Variety (March 1921)

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gggi ggggggfl 40 VARIETY Friday, Ma :., <.m j. "i a E. F. ALBEE, President J. J. MURDOCK, General Manager arch 20, i»isi F. F. PROCTOR, Vice-President B. F. Keiths Vaudevile Exchange B. F. KEITH . (AGENCY) (Palace Theatre Building; New York) EDWARD F. ALBEE A. PA JL KEITH F. F. PROCTOR Founders Artists can book direct by addressing S. K. HODGDON lngr. The girl slips the turn over with Cook rather stiff for a straight. The straw hat he car- ries about seems to he in his way. Miss Vernon's rompers would have looked so mueh better if in satin. Harry Iiussey missed from all sides. Ills nut stuff has been used here countless times. The suit worn by Iiussey is not in keeping with present day vaudeville. Pot Pourrik a cockatoo and novelty of- fering, earned the honors Sunday afternoon. It is neatly routined and possesses enough engaging mat- ter to hold tho interest at all times. John King and Dave Irwin got little with "coontown divorcons," which has been surefire. King seems to have tired of playing in tho vehicle considering the way he * wiutsTpor COLOR CHART AND BOOKLET HOW TO MAKE-UP M 8TEIN COSMETIC CO. 4S0 I1ROOMR 8T., MEW YORK Marcus Loew's BOOKING AGENCY General Executive Offices Putnam Building, Times Square New York AMALGAMATED >^ VAUDEVILLE now slurs its best points. Irwla was very stagey as the lawyer never approaching Vaughn com- fort in the part. A trip to the clean- ers would do something for the clothes worn by both, especially the dress used by King in the female Impersonation. Rather listless show at the Palace first half, minus color and sparkle. Jim and Bee Mclntyre followed the overture with rural trappings to cloak their acrobatics. They style the bit "Hokum Comers." The title Guerrini&Co. Tkt leadlni n« larasai^ Accordion Factory IS th« UiHki Statat Tito onl> Parlor* that ffiaka* any aat o/ Reads oaadjr taj band •77.971 Caloafes* San traaclM* Cat. Ava. Is adhered to. Comedy like falling trousers and the ladder stuff em- ployed is all wrong for the lancer places. The Mclntyres received only slight attention. Cleveland and Dowrey stalled around interminably with the man chewing a banana as an aid to his humorous intonation. The auditors were palpably bored. Middleton and Bpellmeyer, projecting "Lonesome I^and." hot and cold intermittently gun play at the end awakened as of yore. The interpreting mains first rate. •■ - still were The them re- SIDNEY R. ELLIS Router for Attractions If Tow Show Dpserv»»« fjaod Rooking, 111 S •« uro Result*. m Jilt, UK-.' iir.NtiiuH.v. New York Phono 'Bryant SSL'7 KttbtiG and Vardo received and merited applause, disclosing several novel instruments of fine tonal qual- ities, it is an iict that is going for- ward. Lorimer Hudson and Co. were a surprise, the cycling of the qu a fft being removed in part for which de- viation they received recognition. The comic should get away from the Joe Jackson stuff Altogether. It means nothing to him. PITTSBURGH. By COLEMAN HARRISON. Pictures—Shubert, "Way Down East" (third month); Grand, "The Hilt;" Olympic. "<> Malloy of the Mounted;" Rlackstone. "The Devil;" Iilberty. "The Nut;" Cameraphone. "The Sin That Was Mis;" U«g«mt, Heliotrope." Instead of presenting the a. i:. r. J. H. LUBIN AGENCY 1441 Broadway. New York PHONR BRYANT 8*08 Booking First Class Acts in FIRST CLASS THEATRES ARTISTS MAY BOOK DIRECT : General Manager Mr. Lubin Personally Interviews Artists Daily Between 11 and 1 CHICAGO OFFICE Masonic Temple Building J. C. MATTHEWS in Charge Feiber & Shea Theatrical Enterprises 1493 Broadway (PUTNAM BUILDING) New York City • The Gus Sua Booking Exchange Co. Booking Vaudeville from Coast to Coast WAYNE CHRISTY 212 Putnam Bfdg. NEW YORK CITY CONEY HOLME8 PAUL GOUDRON Woods Theatre Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. H. H. NEER, New Regent Thoatre Bldg., SPRINGFIELD, OHIO J. W. TODD 726 Brisbane Bldg. BUFFALO, N. Y. HOWARD ROYER 205 Apollo Bldg. PITTSBURGH, PA. Acts Routed from 10 to 40 Weeks Artists Can Book Direct WRITE, WIRE, PHONE NEAREST OFFICE BERT LEVEY CIRCUIT VAUDEVILLE THEATRES ALCAZAR THEATRE BUILDING SAN FRANCISCO PAUL GOUDRON EASTERN REPRESENTATIVE. WOODS THEA. BLDO.. CHICAGO. BEN and JOHN FULLER AUSTRALIAN CIRCUIT VAUDEVILLE, MELODRAMA AND PANTOMIME American Representative, A. BEN FULLER DELGER BLDG., 1005 MARKET, ST. SAN FRANCISCO PHONE PARK 4332 1 1 I I I the 0RPHEUM she MARTIN BECK, MORT H. SINGER. President General Manager, CHARLES £. BRAY, General Western Representative FRANK VINCENT, S. LAZ LAN8BURGH, GEORGE GOTTLIEB, BENJ. B. KAHANE, Managers' Booking Dept 8ec'y and Treas. Law Dept JOHN POLLOCK, Press Dept. E. H. CONWAY, Publicity and Promotion O. R. McMAHON. Manager Auditing Department GENERAL OFFICES, PALACE THEATRE BUILDING, NEW YORK CITY 1 1 I ■ fc* Me m* "A Buck on Leave" show at the Syria Mto*<ru<e- as erlgtoatty- pki*moa\ tho 18th Regiment has decided upon the Duquesne, recently abandoned by stock. The Nixon has been devoting more space to advance billing of "The Famous Mrs. Fair" than for any other production in some time. The names of Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pi< kford. George Cohan and several other stars are printed in the same type as that announcing Henry Mil- iar and Blanche Bates as the leads in "Mrs. Fair." Helow the names of the former are their short endorse- ments. 'Tickle Mr" opened to capacity at the Shubert Alvin. "Mecca" next is getting heavy publicity, with no advance in prices. Finest Trues is featured with •Fitter Patter." drawing fair at- tendance. Mary Nash In ' Thy \':iine Is Woman") next Tho Academy, managed by Jake r^«><erma;i, and running Amebic:;?; burlesque, is continuing its Tuesday night boxing contests, which are at tracting increased audiences. The management put on bouts between local rivals and usually the rival precincts are well represented with all the usual spirit. Harry Pryant was here in ad- vance of "The Girl in the Spotlight." He was here recently managing "William Rock's Revue." The Western Vaudeville Managers 9 Association John J Nash. Business Manager Thomas J. Carmody, Booking Manager 5th Floor State-Lake Theatre Bldg. CHICAGO, ILL. *■ him for \\u- part «>f the Judge in •The ll;»|<l. • A story not much publicity Uvn recently anent Joseph Dowlhlg for- merly in a local stock. When Oliver ICorosco was a lad trortcing in his father's theatre in San Francisco. Howling was in the height ol popu - larity there and an idol of the youiia Morosio. The two became clow friends. That was twenty yearn ago. The other day Morosro re- ceived a wire aaying, "Can you give your old pal a job in your picture troupe?" MofOsco Immediate!) c.i^t - ST. LOUIS. By GEORGE W. GAMBRILL. AfcU* i Itn.'fi! p an to build i Ilieatn here soon. The new. house is i<. !>»• located ;ii Grand and Olive Si H ttS t !:< < !<tlii i |WI t Ol tile «ily. Paul Me Ionian treasurer and pm. Ueilj Ji> hi ... i uu ihc American, and Zoi. i Kjfffcr, assistant treasur- er for the* iiie;it»< were sgarrted here March r, Griffith** -Way Down Fast" Start- Pd on Us fourth week at the Shu - bert-Jefferson. This will be the last week The picture will give way next Monday ufuhr to "Linger linger Lett.v.* Willi Charlotte Greenwood. Attractions this week! American. •The Hon Dsmgntw•": flayety, "Tin- Golden Crooks'; standard. "Tkl Bits of lS2e"j Columbia, vaudeville. bended by James Gradj and Co.! Grand (Junior Orpheum), headed by Fox and Kelly; Kialto (Junior Orpheum). Cameron Sisters bead; King's (Loew's), musical comedy.