Variety (October 1922)

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^/»1 fc^( A-Wr ^ •- V Friday, October 6, 19g2 V.:v.'":.rv!^ A ■upkT-.'ivi* r;.™-'.. •>.;■ ■ VARIETY >'> 'iT»Tr •v • ■!;■■.>.' /■■■>v •'..•; '■i-'V 'i'i^W.*' SS ■'■TV-;.' YEARS AGO Mcide its initial bow * Ijfo rte Theatrical •*? fieldf^ -...■t'yy-'^ --i '•*--.r >v ]Vou; stands as the recognized leader i 1 among the trade p papers of the *■ ■ ■ , ■-*•; /n December/ \ rWW '"Hr '•■:••• )••••• II I*" i ii-'i'> ' 1 .ii'i«-a,,sl^ ; /^A^ Trot Novelty' Sorrg^ I I ., ' a/7rf-BLAKE: .1 :^/)^/fc/(iyPSY BlUESW-JUSWS BIG- ivt'th its -famous Shubeft Serenade counter melody Writers hFnhe. ^^SHUFFLE. ^ Great Success A LONG " 'S%;^ IS NOT RESTRICTED li«Dhrr«loRo»e, «)„« pU)«l u. fv-Vy rtMOr, UcbonhM loo_ •tiakj:r|£ld\irp»^oj__ ,6 I T «e, I ••«■• I in., 1li« m»Vc.A\,^ _ .,d .i.-or kty« But if ,<m •^rt . tre .1 U.r,V om I luKV^yoo c«H ke.i; L.i4«,l ^ Ml W>ii, l i»».th*M)U, »oiM»lK>^„,_ »or»ii-or li«y» lor tb,yW *l-w.ys « W.i U yoo JuM jiii ih«i • bil,L«»4e*l V/aM tumgOetitiM Imtur M ThcaVitbtbrt «ti-o-4y ttvt !• MS%U .i» rorgrt tbt trmt »a4 tkc < vajrt ' But tik« Ik' wkvtt-J «/wv j^ mij^ ■M>d-«ta4..r> J«M^ntk•»-»^o-dyekuckJ^I^3J.My^^H«)-p•ll«rl^raIIy■«^u-U-llo•^Wk«■ yo« f»l tolkal»l-wUrtu^ ObUwl)sWt.«kMr jwi*i7rkLt.^Jt, U>yjttki l«»«.V»I* l«iMUuk«My«ancMlri«;ri:;ttorr*Bii|^««{|, I^kclny trr-yUtt f*lr of »ku«« Thalc-^^ra Pk-<ie-rr«»ky WMUckoos* IVjtuy S,r,••4•^U^e• k« krun h rb)HpS«r - t - •!* Uim?^ Il«» Copyrtcht MCMXXI ky M- WitsArk A Sod* bUraattoMl Copytt(bt 8kw«« > A POSITIVE NOVELTV A REAL JAZZ BLUES in WALTZ TIME B and0H!B0YS-WHATA50NCi ^^^^^^S^f^///y/^^^^^^^ W ^'ot fast ByCLABENCB OASKJTLl ^Jly lil.tU Hon-ry\ feci • Inf Ioim . wnc, J„ l*)^ lit-tie Hon-ryli *»d amI klM. I h<yey<mne fc«t-ii>K bet • t«ii (bear • ic| Xaux I don't lilit \» wra ytm aad- But I w«nl Irav* k«f >y fc*r •«'• • MaM^ Tfcattiiwtih—Miiulwye* kiiiM aad «fc«f y. ' ni tell yN wkal Im Itoltf l« ^ raf>Ki-t ttM klueaaMl j«*l feci g'"* y T T I 4oo\ ■<« k«w (k* M« N • fat* ' I kav-* .abfaMlBfw ttyW •/ dan* * lug t.nlli><l walta ' • Inf ' tha bfim. I>*iiH l<U BM 4«Ar your* /c«l • taf wcaf V<om« •!>, |«t M fwiy. Ck^aiy koo>«y^OBt y«« f««l M fsM'iyiWkca y«« watti ih* Muci ■■" .• t. :,i "•d-fdy, <»,a7iw«««.ie,akAkcy(i*r 'lit■ tl« f*«i• y wltk m m* kat at, C«fry(ixkt >ICXXXn ky M.WMmarkA Soaa ^MfhaltMM la, I <«ikl 4mm fkv •«»•«**WalU>iaf tk»JBlM*. r itVi/f i«jae if5 17th lAnnwersary Number. T\X;0 WONDERFUL NUMBERS FOR DOUBLES -ALSO DANCING AND DUMB ACTS M. WIXIVI ARK Sc SONS ,.«2 R„ti^'?"i.vv...... NEW YORK CHICAGO I THtaft B'd9 TMOS J. QUIGLEV DENVER 424 Btrth Bl^CK ■jOS, L MANN ■ D E,T R 0 ' T PHILADELPHIA 35 Sc 9lh Str.e' ED EDWARDS SAN FRANCiSCO 108 Pir'ijgK Bldj. JACK HUWLEV BOSTON 2'i T.,,^0-1 S''»»i vACK LAHEV PITTSBURGH 3'J 5«v-/ ■*>!»•('€ B'dj J J GERLACH PROVIDENCE ■f( B« ■ ' ID Si'f»» vAf, ' CHOWlEv CINCINNATI MERRElL SCmWARZ AL COOK 1562 Broadway ,„,, LOS ANGELES MORT NA-MAN KANSAS CITY 4 r< f T>-, ^tff B'dg. ►lAL KING L E SALT LAKE C^Y "": M^rtfi.ui B'rig. FRANK GIBNtY i'O K -«l»r SVDNEY KLEIN "020 Rai'dolp" ■•t»(. N».» D»«rOit 0 AL MOWAHD BALTIMORE eiJ M»m, .,n T«-r4C», f RANK FOSS. ' Make yoar reserva- tions for space in that issue now. ■ 'V- Apply ai any Variety Office for information n' not stand up to Its showing of pre- vious week, $16,000. "Strut Miss Lizzie" (Auditorium) (4th week). Closed with a elide of $4,000 In business and finished to $12,000. ''The Green Goddess" (Great Northern). Opened Saturday to a good business and George Arliss getting good notice'? from dailies. "Th© Perfect Fool' (Illinois) (5th week). Gross wenl to $23,000, elill good money, and shows drawing power of Wynn. lAVU: below pre- vious week's intake, ye*, drop noth- ing to cause wcrrim^'nt. 'Thank U" (Cort) (4th wrek). Wit'h show gettjng doubl'^ ailvc.tis- ing with "Lightnin,*" able to clip along without giving attention to Its compftJtion. "The Rubicon" (Rhul.d! Cy^A^■.^^ (l«t week here, 6th week), in il.M new home, disadvantage in lotaiion. just outside of theatre city, and fir.s-t nhow to occupy house this sea.son, beHidcs its having been closed for sonir linio. Huff< r» tl drrip jn husinesH of $2,000. (JrosH of $7,000 at the Shubert Central very giK)d and M^anv 8ho«vviai«llrMfNm*rtqp(M«t1l«sv ot lucaUon. L.o\v lenul iiii^X ex- penses'malje money even at this figure. Fritz Leiber (Olympic). (1st week), Leiber has repertoire, be- ing shown here to lovers of Shakes- perian dramas. lousiness holding up well and mnkinp his stay successful. "The Guilty One" (Woods) (6th week). Coaxing bufiness by carry- ing lines of "leaving soon." Busi- ness dropped again $2,000 over last week, and at this stride will have to leave soon, unless things change in hurry. $8,500. "Bombo" (Apollo) (1st week). Outstepping others. Jolson like gold bond and insurance for sell-ouls. Agencies can't stipply demands, with business sticking to $3t<,0U0, absolute capacity. NO ORPHEUM DIVIDEND (Continued from page 3) ;(ii,(;w' r< ( in cf the Loutlihcim & iMinton branch office in the IIot« 1 Astor for the first time Wednesday. No information is available as to what is going on in Goldwyn. Chi- cago reports this week made it ap- prar that thr romiiaiiy would <]i«- UMiu i>C . iln. vMiiei eai iik> ths ^iusclMr theatres, there, but the transaction is obscure In Its bearing on the stock. Definite progress has been made on the production of "Ben Hur" by the company and such an enterprise is full of possibilities for huge profits, profits perhaps large enouf,'h to put a complexion on tho property entirely different from the gloomy showing made In the finan- statement filed with the New York Stock Exchange in connection with the apr)lication for listing 1.000,000 sharfs. This showed a deficit of $770,000 for the last year and a half. On the Curb, Technicolor con- tinued to sell In minor volume, frac- tionally above 25, One 1,000 lot of Triangle was reported at 25 cents a frhare, n« t 9 c^nts lower. The Rurnmary of transact Ions Sept 28 to Oct. 4 inclusive« — STOCK EXCHANGE :^ Thur-'.lay— P.'tI<-«. HiBh.I^ow I^»«». Chg. Fam I'lay-L... 8,4<>0 04 91>i 0.1% — % I>o pM..,^.. loolOP/i lOI'r, 10I><, — >i fJoldwyn 1,000 «% «'-«, ««4 r^«w, Inr 7 »N) 20'^ 20'4 2U';k -f V* <)i|.h»uin 1,700 2i\4 1'4% ai'/fc — V* IkjBton m\i\ 333 Orphcum at '^A\Q'^l%. Friday— hftin l'lay-1.,.., ^ WH) 04'.4 Ol'v; 04'4 H nolJTwyn 9(\0 Q\ «»<, f,\i JU>«w« lac 0,700 2U';k ^"A ^^'Yk ± k 11" ■ Orphcum 1.500 28% J5 18% + tt KoNton nold 1,835 Orpheum at 2592514c. Huturday— Fam. IMay-L... J.OOO 04% OriVi 93% —1 Do. pfa 600 101 '/4 lOOVj 100',4 — »A OoMwyn 200 fl% C% e^ — 14 Ix)cw, Inc 8."»0 217* 21 21% +1 Orph«<um 1,800 20% 28% 2.V/J, -f % UoBton aoia 000 Orpbcutn at 25%^6%. Monday— Ffim. May-L... J.flOO On% 04% 96% +S I>o. pfj 200 102 102 102 -fl'^ Goldwyn 200 fl% fl% 6% l/oow, Inc 14,800 23 22 22% + % Orpheum 8.400 2«% 2C% 2«'^ -f % Ik>«fr)n eol'J 630 Orph^-um at 26%CP26%. Tuc»<day— . Fam, Play-L... 8,100 08% Of.i^ 98 41% Do. pfd 100 lai 10.1 103 41 r.oldwyn 2.100 7 6% «% + % IxMW, Inc 9,800 23% 23% 22% -J- % Oiphfum 1,000 26% 2<1% 2fl'4 lu.nton nold 670 Orpheum at l'fl'i«|il'0%. Wedn*'»day— Fam. Ilay-t,... 8.100 99»* 97% 98% + % (Joldwyn 14,f»00 7'4 7 7% -f '* Ix)ow, Inc Mi.mO 22-1i 21% 21% —1% Orphcum 3,000 27',» 20'a 27'i, -}» THE CURB Thur^d.Ty— Sntf^B. ili^h I./OW. I^anl. Cbif, Friday— Trrhnlrc.lor, w 1. fiOO 23% 25% 28% + % S;t f unlay— T«>« hnlrulor, w I. 260 25% 28% 25% — % Monday— Tf'( hnlrolor, w.i. 10(^ ^% 25% 28% -f % Tu*««dAy — Technicolor, 1».I. TiOO 2:.^ 25% a% -^ % TrianKie 1,000 •25 25 23 <-9 W< diir'Hitay - * VcQl| p^ itiAr*.