Variety (March 1921)

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Friday, March 4, 1921 VARIETY 33 Novelty Styles </ Excellent Taste The MILLERKINS SHOTS S hot I ft r Ki 441* I Fifth Avenue at 46th Street ^ j&>^ J 5 H'ta 43d Street CONVENIENCE The new establishment on the Avenue at 46th Street, although, perhaps, a hit more sumptuous in treatment, shows no tendency to detract from the other three shoe shops of I. Miller. The identical models and prices prevail in all locations, and the same measure of courtesy and service is to be had. m Onemayrestsecureinthethought that the only difference might be termed one of geography and the only advantage one of conven- ience. The I. Miller character- istics of novelty and excellence do not vary regardless of address. 1. MILLER I Fifth Avenue at 46th Street 15 West 42nd St. 50 Church St. 1554 Broadway to get one bill, embodying the essen- tial features of several different cen- sorship measures, through the state legislature. So far the bill is no farther advanced than second read- ipg. KANSAS CITY. By WILL R. HUGHES. Two stars, two plays, all new to Kansas City, were the offering at the legitimate houses this week. Marjorie Rambeau, in Channing Pollock's "The Sign on the Door" at the Shubert and Henry B. Wal- thall at the Grand in a satirical comedy drama, "Taken In," by Her- bert Bashferd. While not so en- thusiastic over the Bashford piece, the star was highly praised. Com- mencing Feb. 28 the Shubert will have Griffith's "Way Down Bast" for a four weeks* run, while the Grand's attraction for next week will be ,4 The Dangerous Age," with "Clarence" and Lenoro Ulric in the "Son-Daughter" to follow. At the photoplays: "The Kid," second week, New Koyal; "Forbid- den Fruit," Newman; "The L.ast of the Mohicans," Twelfth Street; "Prisoners of Love," Dori:.- "The Dangerous Age," playing in New York under the title 'White Villa," is next week's attraction at the Grand. Its success is proble- matical, as no one is mentioned in the advertising. Several of the members of the "Taken In" company, supporting Henry B. Walthall, are well known to the film fans. Prominent among them are Mary Charleston, of the Kssanay-Vitagraph Co.; William Clifford and Arthur Rutledge. Al Jolson, with "Sinbad," will be the next attraction at the Shubert, following "Way Down East." Jol- son will open Sunday, March 27. Earlier in the season he drew over $40,000 at $3.50 top. BUY NOW BEFORE THE 8EA80N OPRNS—NKVER AGAIN WILL 8TCH WON- DBRFITL TALITB8 BE OFFERED. kUrTT/i: IV Of Ivwiintf Uatll ElaM. FULL SIZE, OPEMT0P WARDROBE, 40 hi. high. 23 la. wHt, 12 III. 4***. 4 laraa Drawara. 8 h • • Pochtti. Laundry Bat, I* Huitft p.teat Sari at Foldiaa Board. 3-aly Va- aaar FlWa latide and Out. Rlvatad BariBt Lack and Drawbett Catena*. L_ »•*.• »vu* $45.00. SALE PRICE STRAND LUGGAGE SHOP THE LUGGAGE SHOP WITH A CONSCIENCE «M SIXTH AVENUE. Bet.39th &40th Stt., FULL 8IZE WARD- ROBE TRUNK 22 In. deep, 40 '.a. high. 23 Inchc* wide; 4 to ft drawers; haal0»ne*r danger*. Regular price $56. J! WHILE TUEY LAST $335° N. Y. Occasionally a burlesque troupn comes along with something out- side the old familiar stuff, and you have to give it to Waldron's "Bos- tonians" for being one of them. In the first place there was something of a plot; in the second there was a woman "dope" done quito differ- ently by Nettie Nelson, who, while imitating Lew Kelly's manner, did not use any of his stuff and who worked in fashionable dress instead of the rags and slouchy attire so often seen. Then there was a danc- ing team, Francis and Ross, who made the hard-boiled regulars sit up and "holler" for more. Although not so advertised in the billing, Charles H. Waldron's "Bostonians" could bo featured as the burlesque show without a shimmie shake, not even a quiver. A final check-lip of the Kansas City Motor Show's receipts show there were 93,640 paid admissions during the seven days. Rotall car sales made on the floor of the show were 375. Kansas City is well represented FREE TRIAL- EASY Big Band Catalo; Scot FREE [Anything you need for the hand— Jilngle Instrument or complete equipment. 11 :*il by Army and Navy. Send for big catalog, liberally Illustrated, fully de- acriptif*. »!»■• tlnii «!i«t !r,.yr-»imc»a tajUTaata tv^*, Sold by leading uii.tii Mealera e»rrywli«rr. LYON 6 HEALY PAYMENTS C4-7S JacfcMR Benlawartf CHICAGO _ _.JB TOM POWELL PRESENTS MAURICE DOWNEY & CO. in "A PEEP BEHIND THE SCENES" A Review of the Past and Present With CHARLOTTE WILLARD, BERT MATTHEWS, ELSIE MATTHEWS AND ADA WEBER ASK DAD; he knows, about cigarettes! BUT ASK HARRY BEAUMONT of ASCHER BROTHERS' THEATRES In Chicago what I did with my new act, "SQUIRREL HAVEN," in his CHICAGO THEATRES! ASK JIMMY O'NEAL of the PANTAGES OFFICE what I did with the same act in BAY CITY, MICH., at the REGENT THEATRE! ASK GLEN BURT of the B. F. KEITH OFFICES what I did in HAMILTON, OHIO, with the same act! MR. ALBEE, MR. MURDOCK, MR. HODGDON, MR. DARLING, MR. JORDAN, and all you other most honorable gentlemen, this is the same CARL McCULLOUGH, who was your next to closing act and a hit when you needed one; was your fourth act and a HIT when you needed one; and was your num- ber TWO ACT. and a hit when you needed one. Mr. GOTTLIEB knows what a hit I was, number two on his PALACE THEATRE, NEW YORK, bills, and never kicked on the position! Mr, DARLING knows what a hit I was for him in all his houses! Mr. BECK, Mr. MEYERFELD, Mr. VINCENT know I closed the bill, following MADAME SARAH BERN- HARDT, never kicked and was a hit despite every- thing! STILL this same CARL McCULLOUGH had more lay-off weeks on the B. F. KEITH houses than those played by him; did more FAVORS with remuneration coming at later dates; had more cuts in salary than full weeks! Yet, the BIG TIME was always out when CARL called for work! CARL McCULLOUGH played for FIFTEEN weeki with "CANARY COTTAGE" at the MOROSCO THEATRE, New York; then 26 weeks at the CASINO THEATRE, NEW YORK, with "You're in Love" com- pany as leading man; eight weeks with "ODDS AND ENDS" in New York City; then playing all the larger cities in the same pieces, and also with "TUMBLE IN." THEREFORE CARL McCULLOUGH has a FOLLOWING! CARL McCULLOUGH has a NAME! * CARL McCULLOUGH will aid in DRAWING BUSINESS! and, Best of all, GENTLEMEN, • ■ • CARL McCULLOUGH has an ACT! ! I therefore honorably submit my novelty, "SQUIR- REL HAVFN," to your books! WEEK FEB. 28th PALACE THEATRE, Ft. Wayne, Ind. \ i