresser did well here, considering her handicap by having a poor piano accompanist. CASINO (Robert G. Drady, mgr., agt., ah-wva).—The Casino is giving a two and one-half hour show which includes the fea- ture picture. The second night show runs until ll.aO. which is nn unusual late hour ^"A. vaudeville patrors. The house continues to do a good business, which is considered remarkable ,as this location was never con- sidered a good one. It is in the heart of the apartment house district and naturally gets that class of patrons which measures up with the best housed. While the same grade of Taudevllle is offered here as at the Hippo- drome, a few blocks distant, the Casino seta 2B oeata, while the Hippodrome in a much bet- ter looatloa la oaly ■aUiay 15 omto. yha BOSTON 220 Tremont Street DON RAMSAY MODISTE TO THE PROFESSION 36 W. Randolph Street Phone Randolph 1720 Central 6581 Chicago, 111. bill this week Is fair entertainment. The Olmsteads open the show with physical cul- ture work. The man displays a splendid physique in his poses. He also makes a neat talk and demonstrates a routine of exercises which he advises the audience to go through each morning. Two Juvenile entertainers, Beatrice and Blossom, were second, the chil- dren of which the oldest does not appear to be over ten, naturally were liked, as they made a very pleasing appearance. Their clos- ing number, a cake walk, won considerable applause. (ISllfton & Kramer, a mixed team, offer some talk and songs. Such lines as "Don't know whether to kiss him or kill him" and "feeding him raw meat" are included in their comedy efforts. Five Violin Misses make a neat appearance and play the instru- ments well; the same cannot be said of their dancing attempts. They, however, make a pleasing number. Morgan, Fields and Snyder get more out of their singing than their com- edy, and should stick moie to the former, as they have good voices. - Scott and Wilson get quite a few laughs with talk, one of the men working from a stage box and later steps on the stage, where the team do some clever acro- batic stunts In a manner that wins much ap- plause. Some of the talk in the early part of their routine sounds like It might have been secured from Madison's budget. Stras- sle's Seals made an excellent closer. The fea- tured seal really surprised with its apparent remarkable intelligence. The California Cowboy's Roundup was held at Ewlng Field, starting last Saturday, for three days. Since the Wigwam's return to vaudeville policy last week it was noticed that most of the acts on the opening bills there last week had recently played in the other Ackerman A Harris' houses downtown. The future rout- ings will call for some acta appearing at the Wigwam first While this arrangement doea not affect the Wigwam one way or the other, the Misslonitea who are in the habit of com- ing downtown will have the opportunity of seeing some of the acts twice. With the street car strike still in force the theatres are not .getting the attendance they would under normal conditions, yet they are not affected to any great extent and business is holding up at all downtown theatres. John Lee Enlow, a Rlngling circus em- ploye arrested on the charge of selling liquor to soldiers, confessed he was a deserter from the United States Army. Bnlow gaTe his rea* name as Allan A. Caylor and asserted that he deserted at Nogales, Arts. He begged for a chance to go to the front. ^ Continued on page M.)