Variety (March 1921)

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Friday, March 4, 1921 ■ ' ■ ■ <, e l L ■ ■ . i L VARIETY 23 i tals" of the stage this season, ha» informed the Drama League he will attend its dinner Sunday. Pre- viously, when his selection was an- nounced, he had indicated he would remain away in order to avoid ra- cial feeling. It. H. Burnside, general stage di- rector for Dillingham, returned to New York this week after an ex- tended European tour. Clara Carroll, 18, a member of Gus Edwards* Revue, has sued Carl S. Montayne, librettist of "The Rose Cllrl," for $100,000, alleging breach of promise. , , Charles Dana Gibson was enter- tained at dinner at tho Players Club Monday night, Louis Evans Shipman being host. Mabel Dunning (Mrs. Hugo Rie- senfeld) will return to the concert field, giving a series of songs at Aeolian Hall March 21. ••Love, 1 ' by Players, and the Provineetown "Tyranny of Love," produced by Henry Baron, were opened this week. "The Hero," with Grant Mitchell, will be a special matinee attraction at the Baftt H. Harris theatre, be- ginning Mareh 14. Mitchell still is Appearing in "The Champion." Two plavs by actors are com- pleted. One was written by George Abbott, of "The Broken WinR." the other by Sammy White. The let- ter's is a musical comedy, for which he has done the book aid lyrics. William Faversham in "Prince and Pauper" closes March 12. while the "Greenwich Village Follies of ]9J0" winds up this Saturday. The "Follies'* will he supplanted at the Shubert .by Xora Pa yes in "Her Family Tree." Pat Rponey and Marion Rent in "Love Birds" are slated to open in Brooklyn at the Majestic Monday. The play has been out for several weeks, playing Baltimore, Roston and New England cities. In the will of Mrs. James Speyer, widow of the financier, $1,000 is be- queathed to the Actors' Fund. CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD—CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD—CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD—CUCKOO* MA A BUZZARD 95 c o 3 • — - - 8 N N u The Chicago Opera company winds up its season at the Manhat- tan this week. A. L. Frlanger announces that by acquiring all the holdings of Charles Frohman. Inc.. in the Blackstone theatre. Chicago, he has obtained full control of the house, with the exception of a small minority in- terest. Frank Bacon in "LightninV will be sent into the Blackstone for a season's run next September. Paul 'South* and Stella Tobin have joined the Irving Berlin pro- fessional staff, with a commission to do special exploitation work around the New York cabarets for the Ber- lin catalog. J. II. Bemick & Co. are to have a new retail store in Chicago, having leased the ground floor of the prop- erty at State and Jackson streets for ten years. O O o I o cc < N N CD < o o o O Q or: < N N CD < 2 O O o 3 O o cc < N M CD CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD »7 ANTHONY Evan Baldwin, for several years at the Campus cabaret uptown, is. now with the George Pitman Music Co. LETTERS Alien sen»lin» ro» nmi> to VARIETY address Mail Clerk. POSTCARDS. ADVERTISING OR liUtl.AK LETTERS WILL NOT IIK ADVERTISED LETTERS »'E OV • ATVERTISED IN O- Ailard Beatrice Alexander John Almond Mrs P Amerle'n Beauties 4 Anderson Mr Amir us Cecil Armin Walter Armstrong Anna Baker Annette ' Ball H W Barker Ambrose Barry Kitty Brattle Edw B< nnett 11 Whitm'n Bernard Frank B< rnnrd ft Si-arth ■• - • Btaftii \. .Yiiili' ifcv B< \ <1 Miss I, Burns Hen Bus. h Cleo Cart Ales Chaleae Sylvia Clark Ruby Clover Chan Cohen Mary ♦'••Ok Joe Com ;in Jean Coy D| ( , lt Craves Connie • Curzoa l«ee Cai - m Snnla * Baly Jog || parrel] Rupert Jjarjg .Ti,k ''"•<• Phyllis Dehrow Oil I* "» 1,1 "nar Hugo ]'<" Milt Oertie p« Valery Mi«*nn n wWlH Pauletto Dillon Mab?! ,,; *<>n tiifr I">v«i Johnny Downey Pnttv J"vs.J,.|.. >»liv II ■ N 73 I C o 8 AND OLLIE i « IN o o o Z> o i N N ■a CHICKEN0L0GY J 73 f f I O O o o Elton Sam Estelle Babette Ferrari Leonora Flasor Mr B Flcmm ("has Fridkins John Cenett Jack Hibson Terry Kate Giffin Faye Graves I'illie Gray Jack Green Billy Green Cliff Greene Harrison i'-T' '-tie Manor. ';r;n»» v M.h.t ri Goodrich Huth Gordon Edw Gordon Elaine Qordon R J Gottloff Jack Hahiland Gertrude Harper Helen Mart Chaa Henderson Betty Herbert Hughes lion* Hannah 11•»I«I<-n Maxvv* II Hull Comfort Hylaod Thomas Tvcrson Frit/.ie Jack son Gay M Jackson Warren .1 arobeon < 'lai-> ni '• Johnson Happy Kelly Han Kennedy Eli/ Kennedy Mr&Mri .; K'inK Gus Kremi a Antony Ha Roc i\ Rosy Lee Hilly He Boy A Caoptr QQ it o o o Now Playing PROCTOR'S, MT. VERNON Next Week (March 7), MOSS' BROADWAY, NEW YORK Direction, JOE SULLIVAN CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD" N N 7J I a 7* o o 03 N * N o § CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD—CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD—CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD—CUCKOO, I'M A BUZZARD Levitt Douglass Hew is Cleo Lewis Frank Lloyd Jules F I .oil us Peggy I oy:lt HesHi* luster Carl Hubin A Ijowts Lucy Frank Mac Chas Mark Hilly Madison Sun Marble Win Martin Hradley Martin Irene Marx JiMlus Masoulm Ray Mast Chaa Meadows Francis Meehan W a M llor BtS Moore Jan**t Murray Blia Well Sis \obir n rman Herman i Jcag-ctt* 0*Donnetl m , . |e«by IM> rh Pave -los Patrlc* F'errlval Alb <• Perkins J tlalph , Terry jKla China Mi^s IMatnondun Louis Plant Murphy K Platos Jack C/ii .«i v H Querninl .lusle liae Madellnt Randall i'eg Iti«by Kio RIO* The Hose Harry Itutl'Mttfi G<rt!e Sa \a/je Jaek 8uvoy I.<niis Savuy Viola Srotl Mae Hcoli fHith *9les;risl \<ii Sllleir llM IK lie ■iihur Mabel ^m>'ll Mrs I. "4t Clair Te«hJie Ateph*n Murray .-'trii'i,' Millie St M.irt llerbel t g*recn*y I'r <i tii \ tor •• i a nk ]'.• \ tor i nam Tic -r * Fnrbet Thon.poon (Vth'rj tie 'PiempNon I.' Tl •< I el M N" f»< ■ i 'ii!i>f> Faniily Trout Fred Vunu Jean Victor Chai Vincent I c well V.( b-r'l.w W'-Mtort BilllS Wigand Viola Wilfjrd B I) Wiimot Dolly Wirs A Walker Wolforth Jules Wright Mr & Mrs Young Emma Zuhn Billy J B W II CHICAGO OFFK K Anderson & Burt A stela Hoys Anderson Lucille \ < 1 ri 111 s <;*o 'V ArmstrunK L (Jrant Vstiwur'h Hej«h Armenia vng^io Arnold it Sobel \ 1 irn-i \ip Barbour Dorothy Belmont He.n« Hrowning Art I'.elninnt Joe Hra4ley <;e<»rge Boltn CaM Bennett Charles Bleeoinsj Mrs c IkTifiy Jaek B< rn;ir/l Mil " I :<■ r f j • t Siitinie Braam ateiis Byron \ •• i Bella Kb p a Hento Hefran Hrooks Frank K Pel ford 8ik Hadte 8 Hunting Rmma Ue.rnard 4c Lloyd Clifford Ruby J Connors Jack t.'ummings Bay Tooper "Fitch' Casell Ridney f'l-rvo L»sn DeVlne Hot Ha Pavenport <»»rtn Davis A McCoy Donney George I* Dawson Sis L S Du Nord I.eo Rnpa a r F.lls.voitb Pi i Karl A Lewl s Hrimriie Sisters Brcallt Carmen Fa her Earl Prance Janet A H Fessehdea Alice F.rd Chaa II FolSOm Hobby Misb Foley Tiios J Ft her A M'Onwan F »ater A Clark Fiuhrer & Pluhrer l ;• orge Fr«-d '. .-11111.1 r Pauline <;rr»nt Sydney 'Iray H*»e Ho Mr <!ordon Jean Oerrlty M J ffilnioro Lew Oouid Laura Howard Hert C I! r.defieon Norman Harty *Bob H.u riaon Happy Hurt Ha •/.*•! Hays K <? Hart 'buries iiarnt! Honey Hov ard Flnrenee H.irn^ s & O Hoiden A Na\.<rr»» Harris Da an Haywood Hat ry J a we n M Mrs Jone a Helen M Joyce Jack Josephs Jack Johnson Anna R I i son A Halg Jovtdah Kirke Hazel Kirchner Huttie Kin« Madeline Kalama Momi f.orralne C A Lee Ja«k Hingard Hilly Lamb waiter c Lloyd Wilkes l.owene Cib»n I^ynn A Ha Ro«e Leonard Xc Haley Lindsay Tom Lund Charles Luke Eda Ann Ll*»\vellyn Roue i,undo Barney Mis* Martya Maude Martin F a Mr* Martin Johnny Moraa f a B Milbr D S Mrs Mudae F M M :i T.-1..- I.I A B|ddb Miirti-il A W-st Meyers Hilly Mr Moore E J Mayes Ja<k Mannard Virginia Miller Cleora Morrall Frank Murray Edith Morgan June Mitchell A P Narder Vike Miss O'Mar Cassis DDea Pittenger Vira I'OHty Dot Plerco Ilillaw Perry Alice Phillips George ponies Leon'a Roger a Wilson 8 Behan Batelle Rae W.igdal> n Rolls A Royrn Roberta l*.-gif< Blchey R Keith Rlely Mae Rog.-rs Jaek Robertson A Ross Robinaoa * Pierce Regan Jameg Renard a Jordan Royal Phlllipe Rogers Frank Mrs Riggs Mary Stiaw Llli.un Stanton Walter Single Billy Seymour* Dolly Stead Sue Scott John George Saxton V P Mrs Sackett Albert Stafford Edwin Spahman Albert Smith Oliver Co Sperling Philip Sully Lew Schreln Pert Skinner J J Smith Willie Thayer Charles Temple Joe Tra.ey Sid Thlele otto K Van S.-bark Eddie Vay Margie Valyda Rosa Vincent Jewel Vesta pan White Hob Williamson Ho Weeks LeRoy A Washburn Pearl Wilbur Elsie Wilson John Mrs Webb Hwry I. Williams Connie Zukur Dave