Variety (March 1921)

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Friday, March 4, 19*1 VA RIETY SI A BERT T HARRY and A SURE FIRE HIT k ! i ~i (But we call them Mothers down here") THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BALLAD WRITTEN IN YEARS A RTIST COPV REBECCA (Came Back From Mecca) Modcrato By BRRT KAtMAR had HARRY RUBY DON'T MISS A - cross the way from where 4- live, (here lives, a girl and her name ia Re In Mec -ca where the nithis are hot. Re ■ bec-ca sot an aw.ful lot of bee • ca — Shea twen • ty 'three; learn • I t ?frfI She taw an • • rl, and then de -eid . e4 shadows creep, and has xo keep a •V THIS SENSATIONAL COMEDY i ■ SONG she would go to Mec - ca —- a . cross the sea. bowl of incense bum- inf —— some class - y kid. so she west one Her moth • «r feels so I EgfffTT r ™ T*frT ^^ day —— To Tur - key far a • way, And she lived near sad Utt broth -er Mo*-it mad., And he keeps on T the Sul • tan's <s>o, complain • ins; ; r r rtrf; Maved there just two years — Got full of new I • deas, And now she's back home a • pin/- ■ rptonci sat • it . fy her whim—— She keeps on call ■ inf him Mo-ham-mod'.' in-stead WW ^fiu^r PLENTY OF CATCH <» LINES AND > COMEDY Frrf P" Tf Ifff r T f T ~"T Since. He -.'?c* ■ ca — rame bach from Mec • ca — All day long shekeep* on smok int; Turk-ish ts v Since) Re • bcc"^»ca— carr.e back from Mec • ca — All iay long shekeeps on sjaek-iog Tuck ith to* & TW1 r . veil up - on Bj-j-j- jj^ •— With her veil up-6n her face, She keeps dane-lna; "round the place— And yesjer- day •bec-ca — She lays on a Turk-ish rt§ Ev-'ry • one says she's a bus; — And since she's back home 1 . fa. thcr found her with a Turk ish towV a • round her; Oht Oh 1 E*.*ry,one's worried from the Ha- rem she's got clothes but she don't wjear 'em; Oh.1 Oht Es'.''s wor-rled l|l - LUJJIJJ ''^%l#N#^ DOUBLE VERSIONS TheV think %h& era • nr' in the She made the Sul • tan lose his She's as bold as Thqda Ba • ra, Once her lit - tie us t«r Son • ia. back home.—— Since Re- home 1. Q-S. The-da's bare but Becky's bar. ef; Smce Re-bec-ca came Wire her clothes and got pneu-mon-ia; Since Re becca came back heme.—— Since Re- borne.— ro^j»-f^« ; MCXXXl l»f H'atirizn, £<u'»aj £ t*jft$* Cr .Strand Thtatrt ffldf ,*/.»V • »• , —JTie* *>■ « •- ,- ^n ORCH. IN ALL KEYS NOW READY-WIRE, WRITE OR PHONE TO .. . ■ n ;■;■*.• t v. -*• .- : . STRAND THEATRE BUILDING, PRED KRAMER ^.•OeWt/Ooera HouseT "On the Campus" vff^ Detroit,. Mich. ' JIM KESSEL. Mgr. 318'3operba Th ta . BldQ. 1 01 Angele*. Cal." ABRAHAMS, General Professional Manager MORT..HARRIS. Mgr. 602 Pantages Thea. Bldg, San Francisco, Cal., DICK-REEVES. M DON RAMSEY, Mq, ^.0 Tremont St. Boston. M.iss. JOc HILLER, Mgr, 347 F:fth Ave. •P ttsburgh, P^. HARRIS FRI Manag -HARRY C.WRENat" Manager Cc>urnb>a Thea. B'dg St. Lcu.t. Mo. 1 ■' Philadelphia, Pa. HARRY KIRSCHBAUM % Manager . Gordon- Kappel Bldg.« -Seattle. Wash.- Manager 381 Mam St. Buffalo. N. Y. .PHIL JULIUS, Mgr. . ■ . Hannah Hotel