Variety (March 1921)

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arch 4, 1921 NEW YORK THEATRES ) CAPITOL Bway A list 8t. BEGINNING 8IJNDAT THOS. H. INCE 8 Ansiiss »-•*« Drama lYWG UPS" CAPITOL IRAND ORCHESTRA KRNO RAPL'K. Condu<U,r PrasanUtlooaUjrS. L. KOTHAFEL I MARK STRAND M A National Inst not ion" •WAV a* 47tk it OtraclMn. jsiss* eiuaaati DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS in "THE NUT" UNITKD ARTISTS' l'UODUCTION STRAND ORCHE8TRA » Iff TT V1VDTQ The *" 42d - E ™ " ,0 ' BAM H. nAilAlO Matinee* Wad. A Sat. SAM H. HARRIS Present* - Tfca Petulv Sseostt."—IN*. World. "WaCOME STRANGER" 1 New C«m«Jy by AARON HOFFMAN WIU OCOROE 81DNET JOHN OOLDEN Preaenta FRANK BACON Lo "LIGHTNIN"' C AIFTV B'WAY & 46tb 8L Eraa. 1:30. ^*^»>*»- * * Mate. Wednesday A 8aiurda/. FMPIRF B'way lOtfcSt.. Evssj. 1:16 CHARLES FHOIIM AN Praatnts RUTH CHATTERTON in a New Play "MARY ROSE" By J. II. BABBIB Rftljftftork VVeat 44th St.. Eves, at 8:30 Bcratcu Mat* Thurs. and Sat. 1:30 DAVID BELABCO Present* LIONEL ATWILL In "DEBURAU" A Comedy from the French by Sacha Quitry. adapted by Granville Barker LYCEUM THEATRE West 40th St Mats.. Tbursrtai and Saturday —SECONO YEAR— INA CLAIRE 'The Gold Digger*" AVERT HOPWOOP'S SparaUoa Comedy. e J,° COHAN'S 3 BIG HITS Hudson VARIETY "The Grand Army Man" JOE BOGGS •f WELLS and BOGGS TOURrNG PANTAOES CIRCUIT Direction, 3AM BAERWITZ PAL LINE SAXON 8 AYS. I leek need aew fad lauas and lauih •Illy ttilaaa I've cent I tfsa't reeret tt>em tae' betaute— I've had a let of tun. SKATING MACKS Artistic Whirlwind Odditiet. BOOKED SOLID Booked Solid Loew Circuit Direction MANDEL & ROSE Wast 44th 8U Brenlnga 1:30. Rata. Wad. and Sac at t:S0. ELTIN GE S3»S Bunion t:30. Mats. Wadnteday A Saturday 3:30. "LADIES' NIGHT" A Fares Csaudy la Three Acts, with "THE MEANEST MAN IN THE WORLD" Ciet ln.ludea OTTO KRU8ER A Marias Ceahley WARNING THE GIRL IN THE FRAME BY MAY FOSTER AND CO. Have applied for a patent on their Drop, which is their own idea, and Infringer, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. My Attorneys are Mllo B. Steven* WHY? THE AN8WER-EBN1E YQUNO. m ■' •*— — GUY RAWSON and FRANCES CLARE BOOKED SOLID A CO. THIS ACT IS BOOKED SOL I P GEO. f^ClTM A XT Tbestrs. B'wsj A 43d St. M. v> V/Jllxll^l Bra. |J| ifts.Wed.A Sat GREATEST yYSTERT OF THEM ALL. u THE TAVERN " "WHAT'S ALL THE SHOOTIN* FOR? 5 Raymond Hitchcock, playing at the American theatre this week, ad- dressed members of the Chamber of Commerce, and owing to the fact that the new St. Louis Police Board, which has been very active in raids for "hootch" during the past week, was also present, it is thought that because of this Raymond did not use wet jokes from his act, but in- stead talked on "The Funny Side of Business.*' Knickerbocker B'waj. SlSt Eraa 1:1S. tlata. Wed. A Sat. 1:15. J. CUMBERLAND ALLYN KINO CHARLES RU6GLES EVELYN 608NELL "QOOD TIMES" '"ET1E3 v * ■ THE 11 Prleee. HIPPODROME AT MATINEE OAILY I 8EAT8 8ELLING EIGHT WEEKS IN AOVANCE > Brock Pemberton's Productions SE'VMiss Lulu Betf GALE'S Belmont W. 48 St. Bryant 48. Era. 8:20 alata. Thura. A Sat 120. EGILDA VARESI ¥"• NTER MADAME* NORMAN TREVOR CI 11 TAM w - 46th st - E * fS - 8:3 °- rULIUII Main. Wed.. Thura. A Sat. •OOD SEATS AT THE BOX OFFICE 6E0. M. COHAN'S COMEDIANS' (ISN'T IT A GRAND OLD NAME) "MARY" A CTHD TTTEA.. B'way A 43th. E?ea l:*3. AO 1 UI\ Mats. Wed. (Pop.) A Sat IM. SEATS ON SALE • WEEKS IN ADVANCE MADGE KENNEDY HEESELF *££%g 'CORNERED' MATINEES WEDNESDAY A SATURDAY "KVEIIYBODY CUEER8 FOR'* FRED STONE IN "TIP-TOP" GLOBE THEATRE BROADWAY and FORTY-SIXTH ST. MATINEES WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY Clara Kimball Young, the film star, arrived in St. Louis late last week and departed the same even- ing. She did not make any public appearances, and it was said at the Peacock Film Exchange that Miss Young was Just passing through St. Louis on her to Tulsa, Okla, from Louisville, Ky. Her husband accom- panied her. "The Kid" played one week at the New Grand Central, two at the West End Lyric, and is now in its second week at the Central, which is a rec- ord for St. Louis. RATH BROS. Are what you would call a panic at the Century Theatre Roof. They are the greatest handling act in show business—bar none. BILLY GLA80N says: Save him a nice), cool room for the summer at HOTEL JOYCE 31 West 71st Street CENTRAL PARK VVE8T Herbert A. Atwood, former owner and proprietor of the Clinton at Plattsburgh, died on Sunday, aged 54, at his home in West Chazy. He leaves his mother and a sister. Till ETC Cfl Evenings 8:30. Matinees IIMLOOU. Thurs. and Sat., 2:30. LIBERTY West 42 St. Evenings at 1:15. Tup. Vfat*. Wed. and Sat.. 1.15. MITZI f In the Musical Comedy nit. "LADY BILLY" BEST SEATS SEuJS $2.00 < e : Mow directs three houses in Seattle. motion picture FLORENCE •*EED THE MIRAGE EDGAR SELWYN'S GREAT PLAY trols four other houses here, and Jacob Weiss and Adolph Diamant, retired capitalists, who were for- merly in the liquor business. This will be the first big house in this neighborhood, the nearest being 17 blocks away. I Laura Arnold, who has won suc- cess both as a dramatic actress and musical comedy prima donna, will be the new leading woman with the Wilkes Players, taking the place of Jane Morgan, who is going to Cali- fornia. Miss Arnold played the leading role in "Nothing But the Truth." with William Collier, in New York city. She has appeared as leading woman with stock com- panies in Albany, New Haven and Halifax H. A. Smith, charged with grand larceny for an alleged hold-up in front of the Liberty, when Robert Cameron and H. C. Robertson, em- ployes of the theatre, were relieved of a bag containing cancelled the- atre tickets, the robber thinking he j sad"boon handed the cash, was ac- quitted this week by a jury in Judge J. T. Ronalds* department of ihe Superior Court. Cushman Hospital patients, 168 of them, were entertained Thursday night by Flora Haley. Miss Haley ■ seven years old, but plays like *n adult virtuoso. Benny Leonard, lightweight cham- pion, who fought here a few nights ago, paid a visit to the Orphcum and was recognized by Eddie Leon- ard, who heads the Orpheum bill this week. Eddie invited Bennie to uome up on the stago and sing. Bennie proved that he was game, and "almost" put over a number. Some houses here are complain- ing of lack of business because of Lent, while others claim that it has never bc»n better. ST. LOUIS. By GEORGE VV. GAMBRILL. Manager Phelps of the Grand Opera house (Junior Orpheum) rfj- •Crts that business has been above normal at this house despite Lent. A moving picture house said to «ost over K'25.000, With a seating capacity of 3,000, is to be built with- ■ one block of the Union Station nere. The enterprise will be con- trolled by John Kunsvj. who tro-D- P.ovs and girls of St. Louis with musical talent who wish to follow music as a profession and who are without financial means for gratify- ing their ambitions will be the bene- tfvjarics of. the late John Lambert, cigar manufacturer, through a be- quest of $3,000 for the encourage- ment and aid of such children. SKETCHES WANTED SNAPPY STORIES IS IN THE MARKET FOR SHORT PLAY- LETS WITH PEP AND PUNCH. WE BUY MAGAZINE RIGHTS ONLY. YOU RETAIN STAGE AND SCREEN RIGHTS. SYRACUSE, N. Y. By CHE8TER B. BAHN. EMPIRE.—Again dark this week, but has the Marcus Show of 1920 booked in for last three days of next week. Judging by stuff brought around by the advance man, the Marcus Show runs mostly to legs. So "hot" is some of the art that the pictures left for layout purposes in one local newspaper office were stolen before they could be used. -WIETING.—All the week, tirst public presentation of "Making Good," the Thomas Mott Osborne prison reform propaganda film. The Osborne reputation—Tom hails from Auburn, near this city—is proving a big drawing card at the box office. B. F. KEITHS.—Nine acts this week, and show running so long that it was necessary to advance opening 15 minutes after first matinee. Father of Irv and Jack Kaufman of this city, who appear on the bill, was in a front box on Monday afternoon, and the beys aimed quite a bit of added comedy in his direction. BASTABLE.—First part, "Follies of the Day." Gerard's show is good. STRAND.—All the week, "Man- Woman—Marriage." Established a new box office record on Sunday. Forced the box office to shut down on sale at intervals to permit the house to handle the crowds. Bill Hart, movie plainsman, once played Ogdensburg in the flesh, it was revealed this week when Rob- ert S. Algie ran across a bundle of old programs. Hart appeared in "The New Magdelen" on Nqy. 24, 1894, at the Ogdensburg Opera house. * The Richardson, Oswego, will be dark for a month. Alterations will be made. A new policy will be an- nounced when the theatre reopens, according to Owner Charles P. Gil- more. The house of late has been doing well with pictures. I'LL STAR OX BROADWAY YET. GRIFF The Ottawa Cltlsea— "GRIFF pleased the Dominion audfencs to a high degree, not hecaure he blows bubbles, but because of a particularly droll species of monologue ho uttters." GRIFF gave the following additional performances last week, and loved it too; Salvation Army Home for Children, St. Patrick's Catholic Orphanage. Ottawa Protestant Orphanage, Soldiers' Conva- lescent Horns, Wounded Soldiers In St. Luke's Hospital, and Children's Ward of St. Luke's. Six extra shows. MORRIS * FEIL Know Where I Am. PHYSIOLOGY LESSoWT The Ooo bone is on the corner of your elbow, and tchen you bump it hard it makes you say, "Ooo!" P. S. — Other things that make us say "Ooo!" are cut weeks, lay-offs, four shows a day, and "Vohocs/ 0 MENNETTI & S1DELLI Direction, NORMAN JEFFERIE8. KEITH TIME Week of March 7th, Garrick. Wllmlngtea, I>elaware gagemeht at the Armory theatre, Binghamton, on Monday. Peyton's local company is practically the same as the one which played Brooklyn and New York. He also hag a company now playing In Scranton. Ten-twenty-thirty will govern at the daily matinees, Payton says. Maybe Allen Holubar, producer of "Man—Woman—Marriage" doesn't care about recalling the fact, but he was leading man for the Mozart Players, a stock company which played the Mozart, Elmira, for a season 10 years ago. Renwick Park, Ithaca, home of several motion picture producing organizations in years past, will be purchased by the city of Ithaca as a municipal park. A Valuable Booklet for Investors INVESTORS ALMANAC It contains statistical in- formation on about 400 Stocks and Bonds listed on the New York stock Ex- changes and other leading Exchanges. Also short analytical his- tory, present status, earn- ings'and dividends, high and low prices. It also In- cludes ticker abbreviations, margin of safety table, etc. Mailed Fnc Upon RequtSi FRIEDMAN. MARKELSON & CO. MojotsHSConsolidated Btoi k Kx c.r n. y. 43 Beaver St.. NY.. T.I. Broad S82J 1823 Broadway, Tel.: Columbus 5',8i Cayuga Lake I'ark is to be sold under the auctioneers hammer. The well-known Central New York re- sort of the '90s flourished until 1910, when it began to decline. In the heydey of its popularity it boasted of a summer theatre playing travel- ing attractions. It is located in Sen- eca county and has been maintained by the Geneva, Seneca Falls & Au- burn Railroad. Corse Payton opened a stock en Charles Miller of,New York and Paul Schoppell, president of Pan- theon Pictures and of Paul Schop- pell & Co., brokers, of Chicago, are negotiating with the Port Henry Chamber of Commerce with a view to locating a movie studio there. Miller & Schoppell's announced plans call for the production of 2f pictures a year. Closed to the legit, since Feb. 5, the Lyceum, Ithaca, will reopen on March 12 with David YVarfleld in "The Return of Peter Crimm." Charles Oibbs, vaudev illian. ap- pearing with "The Century Girls- , • playing the Temple here last week, had a close call when there was a Are in the East Onondaga Hotel, largely patronized by professionals. Oibbg escaped by Improvising a rope from his bed sheets and lowering himself from a third-story window. Our New Address EDWARD CROPPER INC. NOW AT 1390 BROADWAY Hotel Normandie BIdg. S. E. Corner 38th Street Entire Stock Trunks, Bags, Leather Goods, Highest Grade Standard Makes HALF REGULAR PRICES HARTMANN — BELBER — NEVERBREAK — iNOEST *UCTO LIKLY TAYLOR MURPHY H a M O8HKO8H / SPECIAL FOR ONE WEEK ONLY SrViXl F5HKF .TIU.ATRK TRJPX4C ... . *_,.. . .SsfcSfj $45.00 "M.VKH»HK\K" 'V\K!UI(lllK TRUNK. 777.. .$«..'»• geo.OO FULL Hl/K ".Ml KI'II a"' \V AKDHOHK SSO.Ot ' $75.00 ••IM»KMTKri;TO" MAKE WARDHOIIE S37.A* ALL OI III K MARKS PROPORTIONATELY REDUCED I'KEPAID MAIT. ORDERS FILLED. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY REFUNDED EDWARD GROPPER, Inc. 1390 BROADWAY PHONE: F1TZ POY 38 18 OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL II P. If. The Most Important Feature of Your Act Is a Good Curtain Many a good act is spoiled by a poor curtain. Don't handicap your act. Get a good start. Theatrical curtains in a variety of designs and colors, in velvets and painted satins. For sale and rent. BUMPUS & LEWIS, 245 West 46th Street bryant 2695 ■ v .. :irsraai7j