Variety (March 1921)

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48 VARIETY Friday, March 4, 1921 CLAIRE ...».., ORIGINATOR CLAIRE GOWNS AND WRAPS ARE THE ESSENCE OF PERFECTION Fascinating Fashions For Early Spring Wear 1 I ^HE new creations now displayed in the CLAIRE SHOP can be accepted as accu- rately foreshadowing the Spring mode. The materials and colors are those which have received recognition from the arbiters in Europe and America. In the decorative scheme, hand- some embroideries play a significant part. In the advance showing may be found all the newest style features for street wear, as well as the most fashionable materials for stage wear. Individuality Presenting Frocks of exclusive mode chosen to grace the wardrobe and the person of the artiste who is individual in her dress. Distinction The name CLAIRE is a positive guarantee of the smartest tailored suits, the nobbiest pat- terns that bespeak class and style and withal giving great satisfaction to the most exacting of fashionably attired artistes. To Managers and Producers of Vaudeville Acts, Productions, Etc. m CLAIRE can offer most reasonable estimates on the costuming and dressing of girl acts, revues, choruses and all big and little offerings of the stage that require anything worth while and distinctive in stage dress. •v • CLAIRE ' ORIGINATOR GOWNS, WRAPS, SUITS, MILLINERY, SPORT CLOTHES 2118 BROADWAY COR. 74th STREKT 130 WEST 45th STREET, NEW YORK CITY 2451 BROADWAY I JET. 01st & !>2rt STRE10TS a .— .,.