Variety (September 1917)

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VARIETY 53 -^i.-. THIS IS THE liE8T FAST 8U^G EVEK WRITTEN ''Cotton Pickin' Time in Alabam" By DALY and COOL A sensation for Phina and Picks "She's Back Among the Pots and Pans Again" By BILL JEROME^BERT HANLON—SEYMOUR FURTH Kate Elinore's (Elinore and Williams) is a riot with the funniest of funny moving picture songs. While Sam Williams registers ^ at every show with "IF I CATCH THE GUY WHO WROTE POOR BUTTERFLY." U BERT HANLON, BILL JEROME AND SEYMOUR'S GREATEST COMPOSITION He'd Rub, Rub, Rub His Little Lamp" Another one of those "Row, Row, Row" things. All kinds of catch lines and funny verses. OF COURSE YOU KNOW WE PUBLISH THE OFFICIAL ARMY SONG GEORGE M. COHAN'S U ff WM. JEROME PUBLISHING CORP. .t ( Strand Tlieatre Building, Broadway and 47tli Street theatrical man of Canada, who was with Mr. Urock, suffered a cooiusloo but will recover. Twentieth Century Hall, a musical hall, opened Monday night with Oskenonton and Princess CbinqutUa in songs and stories of the Red Men, playing to a fair aualence. Crystal Beach closes officially the comlns Saturday. CINCINNATL By U. V. NAHTIM. Society leaders are dividing their time be- tween working for the Red Cross and the pro- posed Art theatre which will be established In this city. Ruth Allen, promoter of the enter- prise, believes she will he able to raise the |8.000 necessary to make the flrHt season a nnanclal success. Miss Allen declares that the Art theatre will not be a "high brow" enterprise, but will present plays appealing to the Keneral public. The special province of the theatre, she says, will be to bring out Cincinnati authors' flrst works. Charles H. Zuber no longer Is publicity agent for the Lyric. Manager C. Hubert NOTICE FOR EUROPE Players In Burope dMirIng to a4v«rtis« In VARIETY, and wuklag to take advu- tage of til* Prvpaid Rates allowad, nay secure the satna. If at tbe tloi* af maHtog advertiaing copy direct to vAAlLTY, New York, tike amovnt In payment lor It Is placed In VARIETY'S crr-Xt «i tbe PALL MALL DEPOSiT AND FOR- WARDING CO. Carlton Si., Regent St., S. W.. London For uniformity in exchange, the Pall Mall Co. wiU accept dtpositt for VARIETY at four ahiliings. two pence, on the dollar. Through this manner of transmission, all danger of loss to the player Is averted; VARIETY aasumas full risk and acknowl- edges the Pall Mall Co.'s recclpU as its own rocolpto for all money placed with the PaU MaH to VARIETY'S credit. Booking for Standard Acts Now Being Arranged. — FRED MARDO TREMONT THEATRE BLDG., BOSTON. MASS. Houck has appointed Rudolph Benson, of the "Times-Star" staff, to that poeition. Rudie is also press agent for Chester Park and un- til recently held down that Job at the Em- press. Oscar A. Dobb, dramatic editor of the "Times-Star," succeeds Benson as press agent for a string of local picture houses. Henry Friedman, cashier of tbe Chester Park clubhouse, who was the flfer in the "1770" tableaux at the water pageant at that resort last week, says he has been made an offer to take the same part in a vaudeville act which is expected to start from New York soon. DALUS. BY GBO. B. W4LKRR. MAJESTIC (C. Von Phul, mgr.. Inter.).— Imhoff, Conn and Coreene; Jonia and Ha- waiians; Tower and Darrell : Conneill and Craven: La France and Kennedy; Herbert's Dogs- Anna Chandler. Dnsiness gv>d. .JEFFERSON (R .1. Stpnneft. m»r., Psn- tafi:c8 ).—"Beauty Orchard"; Olsrn and .Tnhn- 3r)n ; Minnie Allen : Alexandria : Marlon Knight nnd Co. Second weeJ» : business good. HIPPODROME (Eleanor Blrck. m«r.).— 'The Girl from Broadway " Great Gilbert nnd LalMancbo '^uo. Business fsir. OT..O MILL (Lawrence Stewart, mgr.).— "The Harrier," film Crowded. QL'EEN (John DeStefano, mgr.).—"Tb« Hcstnge," Aim. Business excellrnl. Eleanor Black, manager of the Hinpodrome, has recovered from her recent illness and is expected buck from the coast this week. Business at all theatres and picture houH.s \^aH hurt to some extent the past week on ac- count 'if n hot local prohibition campnlpn. S; ' ••! rrs were stationed at every prominent corrur from H to 11 P. M. duriiiK the w«'ok and in this way it cut into the theatre busi- ness. The election is Monday, with the Pro- hihK seemiiigly In the lead. I'lrlTiPHs nil over the state Is reported as oxrell'^nt, qcronnt of the Influx of men for the difff^rciit training camps. The DallaH opera house, the only local legl- • •• . I" t''iirr. will open the latter part of this month. DETROIT. BY JACOB tlflTH. TEMPLE (C. O. WmiamR, mgr.>.—Albar- tina Rasrh; Maoart A Bradford, Marguerite Farrell, Walter Brower, Mack A Earl, Regal A Bende. Memories, Camilla's birds. ORPHEUM (Tom Ealand, mgr.).—"Divorce Question," Harry Sydell, Boh A Robinson, The Zlors. Feature picture. REGENT (tu&Tl Hennessy, inir.>.—WlUa Holt Wakefield, "Edge of tbe World," Al Fields A Co., Neal Mack A Co.. Herbert A Dennis, Gllle A Johnny Yannis. Feature pic- ture. MILES—Lew Cantor A Co., Dolorea Grey, Hunter A Shaw, Strand Trio, Lockhart A Lad- die, Single Barrett. Feature picture. The Orpheum. Regent and Milee are mow followin? the same policy of continuous staows from noon until 11 p. m. with Taudeville and pictures for the same admission price. GAR RICK—"Show of Wonders' ; next, Alico Melson In "Kitty Darlln'." OPERA HOUSE—"Pollyanna," followed by "Turn to the Right." LYCEUM—"Which One Shall I Marry" followed by "The White Slave." APAMS—Vaughan Glaser stock In "Bon- nie," a new play, firHt time presented on any stage. Next, "A Full House." The Woodward Theatres Co., Detroit, has raised the prices of three downtown houses from six to seven cents. W. O. Kenan, of the Crescent theatre, Ad- rian, \h spending $1(),<MN) In improvements. George M. Prendergast has been appointed houHo manager of the Majestic Gardens in Grand Ivai)lil8, suce^udlnv »">id •.nwr»»nrM, who has been appointed assistant manaKcr of the Gllllgham A Smith Theatrical Enterprises In that city. The Young People's Union of Lansing are making a strong effort to close the theatres Sunday. Sept. 24th Is the date set for the opening of the new Colonial, Detroit, with Taudeville and ;)lcturee. NEW YORK The union operators and the Detroit ez- bibitors have come to an understanding re- garding tbe new wage acale. The original demands of the union were flatly Ignored, but when arbitrated tbe operators were granted a slight Increase In wages. Tbe new wage scale went into eirecl Sept. x. m.(L.&. oA/te. FIFTH AVENUE IMPORTSH AND DS8IGNEB Advance Models In a complete and com- prehensive collection of the newest and moet dis- tinctive styles are now being displayed for the inspection of profeulon- als. Clothea that mark the wearer with the in- dividuality of style and good taste are always to be seen at this establish- ment. IfUe. Claire sug- gests an early visit. Special Rates to ProfesaionaU. 130 West 45th Street New York City Phone Bryant 8881