Variety (March 1921)

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VARIETY Friday, March 25, 1921 AV : APPPEARANCE NOW PROCTOR'S 2Jrd ST. THEATRE and COLLINS in "Odds and Ends" Direction* FRANK EVANS f * * If Ycu Don't Advertise in VARIETY Don't Advertise The Smith Brothers, owners and managers of the Kialto and Or- pheum, Tulsa, Okla., received word In New York Monday that the safes of both houses had been blown Sun- day and between the two robberies $5,000 stolen. The Rlalto is a pic- ture house and the Orphcum plays the Interstate vaudeville road shows. Griff Williams, of the Hill managerial staff, has organized the Columbia Theatrical Exchange, a licensed agency to do a general booking business. Bill Vidoq left New York this week for a two week*' sojourn at "Laurel in the Pines." Lakewood, N. J. He is a Keith agent and former valid ville artist, and is recovering from a recent pneumo? ■ Illness. LETTERS •Vlien MIHlUSf fai mat. r«. \ \KIK1 > atldrrn* Mail Clerk IHJSTCARDfe. ADVERTISING OR mil LAB LETTERS WII.I NOT !»E APVERTISEll •LETTERS ADVERTISED IN :: •»»H ov L Alden John Aldra Agnos Allen Hilly Allen Jos S Alman Jack Anderson Bernice Andrua Cecil Anthony Jack Armstrong Lucille Hallo Ous Barnes Althea Barry Kitty Barry Mabel Benard Charlotte Bennett Mrs C Henway Happy Hlakley Louise Blisa Gordon Bonder Art Brian Frank Carlton Alf Carlton W R Carson Mrs Cavanaugh Edith Chase Colin Claire Doris Clover Chas Curzon Lee Dean Hattle Da Grant Oliver Da Lore's Girl Rev Da Mar Grace Da Varney Vera Devlin Jo« Dolson Helen Downing Evelyn Downing; Harry Drysdale Phyllis Dudley Wm Duffy Jimmy After the Play Wfcea yon kavt feed ••pf** aa4 are raaay la Xwtm la tor tae aisfct. uka a ANALAX Tk« FrmUy Laxativt A«tr«5t!re lift It sink riatillas—ia a ■••( tin box —that look aaa taita lika candied Iruit. At affective in a eai*U con-iripina way at cantor-oil. At •Udrmtttiti tmi imUn MoKESSON A BOBBINS, INC. •v MaaataetaHaa Ctiiha. lauWtaiM* in 81 PtUtoa Strwt. New York T)umitre5;cu Mlttu I";irl Hubv Klliott Maa Kvans Lillian Fairchild Lillian Fay Anna Eva Fedova Zmia Feingold B Fernandez Reba Ferrari Leonora Ferris Mr W L Fieldl Billy Finlay Bob FIsslnger Virginia Forbes Sidney Frances * Co Frldkin Tr Boris C Olbbs Joyce Gilinan Harrv Mrs Ginber Mrs W Gleason Lew Gordon & Vail Oora Sammy Gould Douglas R Grey Mr A Mrs A Grey Jacquelyn Griffin Eleanor Guthie Agnes Haddon A Norman Hale Mr F Hardy A.lela Harrington Cecil Henderson Mrs E L Hendricks Duke Hennings Virginia Hoyt Pulaski Leo Hughes Geo Hunt Maye Hutchinson J K J ruin Alice Ball Jackman Mr Jinka Gro W Johnson Happy Jonea T L Kaufman Nick Kennedy Tom Kent Nettie Kent Co Wm Keppeler Otto Kcppie Vina Kipp Libbi Lawrence Laura Lcckle Kitty Lee Mr II Lee Mildred Leed Dot Leithton R4g*s Leonard Mm F Leonard Jean La Roy Jack- Leslie Evelyn l.izzette Mile Mallaly .Ta<k Marino a Ma ley Martin Mae V Mason Mrs Ohas McMillun Don Melrose Helen Montgomery Duo Montrose Geo Moore Scott Morrison Joe A S Morton Miss L Murphy A Plant Murray Edith Mysteria Princess Nathan Bernard Opp Joe Parker John Parker Mi I tired l'etrle \V V Plngree A Dwyer Pollard Doo Quandt Roman Qulntau Dun Race A Edge Reo A Helmar Roberta Dick Robinson G Robinaon Kobt Ross Eddie Ricclo Bros Rivera Arthur Russell Robert Shields Arthur Smlletta Sis Smith Billy Soma Misa Sowers Blanche Stanley Aileen Staples Ccsette Stuart Herbert Sylvester Grace Terry Frank Throckm'rt'n Mr A Thursby Dave Trucchl Mrs .J J Vernon Trene Walle Mr Al W Welters 9t i ma Wellington Dave West Ford White ('has White Jack White Jas Williams Marion Williams Mollle Woods Mildred Wright Jack F Yamnda Joe You You You Young IN :;gy CHICAGO OFFICE Anderson Lucille Mien Edna Armstrong A Grant Adams Geo W AbbMl Pat Mlsa Aaderson A Burt Adams Mip Anger A Packer Armento Ang-elo Ashworth Leah Arnold A Sobel Buckley A A H Belle Nada Bryant & Stewart Benny Jack Beck Eddie Barry Lydia Browning Art Burnett Sonny Belmont Belle Byron Ben Berger Harry Brooka Frank F Badie A Bayle A Patsy Bento Sefran Bernard A Lloyd Belford Six Belmont Joe Bernard Mike Bradley George Brooke James (10) Burke Helen Bolin Carl Blessing C Mrs Cahill Jack Clifford Ruby J Cooper "Fitch" Clarke Frank Cummlngs Ray CasHI Sidney Casdner Otto Mrs Cassady Eddie "Cervo 1 ' Dan Dare F R Dale Geraldine W Davenport Orrin Duffy James J Donney George P I Davenport Earl Da Vine Dottle Dawson Bis A Stern Dayton Sylvia Davis A McCoy DuNord Leo Edmunds Glen Ellsworth Fred Edmunds Joe Earl A Lewis Evol Earl Ruby Fulton Jack Foater May i Fisk Bert Band Fnber A McGowan Pranzeska Mile Ford Chas H Fields Billy France A Hamp Fluhrer A Fluhrer Foster A Clark Foley Thomas J Olonmar Pauline OeorK»* Fred] Gruy Bee Ho Cordon J'n Players Germain Jean Cue A Haw Gould Laura Gish Leo Harris Honey Howard Bert C Hold.-ii A Navarre Harris Dave Hart Chas Co Harrison Happy Ilirt ILiael Herman Fells Hamilton c c Haywood Harry Harty Bob Hazfllou Blanche Henderson Kortiiaa Johnson Paul Joseph .lack Ji rdan Marion Jupiter Oeoreje Jones Helen M Jason A Half Joyce .Lick Kean Richard King Madeline Kirke Hazel Kcough E« Keane A Walsh Lowerle Gl^n Lorraine C A Lynn A La Rosa Lewis A Norton LaFollette Jack Levy Ethel Lazar Liza Lloyd Wilkes Lubin Lund Chas Lane A Harper Leroy Vick Lingard Billy Luke Eda Ann Lee Bryan Martin Felice Alex Mannard Virginia Morgan June Moore 15 J McGreery A Doyle Marty n Maude Mayes Jack Mudgo Mr Miller Cleora Moran F A B Murray Edith Mue A Machrr McOttlrs Anthony Miller Dixie MurKay A Karle Miller MAP Morrell Frank Mansfield A Riddle Mitchell A P McCollOttgb: Carl Narder Vike - O'Dea Jimmy O'Mar Cassis Page Josof h A Plttenver vira. Phillips Oeo Perry Alice Posty Dot Roberts ftorn Renard A Jordan Rfgan James Richey R K»ith Roberts Peggla Rogers Jack Riely Mae Polls A Royce (loyal Philiipine ?ogf»rs Wilson S Rfhan Estelle Riggs Mary Rogers Frank Mrs Stanton Walter Smith Oliver Co Stafford Edwin Stymoure Dolly Spahman Alb't Mrs Sackett Albert Single Billy Scott John Geo Sperling Philip Skinner J J Schrein Bert Sully Lew Seamans Mai.file Smith Willie Tucker Temple Tracey Thayer Thlele Dave Joe Sid CHas K'.l.ry CMto Vincant Jewel Vogt Eddie Vox Valentino Valyda Roaa Vyvyan A Kastnar Valll A Cooper V'c.yer Guy Wilbur Elsie Williams Connie Williamson Geo Weeks Leroy Wilson John Mrs Wilson Misses V lilte Bob Wells Muria . SAN FRANCISCO OFFICE Gordon Bobby Howard Murjaret Lane Helen Ahx'der Nichols Joy Sargent Dollo Sydney Mr & Mrs F Falll Muriel V'rgt Eddie rr- Burlesque Routes. > ^ # MARCH 28—APRIL 4 "All Jam Iteviio" SI Majoetfcj Scranton 4-fi Armory BlBfhamton I Blmlra 7-1* Inter Niagara Fail . "Around the" 23 Km pi re Hoboken 4-G Cohen't* Xcwburg 7-9 Cohen's Poufrhkoensip. ••Bathing Beauties" us Academy Pittsburgh 4 Penn Circuit. "Beauty Ke\ ue" US Mar Toronto 4 Acad< my liuffaio. TRUNKS For the Theatrical Profession Strand Luggage Shop The Luggage Shop With a Conscience. A93 SIXTH AVE., Bet. 39th end 40th Sin. "Open KvealnffH Till V* AT LIBERTY GEORGE DUPREE 316 W. 47th St., N. Y. city; Longaere 3788 (MANAGER —HUSTLER— PROMOTER READ BOOTH and NINA. Cycle and Banjo. Full Stage; 11 Mine. State-Lake, Chicago. Read BOOTH AND NINA PRESENT I MO \ "A 20th Century Novelty" Lir | A FEW CHOICE OFFICES Possession about April ISth $50 per month and upwards Also rehearsal hall to- let by week, month or year ROMAX BUILDING 245 West 47th Street, N. Y. City Adjoining Strand Theatre JOHN H. SCHEIER 245 West 47th Street Phono Bryant 5102-3 OR YOUR OWN BROKER Chicago, March 16 Coming out of nowhere, this pa., opened the show here entirely un-j offel * in 6 you an act which we claim known, and mopped up as no opener, to be absolutely unparalleled and ever h done* l0ry ° f lhis#theatre had unprecedented for novelty of con- u.x,v*k «I „ * • i ,.• - , ception and skill of execution, to- Booth is a trick cyclist who runs\. ., .. . .. p a pretty routine edging up to a |tally eclipsing all our previous ef- Kalph Johnstone stair-moun on his forts, establishing for itself the bicycle, then to a leap on a pedes- coveted standard of quality by £*££ SLeW^SEWS 1 wbk * an other acl8 "* m ^ red wheel. But he fixed it, and as the as to value and real merit. SSSSIl? e rh^it. d, fi I I M,e K and re ^f r " Success in the past our credentials. berated through this huge audito-) 0 . ,. , , rium, completed the stum. \8uccess in the future our guarantee. Nina is a sweet confection, who, Many thanks to Mr. George Gott- as the assistant to Booth and with « loib, Mr. Harry Singer, Mr. Work, such charms and ingratiating per-(Orchestra and Stage Hands for !Sw 1 lSiJ% h fJ # iiSrS V ;S if « h ?! their co-operation in making our only stood by and looked nice. But ... . she produces a banjo and tears the\ act tne m, £ e success it was. heart out of it. She could do a This week, Majestic, Milwaukee* single on her appearance and ability.; Wjg Nflxt w6flk( Pa|ace| Chicago> |M> a hTo e ^n« W ^ 0Var f0r » a ^ mem0 r''S° le management, Arthur Gold. able wallop and can stand up to, ... /T , °.. ^_ v _ , op^n, close or hold up any spot in, • m,th (Bontham Office), Palace any bill in any man's theatre. Theatre BIdg., N. Y., Charles Crowl, Lait. | Woods Theatre Bldg., Chicago. Sincere thanks to Jack Lait for above wonderful notice C IVI Blanchard PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE FOR STARS AND TALENT. WILL PRODUCE YOUR ACT FOR YOU, ARRANGE OPENING AND ROUTE. SOME OF THE ACTS I HAVE MADE ROBERT EDESON HENRY CHESTERFIELD SAMPSEL and REILLY JULIA NASH EDWIN ARDEN C. H. O'DONNELL 1493 Broadway, New York, N. Y. i will make yof. EVELYN BLANCHARD Phone Bryant 8200 Restricted Material A COMEDY HIT AND "THE BANJO" UNTIL OTIS MITCHELL Sailing for AUSTRALIA May 3 from San Francisco. To tour FULLER CIRCUIT ADDRESS FULLER THEATRE, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA