Variety (October 1922)

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■^Xl.-::,Vr^ P.RICE 20 CENTS ■A , . • ■W,*"!^-^ ,;-;.; ■..,,..-<V-.-.■ ^ ^-v>f-^ PvblLrtiM Weekly at 1(4 Went «Cth gt.. New Tork. N. T.« by Varietr. Ibc A-nnual —>» e rt»«io« fT. Mad* eo»l— t< ■atered m Mcond cUm matter December St. l**f. at tha Poat Offlca at New Tarlc« N. T.. u«dar tha Act a< Maroli S. ItTt. ySTGL. LXVm. No. 7 NEW YORK CaTY> FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1922 48 PAGES EDISON TO JAZZ CLASSICS NEW YORK CTTY, FRIDAY. OCTOBER 6, 1922 48 PAGES SOUMRN PICTURE CIKCIIITS , ' ; TURNING TO STOCK POLICY r/'*^: l^fnch's Savannah Holding Above $6,200—Saengert ''^ A Experimenting With Idea in New Orleans—^Five p Companies Working—Others to Follow BLOW AT MUSIC SEEN .H /* Atlanta. Oct. 4. if The extension of the stock com- JNkOjr ajrstem throughout the Bouth ^••eoM assured. The lack of real TlKOod touring: attractions and the flaot that buaineM ia the picture jtheatres haa not been holding: up ' lukT» opened up the Held to such an .IlKtent for tho stock organizations that they are reaping a harve«t. 'Several of the chalna of picture the- latre« are now considering: stock, -^luid the Lynch chain, which has Ave 'jj^icampaniea already in operation, will '; iturther extend the Idea. HI Tho Ave Lynch houses are In At- ,]anta, Augusta, Savannah. Macon , land Jatcksonville. The For.«jythe the- atre here is In it« twenty-seventh ureek of stock, and has never fallen l>elow $6,200. In New Orleana the St. Charles In to he turned into a stock houee by th« Saenger Intereats as a tryout . Iiouse on which will depend whether '.lor not it will be extended to other |ftOU«e« of the Saeng>er circuit. The i (Continued on page 46) j PROPAGANDA aiPPINGS AGAINST UNIT SHOWS y Syracuse, N. Y.. Oct. 4. There's a well defined campaign to brand "dhubert Vaudeville" as burlesque, according to disiMu.sures .here during the past week. Dramatic editors on local pap^^r.^ have been bombarded wuii niitrer, mostly clippings from tlje dramatic columns of new.spaper.s, in which reviewers or critics desriiho tho fihubert units as approximately travesty and bi'r!eHt(ue. The clippings come in j)] iin en- ▼elope.s, with notliing to imiicatc the •ender. All boar New Vorlt p-K-t- ttarka. YflHHSH FEM DRAMAS OPEN UP NEW FIELD Yiddish Stage Successes with English Titles—Thomas- hefsky Interested ' The picturlaation of Yiddish dramaa, opening up a new picture fleld, is the objective of a recently Inco^pora^ed concern known as the T. ft A. Yi\m Co. The plan la for the filming of noted Yiddish «tage successes, but with English titles. Although some characters will be use4 from the ranks of the Yiddish actors, players of the American stage (Continued on page 7) MARIE TEMPEST IN SKETCH Marie Tempest, who clo.sed a couple of weeks ago ia "The Ser- pent's Tooth" at the Little. New York, Is a vaudeville possibility. Negotiations are now going on be- tween Mis.<» Tenipe.-it and the Bcn- tham oflflre for a Keith tour. Miss Tempost has not been in vaudeville ov«^r here for about 10 years. When ai)pearing then she re- ceived 12.500 weekly. The present ne-otiations call for Miss Tempest in a sketch with a .small company. f7"^B0HMAN*S DINNER IDFA ' I Lo.i Ang(.';e.«». O't 4. ^he flmborite dinnor wbirh the Bcreen Wril.»rs' fJuild wmk »> have tendered to Daniel Frohman lust n'ght wn.s rx^'.-^tp^ned at thf» lorinest f* the of honor. Oti arrival ^•re, Mr. Frohman stated thit he ttuch preferred to have the nnoijut that would be expended on th<» din- ger donated to tiie Act#r«' Fund. Hnn:ERLAND BOOKINGS ^ Duluth: Oct. 4. Ft lOOkM Ts if r*'w road 8how at- tractions will !.l ly Dnlnth this .sp.i- aon. "Three Wi.'^e Fools" ha.s beon tho only plj^v so inv. Four otli^r productions arc nnnouncod by the Lyceum before N<'W Year's. are: Walker Whi'f.'^ide in "The Hindu." Nov. :?-4; FLske O'll'^ra in The LTnd o" f^-mnnoo." Nov. 2!^- 24t — H a rry —LoAidcr. Dec. 16. r > u<\ (jcorgo M. C<)h«n'.s "iMary." l>vc 25-li6. LEW SHANK FOR GOVERNOR 1 iili.iTi tpolis, Oct 4. It i.s coufid-ntly iuiticip.itod by the followers of M;iyor Lew .Shml: that he will be a nominee two y ir.^ h*»nce for th'» CJovf^rnor of Indiana and that he will be elected. Inventor Arranging Records of Standard Works Into Rag Versions—Menace to Sales of Copyright Popu- lar Dance Music MECHANICAL AND SECRET ' EFFECTS FOR IQIEISUR'' Succeeding ^Tartneri Again*' in Six Weeks—Sel- wyns' Importation—^Two Mechanical Experts Being Brought from Germany ARBUCKLE PREPARING RETURN TO ^REEN WILL HELP EXHIBITORS Thomas A. Edison is at work ot\ a plan at his Orange, N. J., record- ing laboratories to revolutionize the country's dance music. Proceeding on the theory that the public is tired of artificially popularised music, the wizard has engaged Sam Coslow to turn out fox trot ar- rangements of all the available non-copyrighted standard and clas- sic tunes. While the idea has been done' at one time or another by Paul White- man and others, to vary the straight jaza in dance selections, this is the (Continued on page 3) fr- "NO EXTRAS »t i "There will be no extras of \ny kind." said I. H. Herk this week. "for any Shubert unit attraction, other tlian that agreed to by the attraction. "Extra advertising." rontinued Mr. Herk. "so far lis the only 'extra.' In the division of tho extra advertising the company will share as the terms of the theatre. ' For m.^'tanre if the Kharing tfrms ire 60-10. »hf division of thf» eitra advertising will be the same. "liy 'no' is inf^ludcd or fxcludf'd any ch.irije for stage hinds." . , Mr. Herk Hta1<»(! the report by VTirioty unit kIiow.s iiad i»(«'»ri charged "extra.s" on their we<*kly .s'ritf-mcnl h;«d ber^n In orror Wlu-n inr<»rmnit*V^trTT»ty tmtt hf f n ;^(lvl^ed l)y nnit prodiK'"r.s th.'»v hid i»een so chHr»;cd, Mr. Hork. wIm» i.s the pre-^-idMit of I ho Siiu- l)'it v.«'idfviU»» tinit oper itor, Atllliutod Thr«atr<»s ion, .M'ltd he roold not nnd^r^tand bf>w iny unit pr(Kliir<T 'ould h.ivc rn.'Kb* that Hta'enieiit (»% No Opposition Expected from Hays—Oriental Trip Is Abandoned Lofl Angelea, Oct. 4. "Fatty- Arbuckle is back in Los Angeles and [tlanning to return to the acrctm almost immediately. He suddenly postponed his Oriental (Continued on page 43) BEBAN UNPOPULAR Hollywood's Picture Colony Taktt Umbrage Over "Oumbbella.** TjOs Angeles, Oct, 4. George Beban stirred up a hor- nets* nest in Hollywood by his state- ment in Chicago that "all ccroen actressea were dumbbells." While the tempest was boiling a dozen young atarettes, including Helea Ferguson. Priscilla Dean. I3ebc Dan- iels. Viola Dana %nd Mae Murray, i'ame to th«j fore, Insi.^ting Beban didn't know what ho was talking about. They wnrfl seconded by Frank Keon.m. Herb<;rt Uawlinson and Jjmea Young and a score Of others who leaped to the defense of the mentality of the young ladies of the S'Toen. If Boban w«*re to return to Holly- wood at this moment he would be iboot as welcome j.» an income tax collector and the chances are that tho girls would Ku-Klux-Ivlan him PROFESSIONALS nTVITED r»rufe!4sionals playing in Gincin- II I'I Oct. 9-11. during which days tho National trouflcil of Traveling Sile.smen's Aa.sociatlor are in con- vnlion. are invited by that body to r^'gi.sfor at the convention desk.'? as liostH of tho organiz ttion Thoy will be ^ivcn identift'' ition hid^o.4 rind thus participate in a uiimb-r of prlvib'gr-a that -ire. being f'xlffuled Ih.-in during tho.«e threo "Partners Again" will have an- other sta imek« on Broadway, which will give the P. St P. comedy a run of nearly thirty weeks in Neur York. Had the show been held back £or preaeutation during the fall. It x-a generally believed it would have re- maliMKl a solid year at least. The present booking extends up and In- cludes Armistice Day week. The Selwyn theatre will l>e ,d-»r|< two weeks after 'Partnern Agtiiin" leaves for Chicago, It being nvve.*- sary to remodel the stage for "Th^ Mysterious Tales of Kroisler," tiiy foreign novelty next to be produced by the SelwynC Several elevator.* are necessary. One of the most im- portant mechanical requiremen'.H i.-^ an Iron bridge which must be in- stalled inside the proscenium arcli. The title of the new show h la not been definitely chosen, thoug»^i the name "Krelsler" will be retained. The show Is reported an outstand- ing novelty, there being for y changes of scene attained by light- ing devlr-os which are of secret ron - •structlon. Two men f.^niillar with the Inventions are being brought here fiom Germany. The "Krelsler" show also calls for a large orche;-»- tra. There will be thirty niubi- ciaiiH in the Selwyn pit for it. . . r SERIES TICKET $35 Heavy Demand Through Conven- tions—Specs With "Connection.'!" Tho demand for world's wrie.< tickets leaped to tho extreme Tues- day. All available supplies in the hands of the ticket agenciofl wero sold. Visitors in town for thi? .-lev- eral conventions helped rtWfll the norma,l call and the best basolnli weather the championships have enjoyed in a docade was Wednes- day whon the series opened. The price for the first game (singi*) tickets was generally set at $i() each, the box otti r e pr i ce hninn ffr In ^nxceptiaricil cases a.'? high as )3§ w i:< .iccured. Wets of tickets sold Tuesday at $25, tho normal price for c.ich s't of three being $17.50 (including t ix). Brokers stated thoy paid $30 u set in some, so that .n.ile.'t ul singlo ticket;^ U $20 doubl«» tbe kgt< VujLxBOU^ _ **' 4