Variety (March 1921)

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B. F. KEITH'S NEW YORK, THIS WEEK I I • * I p n THE NOISE SOUNDED LIKE CAUSED BY ft A' I i ft I R 0 1 f •* K 0 ft P D> h. ? — D. D. It ? — D. D. H. ? —; D. D. H. ? — P. D. II. ? — D. D. H. ? — P. D. II. ? — D. D. H. ? — D. D. TT. *> — P. D. IT. t d w !l P a; I p p a •* I P P W Direction H. B. M. Personal Representative F. B. D. p H. p p w I p p IX D. H. ? — I). P. II P. P. II P. P. H.I — P. D. TT. ? — D. D. H. ? BALTIMORE. By F. D. OTOOLE. AUDITORIUM. — "Tangerine, a comedy which had its premiere only last week but which has been ad- vertised here both on the billboards and throifgh press notices for a month, drew capacity house opening night and should continue to do so OF greatest conven- ience to women, made of cellucotton —the absorbent that science perfected during the war—cheap enough to throw away, and light enough to carry in any handbag. At all stores and shops that cater to women. Ollucotton rrodurtH Co. 2SS Ho. La Salle Rtrert. 1'hicaffo, Illinois 5c Each 12 for 60c during its stay here. Some excel- lent dancing by Florence O'Deni- shawn and the six pretty wives, the nearest the two-act comedy come.* to having a chorus, are the out- standing features. FORD'S.—The "second edition" of Victor Herbert's musical comedy, "The Girl in the Spotlight," which was enthusiastically received here Monday, proves a moge spirited in- terpretation, with a few changes here and there, of the production that was staged at the Academy at the beginning of the season. Al- though by no means the best play of this type to show here this season it is some above the average, and should go well in this popular house. ACADEMY.—Fiske O'Hara in "Springtime in Mayo" has an ad- mirably suited part, which he makes the most of. LYCEUM.—"Adam and Eva," re- cast since its premiere here some time ago, returns to town. The play suffers by the changes, although it is still good entertainment and well received opening night. MARYLAND.—Vaudeville. PLAYHOUSE. — Jimmic I lodges. who writes and produces his own shows, opened here four weeks ago with a very good musical comedy. Since the first attempt the shows haven't been 4ip to standard, and he began his farewell week last night with a show that consists of toasts from a rare edition of the "Barten- ders' Manual" and other material of a similar kind. GARDEN.—Pop vaudeville. PALACE.—Burlesque as present- ed by the "Million., Dollars Dolls" does not measure up to the usual offt rings of the Columbia circuit. IIIPPODROME. — Pictures and vaudeville. GA YET Y.—"Round the Town," burlesque. This house is having at least one midnight benefit show a week, whicfi are proving quite pop- ular. FOLLY.—"The Glngrr Girls," bur- lesque. R1VOLT.—"Lying Lips," featuring House Peters and Florence Vidor. PARKWAY.—Bert Lytell In per- son is one of the inducements of- fered by the management in con- nection with "The Misleading Lady," which is the attraction here this week and in which he has the stellar role. NEW.—Viola Dana In "The Off- shore Pirate." The fifth recital of the Stleff Ar- tist course was given to a large house Tuesday evening. Albert Vertchamp, violinist, was the artist. BUFFALO. By 8IDNEY BURTON. MAJESTIC—Frances Starr in "One." Sending in the "reliables" for a steady week's gate. EDDIE MACK TALKS: No. 20 Avey and O'Ne.l and "Skeet" Gallagher, two acts playing at the Alhambra, New York, this week are clothed by EDDIE MACK. They are popular. You have, no doubt, seen them and know they are WELL- DRESSED. All those who wear EDDIE MACK clothes ARE WELL-DRESSED. EDDIE MACK clothes will make you WELL-DRESSED. 1582-1584 Broadway Opp. Strand Theatre 722-724 Seventh Ave. Opp. Columbia Theatre STAGE SETTINGS OR OF* CURTAINS SCENERY * mm * m ***" m ******™'***^*V¥*****0***^ ***** f**\t,tMH0m'*M*W**'**S*'*****0*¥i (^EXPENSIVE. COMFORTABLE, HYGIENIC and SAFE— WOTEX Copyright 1921. Cellucotton Products G ^/»</<»<//»/»W///W/W/</'^^W^ /// ' '*** '"•' '*• LEADING ARTISTS AND SOME OF THE FOREMOST THEATRICAL ENTERPRISES IN THE COUNTRY ARE NUMBER ED AMONG OUR SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. THE REASON Wi: GIVE TO ALL A SQUARE DEAL W K ItiSXlJEft Till-: BEST SERVICE Vol UET FROM UB FINEST VALUE o. BRYANT 5408 NOVELTY SCENIC STUDIOS 220 WEST 46th STREET NEW YORK VAN THE MODERN ATHLETES This Week (Feb. 28) B. F. KIETH'S RIVERSIDE, New York ' Direction AARON KESSLER