Variety (March 1921)

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iy , March ft, 1921 VARIETY 37 ■ aa J. F. ALBEE, President • j. j. MURDOCH, General Manager F. F. PROCTOR, Vice-President B. F. Keith's Vaudeville Exchange . (AGENCY) (Palace Theatre Building, New York> B. F. KEITH EDWARD F. ALBEE A. PAUL KEITH F. F. PROCTOR Founders Artists can book direct bv addressing S. K. HODGDON arcus loew's OOKING AGENCY • * # General Executive Offices itnam Building, Times Square New York The Gus Sod Booking Exchange Co. i Booking Vaudeville from Coast to Coast WAYNE CHRI8TY 212 Putnam Bldg. NEW YORK CITY CONEY HOLMES PAUL GOUDRON Woods Theatre Bldg. CHICAGO. ILL. H. H. NEER, New Regent Theatre Bldg., SPRINGFIELD, OHIO J. W. TODD 726 Brisbane Bldg. BUFFALO, N. Y. HOWARD ROYER 205 Apollo Bldg. PITTSBURGH, PA. J. H. LUBIN General Manager Acts Routed from 10 to 40 Weeks Artists Can Book Direct WRITE, WIRE, PHONE NEAREST OFFICE Mr. Lubin Personally Interviews Artists Daily Between 11 and 1 \ CHICAGO OFFICE Masonic Temple Building J. C. MATTHEWS in Charge Feiber &? Shea Theatrical Enterprises 1493 Broadway (PUTNAM BUILDING) ' New York City ■ the ORPHEUM ass ■ MARTIN BECK, MORT H. SINGER, President * General Manager, CHARLES E. ERAY, .-.-..- General Western Representative FRANK VINCENT, I'J&PySVlSif&S*' GEORGE GOTTLIEB. BENJ ' *' ^Jl a ^Trea, Managers' Booking Dept. Law Dept S. H. CONWAY, ' JOHN POLLOCK. Publicity and Promotion Press Dept. 0. R. McMAHON, Manager Auditing Department GENERAL OFFICES, PALACE THEATRE BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY P • i ■ ■ ■ p »■■ ■ m >■ m York and played with her on Mon- day night unannounced. They scored a big hit. No slump is evident in the pic- ture houses here. "The Kid" is said to have broken all records at the New Stanley, with the aid of an earlier opening rule. That same house has secured the return of Henry Scott, the basso, for next weeks bill. The Western Vaudeville Managers 9 Association John J. Nash, Business Manager. Thomas J. Carmody, Booking Managsr 5th Floor State-Lake Theatre Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. BERT LEVEY CIRCUIT VAUDEVILLE THEATRES ALCAZAR THEATRE BUILDING SAN FRANCISCO PAUL GOUDRON ■ ASTERN REPRESENTATIVE. WOODS THEA. BI.DQ.. CHICAGO. BEN and JOHN FULLER AUSTRALIAN CIRCUIT VAUDEVILLE, MELODRAMA AND PANTOMIME American Representative, A. BEN FULLER DELGER BLDG., 1005 MARKET, ST. SAN FRANCISCO PHONE PARK 4332 ho mo Jith the interest lagging at the end. JJonte and Lyons sold their wop •tuff to neat returns, earning the jonors of this show. Russo, Teis »nd Russo surpassed the others in WHnt of artistry, displaying some Mffy stepping. Loew's would benefit by Punchy bright bills just now. • The Palace program was hitting *J all cylinders Tuesday night with *J*tin Rack looking on from the ***• The house was sold solid. r" n several rows of standees. Letu- ps Belle did remarkably well for P opening act and brought to the wre a girl of highly engaging per- sonality in Xancy Belle. No one with as much youthful magnetism has been around in a month. Doro- thy Wahl was an instantaneous success, gauging her matter to Pal- ace requirements. Sebastian and Myra Sisters fur- nished the only miscue, but could be excused because of the sparkle ahead and following. Chester Spen- cer and Lola Williams were im- mense. The pair just toyed with lbs crowd and rocked it almost at will. Their reception was vocifer- ous. Lola Williams is looking splen- did after her illness. Vancellos eon- eluded, with the deft foot work of Vaneello still th»» main ingredient. H. MAHIEU & CO., Inc. ARE NOW LOCATED AT THEIR NEW PREMI3E8 110 WEST 47TH ST„ NEW YORK Teleph enc BRYANT 1462 PHILADELPHIA. By A. A. WATERS. B. F. KKITH'S.—Vert. Gordon, here also in the pictures, drew heav- ily from the ranks of movie fans. Her act, "Lullaby," by Edgar Allan Woolf, while pretty turgid with emotion, scored moderately. She is rivaled in Philly by Yvette Rugel, a local product, whose mixture of popular and classical was well re- ceived. Bert Levy's sketching made its annual—or semi-annual—appeal, and other acts on a well balanced bill included The Randalls, sharp- shooters; Yvette, supported by Ed- die Cooke and Kino Clark in "A Smart Production," a musical offer- ing; Claudia Coleman, impersona- tor; Lou Clayton and Cliff Edwards, with some appropriate chatter; Alex Ruloff and Shura Rulowa, whose Russian ballet effects are new her? and went big, and Millard and Mar- lin in a sketch that needs some pruning, but has its points. GLOBE.—"My Tulip Girl," mu- {sical tabloid, has Lorraine Sher- wood and some jazzy tunes to rec- ommend it. Ryan and Lee have a novel skit. Other acts include Lor- imer and Carbrey, dance review; Babe Latour, ccmedienne; Bert Wilcox & Co.. sketch; Friend and Downing, funsters; "Ting-a-Ling," juvenile act, and the Franchisi Brothers, acrobats. ALLEGHENY.—"Hanky Panky," tho headliner, has the usual assort- ment of pretty girls, and consider- able new business. In addition, a well rounded bill includes Adrian, In a surprise act; Frank Whittier, sketch; Mareoni Brothers, accordion experts; Mori-ion's Dogs, and the photoplay, "Harriet and the Piper," with Anita .Stewart. WILLIAM PKNN—De Haven :uid Nice, with n program of com- edy dances, head the hill, which otherwise Includes Anderson and Burl In ;i sketch; Marie Sparrow, songs; Will and Blondy, comedians, and "The Penalty," Goldwyn pic- ture, with Lon Chaney. BROADWAY.—Havcrman's Ani- mals billed to lead. Other acts that went over well include: Morris ajid Townes, songs; Coakley and Dun- IcTy, travesty; Trans'ield Sisters, musicians, and "Midsummer Mad- ness," William De Mille picture. Keith's report an unusually heavy week, the attraction probably being the combination of Vera Gordon, who is playing here In several pic- ture houses, and Yvette Rugel, a local girl. Johnny Dooley, husband of the latter, came over from New STANLEY.—"Kismet" Robertson- A. RATKOWSKY, Inc. 34 West 34th Street The latest! The smart- est ! Priced lowest! Wraps, Coatees, Dol- mans and novelty pieces in all the. popular furs at 1-3 less than whole- sale prices. Special Discount to the Profession Furs Remodeled and Repaired] Ni- cole), with Otis Skinner. "Polly with a Past," with Ina Claire listed for next week. STANTON. — "Billions" (Metro) Nazimova. ARCADIA.—"The Gilded Lady" (Paramount) Mae Murray, begin- ning limited engagement. PALACE.—"The Love Light" (Big Four) Mary Pickford. VICTORIA.—"The Greatest Love" (Selzniok) Vera Gordon. CAPITOL.—"The Rookie's Re- ft Galizi & Bro. UrntHi Prof ra- tion aJ Accord lan Min^farturart ind Repairer*. InrompariDtr Spa- rlai work*. New Idtl ritenied Shift Cera. Key*. r>i Krinmin n;e New York Clt> tIS Canal SUM* turn" Lean. (Paramount) Douglas Mac- ■ PITTSBURGH By COLEMAN HARRISON. Grand, "My Lady's Latchkey"; Olympic, "Inside of the Cup," "Out- side the Law" Lyceum, "Marriage of William Ashe"; Columbia, Chap- IMPORTANT NEWS! PRICES REDUCED! PROFESSIONALBJ p WkM THEATRICAL WARDROBES n & IVI TRUNKS FAMOUS HERKEKT & MEISEL MAKE, OF *T; fctttft CAN NOW BE BOUGHT IN N. Y. CITY IKK KS SAME AS AT FACTORY $55 to $90 MAIL OKDKKS FILLED F. O. ». NEW YORK CITY USED TRUNKS AND SHOPWORN SAMPLES Hartman, Indestructo, Belber Taylor, Oshkosh, Murphy, Neverbreak, Central, Bal SAMUEL NATHANS SOLE AGENTS FOR H & M TRUNKS IN EAST Ti Z^l qu ' re 531 7th Ave., New York B «^ ee " sot . h * Section 7 39th Sti" ,ts I'lfONE C.RFELEV «i«-» EVERY MAKE EVERY STYLE