Variety (March 1921)

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30 VARI • ,;' T :- Friday, March 4. 1921 When You Do a Good Act You Are Well Paid. Then it's up to you to safeguard your money—buy AMERICAN EXPRESS TRAVELERS CHEQUES AT Banks or Express Offices OR AMERICAN EXPRESS MONEY ORDERS AT Express Offices, Drugstores and Stationery Stores. Then Your Money Will Not Be Stolen arrr It h the Intention ol DAVE MARION and CAMPBELL and DREW to Make u tl DAVE MARION'S WORLD OF FROLICS One of the Greatest Burlesque Productions in the History of Burlesque A BONA FIDE $50,000.00 PRODUCTION « Want to Hear from Novelty Acts and Standard Performers Who Have Never 0 Appeared in Burlesque SHUBERT TECK—"Cinderella on Broadway," featuring "back to 1918 .prices,'' but sticking to $2.50 top; closing here Saturday night. Picture houses: Shea's Criterion. "The Inside of the Cup"; Sheas Hippodrome. Viola Dana. "Cinder- ella's Twin"; Strand, "Hold Your Horses." When stage hands of the Del- linger theatre at Batavia went out on strike Thursday the members of the Belgard Stock Co., playing a week's engagement in repertoire, volunteered to set the scenery and run their own show. The strike was called when the company re- fused to hire a union stage carpen- ter designated by the local hands at $62 a week. Whether the strike is to continue after the company leaves town has not yet been an- nounced. Address all communications to DAVE MARION Suite 703, Columbia Theatre Building, 701 Seventh Avenue New York City, N. Y. being rapidly cleared away. Ac- cording to the permit, the cost of the new structure is to be $775,000. The building permit issued to the Olympic Amusement Oo. for the construction of the New Lafayette Square theatre calls for a ten-story brick and steel block, including the theatre, offices and stores. The former structure on the site is Business at local houses con- tinues to fluctuate. The legit houses are suffering from high prices and bad conditions. The Majestic has been offering the best attractions out of New York, with variable business. The Teck is overbooked with sky-rocket musical shows to the point of jading the local palate. Both houses show a downward scale tendency. Vaudeville and bur- lesque continue to be the best bets Ifor steady business. Gates at the picture houses are reported uni- form, with the downtown theatres doing close to capacity. Duff, Bruce and Duffet, Wells and Boggs, De Michele Brothers. PRINCESS (J. C. Belmont. Mgr.). —Musical comedy stock and feature pictures LIBERTY (C. Brown, Mgr.).—Mc- CUllough's Comedians and pictures. ALLEN.—Charles Ray in "Nine- teen and Phyllis.'* REGENT.—Arbuckle in "The Life of the Party." EMPRESS.—Pictures. BIJOU.—Pictures. The Steele chain of stores has purchased the property on the cor- nea of Eighth avenue and First street, on which the Regent theatre is located. The Regent, now" play- ing high-class pictures, formerly housed Pantages shows, and also en- joyed a successful career as a stock house. Whether the theatre will tie affected by the new building ar- rangements is not yet definitely known. John Hazza, representing the Fa- mous-Lasky Corporation, paid a brief business visit to the city last week. The Princess has revived the once-* COVERS FOR ORCHESTRATIONS ART. BOOKBINDING CO. 119 WEST 42d STREET NEW YORK CITY CALGARY. By FRANK MORTON. GRAND (M. Joiner. Mgr.).—"The Dumbells" (Overseas Revue). ORPHEUM (R. MacLeod. Mgr.).— Bobby ONei:i, Fradkin, Charles Ir- win, Alfred Farrell and Carley, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, the Nagyfys, Moonlight. PANTAGES (D. G. Inverarity, Mgr.).—Rhoda Roy la's Elephants, Rose, Ellis and Rose, Rinehart and RIVERSIDE, NEW YORK, this week (Feb. 28) PARKER BROS. a "SURPRISING ATHLETES'* HAND BALANCING SUPREME — NOVEL, ORIGINAL AND DIFFICULT FEAT* Direction JAMES PLUNKETT KEITH'S 81st ST., NEW YORK (March 14) . • OFF TO A SENSATIONAL START IN ZEIGFELD'S NINE O'CLOCK REVUE AND MIDNIGHT FROLIC AND A TREMENDOUS SUCCESS WITH THE COMEDY HIT FORSTER MUSIC PUBLISHER 177 No. State St., CHICAGO 1552 Broadway, NEW YORK CITY (Cor. 46th Street)