Variety (March 1921)

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VARIETY Friday, March 4, 1921 THE BEST PLACES TO STOP AT Leonard Hickis, Operating Hotels GRANT AND CHICAGO LORRAINE 500 Housekeeping Apartments (Of the Better Class—Within Reach of Economical Folks) Under the direct iu»er>l»ion of (lit owner*. Located In the heart at the city. |utt eft Broadway. alaea ta all booking office*, principal theatres, department stores, traction linea. "L" road and «ubway. Wa are the largest maintainors at housekeeping furnished apartments spoclalizlna ta theatrical folks. We are on the ground daily. This alano Insures prompt service and cleanliness. ALL BUILDINGS EQUIPPED WITH STEAM HEAT AND ELECTRIC LIGHTS Tel. Bryant 654-535-7831 One Block U Timed Square HILOONA COURT 141 to 347 West e5th St.. Plane Leogaere 3560 A suildisg de luxe, lust completed elevator apartments arranged la suites at one. twa a«d three rooms, wits tiled both add shower, tiled hitcheni. kitchenettes. These apartment* embody •vary luxury know* to modern science. 160.00 Up Monthly: 116.00 Up Weekly. YANDI8 COURT 24l-2«7 Watt 43d St. Phone Bryant 7112 One. three and four room apartment!, with kitchenettes, private balk dad telephone. the privaey these a part men ta pro noted lor ta ana of Its attractions. SI5.00 Up Weekly. HENFN COURT 312. 314 and Ji« West 48th St Phone Longacre 1830 An up-to-the-minute pew. fireproof pullding, arranged m apartment* of three and four rooms with kitchens and private path. Phone la each apartment. 617.00 Op Weakly THE DUPLEX 330 and 325 West 4id St Phcae Bryant 6t3i-4293 Three and four rooms with bath, furnished »e a degree al modernoeet that excels any.biag In this type af building. These apartments will accom- modate four or more adults. 69.50 Up Weekly. Address all communications to M. Claman Principal Office— Yand.a Court. 241 Went AZrd Street, New York Apartments can be aeon evenings Office in eacb building. MARION HOTEL 166 West 35th Street, N. Y. City (2 blocks from Ptnn. Station) (Jade* new management. 101 newly renovated room*— all modern conveoiernes— _ , _ kitchen privileged. Rates: $0 and op. Tel.t Greeley 5373-5374. MARTIN A. GRAHAM. Manager. DOUGLA S HOTEL t'nder New Management. Rooms Newly Renovated.—All Con- veniences. — Vacancies Now Open. 207 W. 40th St.—Off B'way Phone: Bryant 1477$. NOTICE SEYMORE HOTEL ROCHESTER, N. Y. Up-to-date European — $1.00 UP The Edmonds Furnished Apartments MRS. OEORGE DANIEL, Proprietress Ceteris* Exelu«tvel> to the Profession Special Summer Rates from lune Ob September. 77S-78-SO EIGHTH AVENUE. Between 47th and 48tb Streets Private Bath and 'Phone NEW YORK SPwrinwrn avkm* Us Each Apartment ™» EIGHTH AVEN UE ' Geo. P. ttohJeetder. Prop. FURNISHED APARTMENTS Hotels Catering to Professiot AMSTERDAM. N. V. $1.23 Single, without bath: $1.75 Double, wltt bath; $2.25 Single, wltn bath; $5.00 Double, wit bath. "~~ ,. FREDON IA (EUROF»£A*f PLAN) TENNESSEE AVE., Juat Oil Boardwi - The Hotel That Una Advertised ATLANTIC CITY fo r 29 Years. NEW RICHWOOD HOTEL *M Tremont St. BOSTON. MASS. Rooms $1.50 to $3.00 Per Day Weekly Rates $8.00 and Tp Special Attention Theatrical Trade Phone: Bryant 1044 THE BERTHA ' Complete for Housekeeping. Clean and Airy. 323 West 43rd Street NEW YORK CITY Private Bath 8-4 Rooms. Catering to the comfort and eonvenlenee of the profession Steam Heat and K»eetrle f.lght - - SS.50 Up IRVINGTON HALL 355 to 359 West 51st Street. Phone Circle 6640 An elevator, flroprewvf building of the aeweet type, having every deviee and con- • -nlence. Apartments arc beautifully arranged and eonaiat of *. $ and 4 rooms <vlth kitchens and kitchenettes, i l»ath and 'phone. 3?^L r f Weekly Address all cornmanicAtlons ta Charles Tenenhanm, trvlngton HatL No or '^etlnn HM» «*•«* ■•»• •• THE ADELAIDE 754-756 EIGHTH AVENUE Between 46t; n> ' ° n< Hirer 1 ot Broadway Throe, Pour and Five-Boom Htgh-Claaa Famished Apartmenta—fit Op Strictly Professional. MBS. GEORGE U1EGEL. MgT Phones: Brynnt 895S-1 Mace LONGACRE 3339 Furnished Apartments AND ROOMS Large Rooms, $6.00 and Up. 1, 2. S Room Apartments. $10 to $18. COMPLETE HOUSEKEEPING 310 WEST 48th ST., N. Y. CITY lin in "The Kid" (third week); Shu- bert, "Way Down East" (tenth week); Liberty and Savoy, "Last of the Mohicans." HOTEL SANDERS CASS AND COLUMBIA DETROIT, MICH. Fire Minute Walk to Theatres. A New Home and Headquarters IUR THEATRICALS -Modern and Up-to Date. GOOD RESTAl'RANT IV CONNECTION Wit IT K IOR RESERVATIONS bert-Alvin. "The Passing Show" returns next. "Maytime," fifth time, is playing the Pitt this week and still getting good returns. John B. Hymer and company of ten are sharing headline honors at the Davis this week, while his skit, "The Night Boat," is .topping the bill at the Sheridan Square, first half. "What's Your Husband Doing?" Is being presented by the Duquesne Stock performers this week. This organization seems on the road to fairer success than has greeted any other group of the kind here in several seasons. "East Is West," with Fay Bainter, Is getting the big draw at the Shu- "June Love" is drawing at the Nixon. Else Alder and Josephine Whittell. the latter last seen here in "Betty Be Good," are featured. "Century Midnight Whirl" next. $30/" u w p" k SUITES PA " l A 0 Ib B B E A °T"H 00B FOR 2 PERSONS Tight. Airy Rooms; Furnished. All Improvements; "» Overlooking Central Tark West; 5 Minutes trom All Theatres. , Also Bedroom and Bath. Exceedingly Low Rates. o.rjriT T\ TF/YrrTCT »87 EIGHTH AVE., at Coluoibua Circle Fornerty LlKCUbi HIJIEjIj Phase: COLUMBUS 1348 REISENWEBER S scale to be In effect in the picture houses will be formed by the Ex- ecutive Board of the society. ROCHESTER, N. Y. By LB. SKEFFINGTON. LYCEUM—"TWo Man Who Came Back," first half; "Woman to Wo- man," second half. FAY'S—"The Little Cafe," the Burkes, Crumbly and Brown, "Sweets to the Sweet," Hilton Sis- ters, LeHone and DuPreece, with Pearl White in "The Thief." film. PICTURES—"Outside the Law," all week at Rial to; "Always Au- dacious," all week at Regent; "Prisoners of Love," all week at Loew's Star. and treasurer. Resolutions were adopted on Mr. Wolff's demise. The Eagle theatre, a movie house on the lower North Side, has again changed hands, the third time in the last two years. Under a new system Inaugurated by the local branch of the A. F. of M., the wage scale in local legit the- atre orchestras will be formulated by a new theatrical commission to consist of ten members, three of them to be the three chief officers of the organization, the others to b>e seven active musiciuns chosen from the various orchestras. The Liberty Loan Bonds Accepted as Cash at Full Face Value on Any and All Purchases • HOEWASSER !4I7-I423 7«IKDAVENU1 rtsHBBs*> NLAR 6Q~ -»Tr>£fcT FURNITURE Caskor Credit Write for onr 100-Page Catalog Illustrated Willi Engravings — also — • Halftone Irt-Pnge Special Sale Circular. Nat Fields, producer for the musical stock company at the Family is himself playing the lead- ing role this week, a new departure. Carl Statzer and Fred C. Hagan are newcomers this week. Local officials are not in favor of the moving picture censorship bill introduced at Albany, it having been found that censorship as at present administered by the local commis- sioner of public safety is satisfac- tory to both the city fathers and the theatre men. John H. Finn, manager of the Temple, has been elected president of the Rochester Theatrical Mana- gers' Association to succeed the late Martin E. Wolff, of the Lyceum. Mr. Finn was vice-president for years. Fred J. Starr, of Fay's, was made vice-president and William A. Calihan, of the Regent, secretary SEATTLE, WASH. At the picture houses: "Out of the Snows," Winter Garden; "Lying Lips," Blue Mouse; "Prairie Trails," Colonial; "Big Happiness," Clem- mer; "Sins of Rosanne," Coliseum; "Panthea," Rex; "The Kid," Lib- erty; "Outside the Law," Strand; "Skyflre," Class A. Notes. "September Moon," a made-in- Seattle musical comedy, presented by Alexander Pantages himself, will be the headline feature of the bill this week, which is unusually well staged, by a company of ten, including Robert Lorenzo, Frank Budd, Eva Gregory and Irene Allen, with a chorus of pretty Seattle girls. Business good. Levy's Orpheum, musical comedy, with Lew White. Oscar Gerard and Eddie Wright. Business fair. ii LOVE IS LIKE A BUBBLE" BIGGEST BALLAD OF THE YEAR ii OUJJI ff MEN AND WOMEN OF THE STAGE to wlioni the artistic In furniture presents ever its strongest appeal, should follow the exHinple of the hundreds of lending members of the profession who have fur- niidied their homes through ns. iind thereby not only save from 2.1 to 40% on the prlre, hut avail themselves of the privilege of our convenient deferred payment system, :l»e niOrtt liberal In New'Yirrk for are*" a truster of a centory. A 3-Room Apartment MSI VALLK Consisting of all Period Furniture LIBERA I. IKK VI* $245 A 4-Room Apartment SMMJ VALVE Period Furniture < ?7C af Rare Beauty T*** • fcasllj readied frtjm Wert Side hj Stith or 50th Street CroaMowii Car* Value $100 $150 $»O0 $»00 *IOO Week $2.00 $2.2.% $2.50 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 Month $S.00 $0.00 $10.00 $12.00 $IH.OO $10.00 Larger Amount I p to $5.0410 SPECIAL CASH DISCOUNT 207, A 5-Room Apartment $700 VALUE Incomparably Rich Period Furniture.... $585 A 6-Room Apartment $1,000 VALUE F.laborate Designs. . 6*7 C{\ In Period K-jmlture. <P»D Lf We Deliver by Ante Track Direct to Your I>oor. (ah'ia) ORIENTAL KNOCKOUT "DYING WITH THE BLUES" SENSATIONAL SET-UM HIT « Profe$$ional Copies Free—Orchestrations 25c $1.00 ORCHESTRA CLUB FEE ARROW MUSIC PUB. CO., Inc., 2305 Seventh Ave., New York PROFESSIONALS. WELCOME HOTEL CHARLEVOIX DETROIT, MICH. II T. KKF.NAN. jtgr. HOTEL LINCOLN INDIANAPOLIS Every Room with Ha-tlr from $2.6* U] Specltsl Rates to the Profe*M<on WM. R, SMC KB I t, Ge n » $1 gr. _____^ HOTEL STRATHMORE WALNUT at lith,ML. Philadelphia Single rooms with rurtn^tg iaatar.'fl.Ao a day double. 12 *0. Rlngl*. with {■ilvate oath. $2.50 day. double. ?10(). Kpcetal.ycefcl* ratee. HOTEL COLONNA, 15th A Chestnut St*.. PHILADELPHIA. Best located hotel In elty. Mnteer single without bath. $13.00 per werk. Double. $16.00 per week. Room? with private hntb , $l.*» (0 .ingle $21.00 double. Telephones In ail ronatr PAVtO KBAUSE. Hgr PARK HOTEL ^rawST - * Every room with cither private bath oi running hot and cold water—$2.00 pet day and up, or with private bath. $3.04 per day and up. Cafe and Grill open daj nnd all night. Popular price "Club Meals.' "HOTELS RECOMMENDED l»V OKI-Ill t M CIRCUIT ACTS ^^OLONLAl^^ Seventh Ave. East Calgary. Altn. Can, J2.00 Double—$1.25 Single—Hot and cald water. Private Phone is Every Room. < lilt At.O. ILL. HOTEL WASHINGTON $2.00 a Day and I'p With or Without Hath Washington St., Bet. La Salle and Wei Catering to Orphe um Acta HOTEL ASTOR 176 N. Clark St.. Near Randolph St. CHICAGO. ILL. Ratea $1.60 Per Day and Up One Illock from Palace Theatre NEW TREMONT HOTEL 11-39 So. Dearborn St. CH1CA4 Everything New and Modern A. 8INGER, Manager HOTEL CLARENDON No. Clark and Ontario Streets, Chicago* FIVE MINUTES PROIa LOOP RATKS $1.00 AND IP ONBHl'NDUKD OUTSIDE ItOOM^ HOTEL RICE Everything Nee. — — Modern and Ilomrllka. KLINGBEIL BROS.. Proprietors 755 No. Dearborn St. $ Minutes' Walk from Loo| CHICAGO. ILL. SAVOY HOTEL $2.00 and I'p without Bath $3.00 and Up with Bath J. O. NICHOLS, Mgr. nnd Prop. 17th and Broadway DENVER, COL< HOTEL BALTIMORE $3.00 PER DAT WITH BATH $2.00 PER DAT WITHOUT BATH 500 ROOMS Baltimore Ave. A 12t» St.. Kaseaa City. Ma. OMAHA, NEB. FONTENELLE HOTEL $3.00 a Day and Up. Every Room With Bath. ISth nnd DOUGLAS 8TS. METROPOLE HOTEL OF ST. LOUIS Just N. of Washington Ave. on 12th 1 Special Theatrical Batea $7.00 Per Week Up— Strictly Modern an Homelike SEATTLE. WASH. WALDORF HOTEL Metropolitan, San Co. in repertoire. Carlo Oper Wilkes, dramatic stock, featurin Laura Arnold and Joseph McManu in "Wedding Bells." Business ver good. Kolb and Dill opened at Metro* politatT Feb. 27 in their old but sue cesaful musical comedy, "The Hig Cost of Loving." Sam Winland. leader of the or ehestra at the Colonial theatre, has been switched to the Strand. Monty Austin, formerly connected with Leo Fiest and now connected with Harry Von Tilzer Co., was H Seattle for a few days cxploitin| their publications. Charlie Chaplin's picture, * "Thl Kid," has been held over for thl second week. BEAUMONT VELVET, SILK, SATEEN 8CENERY. PRODUCTIONS, REVUES and ACT8. THEATRE *5L 8TAGE DECORATIONS STUDIOS THE STUDIO OF UNUSUAL STAGE SETTINGS. NOVELTY CREATIONS IN FIGURED BROCADES, PERSIAN 8ILKS, FANCY VOILES, SATIN AND SILK PLUSHES, PLAIN OR DECORATED IN NUO ART, DY TONE. OR RINEART METHODS. IF YOU RE- QUIRE CLASS WE CAN GIVE IT TO YOU. SETS TO RENT ALSO. 230 W. 46th ST., H. Y. WTY Bryant 844S tBmUiA BEAUMONT COLLEGES, CLUB8, EXHIBITIONS al WINDOW DISPLAYS. TO ORDER OR SUPPLIED ON RENTAL BA8I8. STUDIOS A new motion picfure house called the Kloronco opened Feb. 19 under the management of John Dana. lit ^aaaeWfa^a^e^^totw^vtu^^jMrr^i». toe* :~z-3Mrj9ycmm*.B**9K»**»*i**u>*'**m»*i»\ kss:fttiui«utusii*^i«»»ds>ia»«pi*^t>ovex»««a4M»»ug 4 When You Play L08 ANGELES LKT MB GIVE YOU "INSIDE STUFF" On Real Estate Investments. HARVEY a WOLF Los Ancles and Venice. California 7ui Delta Bide-. L. A.