Variety (October 1922)

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.-iwntmtm' u' ■i4^ii(mii|i|k^,i ffm^^lf-fi*-^"^.: ■'^'Tr.^rTrTCHr'. ■ Friday. October 8, iag2 VARIETY 33 POSITIVE SENSATION /"Ofi THIS WELL-KMOWN COMEDIAN IN THE BIG SHUBERT PRODUCTION A\AKE IT SNAPPY L)t-tl« So-phie Green cn • ly tev - cq • teesT^ ShA j««t «o ia • no-ccnt kki) S< Lyric Aod Mutic by aBNER SILVER L)t-tl« So So-phk lo\°«» ' to ipoon^ morn-ingnight and aocvif ^ lone, n)0€n> W ^_-- ^ __ , Soma ba - by? I call at iicr h«in« W« tit then all • . ni tell ttM wot 1<L. that (be crew* *i • f«c-tioA. Ver • ▼. vtf • y MoOf Thcr^ll b« a bOB>«y REFRAIN Good-Bcss me but th« is chy That^ th« rea-con why Lit > tie So-phi« will be mine But nn-til that time <o i •0 far with So • phie ea 8o-phica •••'•» Ob So. phie goca to.., •bc^fl jatc a woo- _ far with der . ful child. EvJrytime I look in to hef cy«t Im She di«>plays a wick-cd pair of ailk (beer bo«e S^\ got thoee kind of cyea **0h Iftth - rfi acre your ton^ . , Each tune 1 look at them ^^Oh Broth -cr, bura my dothetr ^° * Last nichl the kiMed m« and I went right off mr beaa>o She cIoa4d hcr«y*«aad Last aight she tang a long ca>tl'-tlcd ^'SutHieTi- ,Mit-ten«^*Tlie cat ran out ia> Oh awih-cri moth • ert moth-trt yoai too\i a min-ertTake down -th< ma-ia« ima-gincd I was Val • en • tin • o to the hall and had nine kit - tens I go (o far with So • phia on So^xe\ <o-fa %mk leh Im bring-ing hone a tihi€k>sch , ^v r • Copyright MCMXXII by M. Witmark A Sont- So-phie goc« •o__i. far with me. International Copjright Secured I f9 «». IVl. WIXIMARK «c SOIVS NOWmOY Prof. Copies and Orch. in all V^% EXTRA CHORUSES- CATCHUNES andDOUBLE VERSIONS CHICAGO Gjrrirk Theatr,- B.Jg THOS. J. QUIGLEv 0 E N V t P •12-1 BartH Bloc^ lO.S L. MANN DETROIT PHILADELPHIA i5 So. 9th Slrp,--. ED EDWARDS SAN FRANCISCO 508 Pantagps Bdy JACK HURLEY '020 Rarrioioh Sf'ee* St BOSTON - . '■cnot t dtrec! JACK LAMEt . PITTSBURGH "2 Saviy "^ri^at'» Bi^lg J J. GERuACH PROVIDENCE JACK CROWLEV CINCINNATI MER«ELL SCHWARZ AL COOK 1562 Broadway ,,, LOS ANGELES 20' S» Oci-t).) ^h..,»tr yoRT \athan SEATTLE 500 M->':•,•! .,,.1 QMq. FRANX' GIBNEV NEW YORK BALTIMORE KANSAS Cr, I HAL KING SALT LAKE CITY i .■ t^ H A s H r ri s S J\ ■ !> BALTIMORE By ROBERT F. 8ISK LYRIC—Russian Grand Opera Company. FORDS—Julian Eltinge in "The Elusive Lady." AUDITOWUM — "The Blushing Bride." LYCEUM — "Getting Gertie's Garter," stock. MARYLAND—Keith vaudeville. ACADEMY—"Ritz Girls" unit. PALACE—Burlesque, "Youthful Follies." FOLLY—Mutual burlesque, "Fol- lies and .Scandals." HIPPODROME — Loew vaude- ville. GARDEN—Pop vaudeville. CENTURY—"Grandmas Boy.'* MacDoufcal, formerly conductor of the orchestra in the Keith act. SYDNEY PRUSS "Aladdin's Jaazologry," has been en- l^aged as director of the Century theatre roof garden. MacDougal was formerly of the Century and Garden theatre orchestras. This week the Hippodrome is celebrating its anniversary with a big vaudeville bill. Robert Wayne is at present manager of the house, which, although it is in a theatre district of its own, keeps a steady clientele. Recently ' business has been nearly capacity each week. The Academy got on its feet this week with "The flitz Girls." Busi- ness was in protty bad shape for the first three weeks, but it started off well Monday, partly due to the holiday, and also because the word was arotmd that this show wouldn't be a broak-in. The show should start the ball rolling here. opened well and Is expected to go strong all week. Flynn distributed circulars in the Auditorium, where the show is playing, saying that a wedding ring was under a chair and that a brace of seats was the re- ward. He had a bedroom door, with No. 18 on it, and two pair of shoes outside. In front of the theatre, and during the week he got a local girl to dress as a bride and then he put her iu an automobile and drove through the business section. At a busy corner the machine would ostensibly break down, the bride would dismount, and it was not un- til the car began driving away and the bride pulled an advertising curtain down that any one got an idea that the thing was faked. The ballyhoo devices employed last week were all put to shame when Joe Flynn, ahead of "The Blushing Bride," got in town. He ballyhooed that show so well it BROADWAY'S NEWEST SENSATION NOVf OPEN—POPULAR PRICES NO CHARGE FOR DANCING MUSIC BY ERDODY AND HIS FAMOUS ORCHESTRA ;•■ (Formerly at HOTEL PENNSYLVANIA) The Now theatre is ballyhooinK "Broadway Rose" to the limit this week, after ballyhoolng "Zenda" for two weeks previous. It has been a long time since this stuff has been pulled in Baltimore, but just now it seems productive of results. The Russian Opera Co., sont out by H. Hurok, is in Baltimore this week at the Lyric, and is already enjoying the benefits of a big ad- vance sale and excellent notices from The local papers. They were lieralded by a lot of Sunday paper press stuff, and with their 13 top succeeded in drawing a smart audi- ence and their graduating scale had the effpct of filling the usual baro holes in the balcony. Two tapestries used in the second act of "The Elusive Lady," the Julian Eltinge show which is open- ing here this week, were stolen from the car in Union Station .Sunday. They wtre valued at $2,000. and tlio set for the second act, which l8 an interior, was built around them, ac- cording to Jacques Pierre, producer, and Mr. Eltinge. BROADWAY AND 48TH ST., NEW YORK CITY PORTLAND, ORE. H Ell,IG.—"Take It from M-," muf!lcal romrdy. riCTlIlE.S. — Rivoli. "litmrm- hiaiiM ■; r.lue, Cliarl<H Ray in "A T.*nor Made Man"; t^oIiimbi.T. "ManHla\>Klit(r"; IJheity. Mnr .Miir- rav m "I'ro.'idway ilosf'; Audl- ttiriiim -nil. If V.-trrativtJS. " his 16th anniversary as director of the Pantagcs theatre orchestra. "Three Wise Fools" at Hellig next week. The following week comes "Be Careful. Dearie," one of Morosco's coast productions. Alexander, "the man who knows %11," got a poor reception in Ta- coma, where he expected to spend two weeks, and jumped into the Portland Pantages Monday as the htadliner of the new Pan show. Frank J. McGettigan. Orpheum manager, has set aside Monday morning of each week to try out amateur acts for Orpheum booking, in accordance with the circuit s new policy, , extras. One of th« bhtecoats took the staged fight at th« Premium studios too seriously. • P. H. Burns, new Northwest ex- ploitation man for CJoldwyn, with headquarters in Beattle, has arrived in the territory from New York. C. F. Werner has been employed to do local I'antages publicity by Manager J. A. Johnson. Louis Christ, assistant manager, who had been doing the pross work, probably will take over publicity for the cir- cuit, with headquarters at Min- neapolis. , ' ' George Larkin. starring in Pre- mium Pictures here, has a badly blackened eye and Injured nose as a result of a realistic fight with Portland policemen, employed as KENNARD'S SUPPORTERS U9 W. SSth St., N. Y. Fhane Fits Roy OS44 S«nd (or Cnialoiru« PHOTOGRAPHS For Lobby or Advertinng Double weight paper. Quality cu.irantred. H«nd any photo and tt.OO for r>0 poatalx; 112.60. 600; 8x10 HlHtidhrd Lo)>>>y Fhoto«, 13 for 12.60. 114.00 per 100. Prompt aer- vice. V. BARBEAU STUDIO OSWEGO, N. Y. ]f trv K. T'.-.'n.soii js rclrhr.if in^ H>M PROFESSIONAL TRUNKS Back to Pre-War Prices Mall Orders Filled F. O. B., N. Y. City. Send for Catalogue. 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