Variety (March 1921)

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■ Friday, March 25, 1921 VARIETY •Beauty Trust" 28 Avenue Detroit 4 Academy Pittsburgh. "Best Show in Town" 28 Qayety Rochester 4-6 Bastable Syracuse 719 Gayety Utica. "Big Sensation" 28 Howard Bos- ton 4-6 New Bedford New Bedford 7-9 AAdemy Fall River. "Big Wonder Show" 28 L O 4 Gayety St. Louis. "Bon Tons" 28 Empire Toledo 4 Lyric Dayton. "Bostonlans" 28 Gayety Toronto 4 Gayety Buffalo. "Rowcry*" , ?* HurtJs Sea noon's Mew York 4 Empire Brooklyn. "Broadway Belles" 28 Gayety Louisville 4 Empress Cincinnati. "Cabaret Girls" 28 Englewood Chicago 4 Standard St. Louis. «Cute Cutles" 28 Penn Circuit 4 Gayety Baltimore. "Flashlights of 1921" 28 Casino Boston 4 Columbia New York. "Follies of Day" 28 Columbia New York 4 Casino Brooklyn. "Follies of Pleasure" 28 Olympic New York 4 Gayety Newark. "Folly Town" Gayety Boston 4 Grand Hartford. "French Frolics" 28-29 Armory Binghamton 30 Ehnira 81-2 Inter Niagara Falls 4 Star Toronto. "Girls de Looks" 28 Casino Brook- lyn 4 People's Philadelphia. "Girls from Follies" 28-30 Cohen's Newburgh 31-2 Cohen's Poughkeep- sle 4 Howard Boston. "Girls from Happyland" 27-29 Berchel Des Moines 4 Gayety Omaha. "Girls from Joyland" 28 Star Brooklyn 4 Empire Hoboken. "Girls of U S A" 28 Gayety Wash- ington 4 Gayety Pittsburgh. "Golden Crook" 28 Star & Garter Chicago 4 Gayety Detroit. "Grown Up Babies" 28-30 New Bedford New Bedford 31-2 Acad- emy Fall River 4 Grand Worcester. Hastings Harry 28 Majestic Jer- sey City 4 Perth Amboy 5 Plainficld 6 Stamford 7-9 Park Bridgeport. "Hip Hip Hurrah" 28 Gayety Buf- falo 4 Gayety Rochester. "Hits and Bits" 28-30 Bastable Syracuse 31-2 Gayety Utica 4 Gay- ety Montreal. ' THE SAME SENSATIONAL ACT—WITH—THE SAME SENSATIONAL ROUTE GLENN and JENKINS READ W and jjjg Tjj Kansas City "Star" The individual hit of the bill, he**- «\< .v I* tbe -t*rw\ of nienn .and J21,: • kins, two blackface boys, who pro- vide an amusing spacm of original patter. They also contribute a few eccentric dance steps cleveTly. "Globe-Democrat," St. Louis Glenn and Jenkins, blackface, in new stun*, new dances and swift repartee wouldn't have to go far to 1 "stop the show." San Francisco "Call" Whenever men are travelling they will remember Glenn and Jenkins, for their broom dance. And every once in a while, whether travelling or not, they will remember one of their "cross words" and chuckle. They were encored once and then the audience was not satisfied. Variety, San Francisco Glenn and Jenkin.s, who as a pair of colored porters working in a rail- way depot, have a novel line of humor, jazz blues and freak dan- cing. 44 ON PUBLIC VIEW Monday, March 28th, 1921 SAMUEL MARX, Auctioneer ••KI.IS IIV II III l< At « TIOV Ky order of ALFREDO BACCIQALUPI Tuesday f March 29th, 1921, at 11 A. M. •IT HIS SALESROOMS 115-117 West 23d 8t., W. of 6th Ave. A LARGE STOCK OP Stage and Masquerade Costumes COMPRISING COMPLETE OUTFITS OP Grand and Comic Opera Productions euvh at *T*rmen." "I-oh«i«rln." "Alda." ' Rar- brr of SeTine." "Tliah." "F»t»t." "C*t«I- In-la." "Mikado." "Blgoletto." and many Ml ■ ■iTlLmnciu Ostuim*. ALSO A LAHGE ASSORTMENT OP Hl«h Boot*. Sho«.«. Sandals. Slipper?. Suit* of Armor, Swords. Hpeare, Hetsaeta, Shields. Etc. Pull Disss Suit*. Uniforms, Evening Gowns. Drcs- f*s. Japsjiew. Turkish and 8panUh Costumes, Tights. Stockings. Belts. IUts. Trunks. and SUgs At'Ffw w rl ea . SPECIAL—Complete orche*tratlons and focal scores for grand and comic operas and musical comedies. Sale) foiulurf *d by BENJAMIN MARX Auctioneer'* Irfflre: 115-117 W. 23d ST. Phones: Walking 96C0-G1-62 WORKING FOR THE RAILROAD 99 MARCH 1*— COLONIAL MARCH 2i—ALHAf#VBRA MARCH 2B— PALACE APRIL 4— RIVERSIDE APRIL 11—HAMILTON APRIL 18—JEFFERSON APRIL 26— FLATBU3H MAY 2—ROYAL MAY 9—FORDHAM COLISEUM MAY 16—ORPHEUM MAY 23^BUSHWtCK MAY 30—COLONIAL JUNE 6— BROADWAY JUNE 13— NEWARK JUNE 20—5th AVE., MT. VERNON JUNE 27—HENDERSONS, Con«y Island. All above New York Keith Theatres And all of next season booked THOS. J. FITZPATRICK THE SAME SENSATIONAL AGENT The Same Sensational Notices — By — The Same Sensational Critics READ 'EM and PLAY 'EM Jack Lait, Variety, Chicago Glenn and Jenkins, with much new material and many new laughs, a«- MSfftttoftteilvOvi mob? wong dti tfry, and left it yowling for mure. "Billboard," Chicago Glenn and Jenkins were an ap- plause and laughing hit. The boys have dug up some new "wise cracks" since last around, and they .»;hot the whole works over to a solid hit. Two encores and a heavy hand at the finish. Los Angeles "Chronicle" Glenn and Jenkins in 'Working for the Railroad" were shoved way back on the bill, but even, at that, the boys got away with so many real he-man laughs, that that posi- tion meant nothing. W< 'king In blackface and assuming the roles of colored porters in a railroad station, these Tllfferent entertainers had the critical first nighters holding on to their seats, from start to finish. In- troducing what they were pleased to term the "Broom Blues." Qlenn and Jenkins stopped the show, as the saying goes. "Hurly Burly" 28 L O 4 Trocadero Philadelphia. "Jazz Babies" 28 L O 4 Gayety Brooklyn. "Jingle Jingle" 28 Columbia Chi- cago 3-5 Berchel Dts Moinos. "Jollities" 28 Kmpire Brooklyn 4 Empire Newark. "Joy Riders" 28 Lyceum Colum- bus 4 Empire Cleveland. "Kandy Kids" 28 Gayety Brook- lyn 4 Olympic New York. Kelly Lew 28 Empire Albany 4 Gayety Boston. "Kewpie Dolls" 28 Kmpress Cin- cinnati 4 Lyceum Columbus. "Lid Lifters" 28 Plaza Springfield 4 L O. "London Belles" 28 Gayety Bt Louis 4 Star & Garter Chicago. "Maids of America" 28 Empire Providence 4 Casino Boston. Marion Dave 28 Orpheum Pater- son 4 Majestic Jersey City. "Million Dollar Dons'" 28 Star Cleveland 4 Empire Toledo. "Mischief Makers" 28 Gayety Minneapolis 4 Gayety St. Paul. "Monte Carlo Girls" 28-2* Ly- ceum St. Jose 4 Gayety Minneapolis. "Naughty Naughty" 28 Trocadero Philadelphia 4 Majestic Scranton. "Parisian Flirts" 28 Gayety Mil- waukee 4 Haymarket Chicago. "Parisian Whirl" 28 Gayety De- troit 4 Gayety Toronto. "Peek a Boo" 28 Gayety Omaha 4 Gayety Kansas City. "Powder Puff Revue" 28 Casino Philadelphia 4 Hurtig & Seamon's New York. "Puss Puss" 28 Grand Worcester 4 Plaza Springfield. "Razzle Dazzle" 28 Gayety St. Paul 4 Gayety Milwaukee. Reeves Al 28 Olympic Cincinnati 4 Columbia Chicago. tr SUBLET I Pa . lab Beautiful little office—3 window*-— rtitlon—must buy furniture—reason- able. 11 to 1 end 3 to 5. Reference. ROOM 705. 114 WEST 41th BT. JUST OFF BROADWAY AT TIMES SQ. T he Langivell Hotel Reynolds Abe 28 Palace Baltimore 4 Gayety Baltimore. "Record Breakers" 28 Academy Buffalo 4 Cadillac Detroit. "Roseland Girls" 28 Gayety Pitts- burgh 4-6 Park Youngstown 7-9 Grand Akron. Singer Jack 28 Empire Newark 4 Casino Philadelphia. "Snappy Snaps" 28 Miner's Bronx New York 4 Orpheum Paterson. "Social Follies" 28 Park In- dianapolis 4 Gayety Louisville. "Social Maids" 28 Jacques Water- burv 4 Miner's Bronx New York. "Some Show" 81 Rajah Reading 1-2 Grand Trenton 4 Bijou Phila- delphia. "Sporting Widows" 28 Grand Hartford 4 Jacques Waterbury. "Step Lively Girls" 28 Gayety Montreal 4 Empire Albany. Stone A Pillard 28 Empire Cleve- land 4 Avenue Detroit. "Sweet Sweeties" 28 Haymarket Chicago 4 Park Indianapolis. "Tempters" 28 Standard SL Louis 4 Century Kansas City. "Tid Bits of 1920" 28 Century Kansas City 4-5 Lyceum St. Jose. "Tiddledy Winks" 28 Gayety New- ark 7 Rajah Reading 8-9 Grand Trenton. "Tittle Tattle" 28 Bijou Philadel- phia 4 Star Brooklyn. "Town Scandals" 28 Lyric Day- ton 4 Olympic Cincinnati. "20th Century Maids" 28 People's Philadelphia 4 Palace Baltimore. "Twinkle Toes" 28 Gayety Kansas City 4 L O. "Victory Belles" 28-30 Park Youngstown 31-2 Grand Akron 4 Star Cleveland. "Whirl of Mirth" 28 Cadillac De- troit 4 Englewood Chicago. Whito Pat 28 Gayety Baltimore 4LO. Williams Mollie 28 Perth Amboy 29 Plalnfield 30 Stamford 31-2 Park Bridgeport 4 Empire Providence. ment of "Marcus, Show of 1920" de- spite advance dope that all of the entertainment and feminine display would be found on the bill posters, quite a number had to see to be- lieve. When their opinion and the local paper reviews are circulated lighter houses for the remainder of the engagement should be in order. PLAYHOUSE.—Billy Allen, co- median, and his company of girls are still drawing well in their third week. The house management seems to have at last struck on the proper entertainment for this thea- tre, stock burlesque for the family. GAYETY.—"Hurly Burly Girls." LYCBUM.—Dark. HIPPODROME.—Pop vaudeville. GARDEN.—Pop vaudeville. FOLLY. — "Merry Rounders," stock burlesque, has as its feature "Rosalie's Parisian Living Models," with the garb of the "Parlslennes" approaching that of a woman's un- derwear advertisement rather than that of the Latin quarter. PALACE.—"The Girls of the U. 8. A.," with Margaret White an the whole show. PARKWAY. — "Forbidden Fruit," film. K1VOLI.—"The Devil," picture. NEW.—"The Greater Claim." STRAND.—"Song of Souls." the performance proceeded. Flood lights on the stage were directed upon the audience during the In- termissions until later in the eve- ning when the auditorium lights came on again. The other theatres with makeshift lighting did the best they could until the repairs were made. 123129 West 44th Street NEW YORK EUROPEAN PLAN (WITHOUT MEALS) $1.50 Day and Up (1) $2.00 Day and Up (2) AMERICAN PLAN (WITH MEALS) $4.00 Day and Up (1) $7.00 Day and Up (2) ROOM AND PRIVATE BATH $3.50 Day and Up (1) $6.00 Day and Up (1) $4.00 Day and Up (2) $10.00 Day and Up (2) Rettaurant Conducted on Both a la Carte and Table D'Hote Wanr. Real, Old-Fashioned, Home-Cooked Food Served In That Good Old-Fashioned Way. CLUB BREAKFAST 30c to $1.00 (7 A. M. to If-.M A. M.) LTJNCHE0N 75c DINNER $1.25 ATLANTIC CITY. By CHARLES SCHEUER. Edgar McGregor introduced At- lantic City to "A Dangerous Maid," a farce shown here quite some months ago as "A Dislocated Hon- eymoon," to which had been added a few songs of small ealiher. "Scandal." with Charles Cherry and Juno Walker, will close here this week. Woods theatre may enter vaude- ville. Humors have not brought definite bookings, but n«xt week re- mains unfilled. Eva Tanguay Is drawing to the Blackstone Cafe this week, where she is playing her second week in cabaret. The local ehgagement is for eight days, ending Easter Sun- day night. 1 f 30 A. M. to 2:30 I*. M.) (•£• l\ M. to «:3U P. M.) A LA CARTE SERVICE, 7 A. M. TO 8:30 P. M., AT MODERATE PRICES "FOOD THAT SATISFIES" IN AN ATMOSPHERE THAT REMINDS YOU OF HOME BALTIMORE. By F. D. OTOOLE. AUDITORIUM,—DetpiU opening of "The Prince and the Pauper" week before Easter large house on hand opening night. Getting away to a very dragging first act the play failed to hold interest until after the beginning of the second act and the appearance of William Faver- .sham, but after that everything was smooth sailing and drew good no- tices. Will do well here this week. ACADEMY. — Alexander, second week, gained lots in popularity since Opening night and lirwt class draw- ing card. FORDS.—The largest Monday evening crowd of th<> season saw the opening night of the engage- Due to two bad breaks in the cables of the local lighting company within 30 minutes of each other the local picture houses and theatres had a bad set back in their box of- fice receipts Saturday night. The accidents occurred at 8.30 before the shows had really gotten under- way. In the downtown section the picture houses were In total dark- ness, with film projection stopped from 20 to 40 minutes. Part of the audience left, in some Instances re- ceiving their money back or return tickets for another show. Explana- tions by managers of the cause of the difficulty served to allay appre- hension and no disorder was report- ed. At the New Lyceum theatre all the lights In the auditorium went out just before the opening curtain. Stage lights, which arc on a direct current line, were not affected and The Kafe Kaluna, Madison ave- nue near North, known before the war as the Kaiser and during the war as the Columbia, and the near- est thing this city ever had to a real first class cabaret, has been acquired by Jos. Castleberg. It is his intention to erect on the site a picture theatre to be known as the Castle. Application has been made for the permit to start building. The plans are being prepared by B. Q. Hlanke, architect, and while still In the preliminary stages the new theatre will have a seating capacity of 2,000. As soon as the permit to build has been 'granted the present building which is new being used for the storage of sacramental wine will be rased and building opera- tions begun. Bernard Dcpkln, Jr., will be managing director of the theatre. Mr. Castleberg is now the owner of the Strand and the New Pickwick theatres with Mr. Depkin as manager. Suit for $ir>,000 was filed In the City Court by Maurice Levi through his attorney against the Sandy Beach Amusement Co. for services last summer as band master for the resort. He sets forth that he was engaged to furnish 17 musicians at $635 weekly for the entire season, but was permitted to play at the beach only one week. Although no definite announce- ment has yet been mado by the local officials of the Erlanger Inter- ests of their plans for the purchase of the Academy of Visitation con- vent on the northeast corner of Howard and Centre streets. It Is known that Architect Thomas Lamb, a specialist In theatre de- signing, is preparing plans for a H. HICKS & SON 675 Fifth Averts, at 53d Street Have a little fruit delivered to your home or youf friends—take it to your week-end outing EDDIE MACK TALKS: No. 23 The Four Marx Bros, are new In their second week at the Palace, New York, but they are the second genera- tion of the Marx family to wear the famous Eddie Mack Clothes. It's generally the sons who follow in the father's foot- steps, but with Eddie Mack's fashionable suits it's the reverse; the father comes to Eddie to get a suit or over- coat that he admired so much on his son and had ap- praised with his experienced eyee as a good buy. 1582-1584 Broadway Opp. Strand Theatre 722-724 Seventh Ave. Opp. Columbia Theatre NORMAN J. THEISS "THE SPIRIT OF MARDI GRAS JJ