Variety (November 1919)

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ww&* : a^s '"■ ..'-' : -' l-'- . -: «„ : . ■ ■ VARIETY ; ! -■ I BEST PLACES TO STOP AT as Me 5* LEONARD HICKS ». HOTEL GRANT Madison and Dearborn Streets •The Keystone of Hotel Hospitality" Offers Special Weekly Kates to the Profession CHICAGO K -;■ -. 500 Housekeeping Apartments (Of the better class, within reach of economical folks) Under the direct eopervtaloo of the ownera. Located la the heart of the. city, Jo*t off Broadway, close to all booking offices, principal theatres, department ■tore*, traction lines, ■X" road and subway. We are the largest malntalners of lioanekreplac famished apartment* tpeetallsiag to theatrical folk*. We are on the ground dally. Thle alone insure* prompt ten-Ice and cleanliness. ALL BUILDINGS EQUIPPED WITH STEAM BEAT AND ELECTRIC LIGHTS HILDONA COURT f HENRI COURT Ml (• 347 Writ 43tk St. Phon.: Bryaat 62M Sff. 314 lot Sit Wert 4*tft 8t. Phone: Brytat tSW A kalldiai at inn. Intt ctmitttto; ettvater Aa ut-tt-tkt-aiautt. ««», srasretf bullaiae. ar- tsartmeatl »rra»i«f la tulttt tf int. two and thru rcngid la asartatatt of tbrtt sad ftaf room alth raeat. wltk tile* ton ud itiowir. tin* kltekiat, kltthtai tod arlratt katk. 'Pkaae la (tea totrt- iltchtstrtu. Tkne ttirtatati eakaey entry luxury t» ■efem'teltati. - IS5.0O Up Nattily; 116.00 Up Wttkly YANDIS COURT HI.J47 We* 4M St. neat: Brysat 7912 Ota, tart* ud fear raeai asartatatt. arltb kit* tktsttta. nrliart katk aad ttltpktaat. Tkt prtvaty tkset asartainta art sated far It eae at Ita at- • 12.00 Up Wttkly ji; .oo Up Wttkls THE DUPLEX 325 toil 330 Watt 4Srd St Pktte: Bryaat 42*3-1131 Tkrta art (tar rttoii trim katk. reraltfew) tt • dteret at Ktdtrtttt - thtt txttit atythlip la tali tyss tf kaitalaa. Thast aaartntils will attentat. data faer w aire tdutti. $9.;o Up Wttklf Address all cornmnnleatloaa to SI. Claman Prlaelpal Office—xandla Coart, Ml Went 43rd Street. New York Apartment! can be seen evenings. Office In each building. J ■ Si •■'« 11 ' Tel. Bryant B54-WJ-7833 One Block to Timet Square The Edmonds Fui-nished Apartments MRS. GEORGE DANIEL. Proprietress Catering Exclusively to the Profeaalon. Special Summer Bate* from Jane to September 776-78-80 EIGHTH AVENUE Between 47th and 48th Btreete Private. Both and 'Phone ajeui vrtRlf OBIce: la Back Apartment Ntw ■**•»•• fjg EIGHTH AVENUE : Bryaat 194.4 Geo. P. SehneMer, Prop. 'TWIT "R1T f> 'PPT A FURNISHED iXlJUr DeCtK 1 EU% APARTMENTS Complete for Housekeeping—Clean and Airy 323 West 43rd Street, NEW YORK CITY Private Bath, S-4 Booms. Catering to the comfort and convenience of the profession. Steam Heat and Electric Light - - -. - W.M Up I - B m IRVINQTON HALL 885 TO 359 WEST 81ST STREET Phone: Colnmbna 715J An elevator, fireproof building of the newest type, having every device and convenience. Apartments are beautifully arranged, and consist of 2, 3, and 4 rooms, with kitchens and kitchenette*, tiled bath and 'phone. 817.00 Up Weekly* Address alt communications to Charles Teneoboum, Irvlnrtoe IJaJl. Ho connection with any ether house. ■< H ■■: ''■ writer can learn. No permits have been taken •at for any such structure and none la In course of construction In this city. SYRACUSE, N. T. By CHESTER B. BAHN. . WIBTINO.-AJI week. "My Lady Friends." Tbfs show, with Clifton Crawford as the fee- tared player, Is one of the funniest and snap- piest farces to hit Syracuse In the proverbial dogs age. Its chief assets are a theme out of the ordinary—lines that sparkle, high-speed ac- ton and Crawford, who does not need a galaxy of shapely coryphees and elaborate scenic effects to fortify bis brand of comedy. Of the cast ot 10 seven are women. Of the latter the work of The res* Con over M the wife .and Rae Bo will o. as the housemaid stand out. Next week, "Tht Phantom Legion." Empire.—Monday, Walter Hampden In "Ham- let." A skilfully drawn characterization of the melancholy Dane, made Impressive by the fact that Hampden docs not merely recite his lines— ho acta them. Tuesday-Wednesday, William Gillette in "Dear Brutus." Thursday-Sunday, "Yankee Doodle to Berlin." bast able. -First half, "Star and Garter Show." With the exception of a new musical •core—If a collection of popular bits can be ao termed—tbia year's Wetngarden production shows no change from that of 1018. The cast. too, shows but one shift. Chubby Drlsdale filling the aoubret gap. The principals on the whole are capable enough, but are handicapped by aioee-co verctl material to work with. The chorus, Judging from the age of the girls, might be the same one that was with the original "Star and Garter'' back in the dim past of burlesque. But, girt 'em credit, they can sing. Last half, "Rev- stations of a Wife." Next week, first half, "Bon Ton Girls." TEMPLE.—Vaudeville. CRESCENT.-Vaudeville. STRAND.—First part, "The Brat." Thle N»- afJaeva production may be summed up aa an ex- cellent production (Metro) of a manifestly un- real story. ECKEL.—First part, "Rough Riding Ro- mance." Strictly a stunt picture In which Tom Mix attempts to oat-Fairbanks Doug. SAVOY.—First part. "The World and Ita Wom- en." Excellent Goldwyn film, judged from any angle. Beginnlrg Sunday the Top Theatre, the city's newest film place, entered the "first-run" class. The Top wlU show Paramount, Paths, Select and First National dims. The house tried out a novel publicity stunt this week. Its display advs. took the form of coupons giving the pro- gram for some time In advance. Patrons pre- senting the coupons will have them punched, and attendance at a certain percentage of the films during 29 days will receive frss tickets for December productions. • W- Dayton Wegefarth, formerly of Nixon's Grand, Philadelphia, arrived here Friday to assume the duties of manager of the new Keith house. Workmen thli week started the placing of the huge electrical sign In front of the house, while the interior decorating showed good prog- ress. The tentative opening date to Thanks- giving. Definite announcement Is expected next week. v After five years Sam Rosenberg, treasurer of the Bastable, donned football togs on Sunday, playing with All-Syracuse In Its game with the Red and Black eleven of Watertown. Rosen- berg, who tips the scales at 290 or thereabouts, played left guard, and Syracuse won, 12 to 0. Sam Insists there's a connection between the two. Isabel Rea, formerly with the Empire Stock here, returned to this city this week, playing the feminine lead In "On the High Seas" at the Temple. Clifton Crawford, here with "My Lady \ 754-756 EIGHTH AVENUE Between 4Mb and 47th Streets. One Block West of BroadWay Three, Foot aad Five-Boom High-Class Furnished Apart men to—»10 Op Strictly Professional MBS. GEORGE HIEGEL, Hgr. ' Phones* Bryant S950-1 SMARTEST OF MOTOR RESORTS Merrick Open All Year PELHAM HEATH INN Pelham Parkway, at Easteheetor Avenue i mat BLOSSOM HEATH INN Bead, Lynferook, L. L TJnequaled In Cuisine aad Service. Under direction of H. c*. J. Sustkind HEAR YE! HEAR YEt HEAR YE! The Caravansarle of the Elect; dining room of the Thespian Immortals; food, my friends, as IS food; when we smother onions, we SMOTHER 'em; Friend, you have not lived If you have not eaten at Opp. The College Inn THE GREASY VEST POTTS. Proprietor 173 NORTH CLARK STREET, CHICAGO Opp. The Sherman Hotel BERT KELLY MANAGER OF 401-409 N. CLARK ST., PHONE: CENTRAL 8150 . A Weird, Attractive, Cosy little Place, Where You Dance to the Sett, Mellow Light Cartons Lanterns. Special Attention to the Theatrical Profession. ;-• a : >'••- 'THE 13th CHAIR" The House of Steaks and Good Things to Eat «P£TE W SOTEROS, The Talk of the Loop Next door to Colonial Theatre, 30 West Randolph Street Ask HANK SHAPIRO ? CHICAGO, ILL. ■ta Friends," put In a busy Tuesday. At noon he was the honor guest at the luncheon of the Syracuse Klwanla Club. In the afternoon he assumed the role of golfer In a match at the Onondaga, Golf and Country Club with Fred R. Peck, former Mayor Alan C. Forbes and Richard, Calthrop. Crawford was paired with Peck. The Majestic, Dtlca, playing vaudeville, cele- brated Its fourth birthday this week. The Park Players, at the Park, Otlca, gave "De Lax* Annie" thle week, while the Lumberg, TJtlca, bad "Dear Brutus" on Monday, Hampden's "Hamlet" on Tuesday, "Friendly Enemies" on Wednesday and "Star and Garter" the last half. Syracuse's own little war, staged by the .'Tost Standard" and the local theatres, Is over aa far as the local legitimate houses are con- cerned. With the 'Tost Standard" apparently victorious. The break In the ranks of the strik- ing theatres came last Thursday when the Em- pire, of which M. B. Wolff la manager, returned to the "Post Standard" fold. The Empire Is classed as a K. A E. house. Manager Wolff resides at Rochester. With the Empire using the "Post Standard" advertising columns, the WIetIng Opera House (Sbuberta') was prac- tically forced to follow suit, as the "Post Standard's" morning circulation Is greater than that of either of the two local evening papers. The fight, however, was not occasioned by the dairy 'Tost Standard," but rather by the In- creased rates In the "Sunday Post Standard," which ranks far below the Syracuse "Sunday Herald" In city circulation. To date the local leading picture houses are still standing out and declare they will continue to do so. The "Post Standard" rate Jump would hit them to a greater extent than It would the legit, houses, for tbe movies here use more display space. What will happen to the Syracuse Managers' Association, which resulted from the local fight. Is problematic . That It will continue to hold meetings Is certain, but several members ques- tion tts value if those affiliating do not stick together. It is said that the local house man- agers are In perfect agreement, but the pinch comes In that several must take their, orders .from headquarters, and so are liable to be over- ruled by the man above. . '- . BALTIMORE Formerly 08 Booms With Baths Special Bat to the Professkas Franklin St. at Eatow ReiUy's Know* What the Palate Needs After tbe Show HOME COOKING JOE TIPMAN Prop. IN THE HEART Of THE THEATRICAL DISTRICT NOTICE SEYMOUR HOTEL ROCHESTER, N. Y. Ail Htdsm latrMtaeatt—Ceatrally Batosi 75e. and Up Sale of the City Opera House at Watertowa to the Poughkeepsle Photoplay Corporation, of which Ely Biting is president, was for* mally consummated late last week. The the- ater will be closed Dee. 1 to permit remodel* Ing and alterations, the now owners an- nounced. The work will extend over thret months. Little will be left of the present structure except the four walla The ground floor will have 1,000 seats, the meztanlne 800 and the balcony 700. The highest priced scats will be on the zoezaanlna rather than on tht orchestra floor. A. E. Johnson of New York prepared the plans for the remodeling, while D. D. Kleft of Watertown wilt be supervising architect.. The. theater Will reopen about March 1 and will have both road shows ani films. Before the house reopens It -will be renamed. Whether Wgi 8cott Mattraw, Who i\. ■- ; - : ". MiMBMMim^mB W®§M^i^