Variety (March 1921)

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lay, March 4, 1921 VARIETY 27 Burlesque Reviews (March 7-March 14.) . , buz Revue" 7 Gayety Newark *7 Rajah Reading 18-15 Grand ^undlhe Town" 7 L O 14 Bljoir •JK^S&tle.- 7 Lyceum Co- iSnbus 14 Empire Cleveland. JSuty Revue" 7 Bijou Philadel- phia 14 Majestic Scran ton *i&autv Trust" 7 Empress Cincln- V^ti 14 Lyceum Columbus. •Best Show in Town" 7 Gayety De- troit 14 Gayety Toronto, •mjg Sensation" 7 Star Brooklyn 14 TKmDire Hoboken. "Bl* Wonder Show" «-8 Berchel Des Moines 14 Gayety Omaha. "Bon Tons" 7 Gayety Pittsburgh 14-16 park Youngstown 17-19 Grand Akron. ••Bostonians" 7 Gayety St Louis 14 Star and Garter Chicago. •Bowery a" 7 Casino Boston 14 Grand* Hartford. "Broadway Belles" 7 Gayety Mil- waukee 14 Haymarket Chicago. "Cabaret Girls" 7 Star Toronto 14 Academy Buffalo. •Cute Cuties" 7. Empire Cleveland 14 Avenue Detroit. "Flashlights of 1920" 7-9 Bastable gyracuse 10-12 Gayety Utica 14 Gayety Montreal. •Follies of Day" 7 Gayety Montreal 14 Empire Albany. ••Follies of Pleasure" 7 Plaza Springfield Mass 14 L O. •Folly Town" 7 Majestic Jersey City 3 4 Perth Amboy 15 Plain- field 16 Stamford 17-19 Park Bridgeport. •French Frolics" 10 Rajah Reading 11-12 Grand Trenton 14 Troca- * dero Philadelphia. •Girls de Looks" 7 Grand Hartford 14 Jacques Waterbury. •Girls from Follies". 7 Trocadero Philadelphia 14 Star Brooklyn. •Girls from Happyland" 7 lyric Dayton 14 Olympic Cincinnati. "Girls from Joy land" 7 Gayety Bal- timore 14 L O. "Girls from U S A" 7 Empire Brook- lyn 14 Peoples Philadelphia. "Golden Crook" 7 Gayety Kansas City 14 L O. "Grown Up Babies" 7 Empire Ho- boken 14-16 Cohen's Newburgh 17-19 Cohen's Poughkeepsie. Hastings Harry 7 Casino Philadel- phia 14 Miner's Bronx New York. "Hip Hip Hurrah" 7 Star and Gar- ter Chicago 14 Gayety Detroit. "Hits and Bits" 7 Gayety Toronto 14 Gayety Buffalo. "Hurly Burly" 7 Academy Pitts- burgh 14 Penn Circuit. "Jazz Babies" 7-9 New Bedford New Bedford 10-12 Academy Fall River 14 Grand Worcester, "jingle Jingle" 7 Empire Toledo 14 Lyric Dayton. "Jolletiea of 1920" 7 Empire Albany 14 Casino Boston. "Joy Riders" 7 Park Indianapolis 14 Gayety Louisville. "Kandy Kids" 7 Grand Worcester 14 Plaza Springfield Mass. Kelly Lew 7 Gayety -Rocheste%14- ir, Bastable Syracuse 17-19 Gay- ety Utica. "Kewpie Dolls" 7 Haymarket Chi- cago 14 Park Indianapolis. "Lid Lifters" 7 Howard Boston 14- 16 New Bedford New Bedford 17- 19 Academy Fall River. ••London Belles" 7 Gayety Omaha 14 Gayety Kansas City. •Maids of America" 7 Orpheum Paterson 14 Majestic Jersey City. Marion Dave 7 Empire Newark 14 Casino Philadelphia. "Million Dollar Dolls" 7 Gayety Washington 14 Gayety Pitts- burgh. •Mischief .Makers" 7 Standard St. Louis 14 Century Kansas City. •Monte Carlo Girls" 7 Englewood Chicago 14 Standard St. Louis. •Naughty Naughty" 7 Olympic New York 14 Gayety Newark. •Parisian Flirts" 7-8 Lyceum St. Jose 14 Gayety Minneapolis. ^Parisian Whirl" 7 L O 14 Gayety St. Louis. •Peek a Boo" 7 Olympic Cincinnati 14 Columbia Chicago. •Powder Puff Revue" 7 Columbia New York 14 Empire Brooklyn. "Puss Puss" 7-9 Cohen's Newburgh 10-12 Cohen's Poughkeepsie 14 Howard Boston. •Razzle Dazzle" 7 Century Kansas City 14-15 Lyceum St. Jose. Reeves A1 7 Star Cleveland 14 Em- pire Toledo. Reynolds Abe 7 Miner's Bronx New York 14 Casino Brooklyn. Record Breakers" 7 Majestic Scranton 14-15 Armory Bingham- 4on ifr itfrulra 17-r9 Intor Niagara Falls. ••Roseland Girls" 7 People's Phila- delphia 14 Palace Baltimore, oingor Jaek 7 Gayety Boston 14 Columbia New York. ■■■SI YOU. MR. J AND THE V. M. P. A. I want everyone to know what a wonderful man you are, MR. ALBEE. No doubt every- one knows of the serious accident that befell n e on August 12, 1920, but they do not know the wonderful kindnesses extended to me by you during my long period of illness, although I have not worked for the U. B. O. for twelve years. Had I been one of their big stars I could not have received greater consideration or more courteous treatment from the moment of my accident until the final settlement. I have known that MR. ALBEE was the rock on which I could lean. Not only did he offer me financial assistance (which, thank God, I did not need), but he also offered me legal assistance. »'.' " i If I lived one thousand years and thanked him every hour it could never express the heartfelt gratitude I feel for this wonderful man. Also I wish to take this means of thanking MR. JAKE LUBIN MR. NICHOLAS SCHENCK MR. J. C. MATTHEWS MR. AARON JONES MR. PAT CASEY MR. CLAUDE HUMPHREY MR. HENRY CHESTERFIELD and friends in the N. V. A. ORDWAY 'Snappy Bnappa" 7 Casino Urook- lyn 14 Empire Newark. 'Social Follies" 7 Gayety St. Paul 14 Gayety Milwaukee. Social Maids" 7 Empire Provi- dence 14 Gayety Boston. 'Some Show'* 7 Gayety •BrooAlyn 14 Olympic New York. 'Sporting Widows" 7 Perth Amboy 8 Plainfleld 9 Stamford 10-12 Park Bridgeport 14 Empire Prov- idence* "Step Lively Girls" 7 Gayety Balti- more 14 Gayety Rochester. Stone & Plllard 8 Gayety Louisville 14 Empress Cincinnati. "Sweet Sweeties" 7 Gayety Minne- apolis K Gayety St. Pauf. "Tempters" 7 Academy Buffalo 14 Cadillac Detroit. 'Tid Bits of 1920" 7 Cadillac De- troit 14 Englewood Chicago. "Tiddledy WinKs" 7 L O 14 Gayety Brooklyn. •Tittle Tattle" 7 Penn Circuit 14 Gayety Baltimore. "Town Scandals" 7-9 Park Youngs- town 10-12 Grand Akron 14 i?*ar Cleveland. "20th Century Maids" 7 Jacques Waterbury 14'llurtig & Scamon'H New York. "Twinkle Toes" 7 Columbia Chi- cago 13-15 Berchel Dis Moines. "Victory Belles" 7 Palace Baltimore 14 Gayety Washington. "Whirl of Mirth" 7-8 Armory Bing- hamton 9 Elmira 10-12 Inter Niagara Falls 14 Star Toronto. White Pat -7 Avanut Detroit 14 Academy Pittsburgh. Williams Mollis 7 Hurtlg A 8ea- mon's New York 14 Orpheum Paterson. MEL HOLLINGSWORTH CHAS. "NOISE" SALLEE and IN A VERSATILE SINGING AND TALKING OFFERING 4 'THE LAUGH THAT MAKES YOU LAUGH" STOPPED THE SHOW TWICE DAILY AT THE AUDUBON, LAST WEEK ON NEXT TO CLOSING. BOOKED SOLID OVER THE LOEW CIRCUIT Direction FITZPATRICK & O'DONNELL OPENING MARCH 14th IN NEW YORK Thanks to J. H. LUBIN - t