Variety (March 1921)

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T*^T M.j P M^F fl 42 PICTURES Friday, March 4, 1921 LICHTMAN- M BIG 6" DEAL HANGS FIRE Reported Oscar Price Has Been Called to Coast Los Angeles, March 2. Affirmations and denials galore continue to be circulated concerning the report that Al. Lichtman is to assume charge of distribution of the Associated Producers. The latest rumor in the affirma- tive line is that Oscar Price, who Is chairman of the Board of Direc- tors, has been asked by wire to come to the coast and approve the Lieht- xnan deal. Lichtman's deal, if it Is consum- mated, is for him to become a part- ner in the distributing end, not only on a percentage of profits, but also as a stockholder, with absolute authority to handle all distribution matters without interference. If at any time the producers become dis- satisfied with Lichtman's methods the controversy would be submitted to a member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce appointed by the producers, a man occupying a similar position in New Yonk and the two to select a third Chamber of Commerce man in Chicago, whore the hearing is to be held. CASEY AGAINST NEW BOSTON CENSOR BUI At the New York offices of Asso- ciated Producers it was admitted Oscar Price was shortly leaving for the coast. NEW FOX ECONOMY. Los Angeles, 3.' A new rule regarding work on lo- cation has been promulgated it the Fox west coast studios. All loca- tions selected for picturing must be within 30 miles of the studios. This order make it possible for the companies to return to the stu- dio each night and thus does away with the expense of boarding and lodging the players on location by the company. Official Finds Quality of Pic- tures Improving. Boston, March 2. The fight before the committee J hearing arguments on bills tt- place ! the censoring of motion pictures in this State in care of the Commis- sions of Public Safety is on again. Representatives of women's lubs appeared btforo the committee in favor of the bill, as did several clergymen and individuals Much talk was made about the recent censoring of the film "Way Down East" in Quebec, but Judge J. Albert Brackett. who appeared for the opponents of the bill, said that the censoring was for "r liiious reasons only." John M. Casey, Boston's censer, said the bill would not bring de- sire., results. He stated that he cuts from &00 to 1.000 ft t ol film a week out of five to ten plays, each of which may run from 1.000 to several thousand feet in length. Films ~re improving, he claimed. Other opponents heard were Miss Mary June, president of the Bosto* Telephones Operators' Union; Th*d C. Burrows, president of thelMovincr Picture Operators' Union, and Mayor Creamer of Lyi n. The committee took the bill* under advis?n.ent. nouncement that the Washington Theatre, Chester'! newest picture house, has been bought by e Stanley Company of Chester. The Washington Theatre, whic) I.« located on Market street, right in the heart of the business sectlor. aud has a frontage of 150 feet and l depth of about 75 feet, opened about six months ago under the manage- ment of Edward Margolin and part- ners, a Chester company. Tohr. J. McQurk, a vice-president of the Stanley Company of Air. jrica. is president cf the totanley Com. my of Chester, which has taken over the Washington. The house will be booked by the Stanley company, running photoplays only, as before. The new management took hold this week. STANLEY TAKES ANOTHER. Circuit Acquires Washington, Ne./ Chester House. Philadelphia. March 2. The Stanley people have ta'nn over another big picture house in this vicinity to add to their length- ening string. This fact is contained in the an- OVER-SUPPLY DANGER Walthall Sees Advantage to the Exhibitor. Kansas City, March 2. Henry B. Walthall, appearing at the Grand this week in his new comedy drama, "Taken In," will re- turn to the coast in the early sum- mer to make four new films, for which he Is under contract. The stars of proven drawing powers, he thinks, have nothing to fear regarding the talk of cutting of salaries. He thinks the closing of many studios is caused by the uneasiness of the producers, who fear the exhibitors maj get the up- per hand and dictate whnt they wil pay for films as there i") :.:.,:.y pictures now being offer ad t'i?t an exhibitor can practically l.ko hij choice, and with an ovei-piouucuui could name the price. FILM REFORMERS BUSY. Up-State Club Women and Min- isters Demand Clean-Up. Syracuse, March 2. The picture reform movement struck Syracuse today. The Syra- cuse Women's Congress and the Federation of Women's Clubs will hold a joint session March 10 at which the demands for a "clean-up' will be made. The police chief. Aldermen and representatives ot th* churches and civic organizations have, been asked to attend. The State censorship will be discussed. In Utica. near here, the Minis- terial Association Is going to try to clean up the local picture houses, a committee of seven pastors hav- ir *r been named to confer with ex- hibitor:*, co-operating with anothei committee to bo uy\ inted from tin laymen of the city anu surrounding towns. The association has singlet' >ut "Madonnas end Men" as an ex- ample of the stuff it wants to stop. INCORPORATIONS Rosemore Amusement Co., Brook- lyn, capital $20,000. Directors: P. and 11. .1. Rosenson, M. Hearst, 15S Bayard street. Kazoo Co., Buffalo, manufacturing musical novelties; capital $. r >0,l>00. Directors: Al. J. Ifclntyre, O. C. and E. (J. Sorg. Huffalo. Brighton Beach Sporting Club, Brooklyn, capital $LO,000. Direct- ors: B. C. llallam, T. J. and J. 10. Molloy, 558 "First street. Polish Amusement Corp., capital $110,000. Directors: I. 1\ Morris, C. Auerbach, M. H. Lewis, in Broad- way. Aycie Pictures Corp, capital $0,000. Directors: A. A. Corn, L, Lewis, B. H. Bernstein, 1470 Broad- way. Patchogue Amusement Corp., Patchogue, capital $200,000. Direct- MacAdams Pictures active capi- tal, $352,000; directors, ft H. Wat- son. T. II. draydon. M. Mae Adams, Hotel Woodward, ors: O. Nielson, II. O. Weehsler, W. O. GilUs. 145 West 45th street. Fleck Bros., musical agency: capital $5,000. Directors: A.. H. D. and D. P. Fleck, 160 West 122d street. Dissolution— V. S. Co., Brooklyn. Name Change—Klaw Const. Co: to New Realty Corp. Mission Theatre Co., capital $3,000,000. Directors: T. L, Croteau, M. A. Bruce. S. E. Dill. Wilmington. Phonograph & Erlanger Amsterdam IN BANKRUPTCY Modern Yiddish Theatre Co. Tr-e,; liabilities, $15,000; assets. $5,000. ^ HOTEL. HOLLYWOOD THE lilMiK/»HIS OF T II B \ T R I C A t S BEST IIOI.I VUOOH in- AMiF.I.F.S r\I.IH>KM V CLERGY SPLIT ON FILM Violent Division on "Inside of the Cup" Kansas City, March 2. "The Inside of the Cup," now showing at the Newman theatre, has caused more discussion and re- ceived more newspaper space than any picture presented here in years. It all started after a private show- ing given for a party of ministers. Dr. Aked. of the First Congrega- tional Church, took exception to it and denounced it in scathing terms, declaring that it should not be shown land that Manager Newman would be making a popular move to cancel the showing. Other ministers took the opposite side of the question and defended the film and its story, agreeing that while the picture is a bold denun- ciation of evil masquerading under cover of religion, it Is by no means an indlscriminating assault against the Church, although it is true that it mercilessly exposes hypocrisy in high places. In addition to 'the ministers, the members of the Athenaeum and other civic bodies who are active In the movement for a more severe censorship have viewed the picture and have decided that it measures up to their idea of a "Perfect Film." Turning Film Into Gold The ancient Phrygian King was reputed to be so gifted of the Gods that everything he touched was turned into gold. It takes only sound business judgment to do that today. Exhibitors with a keen sense of showmanship are turning film to geld every day by playing The Big 5 Productions They are doing it with "Passion* 9 They are doing it with "The Kid." J9 They are doing it with "Man—Woman—Marriage. They are doing it with "Sowing the Wind." They'll do it with "The Oath" as soon as released. FIRST NATIONAL ATTRACTIONS Play the Big Five Productions A Grand Picture Season f Five Powerful Reascms Wky ■ There'll Be a Franchise Everywhere %pt«MMMMMM r* ^* « '•"•!•••»• . ■--- »*•<► *m- W**m~ * »<• ■ • - - — * m~**m '■ »*^r + ~* - ■ . - -- v— «oo— m m * » » —i ■!-.■■ .->»« MM