Variety (October 1922)

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FrirfayT October 0. 1928 i^iLt/*^* ■ •art VARIETY t- ■•^ HEWS OF THE DAILIES The following la a published list mt assessments fbr Broadway thea- tres for 1923: Comedr *l^-^ Cohan <* 000 Kr:::::::::::::::::::::::::: "iSS ^umWa 1.2"A(»0<> V»nderbllt ........ B«linont rorty-elghtb Stre«t Playhouse panch and Judy... Carnecio Hall M4().(ino IMO.OOO 480. («K> J.%0.«H)0 i,7r>o,ooo f .onKScre Central Klvoll Htran.I MorOBco BIJou Park Plymouth ,% Oentury Klaw Rita Ambass.-idor Al Jolflon'fl Loew's .., National MuhIc Box Lincoln 8(|uarc... Tlmte-ApoUo E^arl ('arroM'a Korty-ntnth .Street Metropolitan Opera Ilbuae. Maxine Klliutt 410,000 375,«)0<) 1..t70.0<M) 2,».M).000 4ttr>,0tM) 310,000 710,(KM) SHO.OOO 2,(>00,ooo 3W.0O0 4(Xt,000 &7n,<K)0 1.400.000 4.200.000 610,000 KIO.OOO 1,100,000 j, Ha.-^.ooo i:7o.(xx> a.SOO.OiH) 450,000 ■ ••••••*•< .Y15.000 r»70.o()o 430.000 r.3^,ooo 880.000 1,130,000 720.000 r.t« Cohan * Harri*.. Xltlnare Jlarrla l,lberty American Kew Amiterdan\. X^yrlc Bepublio Rlalto 2.070.000 c^lvryn 270.000 I.!ltle Theatre iT.VKOOO Forty-fourth Street 020,i)oo Booth A ShBbcrt 1.01>0,0<>0 Broadhurat 43.^.000 Aati)r ; 1.2J.\0.)0 Gaiety 1.570.«K)0 Fulton 4,v).000 Olobe J>2.'..<MM» Winter Garden....^. l.ftOO.OO.) Capitol 2.5M).qpO Arthur Hammerstein announced that "Daffy Dill," starring Frank Tlnney, will close at the Apollo, New York, Oct. 21, and open in Pitts- burgli Oct. 23. He also announced he had extended his contract with Tlnney to eight years, and plana to present hi/n in a new musical com- edy each year to be presented in New York for a brief season and then on the road. .T. J. Shubert is being sued by Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Arthur for $5,000 for injuries received in an automobile WILLIE AND EUGENE HOWARD STARRING IN "PASSING SHOW OF 1922" Direction MESSRS. SHUBERT WinUr Garden, N*w York, IndefiniU CHARLES "CRY BABY" Johnson, and Godfrey Formerly Johnson and Dean. The Black Caruso. PANTOMIMIC FISHING NOVELTY Direction: HARRY J. FITZGERALD NEW YORK THEATRES SAM H. HARRIS Attractions SAM UADRIQ*'^'***"^*- ^''*'* * ]? H. nAnnlo .Mjitp. \veii. SHt. z-.m. WILLIAM ANTHONY Mc<;riRE'8 NEW COMKDY IT^ A BOY "LAUGHTER PLENTIFUL."—Toltsram. CORT WeM 4llth8l. E»M.. IK*. Mits. Wed. & Sat at «.15 WAIIACE /MARY EDDINGER ^ NASH in "CAPTAIN APPLEJACK" ni?DT1DTir* 42<l St.. W. of Bway. Kill* UDL-t^ KVKNINOS at 1:30. Mats, \yedne8day and Saturday. 8:S0 ANNE NICHOLS' New Comedy ^'ABIE'S IRISH ROSE" With a n All-Star Cast ^^ A 1C"T"V Il'way & Wth St. E»». 8.30. (xAltlii 1 Mats. Wed. A Sat, 2:30. • CHARLES DILLFNGHAM Frcienta LOYALTIES By JOHN GALSWORTHY ••SEASON'S BEST PLAY."—THbune I 1 I L^ II4 Mati. Wed. & Sat. 2:CQ. JOHN GOLDEN Presents IVIADGE KENNEDY in "SPITE CORNER" A NEW COMEDY BY FRANK CRAVEN RFI A^PO ^e»t 44th St. Eva. «:nO. OAVIO BELAtCO PrtitnX* LENOREULRIC k .Vtw Stud» b» A.N'nitt PICARD. LYCEUM \Ve.\t 45th Pt Em. nt 8:30. &Iatf. Thurf. and Sat.. 2:ZM. DAVID BELASCO Prercnta FRANCES STARR in "SHORE LEAVE" VANDERBILT.Y.,l':it?,V. T"' '■'''■ Sat. firKWART and FRENCH Present The TORCH BEARERS '•SCRE.\MINGLY rUNNY."—Po^L ^—SELWYN THEATRE. W. 42d St.—^ BARNEY ^RNARD and ALEXANDER CARR in •^ a new comedy "PARTNERS AGAIN" Bj UoDtagua Clan A Julea Eckrrt Goodman. Prices: Eva. $2.60. Mats. Wed. & Sat. EARL CARROLL Kven. 8:30. Ma The Theatre. 7tli At*. at Fiftieth Street Thurn. & Hat.. 2:30. A .«5MART. DAINTY MUSICAL COMEDY with a «"APT OF UNITSITAI., EXCEI-LKNCE. Inoiudlng a t'HAR.MlMJ tJHOl 1' OF DANCINC4 IIEAI'TIKS POPULAR MATINEE TODAY ALSO wePNESDAY«.SATU>;C^ CEODCEWHITLSI SCANDALS PAUL WIIITBUN ^^'c^'^ KAREORlEaiONOFNEW BEAUTIES Knickerbocker Jw^rVaJt^fL "A Real Blu«bloo4 AaiMi Showa."—Tribune. . A. L. ERLANUER'S PRODUCTION. The YANKEE PRINCESS >rew Amsterdam Theatre—W. 42d Street Evea. 8:16. POPULAR MATINKR WEDNESDAY. Rejf. Matinee SAT. A National Institution Ziegfeld TIMES SQUARE Vt'S'SS* MAT.'^. THURS. & SAT. 2:30. THE DIC5 COMEDY SUCCESS "THE ECITERS" ALLAN DINEHART and TALLULAH BANKHEAD MOROSCO THEATRE West 45lh St. Eva. 8:30 Mat*. Wed. & Sat. 12:30 "AN ABSOLUTEI.Y SAFE HEX."—Alan Dale. WHY- WAGENIIALS AND KEMPER Present 40fh St. Eve.<«. 8:30. Wed. and .^'at . 2:1:0. LIBERTY KJi The Smashing Mnsical Comedy Hit MOLLY DARUNG "A REAL C;HARMi:B."-Chr.rl«>8 Darn- ton. Eve. Wurld. T 11 K .% T R 1: 121 W. iZ<l «t. HENRY MILLER'S Kv.r 8:20. Mats. T^ura. & Sat . 2:20. INA CLAIRE AM) CO., In, :u.lgtB IIRIC'E MrRAE In AUTHUU RiriWlAN S N^w r,,nu<ly. The Awful Truth MEN LEAVE HOME AVERY HOrWOOD'S GREAT COMEDY BETTER TIMES, AT THE HIPPODROME MANAGICMKNT-CnAULES DMLINGHAM GREATEST SPECTACLE EVER STAGED AT THE HIPPOOROMC MAT. DAILY, 2:15; EVES., 8:15 ►MllWIt). »^ >AT 7 to I REPEAT: FOR A COMEDY LOOK! "UNDER A CRAZY QUILT* I REPEAT: FOKA NOVELTY LOOK! OSWALD WOODSIDE KENNELS WOODSIDE LL JAMES KYRLE MacCURDY Assisted l>y PEARL GRAY and Co. IN THE HILARIOUS COMEDY RIOT Third Saccessful Sea»on accident on Sept. 3 near Fairfield, Conn., at 1:30 a. m. Tliey allege that Shubert's chauffeur was in- toxicated when his car collided with theirH. ^. Loui.s F. "Werba will start re- hearsals on the new comedy. "Bur- num AVas Right." by Philip Bar- tholomae. Oct. 9. The show will open out of town early in November. He will produce "Adrienue," a mu- sical comedy, around Christmas. Mrs. CJrace Freeman, actress, has filed suit for divorce against Wln- tifld Scott PYeemau in Chicago. She charges desertion. Sam H. Harris will produce "Rain." bV John Colton and Clem- ence Randolph, In Philadelphia, Oct. 9. Jeanne ICagels will have the leading role. The play is being staged by John D. Williams. Jame.s Kirkwood, picture star, will have the title role in "The Fool" THE LERAYS "At the Golf Club*' Direction, JOHN H. BILLSBURYl John Keefe with TWLASK CBAtSN'S New Playi "SPiTE CORNER" Management JOHN GOLDEN M*>fti«liit OrigiaaliNM' w ^. ^'m^ / >,• J Instead of Gilbert Emery, as first announced. Kirkwood was last seen on the legitimate stage with Henry Miller and Margaret Anglin In "The Great Divide." "Hunky Dory" will close at the Klaw, New York. Oct. 7. A Cana- dian tour will follow. The New York dailies Tuesday morning carried a page one spread that Mrs. Oscir Hammerstein was broke and homeless. Isadora Duncan and her husband. Serge Yessenin. were admitted to AMERICA 8 FOREMOST THEATRES AND HITS. DIRCCTION OF LEE AND J. J. SHUBERT WINTER GARDE" 5?i^:5:^|C^;^'^^ ruM.. Thiir.. S«t. [ ^ ^ ■ m i .iTlil l.l ^' - GijyjME A THRILL THKA.. 47th & B'way. T W I O B DAILY. 2:16 AND i:15. SHUBERT VAUDEVILLE OCT. »— Variety PnKSEx'TI.NO WILLIE and EUGENE HOWARD -GREATE8T MLSICAf. HIT OF AOK8- "BLflSSPNI TIME" Second Triumphant Year ORIGINAL CAST "aT JOLSON'S 59th ST. li'nil^^l Evps, 8::iO. Mats. Wed. Xr S.Tt . 2:30. EXTRA MATINEE (THURS.) COiUMBUS DAY „,.,AND ALT^STAR VAITDEVILLR MATS. 25e to $1.00 (Kxrer.t K»t. anil lIol|ila*t) EVC8. SOe to |I.SO (Ex. Bat-. Sun. A MolUlayn) 39th St. T.healrc. nr. Bw, Kva. 8:S0. »*c. f,^n\ii. M>.1. and Sat. at 2:30. .70S. M. OAITK.S Pit-Houi T^^^MONSTER By CRANR WILKrU With EMMEH CORRIGAN LAUGHS :-: GASPS :-: SHOCKS EXTRA MATINEE (THURS.) COLUMBUS DAY dQfh ^§ Then., W. of Bway. Ev«. 8:30. -r*7Cft »jc. ^t.,t„ Wrd. nnrt Sat. at 2:30. Sl'PKK MYSTKR¥ PLAY WHISPERING WIRES A new play by KATE3 L. MnLAURTN (baaed on the Saturd:iy Evonins I'oal ■tory by HBNHY LKVEItAOE). WITH A BRILLIANT CAST EXTRA MATINEE (THURS.) COLUMBUS DAY MAXINE ELLIOTT'S ^^IJ^^^Tl^idwr' F.Vi:3. 8:30. WATINEB SATURDAY. TOOLS ERRANT , ... ■ By l.OUIS fTV'AN SHII'MAN Spaelal Cast Inelutfci: CYRIL KEIGHTLEY ALEXANDRA CARLISLE LUCILE WATSON VINCENT SERRANO WILLIAM ROSELLE ROBERT CUMMING8 HOLIDAY MAT. (THURS.) COLUMBUS DAY WATTAWAT Then.. 4l3t, W. of B'way IIAXAV/IIAO^ PHONE BHYANT 15C4 ANARY — Maitn.^-s \Vcdnc?«<lay and ••'aturtTay — EXTRA MATINEE (THURS.) COLUMBUS DAY F. RAY COMSTOCK and MORRIS GEST Prtttnt Balieff's Chauve Souris CENTURY ROOF gV'f ?.;p'4? EvAfl. 8:30. Mats. Tara. and Hmt i-na EXTRA MATINEE (THURS ) COLUMB Ut DAY CASINO ^^^^ * nrot.lway. K»es. 1:15. ^n.<tAl^\J Matlnff, Wad. and Sat. Musical Comedy Sentation SALLY, IRENE and MARY —WITH— Eddie Dowling and a Great Cast EXTRA MATINEE (THURS.) COLUMBUS DAY EAST SIDE WEST SIDE Henrietta and Waniner "The Popular American Banging Duq" ■ ••■■,,, IN "A Tabloid Concert" i:)Oiu)Ti\v DODD r^ .-■iC in \.uifl( MIKE— 1 —ANDY NAIO and RIZZO Presenta A MUSiCAL BREEZE Direction JESS FREEMAN thl» country after two hours at BIHb Island before a special board of In- quiry. They were detained by m. special order of the Departmont of Justice Monday. ;,::•?;. .',, "The Wheel of Life." with Blslo Ferguson, produced by Marc Klaw, will open Nov. 27 in New York. Sol Fclnick, one of the propri- etors of tho Strand, Pittsburgh, is beinK held on an order by the cor- onor',-? jury for manslaughter. Sept. 22 fho foyer of the theatre caved in, killing one child and Injurying many others. N- ■ Pearl While's apartment waB robbed of >25,000 worth of Jewels Oct. 3, while she was on a Ivong Island location. Tho door to the apartment was Jimmied while her housekeeper was shopping. ELTINGE l^ E A T R E, r 4l'd STREET. Evu. 8:30. Mat!». Weil. & Kat , A. IL WOOns rrp>.<>ii(t FLORENCE REEO "EAST OF SUEZ I{> \V. S<iMEnr;Kl" MAlfi'lIAM i .in in QM 11 nr DT Ttifatre, ttth. W ''f n^T.iv_ Evs 8 50. M«i. S»i ;o Greenwich Village Follies Fourih Annual Production HOLIDAY MAT. (THURS.) COLUMBUS DAY (FORMERLY —>10W AT— MANHATTAN") BAYES Thaa.. W 44!h «t. C»t, 8 30. Matinees W«d. and Sat., 2:30. COMEDY;;; The Mrnnn. MHIBRRT Preneni ealr». 4U( St.. R. of Hntr '.re.SMO. Mt».Thur».it.Siit 2.;0. AMBASSADOR >f A I I..KI Tlua 491)1 Hf :—nvo: 1; u ay \VK1». and SAT. 2 '^0 TIm- Ii»«»Tni»ti<'ni;l !^fii«<l*;il ^.^I<■r^H^^ n'-.» THE LADY IN ERMINE fj I \\;iii mi.i>A ih:nm;tt i .ml .a I'rr-f-rulnrnt <';i<.f EXrr.A MATINEE (THUR8.) COLUMDUS DAY : ,. J THIN ICE A \'<\v riiy by rnifivAr, knioitt Mlkil^THEA, 4Hh 8t.. W. of nwiiy. WILLIAM roX Pratcnti MARION DAYIES CRITERION BMM0WAYn44'-Jr WHEN ^p^^'s-sioN so* TO• I so KNIGHTHOOD WAS IN FLOWER LYRIC T"KATKK. AVrrt 42.1 St. a^ A ixiv.^ Twice Dally, 2:30 and 1.30 WILLIAM FOX Prearatii "A LTFTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM" —A Vivid and Dramatic Photoplay— MARK wiT tranH «w«y A 47th ST. ^■"^ ^ "A National Institution"— U'thit at 47 St. Dirrclion Joaeph Plunkrtt RICHARD BARTHELMESS in "THE BOND BOY" BTIlAVn .SYMI'IIONY OKlilKSTRA '•a;;i, ijixk Aiai K, forKiuptor PARK MVSIC HALL^ Colurnbu. Cnl*. B way, 5&lh St. Cal. MM MONTE CRISTO BURLESQUES "The Work! Is Mine" .vi«tp.l ly i;M«LTf J. II.^.N.V — MIDNIGHT SHOW — K\KltV TIlUR.SIiAT AT ll;30 I'. M