Variety (March 1921)

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tt VARIETY Friday, March 23, AL AN ACT WITH "A PUNCH" LIKE DEMPSEY EARL =c .,..., A N D I 'X. 'TWO FRIENDS THAT CAN'T GET ALONG'* JUST FINISHED 54 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS AND BOOKED SOLID UNTIL MAY 15, 1922 NOW PLAYING PROCTOR'S 5th AVE., NEW YORK u 1921 AUG. 22— KEITH'S RIVERSIDE, NEW YORK. " 29—KEITH'S ORPHEUM, BROOKLYN 8EPT. 5—B. F. KEITH'S, BOSTON 12— E. P. ALBEE. PROVIDENCE. • 19—B. F. KEITH'S, PORTLAND. 2«— B. F. KEITH'S, LOWELL. 3—KEITH'S ROYAL, NEW YORK. 10— KEITHS BUSHWICK. BROOKLYN 17—KEITH'S ALHAMBRA. NEW YORK 24— KEITH'S COLONIAL, NEW YORK 31—B. F. KEITH'S, PHILADELPHIA u OCT. m m NOV. 7—B. F. KEITH'S. WASHINGTON « 14— MARYLAND, BALTIMORE 21—B. F. KEITH'S, YOUNGSTOWN 28—B. F. KEITH'S, CLEVELAND 6—B. F. KEITH'S, CINCINNATI 12—COLONIAL, AKRON 19—B. F. KEITH'S, INDIANAPOLIS 26— B. F. KEITH'S, DAYTON T922 JAN. 2—B. F. KEITH'S, COLUMBUS 9— B. F. KEITH'S, TOLEDO 16—EMPRES8, GRAND RAPIDS 23—TEMPLE, DETROIT 30—TEMPLE, ROCHESTER DEC. M 41 »• FEB. 6— LYRIC, HAMILTON " 13—SHEA'S, BUFFALO " 20—SHEA'S, TORONTO « 27—PRINCESS, MONTREAL MARCH 6—B. F. KEITH'S, SYRACUSE " 13—KEITH'S 81st ST., NEW YORK " 20—FORDHAM and COLI8EUM, NEW YORK " 27—MOSS' BROADWAY, NEW YORK APRIL 3—KEITH'S JEFFERSON, NEW YORK 10—KEITH'S HAMILTON,.NEW YORK 17—MT. VERNON. N. Y. and PROSPECT, B'KLYN. 44 REST OF NEW YORK TIME TO FOLLOW We extend our sincere thanks to MR. ARTHUR BLONDELL Personal Management, EDDIE RILEY Direction, PHIL MORRIS ACTOR AS ATHLETE. * (Continued from page 33) havs found It money well lnvestsd to Install *ym», playground!, physi- cal culture experts to map out in- telligent recreations and othwr means of raising the morale of the men. They have discovered that discontent and bad health are syno- nyms and .hat dyspepsia and agita- tion go hand in hand. Why not apply the same reason- 4 lng to ths actor? Mr. Thsatrs Owner, In the con..*ruction of your new and modern edifices, would tt not be worth the experiment to In- stall a small gym with showers for the actor who la .ndividuallst enough to want to keep almself at the highest possible point of bodily per- fection? Con. William McKinnon, well known restaurant man of Houston, num- bering more friends among the profession than anybody in that part of the country - , will be ma vied March 30 to Rosina Mary Phillips, at the All Saints Church there. the first accident since the building was started. Jos Peyton has turned over the management of his repertoire com- pany, playing through Jersey, to Dave J. Ramage. Ill health is the reason for the switch. P. Dodd Ackerman is building a special Italian sunken garden stage setting for Max Spiegel's new Sheri- dan Sq. Theatre, nearing comple- tion. Ths house to be erected by Har- ring and Blumenthal at 138th street and Willis avenue the Bronx will be called the Belmont. Work on the stores to be made part of the Hotel Astor building was started this week. The Bowman Brothers "Blue Grass Minstrels," a car show, opened this week in Ferth Amboy, N. J. to Charles L. Marsh, who has been playing the juvenile in it. Will Davidson, In pictures for five years, will return to the stage. He will sing the lead in "June Love," due on Broadway next month. Ths Hannefords have been out of "Good Times" at the Hippodrome since February 25. The Hanneford Family is under 1 contract for the Sells-Floto show and will open with that outfit. The act has been ai the Hip for two seasons. Van and Corbett reported as being engaged to do a show during the summer, will continue to play vaudeville until June when Billy Van will leave for the coast to complete a picture contract which should keep him out there until September. Edith Helena, the operatic sir.ger, who has made a number of tours in vaudeville, has opened a studio in the Metropolitan opera house building for vocal training. The Premier Amusement Co. op- erators of the Stadium, East New York, have started excavating for a house seating 3,100 at Sutter ave- nue and Hinsdale street, in which they will play vaudeville. The house will be ready to open January 1, 192 A werfeman was hurt Wednesday morning in the new Loew State building by a falling timber. It is ¥• Moore and Megely have disposed of their act, "Once Upon a Time," m> | I EASTER NOTICE Everything for Men n>ho appreciate the ultra-fashionable in MEN'S WEAR • SHIRTS HOSIERY CRAVATS ! CANES BELTS All at nen> /on» prices. . -.. All up to the minute for the EASTER PARADE ■. - Men'* Wear Jldfe&gcg Ladies* Wear THEATRICAL OUTFITTERS 1580 Broadway NEW YORK CITY TIIHl TO 7th AVKMK LOEW NUMBER COMING SOON .-. i i IV 4 If You Don't Advertise in VARIETY Don't Advertise Clipping from "Variety," March 11. PLACING SAFES BACK STAGE FOR ARTISTS' PROTECTION Keith Office Issues Order—Back-Doormen Re- sponsible—Required to File Bond of $1,000. Numerous Dressing Room Robberies Lately. Following numerous robber- ies of dressing rooms, and to prevent a repetition of the same, the Keith office this week ordered the Installation of safes, back stage, in all of their houses. The safe is under the care stage door man, who is $1,000, beginning in artists are pending signs are posted door* HOPPER'S Vir \ • Keith pro- vides protection for your valuables while in the theatre. You can secure for your money continuous protec- tion in town, and on the road, by chang- ing your salary and savings into American Ex- press Travelers Cheques. At all times you are insured against loss by fire, or theft of your savings and travel funds. Near every theatre, in every city and town, there is a Bank or Express Office where, for a very small fee, you can purchase American Express Travel- ers Cheques in convenient denominations from $10 to $200 each. Members of the theatrical profession and other traveler! have been using American Express Travelers Cheques for the past thirty years. By this use throughout the world they have made them known and spendable everywhere. A safe way of remitting money by mail in payment for royalties, commissions, etc., is by American Express Money Orders for sale at Express Offices, Stationery Stores and Drug Store« •♦ in^^