Variety (September 1917)

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VARIETY 51 An old horse that knows his- WAY HOME Q>m«oaOrtUttary HORSE SENSE is ^dlvou ne^ed lofaihontme secret of many aa acts success i| pQ|iiTEP08s.t£^Y Fusing u MISSOURI WALTZ hclhU'c'tif C^//'/c yo/ ///>// ///A ^hcd uy i/cf GidAp! Whoal Nothing" u'ill?top him, RoscJf'blitiQti DADDY FOU N D .you DOWN BESIDE i ^ GARDEN ^^^^^^^^^ 2EifJ. Perhaps they sinfC> ^^^^^^^^^* !^k 1^/\LL SHE NEVER KISSED ANYTHING ELSE ^^rBLARNEY STONE^ A pctiuiiu* applause ^ong jiwcX the best lintmciit for sfiff cllx^ws. "ALL I NEED IS JUST A GIRL LIKE YOU (HUSHABYEMABABY) ' ^ , Which bears the undisputed stamp oftnclodtoiis individuality and is in itself a icrn/ic success for shingles - doubles' trios ok quartsttE*^. but hIuI a bf.uil^ Shell be H.1VC a Itlllc patience Will tell van when you may sec licr uLVtftx*. ^ rI 11 ■) r«lv«i I i^« [U11 u r«v«(»j IMir«|[»Ji NEWYORIv OFFICE - 140 VV. ^PGlii STR. MAURICE KITTER.MGR. ^^^^^H ^iiK Or tnaybc its the mysterious song SOME SWEET DAY By OLMAN, rose and JACKSON Something New- Different- Orig>inal clcver-Wondcrful . - COHANS GRAND OPERA HOUSE. TOM PAYTON, MGR. SAN FRANCISCO " OFFICE-" TAN IAOhSTHrvnn: i^i v^o. ABh OI-MAN. MC'.K. FORSTER MUSIC PUBLISHER INC. BOB time th« bovM has been open In months. Al- though it !■ one of the most costly thsatres In America. COPLEY (George H. Psttee, mgr.).—Four- teenth week to practlcslly capacity business of "The Man Who SUyed at Home," produced In stock by the Henry Jewett Players. Man- ager Pattee has announced the company will close Sept. 29, to let the carpenters and paint- ers In the house before he starts sprlnglna his Hut of new fall productions, which wiu Include soms of Shaw's plays never seen this side of the water. CASINO (Charles Waldron. mgr.).—Harry Hasting's "Big Show." Capacity. OAYBTTY (Thomas H. Henry» mgr.).— "Maids of America." Bzcellent. HOWARD (George E. Lothrop, mgr.).—'The September Morning Glories" flanked by a snsppy house bill. Big. Dan Coleman, the burleequer, Is a Boston boy, and Manager Waldron of the Casino makes a shrewd more by featuring this fact in his Sunday advertising. Marcus Loew's newest Boston house, the Columbia, will not open uotil Sept. 24. ae- cording to tbe latest announcement Originally he rebuilt the famous old bouse, but shortly before due to open it was destroyed by fire and a new theatre has been constructed. ARTHUR JR. EDWARDS S>' In **NEGLECT." Direction, HARRY SHEA. 2nd Edition of THE u ORTONS Sam, Kitty, Martha and Joe, Msry Desmond, tbe concert singer, has been engsged definitely as a soloist at the Park by Msnsger Sorlero. The Psrk Sym- phony Orcbestrs opens its season next Monday under the direction of William A. Krauth. PEGGY BROOKS The International Comedienne Bright new gowns—Bright new material Bookings by Manager McCarthy of tbe Bos- ton opera house, which be says he Is going to put back on the map this year, include An- drew Mack. Sarah Bernhardt. Harry Lauder, "The Wanderer," "When Johnny Comes Marching Home," Creatore, and tbe Cblcsgo Orand Opera Company. In sdditlon there will be afternoon concerts by John McCormack and Galli Curci. BUFFALO. BT W. VAN ORSDKLIi. TBCK.—"Kitty Darlin," reviewed eli In this issue. hsrs STAR (P. C. Cornell, mgr.).—Opening of regular winter season with "Turn to The Right." Buffalonians turned out en masse Monday night Thoroughly enjoyed it. SHEA'S (Henry Carr, mgr.).—Headed by Harry Pox. assisted by Lew Pollock at the Eiano. Well received. Brother St. Denis with is "The Dancing Girl of Delhi." with Vsude Hoff assisted by Betalo Rublao and Company, food: John P. Wade A Co. in "The Coral Romance," fair: Misses Campbell. "Street Urchin"; Asakl, Three Hiokey Brothers, How- ard'a Ponies and Dogs. MAJESTIC (Millard Cornwall, mgr.).—"The Heart of Wetona," for week. Rather pleasing to fair audience. » LYRIC—Vaudeville headed by the Pive Young Americans; Bennington and Soott; McLaughlin and Evans; The Five Servians; Two Marlowes; Ethel Mots and Co.; film. Business good. GAYETY (R. Patton, mgr.).—Barney Ger- ard's Some Show with Edmund Hayes. Many n><w nuMibprs, some new scenery. Pleasing. Crowds good. OAHDBN (Wm. Graham, mgr.).—"The "•'f' r;indyfl Sears. Good clean burlesque, pleasing large crowds at opening. OLYMPIC (Bruce Fowler, mgr.).—Pop vaudeville headud by "Sally's Visit.^' musloa) comedy. Voltaire and Lo/do; Leonard and Haley; The Reynolds; Maley and Woods; films. ACADEMY (Jules Michael, mgr.).—Pop vaudeville headed by Three Rlanos. Four ot^er acta "The Sawdust Ring," film. Busi- ness fair. SHRA'S HIPPODROMET—Mae Marsh In "Polly of the Circus." Special music by or- cbcntra of .30 ptec<>s. Capacity business. RIALTO.—Second week of "Parentage," film. Business fair. FRONTIER, KEITH'S. RBGBNT, STRAND, BLMWOOD.—Films. LEN MANNING AND VIOLET in OOIVIEDY EOOEIMTRI Loew's American TODAY Direction, IVI AND